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Also Known As: Died: October 3, 1998
Born: September 17, 1928 Cause of Death: cancer
Birth Place: London, England, GB Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Tam Lin (1971) as Director

Cast (feature film)

Mary Pickford: A Life on Film (2000) as Interviewee
A documentary that explores the life of Mary Pickford who by age seventeen, had become the first actress to achieve international superstardom. By the time she was thirty, she was the first and only woman ever to own a major movie studio, the only woman to be the highest-paid actor in Hollywood and
Truth About Lying, The (2000) as Henry Stokes
A crime novelist searches for a missing baby at his sister's behest and makes painful discoveries about himself along the way.
Keepers of the Frame (1999)
Artists and technicians uncover the urgent need for film preservation as they move us through 100 years of cinematic history and tell an impassioned story of those who have struggled to save our film heritage.
Bug's Life, A (1998) as Mr. Soil
A colony of ants is threatened by a gang of grass hoppers led by the evil Hopper. Flik, a common ant and a misfit, has an uncommon vision when he tries to rise to heroic proportions by enlisting a band of circus fleas to help him defend his colony from the grasshoppers.
Star Hunter (1998)
A wrong turn lands a busload of football players and cheerleaders in the midst of an intergalactic hunting ground, where predatory "Star Hunters" hunt humans for sport. These terrified teens have no idea that they are about to become the prey in an alien hunting expedition.
Second Jungle Book - Mowgli and Baloo, The (1997) as King Murphy
Set in India, circa 1890, the continued adventures of a young boy, Mowgli, stumbling into the human world and being pursued as the next curiosity for the P.T. Barnum circus. Barnum scout Harrison enlists grandee Buldeo to help track Mowgli down. But while Harrison's host seems affable, in fact he ha
It's My Party (1996) as Damian Knowles
Nick Stark is a Los Angeles architect graced with vitality, good looks, loyal friends, a thriving career, a down-to-earth attitude, and an irreverent sense of humor. Lately, however, Nick's vision and memory have been short-circuiting, and his headaches won't go away. Although he looks healthy, he h
Unlikely Angel (1996) as Peter
An angel who was a self-involved, small-time country singer in her lifetime, returns to Earth in order to earn her wings by uniting a family that is experiencing emotional upheaval during the Christmas holidays.
Dead Man's Island (1996) as Trevor Dunaway
An investigative journalist goes to a remote island for a weekend filled with intrigue, as all the guests try to figure out who is trying to murder the host.
Alien Within, The (1995) as Dr Henry Lazarus
A submarine crew finds itself trapped beneath the sea with an alien parasite.
Grass Harp, The (1995) as Amos Legrand
Based on the novel by Truman Capote, the story is set in the 1940s in a small southern town. After his mother dies, Collin Fenwick, comes to live with his father's maiden cousins, Verena and Dolly Talbo. Verena is a rigid and proper businesswoman who owns half the stores in their small town. Collin
Last Summer in the Hamptons (1995) as Thomas
Three generations of a large and brilliant theatrical clan spend each summer at their sprawling family home rehearsing and staging a new production that they then perform for an exclusive audience at season''s end. This year the play is Chekhov''s "The Seagull" and, oddly enough, the family finds itself in a Chekhovian drama of its own when, due to economic circumstances, they are forced to sell their decades-old family retreat. On the last weekend of their last summer together, the family, led by matriarch Helena, is visited by Oona, a rising Hollywood film star who is fleeing fame and fortune in pursuit of a higher artistic purpose. Undeterred by her own lack of theatrical credentials, Oona nonetheless proves that she has "a method" of her own--both onstage and off-and slowly wreaks havoc on the illustrious, insular, and sometimes insane assemblage of actors, directors, and playwrights who comprise this extraordinary gathering of family and friends.
Heads (1994) as Fibris Drake
A bumbling newspaper reporter is assigned to cover a sinister trail of decapitation murders in a small town.
Angel 4: Undercover (1994) as Jeoffrey Kagen
Angel, a police photographer by day, goes undercover by night to find out who killed Paula, a rock groupie from Angel's prostitute days.
Story of Lassie, The (1994)
Documentary about canine superstar Lassie, combining film clips, still photographs, home movies, archival footage and on-camera interviews with many figures involved with the Lassie films or television series.
Mirror, Mirror 2: Raven Dance (1994)
An evil doctor and his sister prey on a girl and her brother.
Hart to Hart: Home Is Where the Hart Is (1994) as Jeremy Sennet
When Jennifer's old journalist mentor dies, the Harts discover they have inherited a quaint New England town and that the woman may have been murdered.
Naked Target, The (1992) as Ernest Peabody
A New York executive is handcuffed to a precious briefcase to which only his Spanish contact holds the key and of which many others are in hot pursuit.
MGM: When the Lion Roars (1992)
A three-part documentary series exploring the history of MGM Studios.
Magical World of Chuck Jones, The (1992) as Himself
Homage to animator Chuck Jones.
Color of Evening, The (1991)
An aging artist attempts to recapture his lifelong dream; to discover the secret to great art.
Deadly Game (1991) as Dr Aaron
A deranged, hideously burned millionaire plots revenge on seven people by luring them to his island retreat where he stalks each of them.
Earth Angel (1991) as Mr Tatum
In 1962, a high-school girl is killed in a car accident. In 1990, she is sent back to Earth to set her high-school classmates' problems right and teach the man she left behind to love again, so that she may gain admittance to heaven.
Double Trouble (1991) as Chamberlain
Twin brothers on opposite sides of the law join forces to solve a case involving a huge jewel smuggling ring.
Going Under (1991) as The Secretary Of Defense
A spoof, a la "Airplance!," of submarine movies.
Shakma (1990) as Sorenson
Six medical students and a professor are locked inside a medical building with a murderous experimental baboon when an innocent game of Dungeons and Dragons turns deadly.
Harold Lloyd: The Third Genius (1989) as Interviewee
A two-part documentary about the life of film comedian Harold Lloyd, covering his beginnings in Hollywood, his time with Hal Roach's acting company, and the advent of sound in motion pictures. Lloyd's life is drawn from film clips, home movies, photo stills and interviews with colleagues, family and
Big Picture, The (1989) as Judge
A comedy about an up-and-coming filmmaker.
FRIGHT NIGHT PART 2 (1989) as Peter Vincent
In the sequel, a female vampire wreaks havoc.
Cutting Class (1989) as Dr Dante
A teen's boyfriend resents her being chummy with a guy who might be the local high-school slasher.
Going Hollywood: The War Years (1988) as Himself
Compilation documentary on the film industry's world and efforts during World War II.
Doin' Time on Planet Earth (1988) as Minister
Ryan Richmond, a lonely teenager living a Holiday Inn in Arizona, finds his world turned upside down when he learns there's a chance he may be an alien prince from another planet.
Wind in the Willows, The (1987) as Voice Of Ratty
An animated, musical adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's 1908 story, which focuses on Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad, rich, arrogant and mischievous, whose reckless nature causes problems with his neighbors in the forest. Most angered are MacBadger, Water Rat and Moley, who all vow to teach Mr. Toad a lesson.
Dead Of Winter (1987) as Thomas Franklin Murray
A struggling actress is lured to a random mansion, where all is not what it seems.
Overboard (1987) as Andrew
A small-town carpenter convinces a shipwrecked heiress with amnesia that she''''s his wife.
Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords (1986) as Voice Of Nuggit
Fright Night (1985) as Peter Vincent
Meet Jerry Dandridge. He's sweet, sexy, and he likes to sleep in late. You might think he's the perfect neighbor. But before inviting Jerry in for a nightcap, there's just one thing you should know. Jerry prefers his drinks warm, red and straight from the jugular. Only 17-year-old Charley Brewster k
Zany Adventures Of Robin Hood (1984) as Prince John
Goofy goings-on in the Sherwood Forest and environs in this spoof of the Robin Hood legend with George Segal as a slightly out of kilter (and rather long of tooth) taketh from the rich and giveth to the poor -- after expenses -- medieval outlaw. To many, this film evoked fond memories of Mel Brooks'
This Girl For Hire (1983) as Manfred Hayes
This '40s private eye movie spoof (a series pilot) casts Bess Armstrong as a flippant, somewhat klutzy female detective who sets out to track down the killer of an obnoxious mystery writer (Jose Ferrer). Celeste Holm is her flamboyant mother, a one-time Hollywood starlet, and Howard Duff is the latt
Class of 1984 (1982) as Terry Corrigan
A new teacher arrives in a city high school run by a punk rock posse.
Mae West (1982) as Rene Valentine
Ann Jillian's portrait of legendary actress Mae West in this customarily white-washed TV biography, covering her flamboyant career through her triumphant Broadway return in "Diamond Lil" in 1948, won her an Emmy Award nomination. James Brolin plays Mae West's long-time lover and manager, Jim Timony,
Evil Under The Sun (1982) as Rex Brewster
A detective trying to solve a case finds himself on an exclusive island frequented by the rich and famous.
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981) as Gillespie
Masterful sleuth Charlie Chan is called out of retirement when a detective asks for his help in solving a series of murders in San Francisco. Now with his grandson at his side, Chan matches wits against his nemesis from the old days, the Dragon Queen, who seems to be responsible for the crimes.
Million Dollar Face, The (1981) as Derek
Tony Curtis is the ruthless head of a cosmetics firm, Kiss of Gold, locked in fierce competition with his arch-rival, Glamour, Inc., that happens to be run by his former lover Lee Grant, and finds his company in the grip of a power struggle among his executives (one of whom, unbeknownst to him, is t
Memory Of Eva Ryker (1980) as Macfarland
Natalie Wood plays a dual role in what was to be her last television work, starring as an heiress to a fortune trying to uncover the mysterious death of her mother, who went down with a torpedoed luxury liner during World War II. Ralph Bellamy is her wealthy father who is obsessed with the ship, and
Nutcracker Fantasy (1979) as Voice Of Franz Prince Fritz
The Black Hole (1979) as Voice Of Robot
Researchers discover a lost space ship on the edge of a black hole.
Circle Of Iron (1979) as White Robe
A blind Zen master guides a young martial artist through demons, bandits and monkey people.
Scavenger Hunt (1979) as Jenkins
Old Mr. Parker has made millions inventing and selling games. At the beginning of the movie, he dies and his relatives gather for the reading of the will. However, Old Mr. Parker is a game player to the last, and his will stipulates a Scavenger Hunt to determine which relative will get the inheritance. The winner of the scavenger hunt gets all the money, the rest get nothing. The relatives break up into five teams and try to win the game.
Hart to Hart (1979) as Dr Peterson
Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers are happily married jet-set investigators and Lionel Stander is their jack-of-all-trades right hand in this pilot to the hit series, co-produced by Wagner and wife, Natalie Wood, under their Rona II banner. Here, the Harts look into the mysterious death of a close f
Rabbit Test (1978)
Lionel is a young man who has never had sex and is engaged to be married. His cousin sets him up with a one-night stand, and not long after this he finds himself to be the world's first pregnant man.
Thief of Bagdad, The (1978) as Hasan
Cat From Outer Space, The (1978) as Mr Stallwood
A cat from space, nicknamed Jake, is traveling in a spaceship that crashes on earth. Jake is in the process of trying to get his craft repaired when he reveals that he can predict the winners of sporting events. Before long, the remarkable alien cat is being hunted by the military, and is accidentally put into a deep sleep by a veterinarian who is trying to hide him from the government.
Laserblast (1978) as Dr Mellon
Alien creatures kill a mutated alien creature in the California desert. Its remains, and the high-tech laser gun and power source accidentally left behind, are found by an ostracized teenager. However, the power source causes the teenager to mutate, too, and he goes on a murderous rampage. Eventually, the first aliens return to kill him as well, and then forget to take the gun again.
Sixth and Main (1977) as Skateboard
Monica Cord is a socialite who is researching a book about the homeless by observing men at the rescue mission in downtown Los Angeles. After becoming interested a one man called John D , she secretly searches his junkyard trailer and finds it filled with handwritten manuscripts. Believing them to h
Flood! (1976) as Franklin--Fisherman
Two helicopter pilots rush aid to a small town devastated by a flood following the collapse of an aging dam.
Mean Johnny Barrows (1976)
A G.I. is unjustly thrown out of the service, and winds up being a gas station attendant. A gangster wants to hire him as a hitman. He agrees, with disastrous results.
Embryo (1976) as Riley
A scientist doing experiments on a human fetus discovers a method to accelerate the fetus into a mature adult in just a few days. However, the "adult" fetus turns into a homicidal psycho and looks for a new formula to prevent her from aging further.
Funny Lady (1975) as Bobby
Musical biography of Fanny Brice and her tempestuous marriage to showman Billy Rose.
Arnold (1974) as Robert
Arnold is dead. But his gold-digging mistress Karen is determined to marry him anyway because Arnold was a millionaire so they are wed at his funeral. Karen keeps getting his money as long as she stays by his coffin. Arnold is active in death in another way. In order to get even with his greedy relatives, he arranged various deathtraps for them before his passing, and they are now being killed off one by one.
Elevator, The (1974) as Marvin Ellis
A claustrophobic armed robber, fleeing from his latest job, finds himself trapped with a group of people between floors in a high-rise building.
The Legend of Hell House (1973) as Ben Fischer
Scientists and psychics team to crack the secrets of a murderously haunted house.
Miracle on 34th Street (1973) as Dr Sawyer
The story of a department store Santa who causes worldwide repercussions when he claims to be the real Santa Claus. The television movie is based on the story by Valentine Davies and the theatrial film of the same title.
Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973) as Caesar
After conquering the oppressive humans in "Conquest for the Planet of the Apes", Caeser(Roddy McDowal) must now keep the peace amongst the humans and apes. Gorilla General Aldo(Claude Akins) views things differently, and tries to cause an ape civil war. In the meantime, other human survivors learn of the ape city, and decide they want to take back civilization for themselves, thus setting the stage of warring ape factions and humans.
The Poseidon Adventure (1972) as Acres
Passengers and crew struggle to escape an ocean liner turned upside down.
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972) as Caesar
Cornelius and Zira's son Caesar leads apes to revolution in this installment of the apes saga. Dogs and cats have been wiped out by a plague and now apes are household pets that are treated like slaves. Caesar has the intelligence to fight this oppression.
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) as Frank Gass
A self-appointed judge cleans up a corrupt western town twice.
Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971) as Proffer
A young man''''s first sexual explorations are threatened by a string of murders.
Taste Of Evil, A (1971) as Dr Michael Lomas
Returning from a mental institution following a traumatic rape experience, a young woman finds herself the target of someone trying to drive her insane.
Terror in the Sky (1971) as Dr Ralph Baird
This TV carbon of Hailey's "Airport" has crew and passengers stricken by food poisoning, forcing a washed-up helicopter pilot on board to land the plane with the help of a stewardess. Previously it had been the basis for a drama "Flight into Danger" on TV's "Alcoa Hour" (1956) and then was made as
What's a Nice Girl Like You...? (1971) as Albert Soames
A Bronx working girl is drawn into an elaborate extortion plot after being kidnapped by a gang of sophisticated con-men who force her to impersonate a wealthy socialite.
Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) as Mr. Jelk
An apprentice witch and three war orphans try to prevent the Nazi invasion of England.
Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971) as [Dr.] Cornelius
Following the events in "Beneath the Planet of the Apes", Cornelius and Zira flee back through time to 20th Century Los Angeles, where they face persecution similar to what Taylor suffered in the future, and discover the origins of the stream of events that will shape their world.
Tam Lin (1971) as Narrator
Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970) as Intro voice
The sole survivor of an interplanetary rescue mission discovers a planet ruled by apes and an underground city run by telekinetic humans.
Angel, Angel, Down We Go (1969) as Santoro
The overweight debutante daughter of the world's wealthiest couple falls in with a gang of tripped out, skydiving pseudo-reactionary pop stars, who take their beliefs of the American ideal to profoundly impossible heights.
Hello Down There (1969) as Nate Ashbury
A wacky inventor creates an underwater home and takes his family, including his teenage rock-band playing kids, to live in it.
Midas Run (1969) as Wister
5 Card Stud (1968) as Nick Evers
A mysterious killer stalks the players from a card game that ended in violence.
Planet of the Apes (1968) as Cornelius
An astronaut crew crash lands on a planet in the distant future where intelligent talking apes are the dominant species.
The Cool Ones (1967) as Tony Krum
A rock promoter creates a popular singing duo and tries to run their lives.
It! (1967) as Arthur Pimm
Marshall Thompson, Shawn Smith, Kim Spalding, Ann Doran, Dabbs Greer, & Ray ''Crash'' Corrigan as It. Often cited as the film that inspired ALIEN, this fast paced B thriller takes place on an earth bound space ship featuring a mysterious stowaway - a blood-drinking Martian with claws that can rip through metal.
The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin (1967) as Bullwhip Griffin
The Defector (1966) as CIA agent Adam
A shady CIA agent recruits an American physicist to help a Russian scientist defect.
Lord Love a Duck (1966) as Alan "Mollymauk" Musgrave
A high-school misfit devotes his life to turning a bubbly blonde into a social success.
That Darn Cat (1965) as Gregory Benson
A woman is kidnapped. While in captivity, she manages to send a message out with a wandering cat. The cat's owner calls the FBI. The FBI tries to follow the cat. Jealous boyfriends and nosy neighbours also get in the act.
The Loved One (1965) as D. J., Jr.
An Englishman in Hollywood moves into the funeral business.
Inside Daisy Clover (1965) as Baines
A girl on the road to stardom fights the dehumanizing effects of Hollywood life.
The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) as Matthew
All-star epic retelling of Christ''''s life.
The Third Day (1965) as Oliver Parsons
An amnesiac discovers he''''s hated by his entire family.
Shock Treatment (1964) as Martin Ashley
A private investigator endures the rigors of an insane asylum in order to locate $1 million in stolen loot.
Cleopatra (1963) as Octavian
The legendary Egyptian queen tries to use her beauty to conquer the Roman Empire.
The Longest Day (1962) as Private Morris
The Allied forces launch the D-Day invasion of German-occupied France.
The Subterraneans (1960) as Yuri Gligoric
Midnight Lace (1960) as Malcolm [Stanley]
A young woman can't get anyone to believe she's being stalked.
The Steel Fist (1952) as Erik Kardin
Killer Shark (1950) as Ted Smith
A fisherman's son tries to prove himself by hunting sharks.
Big Timber (1950) as Jimmy Wheeler
Tuna Clipper (1949) as Alec McLennan
Black Midnight (1949) as Scott Jordan
Scott Jordan's mission in life is to train a wild stallion named Black Midnight.
Rocky (1948) as Chris Hammond
Kidnapped (1948) as David Balfour
After being kidnapped and sold into slavery, a young man fights to reclaim his birthright.
Macbeth (1948) as Malcolm
A Scottish warlord and his wife murder their way to a pair of crowns.
Holiday in Mexico (1946) as Stanley Owen
An ambassador''''s daughter falls for a famous musician.
The Keys of the Kingdom (1945) as Francis, as a boy
A crusading priest struggles to build a mission in China.
Molly and Me (1945) as Jimmy Graham
An actress becomes a housekeeper for a grumpy retired politician.
Thunderhead, Son of Flicka (1945) as Ken McLaughlin
The White Cliffs of Dover (1944) as John Ashwood II, as a boy
An American woman with a British husband fights to keep her family together through two world wars.
My Friend Flicka (1943) as Ken McLaughlin
A boy''''s love for a horse helps him grow up.
Lassie Come Home (1943) as Joe Carraclough
A faithful collie undertakes an arduous journey to return to her lost family.
Son of Fury (1942) as Benjamin [Blake], as a boy
A young adventurer seeks his fortune in the South Seas so he can return to England and reclaim his birthright.
The Pied Piper (1942) as Ronnie [Cavanaugh]
Englishman Mr Howard is on a fishing holiday in eastern France when the Germans invade in 1940. Setting off to try and get back home he is persuaded to take along the two Cavanaugh children, and as his journey progresses his family keeps growing in size. Once in German-occupied northern France a new problem arises - the risk of being heard speaking English.
On the Sunny Side (1942) as Hugh Aylesworth
How Green Was My Valley (1941) as Huw [Morgan]
A Welsh mining family faces the struggles of life together.
Confirm or Deny (1941) as Albert Perkins
Newsman Mitch and teletype operator Jennifer, whose job is to see he doesn't send innapropriate stuff out of the country, dodge bombs during the blitz of London while falling in love.
Man Hunt (1941) as Vaner
An Englishman goes behind enemy lines to assassinate Hitler.
Convict 99 (1937)
A disgraced school master, Benjamin Twist, is mistaken for a tough prison governor and assigned the charge of a prison for particularly hardened criminals. Believing he is being sent to a school rather than a prison, he celebrates accordingly only to find that his drunkenness accidently lands him on the wrong side of the prison bars. The Governorship is eventually restored to him, and he sets about popularising himself amongst the convicts by turning a blind eye to their shady dealings.

Producer (feature film)

Overboard (1987) as Executive Producer
A small-town carpenter convinces a shipwrecked heiress with amnesia that she''''s his wife.
Big Timber (1950) as Associate Producer
Killer Shark (1950) as Associate Producer
A fisherman's son tries to prove himself by hunting sharks.
Black Midnight (1949) as Associate Producer
Scott Jordan's mission in life is to train a wild stallion named Black Midnight.
Tuna Clipper (1949) as Associate Producer
Rocky (1948) as Associate Producer
Kidnapped (1948) as Associate Producer
After being kidnapped and sold into slavery, a young man fights to reclaim his birthright.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

To Catch a King (1984)
In this espionage thriller that tries in its own way to emulate "Casablanca," Robert Wagner plays an American who owns a Lisbon nightclub and Teri Garr is a slightly dippy chanteuse who has stumbled across a Nazi plot to kidnap the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, living at the time (1942) in Portugal.
Generation (1969) as Walter's photography display

Cast (special)

20th Century Fox: The Blockbuster Years (2000) as Interviewee
Documentary chronicling the greatest film hits from 20th Century Fox from the 1960s to the present. Includes interviews with actors and filmmakers.
Star Power: The Creation of United Artists (1999) as Narration
Documentary that details the early careers of Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffith, Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin, the four motion picture artists that founded United Artists in 1919.
Intimate Portrait: Lauren Bacall (1999) as Interviewee
Profile of the life and career of actress Lauren Bacall.
John Ford: An American Icon (1999) as Interviewee
Biography of filmmaker John Ford.
Behind the Planet of the Apes (1998) as Narration
Documentary on the popular "Planet of the Ape" series of theatrical films. Features behind-the-scenes footage, screen tests, photos, home movies and interviews with the stars.
Behind the Planet of the Apes (1998) as Host
Documentary on the popular "Planet of the Ape" series of theatrical films. Features behind-the-scenes footage, screen tests, photos, home movies and interviews with the stars.
Myrna Loy: A Class By Herself (1998) as Interviewee
Profile of actress Myrna Loy.
Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu (1998) as Interviewee
Exclusive interviews, rare footage and family photos trace Louise Brooks from Kansas farm girl to silent screen seductress to renowned film historian.
25th International Emmy Awards (1998) as Presenter
Presentation of the 25th Anniversary International Emmy Awards celebrating the best television programs produced and broadcast outside the United States.
Sonja Henie: Fire on Ice (1997) as Interviewee
Biographical documentary of Norwegian figure skating star Sonja Henie, who went on to become a Hollywood movie star and pioneer live ice shows.
Audrey Hepburn: The Fairest Lady (1997) as Interviewee
Biographical documentary of actress Audrey Hepburn.
Andy Griffith: Hollywood's Homespun Hero (1997) as Interviewee
Biographical documentary of actor Andy Griffith.
Vincent Price: The Versatile Villain (1997) as Interviewee
Documentary on the life and career of actor Vincent Price, best known for horror film classics such as "House of Wax," "The Fly," and "The Pit and the Pendulum."
Barbara Stanwyck: Straight Down the Line (1997) as Interviewee
Biographical documentary of actress Barbara Stanwyck.
20th Century Fox: The First 50 Years (1997) as Interviewee
Documentary tracing the history of the 20th Century Fox film studios. Includes movie clips, rare historical footage and interviews.
Henry Fonda: Hollywood's Quiet Hero (1997) as Interviewee
Biographical documentary of actor Henry Fonda.
Alice Faye: The Star Next Door (1996) as Interviewee
Biographical documentary of singer and actress Alice Faye.
Carmen Miranda: The South American Way (1996) as Interviewee
Biographical documentary of actress Carmen Miranda.
Boris Karloff: The Gentle Monster (1995) as Interviewee
Documentary biography of actor Boris Karloff.
Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, The (1995) as Interviewee
Documentary about science fiction TV producer Irwin Allen and his various works. Set on a recreation of the Jupiter II rocket from his series "Lost in Space" and hosted by its stars June Lockhart, Billy Mumy, and the Robot.
Julie Andrews: Back on Broadway (1995)
Retrospective profile of the actress/singer Julie Andrews. Includes behind-the-scenes look at album recording sessions and rehearsals for the Broadway musical "Victor/Victoria," adapted from her hit movie, as well as clips from her varied film and television musical career.
Darryl F. Zanuck: 20th Century Filmmaker (1995) as Interviewee
Profile of the life and career of writer and producer Darryl F. Zanuck.
American Film Institute Salute to Elizabeth Taylor, The (1993)
Broadcast of the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award dinner honoring actress Elizabeth Taylor.
Elizabeth Taylor (1993) as Interviewee
Documentary on the life and career of actress Elizabeth Taylor.
John Ford (1993) as Interviewee
A documentary about the life and career American film director John Ford.
Ava Gardner (1992) as Interviewee
A documentary about actress Ava Gardner. Includes interview footage of Gardner herself as well as interviews with friends and colleagues and clips from some of her films.
Precious Moments Christmas, A (1991) as Voice Of Narrator
An animated Christmas special about a misfit angel on a mission to deliver a crown to a newborn prince in Bethlehem.
Stars and Stripes: Hollywood and World War II (1991)
A special commemorating the 50th anniversaries of the United Services Organization (USO) and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The program also chronicles Hollywood's support of the Armed Forces and the USO.
Dennis Hopper (1991)
A documentary about director/actor Dennis Hopper. Included are interview footage of Hopper himself, as well as with family members and colleagues and clips from films Hopper starred in and/or directed.
Montgomery Clift: His Place in the Sun (1989)
A "Crazy About the Movies" documentary presentation on the life of actor Montgomery Clift. Includes film clips and interviews with friends and colleagues who knew him.
When We Were Young... Growing Up on the Silver Screen (1989)
A documentary focusing on the era of child stars, showing how the films featuring children both reflected and affected the social conditions of the times. The program features interviews with several former child stars of the thirties and forties.
America's All-Star Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor (1989)
Coverage of the presentation to Elizabeth Taylor of the second annual America's Hope Award, given to an individual deemed to exemplify the American spirit. Highlights include clips from Taylor's film career; serenades by Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder, Carol Burnett and Dudley Moore; and a production n
Carmilla (1989) as Inspector Amos
Set in the antebellum South, the story concerns a mysterious woman named Carmilla, who connives her way into the household of a widower and his lonely daughter, Marie. Her arrival sets off a string of vampire-related deaths.
Lerner & Loewe: Broadway's Last Romantics (1988)
A documentary examining the work and relationship of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Lowe, the lyricist and composer of such enduring musicals as "Brigadoon," "Paint Your Wagon," "My Fair Lady," "Camelot," "Gigi" and "The Little Prince." Included are film clips from all the Lerner and Lowe theatrical
Remo Williams (1988) as Chiun
A pilot for a series not picked up by ABC, inspired by both the feature film and the paperback thrillers known as the "Destroyer" series. The plot involves a Korean mystic and martial arts master who undertakes a U.S. Presidential mission to mold the mind and boyd of wordly Remo Williams into a perf
Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts, The (1988)
A special broadcast of the eleventh annual gala tribute to the distinguished artists who are recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors, taped December 4, 1988 in Washington, DC. This year's honorees are Alvin Ailey, George Burns, Myrna Loy, Alexander Schneider, and Roger L. Stevens.
Happy Birthday, Hollywood! (1987)
A gala celebration, benefiting the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital, held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in honor of the centennial of the founding of the town of Hollywood.
London and Davis in New York (1984) as Paul Fisk
The exploits of John Greyson Davis, a journalist, and Claudia London, a photographer, who, besides being lovers, also make up a world-renowned photojournalism team. In the pilot episode, London and Davis comb New York City seeking "The Bachelor Killer."
Twilight Theater (1982)
A program of comedy vignettes that satirize various aspects of our culture.
Circus of the Stars (1982)
A variety special in which show business personalities perform circus acts.
Judgment Day (1981) as Mr Heller
An unusual story that is set in a celestial courtroom where a deceased person is evaluated for entrance into either Heaven or Hell. Seated before the Judge, the in-limbo soul is placed on trial and Mr. Heavener (representing Heaven) and Mr. Heller (representing Hell) present the good and bad aspects
American Film Institute Salute to John Ford, The (1973)
The American Film Institute presents its first Life Achievement Award to director John Ford.
Topper Returns (1973) as Cosmo Topper Jr
An updated version of the Topper story in which Cosmo Topper Jr., the nephew of the late Cosmo Topper, finds his life plagued when he inherits his uncle's possessions, including the spirits of George and Marian Kerby. The ghosts who once appeared and spoke only to his uncle now appear and speak only
Power and the Glory, The (1961) as Mestizo
The story of a dissolute, alcoholic priest caught up in the 1930 Mexican Revolution against the Catholic church who is pursued by a Communist police lieutenant determined to kill him.
Best of Anything, The (1960) as Guest
A series of satirical comedy sketches, broadcast live, that spoof awards shows and ceremonies.
Good Fairy, The (1956) as Waiter
The story of a movie theater usherette who thinks of herself as a good fairy and strives to make her patrons happy.

Film Production - Main (special)

Intimate Portrait: Natalie Wood (1996) as Photos
Documentary portrait of actress Natalie Wood.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Inconvenient Woman, An (1991) as Cyril Rathbone
A two-part miniseries. The glamorous life of a Los Angeles financier and his wife comes apart when he arranges to make the murder of a friend appear to be a suicide. Meanwhile, the financier's mistress fears for her life because of her knowledge of the Los Angeles/Hollywood connection of extortion,
Around the World in 80 Days (1989) as Gerald Mcbaines
When Phileas Fogg makes the claim that nineteenth century technology could enable a man to circumnavigate the globe in only 80 days, he's taken up on his bet. He then sets out to see the world by train, boat and hot air balloon
Alice in Wonderland (1985) as March Hare
Sometimes she's too big. Or much too small. Sometimes things are backwards. And there's always too much pepper in the soup. Nothing is quite right since Alice chased a very unusual White Rabbit and stumbled into an adventure that grows curiouser and curiouser.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Hollywood Wives (1986) as Jason Swankle
Trash-wallowers, if TV ratings are a believable barometer, were beside themselves with glee, savoring every minute of this three-part, six-hour adaptation of Jackie Collins' book about women who, according to the network publicity releases, "are caught up in the low life and high society of the film
Immigrants, The (1978) as Calvin Braderman

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