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Paul Newman

Paul Newman



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  • The Best

    • Kim Amalfi
    • 2016-02-02

    Paul Newman is the best actor, and a pleasure to watch in everything he does! Charm and personality beyond belief, and an amazing amount of talent!

  • Best Blue Eye's

    • K. Leigh Walker
    • 2015-08-24

    It's Paul Newman's fault; that I'm addicted to Blue Eye's!!!! Since I was a puppy; I've always loved Blue Eye's. Now; just meeting the big 60---- I'm still addicted!! Needless to say; it's Mr. Newman's fault!! Hope ya'll agree. If not; why are you here??? Later----K.

  • Wonderful

    • Ariel Merin
    • 2012-02-21

    Paul Newman was great because he was a method sctor. There are great actors and actressess, but they do not understand method acting is the way to go. His movies are like a book you want read all the way through. He was a great man for charaties, I wish there were more people like him today. We need a decent human being who wnats to help.

  • Stud

    • Yasmine
    • 2011-03-05

    He is my favorite male actor!

  • Ideal Man

    • Elizabeth
    • 2010-04-22

    I'm 19 years old and I never met Mr. Paul Newman but I fell in love with him at age 15 after I saw "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" for the first time on TCM. I loved the movie so much, once I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning, on a school night, to record the movie in my mom's room...while she was sleeping. When I heard that he was gone, I stayed in room the whole day and cried and after my inital sorrow began to subside, I began to want to know more about him. Learning about Mr. Newman made me love the classic era of film and made me realize that he was the type of man every one should want. He was the ideal man, husband, father, actor, and all around human being. To me, he was an idol. I will miss him dearly even though I never met him and my future kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids will know this wonderful man. I thank him for sharing his warmth and talent with the world. We weren't worthy but we thank you nonetheless, Paul. You will be missed dearly.

  • Paul

    • Becky
    • 2009-07-12

    Paul Newman was so handsome in his younger days. His movies should be played daily.

  • His passing

    • Ardy
    • 2009-06-03

    Paul Newman died on September 26th,2008 at the age of 83

  • #1 Class Act, Top Notch, The Best of the Best

    • Mary
    • 2009-02-23

    What a wonderful human being and actor who will truly be missed. I feel like it is the end of an era. How lucky his wife must feel to have been with him all those years. They seem to have had a truly a gorgoues, madly in love relationship. He should of won an Oscar much earlier in his career...he certianly deserved it. I admire him for his acting, and his wonderful human nature, generosity and thoughtfulness to the "hole in the wall" kids and sincere unpretencious lifesltyle. What a guy!

  • The best...

    • Joeyd
    • 2009-02-21

    what a great actor and even greater human being (which is saying a lot!). Already miss this guy! They just don't make men like this anymore. Especially in Hollywood today. Think about how many great performances, how many great pics he's starred in. The guy had such a presence, such a gift for being so damn likeable. Women drooled over him, but he never came across as arrogant or a pretty boy. He really took tough roles, roles way outside the mainstream and turned these fractured people into souls we actually cared about, despite all their shortcomings. Not easy to do. A guy who is almost impossible not to like. Way ahead of his time! "A man without enemies, is a man with no principles" P. Newman (I love that quote!)

  • Legend

    • 2009-02-15

    the best actor ever!

  • The best

    • AI
    • 2008-12-23

    still the best!

  • Another Legend Gone

    • Bruce Reber
    • 2008-10-28

    I previously gave a review and now with the passing of this film legend along with Richard Widmark and Charlton Heston in 2008 I'm giving another one. Newman was one of the greatest American actors of any era. He came along about the same time as James Dean and Marlon Brando and his acting style and attitude was very similar to them. For nearly six decades Newman consistently delivered powerful performances in films like "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof", "Somebody Up There Likes Me", "The Hustler","Cool Hand Luke", etc. Although he was nominated several times for an Oscar, he only won once, which I think was unfortunate for an actor of his talent. He was also a noted producer and director, and he devoted his career to interests outside of film like his food company and charities. There will never be another like Paul Newman.

  • Goodbye to another legend

    • judi
    • 2008-10-14

    The stars from this era are so large in our memories and influence on our young lives. I will always remember those complex characters that Paul brougnt to life.

  • The Incredable Paul Newman

    • Valerie Logozzo
    • 2008-10-10

    A very bright star dimmed for a moment on Sept.26,2008 ,the passing of Paul Newman,a Great Actor ,Director and a truly genuine Human Being,I am very fortunate to have been born in this era, to have watched him as a young man and see him grow old on the silver screen.There will never be another like him. God Bless you and thank you for sharing yourself with all of us.

  • My Favorite Paul Newman movies

    • janine
    • 2008-10-10

    I think some of his best movies that are not being shown on the day honoring him was: The Sting, The Young Philadelphians (my favorite of all) & From the Terrace. These are not shown enough especially yhe last 2. Would like to see them scheduled again. 1959-60 were the best acting years for him .

  • :)

    • J
    • 2008-10-06

    Paul Newman, there are no words for him.

  • Want to see more Newman movies

    • lon G
    • 2008-09-30

    I want to see Sometimes a great Notion (1971) Secret war of Harry Frigg (1968) Helen Morgan Story (1957)

  • Paul Newman...One of a Kind

    • Barbara
    • 2008-09-28

    He has always been my favorite actor. He was always a A1 actor in every movie (which I have) that he has ever done, including The Silver Chalice. He was such a beautiful person inside & out. He should have won so many Academy Awards that he was nominated for, & then some. He & his wife were one of the few hollywood stars that lived their life their own way & I think thats awesome. I hope his legacy lives on with all his products & charitable work he has done. My heart goes out to his wife & family. He will be missed & always remembered. The good only go to a better place but they are always in our hearts.

  • R.I.P Paul Newman

    • sarah
    • 2008-09-28

    he was a mesmerizing presence on the screen and had the most beautiful blue eyes in the world. its sad to know he is gone but he will live on his movies forever.

  • beautiful blue eyes.

    • rose toscano
    • 2008-09-28

    always loved him and his acting. he was such a great actor even till the end. He will be missed.

  • Paul Newman I Love you

    • Jenny
    • 2008-09-28

    He's been such a Hero to me all these years since I first saw Him on the big screen "The Sting" when it first came out I was 7 years old, yes Robert Redford excited me too, my first Redford film too and I so Love Him too. But going to Paul Newman I'm in such a shock wave right now, I can't be live Newman is gone I been crying so much "why did this happen?" Well here I go trying to think what He is like amazing person, so wonderful, Beautiful He was so amazing and now I feel so lost right now. I'm going to miss you, but I guess He always will be a part of me we have His movies always and He would want me to have fun enjoying life if He knew me. I am so going to miss Him. "He was so Beautiful"

  • A Unique Face

    • randy still
    • 2008-09-28

    Perhaps the most beautiful male actor of our time - or all time. Never given adequate Oscar attention, he didn't need it - and neither did we. As with Garbo, the camera simply loved him and perhaps vice-versa. There won't be another.

  • Our Greatest American Actor

    • Chris
    • 2008-09-28

    He not only taught you how to act, he taught you how to live.

  • A Class Act....He Will Be Missed!

    • Donna
    • 2008-09-28

    There will be no replacing Paul Newman. He was one of the truly great actors, and a "class act"! those piercing blue eyes have been closed for the last time, but will never be forgotten, and neither will the man! He was one of the greats and will be missed!

  • The Passing of Paul Newman

    • Cathy
    • 2008-09-27

    I was saddened by the news of Paul Newman's passing last night. My prayers are with his family during this difficult time. He was a screen legend and caring individual that will be truly missed by us all.

  • Best of Hollywood

    • Joella
    • 2008-09-27

    This man could do anything and he didn't have to try. He was one of the best and will truly be missed.

  • A Unique and Electrifying Talent

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-08-28

    Boy, could this guy get into a role! His performance in "Cool Hand Luke" is an imperishable classic. What a talent to convey the conniving, mischievous, clever, and menacing aspects of the masculine psyche. No one could do it better.

  • Paul Newman is...

    • Marjorie
    • 2008-08-11

    one of the most influential, talented, terrific, sexy, and great actors of all time. i don't know anyone who doesn't like him. i personally love him =p


    • Bruce Reber
    • 2008-06-12

    Paul Newman is a powerful and talented actor in the style of James Dean and Marlon Brando. I have seen most of his films and he never fails to deliver. He can show a wide range of emotions in his performances and is capable in every film genre. My favorite Newman films are Somebody Up There Likes Me, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, The Hustler, Hud, Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and The Sting. I think TCM should have a Star Of The Month tribute to him soon, and that they should show some of his films that I haven't seen for a while. If someone who had never seen a movie before asked me what to watch I would tell them any one of Paul Newman's films. It is a shame that in his long and great career that the only Oscar he won was for The Color of Money (the sequel to The Hustler). I also admire him for his other interests outside of filmmaking (auto racing, charities and involvement in various humanitarian causes). He will leave a legacy as one of the greatest American screen actors ever. And about that Star of The Month Tribute to Paul Newman-please have it soon TCM!


    • erin
    • 2008-05-09

    It does not get any better than Paul Newman!

  • exodus

    • murray harris
    • 2008-02-21

    how come no mention of this film

  • Greatest actor alive!

    • 2007-12-10

    I absolutely love Paul Newman. He is my favorite actor. He picks the best roles. And he ages well. I love his eyes, and that smile is amazing, not to mention his body when he was young. To die for.

  • Love him!

    • Brando4ever
    • 2007-08-11

    Great actor. Versatile. Great choices in films. Handsome. Beautiful smile and eyes. He ages so great.

  • Paul Newman

    • Kenzie
    • 2007-08-07

    wonderful actor!!

  • The Best Actor of All Time.

    • Chris Farmer
    • 2007-02-08

    Paul Newman in my opinion is the best actor of all time. His range and depth are beyond compare. If you examine Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, The Hustler, Hud, and any other Newman film you will see that the man cannot give a bad performance. He brings a special quality to the screen that makes you fall in love with his acting.

  • Smile for the camera

    • chris
    • 2007-02-07

    Paul Newman. A great actor and humanitarian of our time. As an avid fan I ask TCM.....where's a photo of this movie icon? Forget one photo, there should be many. I was a bit surpised to see his biography did not have a photo included. Would appreciate you adding it ASAP. Thanks !!

  • Great Actor

    • Judy
    • 2006-12-19

    I love Paul Newman. Not only has he made some of Hollywood's landmark films, {Cat On A Hot Tin Roof,Cool Hand Luke,Butch Cassidy just to name a few} but he also has a well-regarded private life. He is like the only actor who went and married and stay married and still loves his wife and she still loves him. Newman can act so well it's wonderful. Sometimes I envy his female costars. Paul Newman is one of the top ten best actors of all time.


    • Shemeeka
    • 2006-11-28

    Paul Newman is the greatest. He is an innovator. I started to really like him from "Somebody Up There Likes Me". My 8 year old sister even likes him from the movie Cars. He is an amazing and incredible actor.

  • Paul Newman

    • courtney
    • 2006-10-28

    Paul Newman has to be one of the best male actors of his time. His presence in film is so intimidating that you have no choice but to keep your eyes glued to the screen. Today he doesn't get even remotly close to the praise and appreciation that he desereves for the role of Brick in "Cat on a Tin Roof". Brick's confusion and guilt is something that is very hard to portray on screen and Newman pulled it of with pure style and what looked like ease. I give my regards to Paul Newman for making that one of the most enjoyable movies I've ever seen.

  • You're the Best !!!!

    • Tabitha
    • 2006-07-13

    Mr.Newman, I just love all of your movies.I love most how you really put a lot of energy into the characters you played.If I had been around the time period you were acting I would vote you as SEXXIEST MAN alive.Althougth I love all your movies my favorite two are The Long Hot Summer,and A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

  • I love Paul Newman!

    • Callie R.
    • 2006-06-07

    As a teenager who is addicted to old movies, it really made me happy to hear one of my classmates say of Paul Newman, "Dang, he's HOT!"

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