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Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard



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  • A True Classic

    • Melissa
    • 2013-10-06

    I would not be a TCM fan if not for Carole Lombard. I saw My Man Godfrey as a teen and became her fan as well as a fan of classic movies. Thanks for honoring this wonderful actress and comedienne.

  • Carol Lombard

    • Kerry Sullivan
    • 2011-09-04

    What a treat to have back to back Lombard Flicks! All were superb! Not to be ghoulish, but wondering if the diamond clips she wore thru-out Mr & Mrs Smith were the ones Gable gave her and were found in the wreckage of her plane? Anyone know?

  • Date of death

    • Ed. Valencia
    • 2011-08-29

    I didn't know Carol Lombard that much yet not until you did a day of her movies! She's great! I just noticed the date of her death as January 16, 2042? Maybe you should make the correction now. Thanks for featuring great stars like her!

  • Date of Death

    • Christine
    • 2011-06-19

    Does anyone know how to contact TCM to let them know the date of her death is very wrong? It states date of death as January 2042. I think it's just a tad off, considering 2042 will be the one hundredth anniversary of her tragic death and hasn't even existed yet.

  • What a cutie!

    • Christine Lord
    • 2011-06-19

    Who doesn't love Carole Lombard. A true gem who left this world too soon.

  • Even now, my heart misses her :(

    • KonaRose
    • 2010-10-07

    What's not to love about Carole Lombard? She had it all and more. It breaks my heart even now that she died so horrifically, so young, at the top of her life. At least we can still watch her movies, listen to her laugh, be drawn by her magnetism on the silver screen.

  • Lombard was a knockout!!

    • Jaime
    • 2008-12-23

    I'm sorry to disagree with Eric (8/27/2008, Thanks TCM). The lady from whom Lucy learned more than Lombard was Ginger Rogers (see Roberta, Follow the fleet, Stage door etc.). In Carefree (1938), it's the future Lucy who act in the Ginger's persona. Lucy didn't deny this.

  • Soo Hot

    • K.C.
    • 2008-09-16

    You can count on one hand the women of screen history that were the total package of beauty, talent, and personality. Gable had great taste.

  • Carole Lombard

    • Donna
    • 2008-09-01

    Ever since I was l9 years old in l975, I have been a Carole Lombard fan---number one! I first saw her in "Vigil in the Night" l940, where she played a nurse--it was pure drama. She was, of course, great!!! Then a few years later I saw her in "My Man Godfrey" from that day on I was hooked. I have seen about 30 of her pictures. My favorite is "Nothing Sacred and then True Confession." HER favorite character she played in her movies was "Maggie King" in Swing High Swing Low. All her pictures are terrific---actually, SHE made the pictures work. I wish I could have (own) "They knew what they wanted", I just got "Rumba" and "Brief Moment". Again SHE made these movies. She was beautiful, talented and a true human being--I have read everything I could get my hands on about her---I suggest to all that you do the same!

  • Thanks, TCM!!

    • Eric
    • 2008-08-27

    I agree with Erica - Carole Lombard is the BEST. She had it all and could do it all. When you watch her in a comedic role it's plain to see that she was Lucy BEFORE Lucy (I know Carole helped her in the early years). She was an incredibly versatile actor, and from what I've read, she was an amazing person to all who knew her. Just wanted to thank you for giving us a Carole Lombard month, TCM!! How 'bout transferring more of her films to DVD for us, too?!!?!

  • Thank you! :)

    • Erica
    • 2008-08-07

    I am a big Carole Lombard fan!! And a very young one..I am 17. And I believe that she is one of the greatest actresses of all time! She was so beautiful and eligant! It's soo sad that she died at such a young age. And it just makes me wonder what kinda of other great movies she would have starred in if she wouldve lived! I am glad that TCM remembers her the way she deserves to be remembered on her 100th birthday!!

  • Thanks!!!

    • Scarlett
    • 2008-08-06

    I'd just like to say thank you for showcasing Carole as Star of the Month. It's made me so happy!!

  • Thank you TCM!!!

    • Jennifer
    • 2008-07-14

    I just saw the line up for Lombard & wanted to thank you for remembering her & making her Star of The Month!! Im a huge fan. And Im sure others will be delighted to see her movies as well as the rare ones you have listed! Wow Im sooo happy & excited. Thanks for remembering such a great lady!!! Much Appreciated!!! ~Jen

  • Let us remember Carole's 100th Birthday

    • Jennifer
    • 2008-05-17

    Im a huge fan of Carole, a woman who was taken away from us way too soon. A great comedy actress as well as a good friend, someone who can make a sad person happy again, just by being herself & cracking a joke! Im hoping you will remember her by playing a day of her movies or "Star of the Month" this October 6th. She was one special lady who stole the hearts of everyone around her, including Gable, & as we all know is hard to do!! She was unique, determined & very willful & always there for you. She was taken away from us while helping her country, I feel she needs to be celebrated. I think Carole would be very happy as well to see her reconized as an actress, & a woman who cared so much for her country. She would be very proud! Always in our hearts- Carole Lombard Gable

  • Carole Lombard 100 in October

    • Annie
    • 2008-04-09

    One of the best comedic actresses ever, with a style all her own. We lost her way too soon, but she's timeless and is with us in her films. TCM - she deserves to be honored with a marathon on her 100th this October!

  • The lady who stole The King,s Heart

    • jor
    • 2008-03-31

    Carole was Gable's true love. He was never the same after her death.He is buried next to her;one of his last request

  • Hollywood's Profane Angel

    • Tracy
    • 2008-03-27

    I absolutely love Carole Lombard. I thought she was georgeous. She could be hysterical and look ridiculous but still look gorgeous. A georgeous, georgeous girl. What struck me about her was the fact that she had perfect comedic timing. Her natural flair for being comedic shone through on screen and looked effortless. In all her movies, whether they were dramas or comedies, she had something that made the picture. Her movies came out right every time. I am 14 years old and I've known ever since I was seven, that she is my favorite actress. It would be great if you could play more of her movies. She was a legend and an angel.

  • 100th Birthday this year

    • Meredith
    • 2008-02-13

    Please make Carole your Star of the Month in October for her 100th birthday. She is an icon who tends to be neglected. Please give her the birthday treatment she deserves, she was after all the Queen of Screwball!

  • She's timeless

    • Vincent
    • 2007-11-11

    My all-time favorite actress, and probably my all-time favorite Hollywood personality, too. Warm, funny, beautiful, generous to a fault, and armed with an iconoclastic sensibility that would make her right at home today. Carole's arguably the definitive actress of the screwball comedy era (sadly, she never made a comedy with Cary Grant). I think many of today's actresses could learn a lot about the craft of acting from watching her films -- and they could learn a lot about how to go about their off-screen lives by seeing how she handled her private life; Lombard was arguably the most beloved star in the movie community, especially among film crews. I hope someday, someone does a film biography worthy of her.

  • Carole Lombard-War Heroine

    • jo resendez
    • 2007-08-21

    She died for her country;her plane crashed outside Las Vegas coming home from a war bond drive in Indiana.She sold over 2 million dollars in bonds.This makes her a true American Heroine.Her movies to this day continue to be in demand.What a legacy she left


    • Jessica Zanone
    • 2007-04-27

    I think Carole was a very good actress. I didn't like it when she died.


    • Sloan Scarberry
    • 2007-04-27

    Carole was a very smart and wise actress and a very funny girl. But when she died the world was under great depression.

  • Profane Angel

    • Lauren Webbles
    • 2007-02-02

    Carole Lombard is my absolute favorite film star of the 30's and early 40's. Not only was she gorgeous, but from bios I've read she was described as sweet, down to earth, and very intelligent. I admire the fact that she could curse with the best of 'em - her expletive laden vocabulary seemed to have won her alot of respect. In my opinion the ultimate must-see Lombard film is "Twentieth Century"(1934). Her performance is still as funny today as it was 70 years ago.

  • Carole Lombard movies 8/17/06

    • John Resendez
    • 2006-09-17

    Thank You TCM for Carole Lombard marathon 8/17/06. My family and I really enjoyed it.Though we felt you left some of her best work out,like Made for Each Other,and others.We are anxiously waiting for her next movie marathon.

  • Carole Lombard was Awesome!

    • Megan Bianco
    • 2006-08-18

    Carole was the best & is my favorite person. She could do comedy when no other females would, still be beautiful, & succeed in other genres rather than being typecasted. How many movie star do you see today serving the war effort? The Queen of Screwball Comedy was also lucky enough to marry the King of Hollywood (Clark Gable). It's too sad of her premature death, she could have done so much more. There needs to be more people like Carole in the world. RIP Ms. Lombard.

  • My favorite actress

    • john resendez
    • 2006-07-14

    Still remembered and her movies a favorite in this home

  • Carole Was The Best!!!!

    • Michael Whalen
    • 2006-05-01

    Carole had CLASS AND Sponk!!! she was a talented actor in all types of films. She could play comedy, drama , mystery!! She was loved by all the cast and crew of each her movies! She was kind to all!! Carole died trying to help in the war efforts. Something a lot of others in hollywood, could not bother themselves with !!! AND She was the only one to hook The King of Hollywood!!!

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