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Flamenco, Flamenco (2014)
Fifteen years after his initial documentary "Flamenco," Carlos Saura revisits and delves even deeper into the art, music and movement of Flamenco. The film shows that there is a powerful new Flamenco, performed by young talents finding their way in Spain and beyond. But it also focuses on some of th
Copacabana (2010)
Babou, an idle and jovial woman, has never been concerned about social success. However, when she discovers her daughter is too ashamed to invite her to her wedding, she decides to get back on the right track. Deeply hurt, Babou distract herself by selling time-share apartments in Ostend, in mid-win
Honeymoons (2009)
Two couples, one from Serbia and the other from Albania, are forced to watch their dreams dis-integrate into nightmares.
Man Who Will Come, The (2009)
Winter, 1943. Eight-year-old Martina is the only child of a poor farming family and lives on the slopes of Monte Sole. Ever since her little brother died when just a few days old, Martina stopped talking. Her mother becomes pregnant again, while the war slowly draws nearer and the Nazis advance. The
Generazione 1000 Euro (2009)
Follows Matteo, a 30-year-old mathematics graduate who works in the marketing office of a telecommunications company about to cut back on personnel.
Turistas (2009)
Carla decides to spend some time at a National Park in the south of Chile. Her travel mate is Ulrik, a bewildered Norwegian young man she meets on the road. As good tourists, Carla and Ulrik, try to maintain a prudent distance, building up the perfect postcard of their lives. However, little by litt
Nora's Will (2009)
Before dying, Nora hatches a plan to make her ex-husband José take care of her corpse, but she is missing something. The only flaw in the plan--a mysterious photograph forgotten under the bed--will lead to an unexpected outcome.
Pandora's Box (2008)
When three forty-something siblings in Istanbul receive a call that their aging mother has disappeared from her home in central Turkey, the three set out to find her, momentarily setting aside their differences to do so.
Yuma, La (2008)
A poor woman in a gang-infested Managua neighborhood dreams of becoming a boxer. When she meets a journalism student from the other side of the city, they are drawn to each other by their shared desires to accomplish their dreams and fall in love.
14 Kilometers (2008)
Violeta, a teen who lives in a riverside village in Mali, has only an arranged marriage with a lascivious old man to look forward to, and decides to run off to a faraway place. Meanwhile, in neighboring Niger, mechanic Buba is a skilled soccer player. His brother Mukela suggests he should try his sk
Lluvia (2008)
A just-separated woman meets a man in the middle of a traffic jam.
On the Rumba River (2007)
Traveling up and down the majestic Congo River on a disheveled boat, the young orphan Antoine Kolosoy composed his first songs on a beat up old guitar. As he gained renown, the young "Wendo," as he was now known, was persecuted by the church and his music banned by the Belgian colonial authorities,
One Hundred Nails (2007)
A university professor becomes the subject of an unpleasant investigation. Deciding to leave everything behind him, he relocates to the country and moves into an old farmhouse where the locals become his friends.
No Time to Die (2007)
Hearse driver Asante and his assistant Issifu, a dwarf, work to transport dead bodies from Accra to their respective villages for the funeral ceremonies. Asante is desperately searching for a wife, in vain. Because of his profession, women keep their distance. In Ghana, people are superstitious, and
Terra, La (2006)
Luigi is a philosophy lecturer in Milan, where he moved as a teenager, who finds himself back in his native Puglia embroiled in a family conflict between his three brothers: Michele, Mario and Aldo.
Play (2006)
A lonely man and a lonely woman paths will almost cross as they search for love in a hostile city, Santiago de Chile. Cristina takes care of an old man in a modest city. Tristan is heart broken in a modern city. Cristina and Tristan walk around a hot and polluted Santiago de Chile in the summertime.
Bamako (2006)
Caught in the stranglehold of debt and structural adjustment, the African continent is fighting for its survival. In the face of this disaster, representatives of African society bring an action against international financial institutions. The trial takes place in Bamako, in the yard of a house, am
Bab'Aziz: The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul (2006)
A blind dervish named Bab'Aziz and his spirited granddaughter, Ishtar, wander the desert in search of a great reunion of dervishes that takes place just once every thirty years. With faith as their only guide, the two journey for days through the expansive, barren landscape. To keep Ishtar entertain
Madeinusa (2006)
Madeinusa is a sweet girl who lives in an isolated religiously zealous village in mountainous Peru. Everything changes when a geologist from Lima arrives and unknowingly reshapes Madeinusa's destiny.
Il vento fa il suo giro (2005)
Chersogno, a small mountain village in the Italian Alps, is slowly dying out. Its survival relies on its ageing population and the brief summer tourist season. A French shepherd arrives in this tiny, conservative community, bringing along his young family, his goats and his entrepreneurial skills as
Persona Non Grata (2005)
Wiktor, a former underground activist, Poland's ambassador to Uruguay, is devastated by his wife's death. When he returns home for her funeral, he meets the Russian deputy foreign minister with whom he had been friends 25 years earlier. But Oleg had been so fascinated by the activities of the Solida
Kiss Me Not on the Eyes (2005)
An educated young Egyptian woman defends her artistic integrity as a dancer and her social independence in the midst of modern Cairo's culture wars.
Maroa (2005)
Eleven-year-old petty criminal Maroa lives with her violent grandmother Brigida in Caracas. After her boyfriend Carlos is involved in a shooting, Maroa is arrested and sent to a school where Joaquin conducts the youth orchestra, and he asks the naturally talented Maroa to join. Days now revolve arou
Suite Habana (2003)
A portrayal of a city and its people during a regular day in the life of ten ordinary Cubans, with nothing special about them. Ten real people who become actors without stopping being themselves and without ever losing sight of reality in this fictional operation. The film traces a continuous dialog
Vodka Lemon (2003)
In a remote, isolated village in post-Soviet Armenia, Hamo, a widower with a pitiful pension and three worthless sons, travels daily to his wife's grave. There he meets the lovely Nina, who is communing with her late husband. The two are penniless--she works in a local bar that is about to close dow
Good Morning, Night (2003)
The kidnapping and killing of Aldo Moro, Italy's former prime minister and head of the Christian Democrat party, was a cataclysmic event no Italian can forget. Moro was taken hostage by Red Brigade members in March 1978 and almost two months elapsed while negotiations were pursued in vain. His bulle
Noviembre (2003)
Alfredo leaves his provincial family to enroll in drama school in Madrid. He meets Daniel and Lucia but rapidly becomes disenchanted with the conventions of drama school and storms out, declaring he wants to change the world. He starts work as a waiter. Alfredo puts together a street theater group c
Facing Windows (2003)
Giovanna is a bookeeper in a company which packs chickens. She is married to a man who has a precarious job. First she starts being curious about a young man who lives in the block opposite hers, and then she falls in love with him. The relationship between the two becomes much stronger when she sta
Son, The (2002)
Olivier, a carpentry instructor at a vocational training center for troubled boys, has his world turned upside down with the arrival of Francis, a mysterious 16-year-old. Unbeknownst to Francis, a past tragedy, involving Olivier's son, connects him to his new teacher. When Olivier's ex-wife, Magali,
Waiting For Happiness (2002)
In a lonely seaside village that functions mainly as a transit point, themes of belonging, departure, immobility, rootlessness, and tradition are explored. The peaceful feeling of serentity of the villagers' homeland keep at bay their overall reality of isolation and solitude.
Lundi Matin (2002)
Every Monday morning, Vincent is faced with the same old routine: he gets up at five and then it takes him one-and-a-half hours to get to the factory where he performs his monotonous job. He can't smoke on the journey to work and when he gets to work, he's not allowed to smoke there either. As soon
Ribelli per Caso (2001)
Frustrated by indifferent treatment, arrogant doctors, and tasteless food, five middle-aged hospital patients plan a secret feast. Their banquet plans discovered, the men barricade themselves in their room, warding off medical staff, police and the press.
Secret Ballot (2001)
A soldier stationed on a deserted beach wakes up and discovers that it's not going to be an ordinary day: there are the elections, but nobody seems to know anything about them. Just as an electoral urn is being parachuted from the sky, a young woman disembarks on the beach. To the soldier's baffleme
Lado Oscuro del Corazon 2, El (2001)
10 years after we last saw him, poet Oliverio is still looking for the love of his life, a woman who can literally fly. When his current girlfriend Miranda asks for a committment, he heads off in search of his old lover, prostitute Ana. When he finds her, he's disappointed to see how settled her lif
Other World, The (2001)
Frenchwoman Yasmine travels to war-torn Algeria to search for her missing fiance, Rachid. As she tries to blend into the culture, Yasmine gets a firsthand look at the nation's religious and military conflicts.
I Love Beijing (2001)
After divorcing his wife, Beijing taxi-driver Desi pathetically hunts for love in all ranks of society. The hunt leads to some interesting encounters.
Blackboards (2000)
In a ravaged, brutally beautiful mountain landscape along the Iran-Iraq border, a group of teachers, with blackboards strapped to their backs, roam the countryside in search of pupils. After an attack by an army helicopter, two of the teachers, Said and Reeboir, separate from the group. Reeboir trav
Goddess of 1967, The (2000)
A Japanese collector goes to Australia to buy the car of his dreams and embarks on a strange, erotic journey.
Saltwater (2000)
The lives of two young men are transformed forever by a morally corrupt college professor.
Like Father (2000)
Joe, an ex-miner approaching his fortieth birthday, just about scrapes a living promoting club acts of dubious talent, whilst finding the only outlet for his own considerable musical skills lies in teaching. His troubled relationship with his wife and son seems to be following a pattern familiar fro
Un Amore (2000)
This Italian indie charts the bumpy course of an on-again, off-again relationship between two lovers over a twenty year span.
Day I Became A Woman, The (2000)
The stories of three Iranian women living on the island of Kish. Hava spends her last day with friend Hassan, for the next day, on her ninth birthday, she will become a woman and will be forbidden under Islamic law to socialize with members of the opposite sex. Ahoo competes fiercly in a women's bic
Ratcatcher (1999)
James'' family live in a poor neighborhood of Glasgow in the late 1970s. While they wait for relocation to a nicer part of town, James makes do with playing by the canal with Margaret Anne and Kenny. Margaret Anne is older, and willing to sleep with the local boys for a bit of affection, while Kenny loves animals, but is slow-witted. As the garbage piles up during a prolonged strike by the garbage collectors, James dreams of a better life and tries to escape the realities of his family and personal tragedies. As his family''s dream of moving to a new home slowly fades, James also finds himself increasingly estranged from his loved ones and surroundings. The only place where he can find any solace is in a half-constructed housing subdivision in the pastoral suburbs--a bus journey away--for it is here where James feels he truly belongs.
Karnaval (1999)
After a terrible argument with his father, Larbi decides to skip town and move to Marseille. But before he can get there, he meets Bea, a young woman who married too young, and is now stuck with her drunken husband Christian. The two are attracted to one another, and feel freed by the hurly burly of
Sib (1998)
In Tehran, 12-year-old twin sisters have been imprisoned in their house by their father since birth. However, after neighbors call in a social worker, the girls are finally freed, while their father finds himself locked up.
Little Tropikana (1998)
When a German tourist is found dead at a Havana costume party, ambitious cop Lorenzo smells a rat. Eager to link the death to a recent theft from a crypt, he hears versions of Herman's last day from various, and increasingly bizarre, suspects. There is the telekinetic Dora, ex-hippie Chrissy, sexy S
Little Tony (1998)
Brand, an illiterate farmer, has been thinking of Lena, a young teacher who comes to give him lessons at home, on the farm. Keet, Brand's suspicious wife, keeps a close eye on both of them, because she sees that her husband has fallen in love with the girl from the city. As time goes by, a dark plan
Under the Skin (1997)
Set in Liverpool over two months, story follows Iris, a restless dreamer who has a boring boyfriend Gary. Her sister, Rose, is married to reliable Frank and is seven months pregnant. One evening, Iris bumps into a young Irish guy, Tom, and they have sex in an alley. Wearing her mother's wig, fur coa
Despabilate Amor (1996)
A bevy of forty-somethings in Buenos Aires plan a 25-year reunion to rekindle memories of their teen party days.
Gabbeh (1996)
On the banks of a stream in southeast Iran, an old woman and her husband are washing their gabbeh. From this carpet comes forth a beautiful young woman named Gabbeh who shares her epic tale: she is desperately in love with a mysterious horseman who follows her clan from afar. Although her father has
Shoemaker (1996)
A tale about a lonely, slow-witted shoe repairman who becomes overtaken by his emotions after an unusual date with a woman whom he'd once met and whom he finally locates after placing a search for her in the personal ads.
Irma Vep (1996)
Maggie Cheung, acting out her own role as one of the greatest stars of Asian cinema, comes to Paris to portray Irma Vep (the character created by Musidora) in a remake of the famous series "Vampires" directed by Louis Feuillade between 1915 and 1916. She does not speak a word of French, and therefore everyone is forced to speak to her in broken English--especially her somewhat incomprehensible, has-been director, Rene Vidal, who sees Maggie as the unique incarnation of a modern Irma Vep.
Small Time (1996)
Set in working-class Nottinghamshire, central England, a potrait of a sad group of losers and their girlfriends: the men concentrate on earning their odd tenner -- as thieves -- while the ladies smoke cigarettes and watch television.
Eggs (1995)
An estranged son named Konrad--a dullard fascinated by birds' eggs--is delivered into the care of his father, Hamer, and uncle, Pa. The crochety duo have been longterm roommates, and Konrad's arrival to their residence, invariably alters the brothers' balance of "harmony"--be that what it may-- in t
No Te Mueras Sin Decirme Adonde Vas (1995)
William and Rachel have loved each other in various lives. In the life this movie depicts, William is Leopoldo, lives in Buenos Aires, and is working on an invention, he finds Rachel, who in this life is a soul. Leopoldo doesn't remember his previous lives, nor does he believe in reincarnation, but

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