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Cast (feature film)

To Be or Not to Be (1983) as Startled British Officer
An actor and his wife struggle to survive (and make a living) when the Nazis invade Poland in this remake of "To Be or Not to Be" (1942).

Writer (feature film)

Haunted Honeymoon (1986) as Screenwriter
Finders Keepers (1984) as Screenwriter

Producer (feature film)

Finders Keepers (1984) as Producer
World's Greatest Lover, The (1977) as Producer
Rudy Valentine is a baker in 1920s Milwaukee. After entering a Hollywood talent search for the new Rudolph Valentino, Rudy and his wife Annie go out to Hollywood where they hope he will get a screen test. But once there, Annie falls in love with the real Valentino. Jealous of the romantic star, Rudy

Art Director (feature film)

The Public Eye (1972) as Production Design
Mary, Queen of Scots (1971) as Production Design
In this historical drama, Mary must battle Queen Elizabeth I, her brother James, the Scottish Lords, the Scottish protestants, her husband and herself to secure the crown for her son and heir, the future James I of England.
Perfect Friday (1970) as Production Design
The deputy manager of a London bank has worked out a way to rob the branch of £200,000. When he becomes involved with the attractive Lady Dorset he decides to go ahead with his plan. He needs her help and that of her philandering spendthrift husband. It all comes down to a matter of trust.
Scrooge (1970) as Production Design
A miser faces the ghosts of his past on Christmas Eve.
The Looking Glass War (1969) as Art Director
British Intelligence calls in a retired agent to investigate Soviet missiles near the German border.
Oliver! (1968) as Art Director
Musical version of the Dickens classic about an orphan taken in by a band of boy thieves.
A Man for All Seasons (1966) as Art Director
A devout scholar gets caught in the middle of Henry VIII's plans to break with the Catholic Church.
The Wild Affair (1966) as Art Director
A group of male office workers try to comfort and flirt with a young office assistant experiencing pre-wedding jitters.
Doctor Zhivago (1965) as Art Director
Illicit lovers fight to stay together during the turbulent years of the Russian Revolution.
Of Human Bondage (1964) as Asst art dir
A medical student risks his future when he falls for a low-class waitress.
Lawrence of Arabia (1962) as Asst art dir
A British military officer enlists the Arabs for desert warfare in World War I.

Art Department (feature film)

In Search of the Castaways (1962) as Chief draughtsman
Two siblings embark on a dangerous journey to find their shipwrecked father.
A Coming-Out Party (1962) as Draughtsman
A somewhat happy-go-lucky bunch of Brits in a German POW camp find their new acerbic fellow prisoner is a key officer who must be got out at all cost.
The Singer Not the Song (1962) as Draughtsman
A priest defies a Mexican bandit to bring religion to a Western town.

Production Designer (feature film)

Rush Hour 2 (2001) as Production Designer
A Hong Kong trip turns into a working vacation when two detectives stumble on a counterfeiting ring.
Green Mile, The (1999) as Production Designer
A story told in flashback and narrarted by Paul Edgecomb, now living in an old-age home six decades after working as the head guard on Death Row at a Southen Prison named Cold Mountain Penitentiary. Travelling back to 1935, during the Great Depression, the former prison guard, Edgecomb, reflects on how he developed a poignant, unusual relationship with this one inmate, sentenced to Death Row, who may be innocent. The inmate, John Coffey, is an African-American man--convicted of the rape and murder of a pair of 9-year-old sisters--who awaits his death in this harsh prison. Coffey has strange powers, both mysterious and miraculous; and the creepy characters in the prison have their own views of his gifts and of God''s.
Fallen (1998) as Production Designer
A cop hunts a demonic serial killer who is eventually caught, tried and executed. The murders continue, however, until the cop himself becomes the prime suspect of the investigation. Making the case even more complex is a similar series of murders that occured some thirty years earlier which ended in the suicide of the detective investigating the case.
Executive Decision (1996) as Production Designer
Terrorists hijack a 747 carrying 400 passengers, and everyone involved mistakenly thinks the passengers are going to be bartered for the terrorist group''s imprisoned leader. However, an American intelligence analyst and expert in terrorism believes that their plan is to launch a nerve gas attack on Washington DC. The President''s Crisis Management Team must then choose between ignoring the agent''s nerve gas theory and allowing the plane clearance to land in the Capitol, or destroying the plane and sacrificing its 400 passengers. A Special Forces leader, however, has a different solution--to secretly board the 747 using an experimental aircraft.
Forget Paris (1995) as Production Designer
Mickey Gordon is a gutsy, quick-witted professional basketball referee whose well-structured single life is upset when he meets Ellen Andrews, a captivating American expatriate. Can a couple fall madly in love under the Eiffel Tower, dancing on the banks of the Seine, and strolling on the Champs Elysees? Of course, but their relationship will only last if they can forget Paris.
Clear and Present Danger (1994) as Production Designer
The story of a covert war waged against Colombian drug lords by the Central Intelligence Agency.
Shawshank Redemption, The (1994) as Production Designer
A man discovers himself after he is sentenced to life in prison.
Basic Instinct (1991) as Production Designer
When a cop''s search for a ruthless killer leads him to wealthy and seductive author, his involvement turns personal, and he must balance their affair with the mounting evidence against her.
Hunt for Red October, The (1990) as Production Designer
While Americans prepare for a nuclear submarine attack, CIA agent Jack Ryan has only a few hours to prove his suspicion that the Russian is defecting before all-out war breaks loose. Let the hunt begin.
Havana (1990) as Production Designer
Political drama surrounding events in Cuba just prior to the Castro regime in 1958, when a high stakes gambler falls in love with the wife of a revolutionary.
Bert Rigby, You're a Fool (1989) as Production Designer
An English coal miner gives up his job and girl to join an amateur show that will tour in the United States.
Spaceballs (1987) as Production Designer
Only a rogue space merchant can stop an evil dictator from stealing a planet''''s air supply.
Haunted Honeymoon (1986) as Production Designer
Miracles (1986) as Production Designer
Finders Keepers (1984) as Production Designer
To Be or Not to Be (1983) as Production Designer
An actor and his wife struggle to survive (and make a living) when the Nazis invade Poland in this remake of "To Be or Not to Be" (1942).
Absence Of Malice (1981) as Production Designer
An ambitious reporter unwittingly slanders a businessman under federal investigation.
Sunday Lovers (1981) as Production Designer (American Segment)
In this comedy made up of four segments, a businessman tries to close a deal through the allure of his secretary only to discover that she would be more valuable as a partner. Elsewhere, a chauffeur poses as his boss in order to impress ladies. Meanwhile, a husband arranges an affair when his wife leaves town. Finally, an American psychiatric patient falls for an equally neurotic lady.
Sphinx (1981) as Production Designer
An archaeologist travels to Egypt to find the lost tomb of a king, which has a curse on it. After a local expert on the tomb murdred, she becomes the next target for assassins.
The Frisco Kid (1979) as Production Designer
A rabbi headed West hooks up with an outlaw.
Magic (1978) as Production Designer
Magician's assistant Corky performs disastrously at his first solo appearance. He is given a ventriloquist dummy called Fats to improve his act and within a few years Corky is at the height of fame. However, Fats has developed a mind of his own and wants to control his master.
World's Greatest Lover, The (1977) as Production Designer
Rudy Valentine is a baker in 1920s Milwaukee. After entering a Hollywood talent search for the new Rudolph Valentino, Rudy and his wife Annie go out to Hollywood where they hope he will get a screen test. But once there, Annie falls in love with the real Valentino. Jealous of the romantic star, Rudy
A Bridge Too Far (1977) as Production Designer
Epic re-staging of the Allies' heroic airdrop behind Nazi lines in Holland.
Royal Flash (1976) as Production Designer
Adventure Of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, The (1975) as Production Designer
The famed detective's brother tries to steal his thunder.
Abdication, The (1974) as Production Designer
17th-century Queen Christina of Sweden journeys to Rome to embrace the Catholic church and falls in love with a cardinal.
Juggernaut (1974) as Production Designer
Two demolitions experts race the clock to find and disarm a set of bombs placed on an ocean liner at sea.
Great Expectations (1974)
A sumptuous remake of the Dickens classic that previously had been filmed in black and white in 1917, 1934, and 1947 (the definitive version). This television adaptation was produced as a musical with an original score by Norman Sachs and Mel Mandel, but none of the songs appeared in the final print for reasons never explained.
The Mackintosh Man (1973) as Production Designer
A British agent goes undercover as a jewel thief to nab a Communist spy.
Touch Of Class, A (1973) as Production Designer
A 1970s style romantic comedy. Steve is a philandering American businessman living in London, heavily inclined towards cheating his lovely wife Gloria. He meets divorced British fashion designer Vicki, and soon the two go on a secret holiday together in Spain. They rent a flat for their trysts -- and constant arguments -- in a seedy London building filled with prostitutes. A friend, Walter, tries to give Steve some good advice, but Steve won't listen until it's too late.

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