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Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly



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  • Gene Kelly:Luck Of The Irish

    • Michael
    • 2015-09-13

    Like me, Gene Kelly was Irish and a Progressive. Gene Kelly could do it all. He could dance,sing,act and he was political. A Catholic all his life, Kelly remained true to his Progressive roots by denouncing the Church when they sided with Franco during the Spanish Civil War. Kelly became an Agnostic. Kelly's "Singin In The Rain" Dance was a classic. Although Fred Astaire was probably more graceful,Kelly was more athletic and did things for dance nobody else has tried. Kelly had a boxer's build. He was also proud of being Irish and wasn't afraid to display it.

  • Gene Kelly- A Centennial Tribute!

    • Caroline
    • 2012-05-02

    I saw that AMPAS is doing a Centennial Tribute to Gene Kelly on his birthday this year! Wish I could go. TCM - you should at least do an all day marathon or something? Celebrate the Genius that is Gene!

  • True Icon

    • asha
    • 2011-08-25

    Gene Kelly's movies always made me smile! There will never be a man like him. He was definitely a triple threat.

  • What a Man...

    • Drea97
    • 2011-02-19

    Mr.Kelly, "sigh" what can you say but WOW. So many talents wraped up in one man. Actor, dancer, singer, choregrapher, director, writer, & producer. What a Man! R.I.P Mr.Kelly.

  • Gene Kelly

    • Sue B
    • 2010-11-14

    An entertainer no one can hold a candle to.

  • The song has ended, but the melody lingers on.

    • DebraG
    • 2009-08-10

    He revolutionized the filming of dance. His dances are unforgetable. He was also a fine actor and singer. I love to listen to his love songs; there is something so sincere about the way he delivers the song. I fell in love with him when I was seven-years-old and my parents took me to see Marjorie Morningstar. After one short dance and one short song, I was hooked for the rest of my life. I later learned that the "Dancer of the People" supported the common man politically, as Gene Kelly was a political progressive. What a man!

  • Awesome Dancer!!

    • Karen
    • 2009-07-01

    I love love love Gene Kelly!! In my opinion, he was the greatest dancer of his time! All of his films are a pleasure to watch. He was so talented!! His work and accomplishments will never be forgotten!

  • No thanks

    • Lizzy
    • 2009-06-11

    In my opinion,the BIGGEST camera hog and ham EVER BORN.

  • First Time I Saw Him!

    • J. Scott
    • 2009-06-02

    One Lonely Late night I was flipping through the channels before I fell asleep and I came upon a Movie on TCM, (Turner Classic Movies). I recognized a Young, Skinny, Vibrant wide-eyed Frank Sinatra with a smile as big as the screen! Then A beautiful woman, like all the ladies in those Grand Old, Golden Oldy Movies! But it wasn't until I noticed the dancing ability of a Man I had Seen before but couldn't put a name with that chiseled, devilishly good-looking face. I didn't get to see the credits for some reason so I was unable to see his name on the closing credits. It wasn't until today that I did a search for "Frank Sinatra Movies" on Google. And wouldn't you know it, the first movie shown on TCM's website was "Anchors Aweigh!" The very movie I was looking for! the same movie I watched that night months ago and asked everone to tell me who it was and no one could! Finally, I found out this Wonderful 'Old School' Dancer/Actor's name, Gene Kelly! I say "Dancer" first because he danced just a little better than he acted. That movie changed my opinion about old movies. About Black and White movies with a lot of dancing and singing in them. I am now a fan of the Classics! Thanks to that Fateful Night and TCM, I will watch their Movies more often instead of Skipping right through them thinking they are second rate and hokey and prudish! Thanks TCM! And Thank You, Gene Kelly and your movie, "Anchors Aweigh," you've inspired a non-believer and turned me into a believer. The kind of Believer that appreciates good films, no matter the time period. Yours Truly, J. Scott McCartney

  • Best of the best

    • rayne
    • 2009-03-27

    Gene Kelly, just the best. A man of his time and ahead of his time. An intellectual and poet. Disarming smile and charming sense of humor. How appealing is all that? Sure didn't hurt the he was shut up, smokin' hot. The guy gives my eyes blisters!!! Such an original, And an inspiration. So versatile. For my money, the best D'Artagnan ever. I think his talents as an actor have been so overlooked. Perhaps because of his untouchable talents as a dancer/choreographer. Truly one of a kind. Irresplaceable.

  • Gene Kelly, the perfect man.

    • Pamela
    • 2009-03-05

    Gene Kelly will always be the perfect man. He was athletic, good, kind, hard worker, family oriented, handsome,and he could dance! He had self respect and integrity, and it showed. He had it all!

  • Never another like this star!

    • Lonnie Turner
    • 2009-01-23

    What a pleasure to watch Gene Kelly doing what he did best. I grew up watching him on the silver screen in the 40's and 50's. He was my favorite back then and still is today. What a life, what a career, what dancing! The folks on Dancing with the Stars will maybe some day discover a dancer of his caliber, but there will never be another Gene Kelly. I want all my grand and great grandchildren to take the time to watch re-runs of Singin' in the Rain, An American in Paris and any of the other movies that he acted in or directed. That way, they will know what a true artist and singer is. The "stuff" that they sing today would have made this great man of music sick to his stomach. Turner Classic Movie people, please don't ever let anything happen to these great films. Thanks for continuing to show them on TV.

  • Great Screen Presence

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-08-28

    Thanks also, TCM for the great weekend of dance musicals. Gene Kelly was the most personable of all Hollywood actors..with the talent to boot. I found the pursuit of the comparison of Astaire and Kelly very came from a slightly earlier spanned the era of B&W to color....the other, only color. I was surprised at my preference for the earlier era. I felt that early color, almost looked over lit, with too many, and too bright primary colors. I ended up preferring the mystery and subtlety of the Astaire/Rogers musicals....which carried B&W to it highest state. But this is just a matter of my taste....Gene's work, like Fred's, just shines...and, there's no doubt, his musicals extend the high standards of Astaire and Rogers.

  • The Best

    • Tonya
    • 2008-08-18

    I enjoyed Sunday, August, 17, 2008, tribute marathon of Gene Kelly tremendously. I love TCM especially for the original talent that you can appreciate today, because there is nothing out there like now. From Fred Astaire, to Gene Kelly, from Ginger Rogers, to Judy Garland, from Cary Grant, to....well you get the picture. Thank You TCM for continuing to bring quality movies into our homes. There no channel like you and there aren't any movies like TCM movies.


    • Rachel
    • 2008-06-26

    Well, it's been a little over a year since I last posted a comment about GENE KELLY, and it's amazing, though not surprising, that even post-humonously, GENE still continues to draws thousands of fans. His exuberant personality in his movies is so addictive, which can only be a reflection of how he really was off screen, and having read all of his biographies, it's a true reflection, he had the same addictive, sexy, sensual personality off screen as well as on, and once you've seen one of any of his movies, the desire to see all of them is inevitable. A talent that GENE also had that I loved about him but he didn't utilize much, was the ability to whistle. It was as beautiful as, maybe even more than, his singing. He shows a bit of it in "Summer Stock, "Living in a Big Way and "It's Always Fair Weather." There's so much that can be said about GENE KELLY, but fantastic and imcomparable is what can always be said of him by most. In my opinion, he was the #1 leading man with his handsome features, that I'll only dare compare with three other men--Paul Newman, Cary Grant and Sean Connery, GENE of course being the most handsome by far, with his jet black hair, dark brown eyes that twinkled when he smiled that billion dollar smile, and his beautiful dark-toned skin. So thus continues my daily routine of winding down my busy day with any one of my favorite GENE KELLY movies. GENE will for years to come, continue to dance his way into the hearts of many fans as long as his movies are around. And once one sees them, addiction is sure to happen--guarenteed! ! !

  • Gene Kelly is phenomenal!

    • Alyson
    • 2008-05-04

    Gene Kelly is by far my favorite actor from any time era. He's my idol and has been since I was a little girl. He is absolutely phenomenal!

  • Simply the best

    • Mary Melinda Kinnaird
    • 2008-03-10

    Gene Kelly was simply the best. He was the definition of handsome, graceful and athletic...a true leading man. I could watch him dance all day and still marvel at his talent and ingenuity. I love musicals, and I wish I could have seen his films when they first played in theaters on the silver screen or danced and sang with him on stage or screen. But I'm so glad we have TCM and DVDs of his great films so I can enjoy them with my family! He was simply the best!

  • great dancer

    • jenny
    • 2008-02-08

    i love all of his movies

  • Mr. Talent!

    • Marie
    • 2008-01-16

    He could sing, he could dance, he could act! Gene Kelly could do it all. From his brilliant preformances in musicals such as Singin' in the Rain and An American in Paris, to his more serious role in Inherit the Wind. Kelly had so much talent and when he stepped in front of a camera, he mad sure it showed. He could light up the screen like no other. With his charming face and superior ability to do... well everything, Gene Kelly was, without a doubt, a film legend!

  • WOWZA!

    • Lucy
    • 2008-01-08

    He was ridiculously good looking and talented....its almost not human, but he was in fact real *sigh*...if only i could have met him...

  • He was my heart throb!!

    • Mary Craig
    • 2008-01-04

    I have been a fan of Gene Kelly since I was old enough to watch movies. He was so talented and I loved to watch him dance. There will never be another like him. I was a teenager when first seeing his movies. I was in love. I hated his leading ladies because they got to kiss him. Long live his memory and his works on films. I just wish that I could have met the man. He will live in my heart forever and ever. Mary

  • Gene's niece

    • Mike
    • 2008-01-01

    My wife is the niece of Gene, her mother is Louise, Gene's younger sister. Ms Louise and her husband Bill Bailey ran the Gene Kelly Schools of Dance in Pittsburgh and Johnstown PA. It has been determined that my wife is the last of the Kellys teaching full time and teaching the Kelly style of tap!!! She is a wonderful teacher and I am very proud of her hertiage. And finally Ms Louise is the last Kelly still alive.


    • Maria
    • 2007-11-22

    There were many a great and talented dancers and such in that time, but Gene's versatility and his incredible charisma, his all around talent in so mant departments made him stand out from the rest!

  • #1 Gene Kelly Fan!!!

    • Alisha
    • 2007-09-03

    I absolutely LOVE Gene Kelly. He always puts a smile on my face whenever I watch him. He's truly a star. I'll always have a place in my heart for him forever!!!

  • I Heart Gene Kelly

    • Stephanie Romain
    • 2007-07-30

    I absolutely love Gene Kelly. He dances so beautifully and has the most charismatic smile I've ever laid my eyes on. I love his charm, his wit and his voice. When he sings my heart melt. I don't think we'll ever be blessed with a actor like him.


    • Esther
    • 2007-07-20

    Gene Kelly is phanominal...i love his movies and his work!


    • Rachel
    • 2007-05-09

    Hi, it's Rachel again. I posted my first comments about GENE in Dec. 2006. Since then, I have read his biography and purchased and watched so many more of his movies, including his non-musicals ~~and I still declare that he is the most wonderful man to have ever graced the screen or tv. His talent for acting in dramatic roles was just as phenomenal as his dancing was in the musicals! He was extremely multi-talented. Whatever character a role called for, he always played the role with excellence. The most recent non-musical that I purchased and watched was "Christmas Holiday" (with Deanna Durbin) in which he played a murderer! Completely doesn't fit the character of loveable GENE, but he played the role so excellently and was quite convincing! One of my favorite scenes in this movie is when GENE is playing the piano and Deanna is singing. GENE looks so, so handsome and adorable while Deanna's arms are wrapped around his neck. You can't help but to fall madly in love with him all over again. He looks so sweet and innocent in that scene. So yes, six months later, and GENE KELLY is even more my one and only favorite incomparable man who in my opinion, was in his era and remains today, the most extremely handsome, sexy, sensual, loveable and talented man!!! He will always remain in a class all by himself!!! It's such a pity that he lived in such an early era and can now be adored only through his movies. He would have been so great to meet!! But he will remain forever young in his movies and in my heart. Here's to GENE KELLY!!!


    • Molly
    • 2007-04-17

    Hey this is Molly again. If you LOVE Gene Kelly, email me! ( But don't email me unless it's something good about Gene Kelly. Otherwise, don't bother. Thank you!


    • Molly
    • 2007-04-17

    I am a teenager, and I LOVE GENE KELLY. He is my only hero! I look up to him. He's a wonderful dancer, wonderful sense of humor, wonderful EVERYTHING! And he is the most HANDSOM man that ever lived! Definately the best! Because of my age, people are always saying "you actually know who Gene Kelly is?" OF COURSE! Because of him, I want to start dance lessons again! Thank you!

  • Gene Kelly melts my heart!

    • pamela selvage
    • 2007-04-10

    Mr. Kelly, by far, is the most fantastic song and dance man I have ever seen or heard. Not only was he a true entertainer, but an innovator that inspired so many people even today and will for all time.

  • I love Gene Kelly!

    • Pamela
    • 2007-03-29

    He is my favorite. I absolutely love him. His dancing, acting, singing, chorographing, and directing. He's amazing. There's just something about him that makes me feel like he's singing and dancing to me or for me. I just love him. 'Nuf said!

  • gene kelly is the best by far

    • erica
    • 2007-03-13

    gene kelly is greatest dancer ever when you watch him you get lost in his dancing and his singing isn't bad either his presence just jumps off the screen noboby is better that gene kelly

  • The Best Dancer

    • Vintage Girl
    • 2007-03-01

    Gene Kelly defined dance. When you watch him in the movies, there is never a dull moment. Gene was a triple threat to Hollywood because he could sing, dance, and had the looks. Musicals of the 50's would have never been the same without him. He is the greatest dancer Hollywood will ever see.

  • Honestly...

    • lord erica
    • 2007-01-22

    how can you NOT love a man that talented & with legs like oak trees....

  • Versatility Personified

    • auntsuzy
    • 2007-01-21

    Gene Kelly was singlehandedly responsible for reinventing movie musicals, and for making male dancers 'cool'. He was stunningly handsome all through his life, charismatic, honest, dignified, awesomely intelligent. When he dances on screen he draws you in and makes you feel the emotions he is feeling. He is endlessly fascinating, both as an artiste and as a man. The world will not see his like again.

  • Ahhh, Gene...

    • Mary-Catherine
    • 2006-12-22

    The greatest male dancer ever to grace the screen... he could do anything, and did it all well. He has brought so much joy to me and to so many other people. My favourite male star of Old Hollywood. His films send you into an escape like no others can. And that smile... no one ever had a more beautiful grin. It makes my heart melt just thinking about him. He is an inspiration to me, and I know that his legend will live on in film forever. Gene is one of those people that is destined never to be forgotten. Thank you Gene, for everything!


    • Rachel
    • 2006-12-21

    Where do you start in commenting about, in my opinion, the most wonderful men to have ever graced the screen. What an awsome person GOD created when he made Gene Kelly. There's so much that can be said about him. When I read other comments from so many other sites, everyone has the same feelings of amazement and love about him. My biggest regret is that he has passed and can't know how much he is still so loved. As for me, I am completely obsessed with him and his movies. His gorgeous face, his awsome smile that makes you melt, the scar on his face, and just his sensual personality. Truly, they don't make men like him anymore. He was rare. I have been inspired by him to dance, and I plan to start soon. So here's to the most wonderful man who still has people falling in love with him even ten years after his death. GENE KELLY, you'll live in my heart forever!!!

  • gene Kelly Mr.Entertainment

    • stevo
    • 2006-08-24

    I always wanted to dance and dance like him, so I began taking ballroom lesons in my thirtys. I eventually performed a novelty routine coreographed to the broadway melody routine from singin in the rain. It was awsome. thanks Geno you made my life.


    • JACKY
    • 2006-08-05


  • a great actor and a great dancer

    • melissa whitemyer
    • 2006-07-03

    he is one of my favorite actors he was a wonderful tap dancer and singer whenever i see him tap dance it amazes me it is so good it makes me want to learn to tap dance just like him all of his movies are wonderful i like the movies he did with judy garland and i really like singin in the rain

  • Beautiful Dancer and so much more!

    • Ashley
    • 2006-06-24

    Mr. Kelly has done so much in the film industry, he is such an inspiration to me. He was a beautiful dancer, singer, actor, director, he had it all.

  • Gene Kelly is Here To Stay!

    • Brittany
    • 2006-06-16

    He is one of my all-time favorite actors! He could dance better than anyone, he could sing just as well, and he could act!!! You just can't beat that!!!

  • I Love Gene Kelly

    • Jen Smith
    • 2006-04-05

    Gene Kelly is such an amazing actor. I love all of his movies. They are awesome! He is so photogenic and a wonderful comedian and dancer. WE LOVE GENE KELLY!

  • S'Wonderful

    • Jess
    • 2006-03-27

    Gene Kelly is truely an icon and an incredible artist. I was entralled by him in Singin' in the Rain and because of it I branched out into other classic films and am now a Flim History major. Who knew one one could do so much. I will adore him forever.

  • Gene Kelly Review

    • Ashley
    • 2006-03-13

    The first time I actually sat through Singin in the Rain was when I was in 8th grade. Being a dancer, I was immediately dumbstruck by the star (director, choreographer) of this very great musical! He immediately inspired me to work harder and harder and allow nothing to prevent me from pursuing my goal-any goal! Thank you, Gene, for teaching me a lasting work-ethic, inspring me to further my dance studies, and for giving the world your amazing, versatile talent.

  • Singin' In The Rain

    • Lauren
    • 2006-02-03

    Gene Kelly in Singin'in the Rain. How can it possibly get any better? This movie showcases talent for conveying emotion through dance and capturing it on film. How can you not smile when Gene Kelly dances in the rain? He was a master.

  • gene kelly= awesome actor

    • tara
    • 2006-01-21

    Gene Kelly is one of the best. In both On the Town and Singin in the Rain, he performed wonderfully.

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