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Cast (feature film)

Call of the Wild (1993)
A television movie based on Jack London's adventure story. A young man out to make his fortune in the 1896 Yukon Gold Rush and his dog Buck learn to face the hardship of adapting to their new environment.
Ring of the Musketeers (1993) as Jeweler
A modern-day version of the classic Dumas adventure in which a singer, a female radio personality and school teacher carry on the Musketeer legacy of protecting the rights of the destitute and innocent.

Casting (feature film)

Politics of Love (2011)
A month before the watershed 2008 U.S. Presidential election, an idealistic Obama campaigner reluctantly falls for her Republican counterpart, an African American conservative. As their romance blossoms, tempers flare and heads turn in the frantic weeks leading up to Election Day.
American Primitive (2007)
An idiosyncratic and recently widowed British father living in Cape Cod in 1973 struggles while withholding a secret from his two teenage daughters that starts tearing their family apart.
Man in the Chair (2007)
A man named Flash longs for the days when he worked as a crew member on such cinematic masterpieces as "Citizen Kane." When Flash meets teenage film fanatic Cameron Kincaid, he becomes an unlikely mentor and agrees to help Cameron make a film to compete in a student competition where the top prize
Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys (2005)
Follows a couple from the dawn of time until the present day in order to attempt to explain male behavior.
Takedown (2004) as Casting
Based on the real-life events of infamous computer hacker Kevin Mitnick, who was on the FBI's most wanted list when he hacked into the PC of a top computer security specialist, Tsutomu Shimomura, and taunted him. As a matter of pride Shimomura used all his resources and enlisted his colleagues to tr
Down to You (2000) as Casting (California Unit)
Al and Imogen meet at college in New York City and discover that first love is bittersweet, as they struggle to make their relationship work amid all the distractions of college and big city life.
She's All That (1999) as Casting
Zack is the reigning stud of Harrison High School, and everyone thinks his match with princess Taylor will last forever. When Taylor dumps him for an obnoxious star of "The Real World", Zack is devastated. But he rebounds, betting his friend Dean that he can turn any girl into a prom queen. Dean chooses Laney, a geeky outcast who worries about Bosnia and spends her days painting in her basement. Laney has no time for Zack, but he persists and as time goes by, the two find themselves friends. Rather than raising her to his social level, Zack finds himself falling hard for non-conformist Laney.
Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998) as Casting
Six college students take a wrong turn and wind up in a deserted town... where children are possessed by evil.
Chairman of the Board (1998) as Casting
An eccentric young surfer dude inherits a top job at a faltering company and attempts to run it in his own wacky style.
Mars (1997) as Casting
A lawman is sent to Mars to clean up tyranny and ends up seeking vengeance on those who killed his brother, a policeman for a company that's mining the planet for fuel.
Goodbye America (1997) as Casting (Mitchell/Ray)
Set during the last days of the American military base at Subic Bay in the Philippines, three young Navy SEALS find the bonds of friendship and honor tested as each must deal with the political and social changes that come with America's changing military needs.
Outsider, The (1997) as Casting
In the near future, violent crimes are down thanks to Gangster World, computer-run theme park in which patrons are encouraged to fulfill their darkest desires with androids without ever being in real danger. The park's owner orders his young, programming genius, Garland Widmark, to install a more ad
Savage (1996) as Casting Director
A modern-day farmer loses his sanity after his family is murdered. He is visited by "cyber gods" who transform him into a superhuman so he can seek his revenge on this villain who wants to alter space and time.
Magic in the Mirror (1996) as Casting
The tale of young Mary Margaret's adventure in the "hidden world" that lies within the antique mirror bequeathed to her by her grandmother. Beckoned by its mysterious glow, she accidentally steps through the glass and discovers an enchanted kingdom on the other side, inhabited by a variety of quirky
Mercenary (1996) as Casting (Mitchell & Ray Casting)
A wealthy businessman hires an ex-super commando to help avenge his wife's death at the hands of a notorious international terrorist.
Magic in the Mirror: Fowl Play (1996) as Casting
Duck rulers from a parallel world - slip through a young girl's magical mirror with a dastardly plan for duck domination.
Threesome (1994) as Casting
Alex, college junior and aspiring actress, is mistakenly assigned to an all-male dorm room. When the university refuses to correct the error, Alex finds herself squeezed into the most intimate of living arrangements with two guys she''s never met before. Having become best friends in the short time that they have lived together, Stuart and Eddy are not quite sure how to react to this beautiful intruder. Stuart, the campus stud, tries to seduce her, only to learn that she''s attracted to introspective Eddy, who is hiding his secret desires for Stuart.
Ring of the Musketeers (1993) as Casting Director
A modern-day version of the classic Dumas adventure in which a singer, a female radio personality and school teacher carry on the Musketeer legacy of protecting the rights of the destitute and innocent.
Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings (1993) as Casting Director
Five thrill-seeking teenagers unwittingly resurrect a dangerous and hideous demon--Pumpkinhead--from his grave. No one is safe when the monster goes on a murderous rampage, leaving a unique "calling card" in the shape of wings at each gruesome scene.
Love, Cheat & Steal (1993) as Casting
The hidden past of a young newlywed resurfaces when her brother reapppears.
Ghost Brigade, The (1993) as Casting
During the Civil War, Union Captain John Harling receives orders to investigate a series of gruesome, unexplained mass murders of both Union and Confederate soldiers. Harling agrees, but insists on enlisting the help of his old mentor from West Point, Confederate Colonel Nehemia Strayn. The two offi
Every Breath (1993) as Casting
An out-of-work actor meets a woman whose husband is trying to kill her. Despite this knowledge, both actor and woman take part in a sex game sponsored by the husband. Finally, they're able to make the husband pay for his manipulative voyeurism.
Sketch Artist (1992) as Casting
A police sketch artist is brought in on a murder case in which he realizes the woman fleeing the scene of the crime is his wife. He covers it up, then gets so embroiled in the case that he too becomes a suspect.
Mikey (1992) as Casting
Dangerous young boy terrorizes numerous foster families.
Midnight Ride (1992) as Casting
A young woman abandons her marriage to a police officer, only to be kidnapped by a serial killer. Her only hope is her husband who is hindered by a broken leg and has no car.
Miracle Beach (1992) as Casting
A down-on-his-luck yuppie-to-be discovers a magic lamp that grants all his superficial wishes, but in the end it is true love that becomes most important to him.
Eyes of An Angel (1991) as Casting
A girl befriends a killer dog when she saves its life, and the dog eventually returns the favor, reuniting the girl with her estranged father.
Why Me? (1990) as Casting
A thief is being sought by the police and other thieves for a priceless gem that he did not steal.
Honeymoon Academy (1990) as Casting
A secret agent and her new husband become embroiled in her work during their honeymoon.
Sonny Boy (1990) as Casting
A small-town crook and his cross-dressing "wife" abuse their adopted son to make him the perfect criminal accomplice.
Lambada (1990) as Casting
A shy Beverly Hills teacher moonlights as a Lambada instructor/dancer at night, and leads her students into a cross-town academic competition.
Night Games (1989) as Casting
An ex-cop tries to stop a serial killer before he strikes again.
I, Madman (1989) as Casting
A woman is stalked by storybook villains from the books in an antique bookshop where she's recently begun to work.
Kansas (1988) as Casting Director
Two young men rob a bank, yet one is truly good and the other truly bad.
Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988) as Casting
Aliens resembling circus clowns invade a small town.
Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck, The (1988) as Casting
Buck Malone, a drunken, down-on-his-luck wilderness expert is hired by a wealthy couple as a hunting guide, though once their expedition gets going, he begins to suspect that there's more to the expedition than just hunting.
Seven Hours To Judgement (1988) as Casting
A woman is murdered but a judge does not have the evidence to prove the guilt of the punks who committed the crime. In retaliation the husband of the murder victim kidnaps the judge's wife.
Full Moon in Blue Water (1988) as Casting
A depressed widower battles loneliness and attempts to cheat him out of his land.

Casting (TV Mini-Series)

She Creature (2001) as Casting (Los Angeles)
How to Make A Monster (2001) as Casting (Los Angeles)
Silver Wolf (1999) as Casting (Los Angeles)
Legacy (1998) as Casting

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