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Brian O'Hara

Brian O'Hara


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Director (feature film)

Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein (2000) as Director
Bernie Stein, a washed-up music agent, needs a new attraction- and luckily for him his nephew Frankie has developed a process to reanimate dead things. Bernie's scheme is to create a superstar from the remains of rock 'n' roll's dead elite. The plan proceeds smoothly until Iggy screws up big time- i
Fare Games (1996) as Director
Martin, divorced and living a lonely existence, develops a relationship with Susie, a regular fare who needs a place to stay when she quits her job dancing at a topless bar. Jimmy, a smoother operator, meets Jennifer an uninhibited college student, new to the city. Both romances run their course aga
Escape From Safehaven (1989) as 2nd Unit Director (2nd Unit)
In a dystopian, post-nuclear future, urban enclaves called "safe havens" exist to provide shelter for selected people. However, when mercenaries hired to protect the dwellers of one safe haven turn into brutal despots, tormenting the inhabitants, one family will struggle to survive.

Cast (feature film)

Married Too Young (1962) as George Newton
The Devil's Partner (1961) as Mr. y [Mathews]
Studs Lonigan (1960) as Funeral mourner
(Dra ''60,BW). Christopher Knight, Frank Gorshin, Venetia Stevenson, Carolyn Craig, Jack Nicholson, Dick Foran. A young man attempts to break away from his ghetto existence in this adaptation of the controversial James T. Farrell novel about Chicago''s South Side district during the 1920s. Scripted and produced by Philip Yordan. Jack Nicholson stands out as one of Studs'' cronies.
The Crimson Kimono (1959) as Police captain
Two detectives clash over the hunt for a stripper''''s killer in Los Angeles'''' Japanese district.
The Last Hurrah (1958) as
A political boss faces changing times as he runs for re-election.
Screaming Mimi (1958) as Simmons
A serial killer stalks an exotic dancer in New Orleans.
The Big Combo (1955) as Malloy
A police detective tries to convict a mob boss by going to the man's girlfriend.
The System (1953) as Liggett
Chained for Life (1952) as
A Siamese twin kills the husband who left her.
Strange Fascination (1952) as Douglas
Payment on Demand (1951) as Michaels
A bitter divorcee thinks back on the mistakes that destroyed her marriage.
Champagne for Caesar (1950) as Buck, T Man
What happens when the man who knows everything goes on a quiz show that doubles your cash prize every time a you answer a question correctly? Beauregard Bottomly is that man & what happens is you end up with 40 million dollars at stake.
Cargo to Capetown (1950) as Seaman
A sailor and his captain fight over a beautiful girl.
Mr. Soft Touch (1949) as Policeman
After being betrayed, a gangster hangs out in a settlement house while seeking revenge.
Treasure of Monte Cristo (1949) as Jailer
This modern tale borrows from an old story in establishing Langan, who works on a ship that docks in San Francisco, as a descendant of the Count of Monte Cristo. Crooked Lawyer Brodie sets up a scheme to get at the treasure of Langan's famed ancestor, and using the beautiful blonde Jergens, tries to lure Langan into a trap. Langan proves worthy of his heritage, using a gun instead of a sword, and wins legitimately both his forturne and Jergens.
The Set-Up (1949) as Man with cigar
An aging boxer defies the gangsters who've ordered him to throw his last fight.
Shockproof (1949) as Policeman
A beautiful ex-con falls for her parole officer while still dating the crook who landed her in prison.
The Undercover Man (1949) as Deputy
A treasury agent tries to convict a ruthless mobster of tax evasion.
One for the Book (1948) as Box office clerk
A lovelorn actress shares her apartment with a lonely soldier.
The Last Round-Up (1947) as Johnson
Gene Autry (Gene Autry) attempts to arrange that both the Indians and ranchers, scheduled to be driven from their land by Mesa City's mew aqueduct, benefit from the deal, which is opposed by town banker Mason (Ralph Morgan.) Mason stirs up the Indians against Gene but, with help from school teacher Carol (Jean Heather), Gene is able to expose Mason's schemes.
Blind Spot (1947) as Desk sergeant
The Corpse Came C.O.D. (1947) as Prisoner
Romantically involved reporters compete to solve a murder on a famous actress'''' estate.
Mr. District Attorney (1947) as Police driver
Forever Amber (1947) as Fop
In seventeenth-century England, Amber St. Clair aims to raise herself from country girl to nobility, and succeeds, but loses her true love in the process.
The 13th Hour (1947) as Truck driver
In the 7th of Columbia's "Whistler" series, truck-firm owner Steve Reynolds (Richard Dix) gets involved in a feud with a rival firm, and shortly thereafter is slugged by a masked assailant who steals the truck he is driving. The assailant runs down a policeman in the truck and leaves other clues pointing to Reynolds as the cop killer. With only a glove, with diamonds stuck in the thumb,as a clue, and while evading the police and other characters after him and the diamonds, Reynolds finally runs down the guilty party and clears himself.
Boston Blackie and the Law (1946) as Policeman
A reformed thief brings a magic show to a woman's prison and gets mixed up in an escape.
A Close Call for Boston Blackie (1946) as Blackie's cab driver
A reformed thief fights to clear himself of murder charges.
Snafu (1945) as Legionnaire
A 14-year-old has to re-adjust when he''''s returned to his family after falsifying his age to become a World War II hero.
Louisiana Hayride (1944) as Cab driver
In hopes of becoming a movie star, a country girl follows two con men to Hollywood.
Stars on Parade (1944) as Head stagehand
The Unwritten Code (1944) as Barricade corporal
Strange Affair (1944) as Policeman
A mystery writer and his wife investigate a murder at a charity benefit.
The Soul of a Monster (1944) as Police driver
A mysterious woman saves a doctor''''s life at the price of his soul.
Beautiful But Broke (1944) as Defense worker
An agent's secretary puts together an all-female big band to cope with wartime male shortages.
Carolina Blues (1944) as Limousine chauffeur
When he loses his lead singer, bandleader Kay Kyser can''''t find a replacement he likes.
Girl in the Case (1944) as Police officer
The Racket Man (1944) as Ratson
California Joe (1943) as Delancey Cartaret
Good Luck, Mr. Yates (1943) as Potts
A 4F military school teacher's lie about being accepted for active duty causes problems on the home front.
The Chance of a Lifetime (1943) as Parker Gray
An ex-thief helps some fellow ex-cons adjust to life as defense workers, only to get involved with a robbery investigation.
They Raid by Night (1942) as Lammet
The British Commandos send Bob Owen (Lyle Talbot) to Norway to prepare for a raid. His mission also includes freeing General Heden (Paul Baratoff) who is being held by the Nazis. His aides include Eric Falken (George Nesie) and Harry (Charles Rogers). Inga (June Duprez), a Norwegian girl to whom Falken was once engaged but who has become the sweetheart of Oberst Von Ritter (Victor Varconi), betrays their hiding place. The three overpower the Gestapo men sent after them, take their uniforms and enter the prison camp and free Heden. The four men then start for the coast to meet the Commando expedition. Inga, who the men still trust, again informs von Ritter and Falken is captured but Bob and Harry escape with the aid of Dalberg, who they thought was a Quisling stooge.
The Captain of Koepenick (1941) as
An investigator goes after the people who are corrupting the nation's youth by spreading the weed of Satan - Marijuana.

Writer (feature film)

Death on Demand (2008)
Fed up with their mundane, ordinary lives, four wannabe thrill-seekers get more than they bargained for when they attend a wild rave in the California desert. Josh and his pals are up for some sex, drugs and rock & roll - not necessarily in that order. But these burning sands, it turns out, are home
Fare Games (1996) as Screenwriter
Martin, divorced and living a lonely existence, develops a relationship with Susie, a regular fare who needs a place to stay when she quits her job dancing at a topless bar. Jimmy, a smoother operator, meets Jennifer an uninhibited college student, new to the city. Both romances run their course aga
Underground Terror (1988) as From Story
Thriller set in the subway tunnels of New York City.
Underground Terror (1988) as Screenwriter
Thriller set in the subway tunnels of New York City.

Editing (feature film)

Escape From Safehaven (1989) as Editor
In a dystopian, post-nuclear future, urban enclaves called "safe havens" exist to provide shelter for selected people. However, when mercenaries hired to protect the dwellers of one safe haven turn into brutal despots, tormenting the inhabitants, one family will struggle to survive.
Posed For Murder (1989) as Editor
A centerfold model is pursued by a maniac killer.
Tusks (1989)
An artist goes to Africa to fight wildlife poachers.
Rejuvenator, The (1988) as Editor
Former movie star Ruth Warren is desperate to restore her youthful beauty. She pays Dr. Gregory Ashton to develop a serum that reverses the aging process and willingly becomes a human laboratory rat, taking trial rounds of the serum. Ruth is unaware that Ashton robs the brains of dead bodies to get

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Talk to Me (2007)
In the mid-to-late 1960s, in Washington, D.C., vibrant soul music and exploding social consciousness were combining to unique and powerful effect. It was the place and time for Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene Jr. to fully express himself--sometimes to outrageous effect--and "tell it like it is." With the
Shoot 'em Up (2007)
Mr. Smith, the angriest, most hardboiled man in the world, finds himself entrusted to protect the most innocent thing of all--a newborn child. When Smith delivers the baby in the middle of a gunfight, he soon discovers that the infant is the target of a shadowy force that has sent a team of mysterio
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
Alice awakens from a terrible sleep to find her worst fears realized--the bloodthirsty Undead, which she and the now-annihilated squad of elite military fought to destroy, have been unleashed on the city that surrounds the secret facility of the Umbrella Corporation. Discovering she was an Umbrella experiment, Alice has been bio-genetically enhanced with new strengths, senses and dexterity--and she will need them. In the heart of the ravaged Raccoon City, a small group of uninfected people, including Jill Valentine, a recently demoted member of Umbrella Corp''s elite Special Tactics and Rescue Services (S.T.A.R.S.) team, and S.T.A.R.S team leader Carlos Oliveira, fight for their lives against swarms of Undead and the deadlier and faster Lickers. Running out of luck and resources, the group is rescued by Alice, and they begin to wage an exhilarating battle to survive and escape before the Umbrella Corporation erases its experiment from the face of the earth. Their only hope lies somewhere within Raccoon City--Dr Charles Ashford, one of the leading scientists for the Umbrella Corporation, will help Alice and the others escape the city safely--if they find his daugther. Angie Ashford became separated from her father andnow hides in fear. Alice, Jill and Carlos will have to fight their way through an army of Undead to save her. All the while, a secret weapon code-named Nemesis has been experimentally altered with greater modifications than Alice and has been programmed to track and destroy them. They will need all their strengths and skills to fight the battle of their lives against the mindless evil that has infected the city and the powerful forces that unleashed it on mankind.
K-19: The Widowmaker (2002)
Inspired by a true story, a tale which follows Captain Alexi Vostrikov who, at the height of the Cold War, is ordered to take over command of the nuclear missile submarine K-19, pride of the Soviet Navy. His assignment: Prepare the K-19 for sea and take her out on patrol--no matter what the cost. Bu
Jason X (2002)
The year is 2455. The Place is Old Earth. Once the shimmering blue jewel of the galaxy, Old Earth is now a contaminated planet abandoned for centuries--a brown world of violent storms, toxic landmasses and poisonous seas. Yet humans have returned to the deadly place that they once fled--not to live, but to research the ancient rusting artifacts of the bygone civilizations that caused this enourmous environmental disaster. However, one of those artifacts happens to be the legendary, hockey-mask wearing, Jason. And when an eager group of intrepid young explorers discover him, little do they realize the grizzly fate that awaits them.
Hitched (2001)
Ted and Eve are newlyweds who have recently purchased a new home, complete with a hidden downstairs "speak easy." Ted works long hours as a luggage salesman, and Eve grows tired of her husband's absences. One night, Eve not only learns that Ted, accompanied by another woman, has been in a car accide
Mighty, The (1998)
The funny and poignant story of two outcast thirteen year old boys, one a slow giant and the other a tiny genius, who are ostracized as freaks by the other kids in town but emerge triumphant thanks to their powerful and unique friendship.
Simple Wish, A (1997)
Anabel Greening is the daughter of a Broadway actor who is threatening to move the family to Nebraska if he does not receive a part in a new musical. When a "fairy godmother" - actually an absent-minded man - attempts to grant Anabel her wish to stay in New York, he accidentally leaves his wand beh
Gotti (1996)
Biopic of convicted mobster John Gotti. Based on the book "Gotti: Rise and Fall" as well as court transcripts, newspaper and magazine articles, and FBI surveillance tape transcripts. The movie follows the flamboyant Gotti's rise to power, his seemingly invincible success in avoiding convictions in a
Getting Away With Murder (1996)
Professor Jack Lambert who lives a peaceful, quiet life is stunned when the media proclaims that his kindly old next door neighbor Max Mueller is really SS Colonel Karl Luger, a notorious Nazi war criminal nicknamed the Beast of Berkau. Naturally, Mueller and his dutiful daughter Inga insist it's a
Sugartime (1995)
Chronicles the 1960s love affair between Chicago gangster Sam Giancana and Phyllis McGuire, one of the singing McGuire Sisters. Based on a true story.
Moonlight and Valentino (1995)
Shell-shocked, confused and lonely, the recently widowed Rebecca isn't alone for long because with the immediate arrival of her eccentric best friend Sylvie, her neurotic younger sister Lucy and her overbearing ex-stepmother Alberta comes a convergence of support and enough emotional baggage for a t
This Is My Life (1992)
A story about the strained relationship between a stand-up comic and her teenage daughter, from whose life she gleans material.
New Life, A (1988)
After 26 years of marriage, Steve and his wife Jackie decide to call it quits. The newly divorced workaholic finds himself thrust back into the dating scene but the bars and the singles scene is not what either of them expected.
Rockabye (1986)
A young woman, striking out on her own after having left her husband in California, has her young son snatched from her moments after getting off the bus in New York City on her way to Vermont, and reluctantly accepts the help of a hard-nosed reporter in tracking him down after being given the runaround from the police. Outdoor scenes were shot on location in Manhattan; indoor ones were done in Toronto.
Young Again (1986)
The wish of a 40-year-old executive to return to the fun-filled high school days of his youth is magically granted. But he forgets that seventeen-year-olds have problems -- especially when it comes to affairs of the heart.
Perry Mason Returns (1985)
Raymond Burr reprises his performance as television''s most celebrated attorney in this movie in which Perry Mason, now an appellate court judge, is forced to resign his post to defend his former secretary, Della Street, on a murder charge.
Sins Of Dorian Gray, The (1983)
This contemporary retelling of Oscar Wilde's macabre tale is given a change of sex with Dorian now a beautiful, never-aging model. Anthony Perkins is the evil fashion world manipulator who leads her into a life of corruption, and Joseph Bottoms is her lover who has deserted his pregnant wife for her

Film Production - Main (TV Mini-Series)

Amerika (1987)
A seven-part miniseries set ten years after a hypothetical Soviet takeover of the United States. The story relates how the release of a political dissident from prison triggers strong reactions from his estranged family, his childhood friend (now a rising figure in the new regime), the leaders of th

Film Production - Main (TV Mini-Series)

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