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Felix Basch

Felix Basch



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Director (feature film)

Seine Freundin Annette (1931) as Director
Based on the true story of the 1987 Oxford University boat race mutiny and coach Dan Topolski's miraculous training of a haggard, rag-tag team into a winning outfit.
Da Halt die Welt den Atem an (1927) as Director
Stein unter Steinen (1916) as Director

Cast (feature film)

Uncertain Glory (1944) as Gestapo major
A French playboy gets serious when his country is threatened during World War II.
The Mask of Dimitrios (1944) as Vazoff
A meek novelist investigates the mysterious death of a notorious scoundrel.
The Hitler Gang (1944) as Alfred Hugenberg
This movie shows us the rise of Adolf Hitler from a small radical political adventurer to the dictator of Germany in the way of a gangster film. Exept for some minor inaccuracies the historical facts are given in a correct way.
None Shall Escape (1944) as Nazi official
A Nazi officer on trial for war crimes thinks back on his past.
The Cross of Lorraine (1944) as German captain
Allied POWs fight to survive torture and loss of faith.
Women in Bondage (1944) as Dr. Mensch
Margot Bracken returns home to Germany after several years of absence, and is horrified at the degraded status which has been forced on the women of her homeland. Toni Hall is prevented from marrying her sweetheart. Both women speak out against the terrorist reign and are imprisoned. Pagan baptisms, "mercy" killings, sterilizations, government-encouraged vice and the cruelties of the Gestapo are only a few of the practices they see or endure.
Bomber's Moon (1943) as Dr. Hartman
American bomber pilot Captain Jeff Dakin (George Montgomery) is shot down on a bombing raid over German-held territory. As his crew bails out, Jeff sees his bombadier brother, Lt. Danny Dakin (Richard Graham), machine-gunned to death as he is drifting to earth. After being taken prisoner Jeff learns the name of the man who murdered his brother---Nazi ace Major Von Streicher (Martin Kosleck). In the concentration camp he begins a plan of escape with two other prisoners; Czech prisoner Captain Paul Husnik (Kent Taylor) and a young Russian doctor, Alexandra "Alec" Zoreisch (Annabella). The three escape during an air raid. Jeff begins to take a dislike to Paul over several incidents that arouse his suspicions. Actually Paul is Gestapo officer Paul van Brock who has engineered the escape in the hope that the Alec will lead him to the leaders of the underground movement. They manage to reach the home of a friend of Alec's father, where Paul reveals his true colors by killing the underground leader and calling the Gestapo. Jeff overpowers Paul and he and Alec escape and elude the Nazi agents. Reaching Holland, where plans have been set for their escape, Jeff learns that the plane in which he was shot down has been re-built by the Nazis for a mysterious flight to England. He refuses to take the boat with Alec and, disguised as a German soldier, learns the details of the flight plan and that the man who murdered his brother, Von Streicher, is to pilot the plane. Jeff steals a Nazi plane and heads for the English Channel to intercept Von Streicher.
The Desert Song (1943) as Heinzelman
Hostages (1943) as Dr. Wallerstein
The Falcon in Danger (1943) as Morley
A society sleuth tracks a lost plane carrying $100,000.
Hitler--Dead or Alive (1943) as Colonel Hecht
Chetniks! (1943) as General Von Bauer
A guerrilla resistance leader battles Nazi troops in German-occupied Yugoslavia.
The Boy from Stalingrad (1943) as German colonel
Russian children out in the fields gathering grain find themselves in the path of the invading German army making its way to Stalingrad, a target city of their onslaught. The four youths, Kolya, Grisha, Pavel, and the girl, Nadya, realize the German army, is attacking so they set fire to the grain field's harvest. Returning to their village the children find Tommy, a hurt English consulate's son fleeing the city with his parents who perished in the attempt. They stretcher him to their village for recovery. Still alive in the rubble of the village is a young child Yuri whom the group takes in also. Kolya, the oldest assumes leadership and skirmishes to find food for the group, living in a village cellar. He discovers a German tank encampment and sabotages a tank. A Nazi Major commander sends men to scout the village who are met by resistance from the children using found weapons. The Major believes a large guerilla force is present and halts his advance to neutralize it. The Nazi soldiers capture Grisha who feigns dim wittedness. The Major believing the boy harmless, lets him go, thinking he will lead him to the Russian resistance forces. But Grisha leads the Major into a trap where the children overpower him and take him to their village refuge for questioning. The Germans, searching for their commander come upon the village and in the shooting kill all the children save Tommy who while in their midst explodes a grenade destroying himself, and the Germans around him. A German General later views the scene with much consternation and bewilderment. The surviving child patriots Kolya and Pavel are subsequently lauded by the defending Russian forces for having delayed the Nazis attacking the city long enough to allow Soviet forces time to mount their defenses against the attack on Stalingrad.
Appointment in Berlin (1943) as Hoppner
A British secret agent poses as a radio personality for the Nazi's.
Mission to Moscow (1943) as Dr. Hjalmar Schact
True story of U.S. Ambassador Joseph E. Davies' attempts to forge a wartime alliance with the Soviet Union.
Above Suspicion (1943) as Guide
A honeymooning couple are asked to spy on the Nazis in pre-war Europe.
Destination Unknown (1942) as Karl Renner
Reunion in France (1942) as Pawnbroker
A Frenchwoman tries to help a downed U.S. flyer escape the Nazis.
Desperate Journey (1942) as Herman Brahms
American pilots stranded in Germany during World War II fight their way to freedom.
Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942) as Herr Kelman
A radio correspondent tries to rescue a burlesque queen from her marriage to a Nazi official.
Pacific Rendezvous (1942) as de Segroff
An expert at deciphering codes takes on an enemy spy ring.

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