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Sky (2016)
While on vacation in California, Parisian Romy breaks things off once and for all with her boorish husband in a dramatic, final fight. A free woman in a strange land, Romy embarks on a life-changing trip through the desert that brings in her touch with strangers who impact her life in various ways:
Zarafa (2015)
Under the cover of darkness a small boy named Maki loosens the shackles that bind him and escapes into the desert night. Pursued by slavers across the moon-lit savannah, Maki meets Zarafa, a baby giraffe - and an orphan, just like him - as well as the nomad Hassan, Prince of the Desert. Hassan takes
Les Saveurs du palais (2013)
Hortense Laborie is a talented successful cook, living in relative obscurity in the Périgord. Much to her astonishment, Hortense is recruited by none other than the President of the Republic for her ability to create dishes that remind him of his childhood. He appoints her his personal cook, making
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (2012)
Thirteen actors, each playing fictionalized versions of themselves, are called to the home of deceased playwright Antoine d'Anthac for the reading of his will. Once assembled the actors, all of whom have performed in d'Anthac's "Euridyce" at some point in their careers, are invited to critique a rec
Sons of Norway (2012)
1978. Fourteen-year-old Nikolas is living an idyllic existence with his younger brother and his hippie parents, the energetic Magnus and the angelic Lone. When Lone is killed in a car accident, Magnus falls into a deep depression. Nikolas has nowhere to turn, but things take a turn for the better wh
Bowling (2012)
The story takes place in Carhaix, in the heart of Brittany. In the local cottage hospital, the peaceful maternity unit has few births to deal with. Mathilde, a midwife, Firmine, a pediatric nurse, and Louise, owner of the Carhaix bowling alley, all live in the town, three friends enjoying life. Then
Mercy (2012)
In order to make a fresh start, a German couple moves with their 13-year-old son to Hammerfest, a Norwegian town on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. Between November 2nd and January 21st, the sun does not even make it over the horizon. Despite this, the family seems to adapt well to this shadowy and so
Future, The (2011)
Sophie and Jason are strange the way all couples are strange when they're alone. They live in a small LA apartment, have jobs they hate, and in one month they'll adopt a stray cat named Paw Paw. Like a newborn baby, he'll need around-the-clock care - he may die in six months, or it may take five yea
El Bulli: Cooking in Progress (2011)
El Bulli has been called "the most influential restaurant in the world" (The New York Times, June 15, 2011) and Ferran Adrià, its creator, deemed a brilliant innovator, the father of molecular gastronomy, or sometimes just a crazy chef. Located a few hours drive from Barcelona, El Bulli closes each
When Pigs Have Wings (2011)
A Muslim fisherman from Gaza discovers a pig in his daily catch. Eager to rid himself of an animal considered impure by his religion, he decides to sell the pig to improve his impoverished life.
Tomboy (2011)
Ten-year-old Laure moves into a new town with her parents and little sister. Laure does not know any of the kids in the neighborhood, and when she meets a girl named Lisa, she lets her think she's a boy. Laure starts to play with other kids, taking on the persona of a boy named Mickael. As she gets
Amador (2011)
A young immigrant with financial problems, Marcela, takes care of Amador, an elderly disabled man, when his family is away one summer.
King of Devil's Island (2011)
This true story of the infamous Bastøy Boys Home correctional facility in Norway, begins with the arrival of seventeen-year-old Erling, a rumored murderer. He immediately clashes with the island facility's governor, who believes manual labor, rigid discipline, and harsh punishment are the only meth
Detachment (2011)
A portrait of the American education system as seen through the eyes of Henry Barthes, an educator with a true talent to connect with his students, yet has chosen to bury his gift. By spending his days as a substitute teacher, he conveniently avoids any emotional connections by never staying anywher
Certified Copy (2010)
While promoting his latest book in Italy, a middle-aged English writer meets a French woman from the art world and sets off to San Gimignano with her.
We Are What We Are (2010)
When a middle-aged man dies in the street, his widow and the three children are devastated. They are confronted not only with his loss but also with the challenge of how to survive. They are cannibals and have existed on a diet of human flesh. Their victims were always provided by the father. Now, t
Human Resources Manager, The (2010)
The Human Resources Manager of the largest industrial bakery in Israel undertakes an unusual mission, gaining new insight on life--and death.
Leaving (2010)
Suzanne is a devoted doctor's wife and mother of two teenagers living in the South of France. Although she seems to have it all, a beautiful home, all of the material possessions a woman could want and a loving family, she has put her own life on hold for fifteen years and in doing so has unknowing
Housemaid, The (2010)
Eun-yi is an innocent young woman who is hired as an upper class family housemaid, and is tasked to take care of the family's small daughter and her pregnant mother, Hae-ra. Byung-sik is an older housemaid who has been with this family for a long time and holds many secrets. But soon enough, the mas
Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)
Features British graffiti artist Banksy who is renowned for producing iconic street art and for fiercely guarding his identity to avoid prosecution. Eccentric French shop owner Thierry Guetta attempts to capture the world of graffiti art by following many of the best known vandals at work. In doing
Pieds Nus sur les Limaces (2010)
Clara is happily married to a promising lawyer and lives in Paris. After the sudden death of her mother, Clara has to assume responsibility for her younger sister Lily, whose extreme sensitivity makes her vulnerable to the outside world and prevents her from being autonomous. Living in the family ho
Come Undone (2010)
An adulterous affair between two office workers threatens to implode their boring, uneventful lives. Anna, a mild-mannered employee at an insurance firm, has a stable, uncomplicated marriage to her boorish husband Alessio. Her sister's recent childbirth and constant hints from her husband put pressu
Jack Goes Boating (2010)
Jack and Connie are two single people who on their own might continue to recede into the anonymous background of the city, but in each other begin to find the courage and desire to pursue their budding relationship. In contrast, the couple that introduced them, Clyde and Lucy are confronting unresol
Cairo Time (2009)
Juliette, a fashion magazine editor in her 40s, travels to Cairo to meet her husband, Mark, a UN official working in Gaza, for a three week vacation. When he is unavoidably delayed, he sends his friend Tareq, who had been his security officer for many years, to escort her throughout the beautiful an
L'aventure (2009)
Carole is sexually unsatisfied by her boyfriend. Through Marc, a young psychologist, she will meet Sophie who intrigues Carole with accounts of her sexual experimentation. Perplexed, Carole will follow her onto the dangerous paths of hypnosis, where she will witness orgasmic ecstasy.
Vaterspiel (2009)
Rupert is 35-years-old and the son of a social democrat minister. Ridden with guilt towards his mother and contemptuous of his corrupt father who has abandoned the family for a younger woman, Rupert spends his time developing a father-destroying computer game. A letter from an old college friend and
North (2009)
Following a nervous breakdown, former skiing ace Jomar Henriksen finds a job as a piste patroller. Once a big name in international downhill skiing, he has now withdrawn to the snow-covered wastes. Since skiing is no longer of interest, he begins to overlook his duties. Instead of issuing ski passes
I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)
The story begins with Steven Russell, on his deathbed recalling the events of his life. He begins in Texas as a happily married police officer who plays the organ at church, prays with his wife and spends his off hours searching for his biological mother. That, and he's gay. But after finding and be
Good Heart, The (2009)
A young homeless man, Lucas, is taken under the wing of Jacques, a bar owner, recovering from his fifth heart attack. Knowing his days are numbered, Jacques decides to train Lucas to take over his bar.
Maps of the Sounds of Tokyo (2009)
A Japanese hit-woman falls for a Spanish man she's supposed to kill.
Grown Ups (2008)
Follows a father, who each year brings his daughter on a holiday to celebrate her birthday. This year the destination is Sweden. However, all does not go as planned when a misunderstanding about the holiday accommodation makes it necessary for the father and daughter to stay with the owner of the ho
Let It Rain (2008)
Tells of a rising politician who, while on vacation, is approached by the son of her sister's housekeeper and her sister's lover to appear in a documentary about successful women.
I've Loved You So Long (2008)
For 15 years, Juliette has had no ties with her family who had rejected her. Although life once violently separated them, Lea, her younger sister, takes her into her home which she shares with her husband Luc, his father, and their two daughters.
Merry Widow, The (2008)
For years, Anne-Marie Gratigny has buckled beneath the weight of her condescending husband Gilbert and his constant oppressiveness. An unrelenting boor, he belittles, chides and torments her until the day that he perishes in an automobile accident. Anne-Marie, of course, is thrilled by this turn of
10 Sekunden (2008)
Mark of an Angel (2008)
Tells of a woman who becomes convinced a 6-year-old girl she sees at a birthday party is the daughter she lost during a fire in a maternity ward years earlier.
Disgrace (2008)
Set in Cape Town, a twice-divorced literature professor retreats to his daughter's farm after having an impulsive affair with a student.
99 Francs (2007)
A first person diatribe against modern consumerist society as seen through the eyes of a cynical advertising executive whose efforts to get fired from his job backfire as he keeps getting promoted.
Caramel (2007)
In Beirut, five women meet regularly in a beauty salon, a colorful and sensual microcosm of the city where several generations come into contact, talk and confide in each other. Layale loves Rabih, but Rabih is married. Nisrine is Muslim and her forthcoming marriage poses a problem: she is no longer
My Best Friend (2007)
François is a middle-aged antique dealer. He has a stylish apartment and a fabulous life, but at a dinner with a group he considers his dearest acquaintances, he is blindsided by the revelation that none of them actually likes him. He's arrogant, self-centered and harsh, and they don't believe he kn
Page Turner, The (2006)
With a passion for playing the piano, Melanie, a young girl from a modest background, passes an audition in the Conservatory at Versailles in the presence of a famous international pianist. During the performance, the pianist repeatedly disturbs her when she plays. Melanie, traumatized by these even
Summer '04 (2006)
At 40, Miriam radiates serene beauty and tranquility, a confidence and self-assurance as vast as the sea close to her summer home. There are no taboos in the polished, urbane life she shares with her partner André and their 15-year-old son Nils; there is understanding and tolerance. If Nils invites
Kirikou et les betes sauvages (2006)
A grandfather tells the story of how Kirikou, the smallest and most valiant of heroes, became a gardener, detective, potter, merchant, traveler and doctor.
Our Daily Bread (2006)
A near-silent documentary about food-manufacturing factories. Splicing between unnamed men in space suits spraying peppers to surrealist landscapes where soft yellow chicks shoot out of slides by the hundreds and orchards of apples bob in a titanic swimming pool, we come to learn that eating starts
Ten Canoes (2006)
It is the distant past, tribal times. Dayindi covets one of the wives of his older brother. To teach him the proper way, he is told a story from the mythical past, a story of wrong love, kidnapping, sorcery, bungling mayhem and revenge gone wrong.
Il Caimano (2006)
Bankrupt in his professional and personal life, movie producer Bruno Bonomo is finding it impossible to raise the finance for his latest project, "The Return of Christopher Columbus." Entangled in debts and his own weaknesses, struggling with a capsizing marriage and his wayward kids, Bruno is going
Drawing Restraint 9 (2005)
Shot in Nagasaki Bay on board the Japanese whaling ship Nisshin Maru. The relationship between self-imposed resistance and creativity, a theme that symbolically tracks through the construction and transformation of a vast sculpture of liquid vaseline, called "The Field," which is molded, poured, bis
Last Days (2005)
Introspective artist Blake is buckling under the weight of fame, professional obligations and a mounting feeling of isolation. Dwarfed by towering trees, Blake slowly makes his way through dense woods. He scrambles down an embankment to a fresh spring and undresses for a short swim. The next morning
Lemming (2005)
Alain Getty, a brilliant young home automation engineer, and his wife Benedicte having recently arrived in a new town, invite Alain's boss Richard Pollock and his wife Alice to dinner. The encounter does not leave the young couple's harmony unscathed. The discovery of a mysterious rodent's corpse bl
Pornographe, Le (2005)
A veteran director of some 40 pornographic films, Jacques Laurent comes out of professional retirement feeling increasingly out-of-step with the commercial demands of the industry, and on set one of his producers takes over the directorial reins for a crucial sex scene. Meanwhile, his teenage son Jo
Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005)
Christine is a lonely artist and "Eldercab" driver who uses her fantastical artistic visions to draw her aspirations and objects of desire closer to her. Richard, a newly single shoe salesman and father of two boys, is prepared for amazing things to happen. But when he meets the captivating Christin
Secret Things (2004)
The story of two gorgeous young women who discover the power of sex as a tool to climb the social ladder. Sandrine and Natalie work at a strip club; Natalie performs an erotic act on stage while Sandrine serves drinks. After they are both fired, the two become roommates and Natalie begins training
Bombon - El Perro (2004)
A lonely man's life is changed when a big white dog enters his world. Juan Villegas loses his job at a petrol station and ends up taking an odd jobs. One customer pays him not with cash but with Bombon: a large, white, ferocious-looking dog who is meek and accomodating. Villegas learns that the anim
Tony Takitani (2004)
Tony Takitani had a solitary childhood. Being alone was normal since his mother died young and his father was always away with his jazz band. At school he studied art, but while his sketches were accurate and detailed they lacked feeling. Used to being self-sufficient, Tony seemed to find emotions i
Yes (2004)
A passionate love affair ensues between an American woman and a Middle-Eastern man in which they confront some of the greatest conflicts of our generation--religious, political, and sexual. Her betrayed and betraying English husband, Anthony, is a politician, and a philosophical cleaner witnesses th
Palindromes (2004)
A fable of innocence: thirteen-year-old Aviva Victor wants to be a 'mom'. She does all she can to make this happen, and comes very close to succeeding, but in the end her plan is thwarted by her sensible parents. So she runs away, still determined to get pregnant one way or another, but instead find
Touch of Spice, A (2004)
The saga of a 40-year-old astrophysics professor who goes back to Turkey, where his grandfather raised him, evoking memories of his first love. In 1959 in Istanbul, Fanis Iakovidis is a young boy growing up in the multi-cultural city, where Greeks and Turks live side by side. Fanis' granddad, spice
At Five in the Afternoon (2003)
After the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, a girl tries to adjust to her new freedom.
Young Adam (2003)
The crisis of Joe--a young drifter who finds work on a barge owned by the down-to-earth Les and his enigmatic wife Ella. One afternoon Joe and Les happen upon the corpse of a young woman floating in the water and the questions begin. Accident? Suicide? Murder? As the police investigate the case and
Cooler, The (2003)
The Cooler is Bernie Lootz, a loser who has made his career out of his contagious bad luck. The Cooler plies his trade, working on the floor of Las Vegas' aging Shangri-La casino, an old-school "gambler's casino," a dinosaur in the shadow of the new Strip and its theme-park attractions. In this purg
Love Me If You Dare (2003)
Julien is endlessley energetic and precociously brilliant, but unable to bear the heartbreak of his mother's impending death. Sohpie is wildly imaginative, mischievous and determined to be different, yet in search of someone who'll both accept and love her. When they meet one another, everything cha
Anything Else (2003)
Jerry Falk is an aspiring writer in New York, who falls in love at first sight with a free-spirited young woman named Amanda. Jerry has heard the phrase that life is like "anything else," but he soon finds that life with the unpredictable Amanda isn''t like anything else at all.
Comandante (2003)
A documentary detailing filmmaker Oliver Stone's journey to Cuba to interview Fidel Castro. Among the subjects Castro discusses with Stone are the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States' embargo on his country and how Fidel sees Cuba's place in the world.
Broken Wings (2003)
The unexpected death of the family patriarch throws every member of the Ullmann clan off course. Widow Dafna takes to bed for three months and when she finally returns to her job at the maternity hospital, she has little time for her children. Eldest son, Yair, drops out of school and adopts a fatal
House of 1,000 Corpses (2003)
Captain Spaulding is Ruggsville's own PT Barnum. More demented sideshow carney than dazzling circus showman, Spaulding is the proprietor of the Museum of Monsters and Madmen, where weary travelers can fill their gas tanks with the only petrol for miles and their stomachs with his secret recipe of fr
Man on the Train (2002)
When the criminal Milan rolls into a sleepy French backwater town planning to knock off the local bank on Saturday, he assumes it will go off without a hitch. Then he encounters Manesquier. A retired poetry teacher whose sedentary lifestyle bores even himself, Manesquier offers Milan a much-needed d
Taking Sides (2002)
Based on the life of Wilhelm Furtwangler, the controversial conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic whose tenure coincided with the controversial Nazi era. One of the most spectacular and renowned conductors of the 1930s, Furtwangler's reputation rivaled that of Toscanini's. After the war, he was inves
Ten (2002)
A drama that consists of a series of ten conversations that take place between the driver of a car, a middle-class Tehran woman in her 30's, and various passengers, including her young son.
Divine Intervention (2002)
A comedy-drama love story between a Palestinian man living in Jerusalem and a Palestinian woman from Ramallah, set in the tense political context of their two adjacent cities that are divided by a guarded checkpoint. The lovers arrange clandestine meetings with each other, which include parking thei
Suddenly (2002)
Set in Buenos Aires, a caper which centers around Marcia, a lonely, overweight lingerie salesgirl who just lost her boyfriend. It isn't until she gets kidnapped by two lesbian punkettes that she begins seeing the real, outside world for the first time, as they take her along on a road trip into the
Satin Rouge (2002)
Lilia, a gorgeous "woman of a certain age," has suppressed her own desires all her life. When her daughter falls for a cabaret musician, Lilia goes to the nightclub to confront the man. Once there, however, she finds herself drawn to the shady, tantalizing world of the cabaret, which opens up a whol
Irreversible (2002)
After a fight with her coked-up boyfriend Marcus, Alex leaves a party to go home. She never gets there; instead she's raped in a desolate tunnel. Her angry boyfriend, and her buddy Pierre decide to take justice into their own hands and hunt down the rapist themselves.
Real Women Have Curves (2002)
Ana, a first generation Mexican American teenager living in East Los Angeles, has just graduated from high school. Because she is a talented writer, a caring teacher urges her to apply to college. Ana secretly is excited about the possibility, but her overbearing and hypercritical mother, Carmen, in
Time Out (2001)
Recently fired from his job, but unable to confess the truth to his close-knit family, Vincent spends his days driving around the countryside, talking into his cell phone and staring into space. Vincent fabricates a new job for himself so his family and friends will not know that he is out of work.
Lantana (2001)
Plagued with grief over the murder of her daughter, Valerie Sommers suspects that her husband John is cheating on her. When Valerie disappears, Detective Leon Zat and his partner Claudia attempt to solve the mystery of her absence. As they investigate, a complex web of love, sex and deceit emerges-
His Secret Life (2001)
AIDS doctor Antonia's husband is killed by a car. She gets depressed until she learns he had been cheating on her with a man. Following her newly-born curiosity for life, she goes to see her husband's lover, Michele, and finds a huge apartment that he shares with gay and transgendered friends, inclu
Lovely Rita (2001)
Rita is an unruly outsider: her classmates laugh at her behavior, her teachers find her rude, and her parents lock her in to make her obey. On the verge of becoming a woman, her clumsy sexual awakening leads her to intimacy with a schoolboy, too young, and a bus driver, too old. Her efforts to break
Dog Days (2001)
It's the weekend, the dog days of summer. It's suffocatingly hot in the periphery of Vienna, in the no-man's land between the autobahn, hypermarkets, warehouses, and monotone housing tracts with their single family dwellings. People go around in their underwear, bikinis, or nothing at all. The tempe
Cet Amour-La (2001)
In the later years of her life, French author Marguerite Duras lives in a self-destructive haze, plagued by writer's block and the physical effects of alcoholism. She shuts herself off from the world, until Yann Andrea, a man thirty-six years her junior, pays her a visit, and soon, the two commence
Marie-Line (2001)
As the boss of an all-women night cleaning crew, Marie-Line is responsible for keeping her offices clean and her employers happy. But Marie-Line is also responsible for her crew, a group of illegal aliens and refugees who are dependant on this job for their safety and sustenance. Facing police raids
Under the Sand (2001)
A woman's husband disappears when he goes for a swim at their seaside vacation home.
Baran (2001)
Young Latif works on a Tehran construction site with his fellow Iranians and a few illegal Afghan workers. When Latif is given heavier tasks to accommodate new Afghan worker Rahmat, he resents his displacement and treats Rahmat cruelly. After one of his pranks, though, Latif discovers Rahmat's secre
Little Senegal (2001)
Alloune worked in the History of Slavery Museum on the island of Goree, Senegal for more than 30 years. Not long retired, this 65-year-old widower decides to go on a trip to the USA to try and trace his ancestors who were sold as slaves to the New World more than 200 years ago. Alloune's nephew, Has
Captive, The (2000)
Ariane lives with wealthy Simon in the Paris apartment he shares with his grandmother. Constantly suspecting Ariane of infidelity, Simon arranges for her friend Andree to chaperone her whenever she leaves the apartment. Sympathetic and even affectionate to Simon, Ariane prefers women as sexual partn
Love and Sex (2000)
Kate Welles is a magazine journalist who's tired of writing the fluff pieces her editor routinely assigns her. She has also just been devastated by the break-up of her relationship with her live-in artist boyfriend, Adam, who wants to see other women. When her editor suggests she write a love/sex co
Circle, The (2000)
A look at the world of seven women in Iran, each searching for themselves while struggling with everyday oppression. In a hospital waiting room a woman learns that her daughter, Solmaz Gholami, has just given birth to a girl. The ultrasound test had prepared the family for a boy. The joy the mother
Beau Travail (1999)
An ex-Foreign Legion officer recalls his experiences in the Gulf of Djibouti.
Besieged (1998)
Shandurai is an African woman who has come to Europe, and is now the housekeeper for shy Englishman Jason Kinsky. The two of them live in his palatial villa outside of Rome, he composing music on his piano, she studying medicine in her spare time. Jason falls in love with Shandurai, but she rejects

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