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Warren Berlinger

Warren Berlinger



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Also Known As: Died:
Born: August 31, 1937 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Another Pretty Face (2002)
When an experienced anchorwoman is replaced by a younger, prettier face, she decides to undergo plastic surgery, change her name, and build up her career all over again.
That Thing You Do! (1996)
It's the summer of 1964, and Guy Patterson is a salesman at his father's appliance store in Erie, PA. By day, he sells toasters and transistor radios. But at night, he retreats to the basement, sits down at a set of drums, and disappears into a cloud of jazz percussion. In other words, he's ready to
November Conspiracy, The (1995)
An idealistic young reporter finds her life turned around when her lover is brutally killed and exposed as an assassin. Unable to believe the accusations, she searches for the truth and stumbles upon a web of conspiracy. It becomes her mission to save the life of a charismatic senator targeted for a
Hero (1992)
Ace reporter Gale Gayley literally falls into the story of a lifetime when she's a passenger on an airplane that crashes into a Chicago bridge. In the smoke and darkness, she's saved by a rude, foul-mouthed "hero," who promptly disappears into the night... leaving only his shoe behind. When Gale's TV station offers a million dollars to the mystery hero, a gentle Vietnam vet appears to claim the prize and he shares it with the city's homeless. But this screwball Cinderella story is complicated by the fact that the real hero is a small time crook whom nobody believes. Both men have something heroic inside, as well as something to hide. And it's up to Gale to discover the true meaning of courage.
Death Hits the Jackpot (1991) as Detective Stroller
Peter Falk returns as Lieutenant Columbo in the series of ongoing "Columbo" television movies. A man plots the murder of his nephew, after discovering that the nephew has a winning $30 million lottery ticket.
Ten Little Indians (1989)
Ten guests of a mysterious host are travelling together on African safari, though none of of them know why they have been invited. As they begin to be murdered, one by one, the remaining survivors begin to suspect that one of them is the killer.
What Price Victory (1988)
A television movie dealing with the controversial world of college football recruiting and its effect on two star high school athletes. One of the football players is in college on a scholarship and has not interest in his classes, and the other has a fine academic record which becomes threatened b
Outlaw Force (1988)
Billy Ray Dalton, a part-time musician and Vietnam vet, stops a vicious band of redneck punks hassling a gas station owner, enciting their desire for revenge. While out playing a gig one night, the punks go to Dalton's house, kill his wife and kidnap his daughter. When Dalton comes home to see wha
Ponce De Leon And The Search For The Fountain Of Youth (1987) as Herb
An episode of "Shelley Duvall's Tall Tales & Legends" about the famous Spanish explorer who searched for eternal youth but discovered Florida instead.
Free Ride (1986)
In order to impress a sexy girl, a teenager "borrows" a red sports car that has been parked in front of a singles bar. He takes the girl for a ride in the car, unaware that a quarter of a million dollars of mob money is in the back seat.
Other Woman, The (1983) as Phil Gleason
After losing his wife of 28 years in a skiing accident, widower Hal Linden falls for and marries his daughter's sexy roommate but soon learns he has absolutely nothing in common with her. Anne Meara (who co-wrote the script) is a divorced grandmother who comes along to take his mind off of her and t
World According to Garp, The (1982) as Stew Percy
Garp is an aspiring novelist whose mother, Jenny is, an unmarried, unorthodox feminist. Garp succeeds in publishing his novel at the same time that his mother publishes her first feminist manifesto. Though successful and happily married to his college sweetheart, Helen, Garp still envies his fearles
Cannonball Run, The (1981)
The contestants in the highly illegal race across the country will do anything to win, and cheating is encouraged. With car crashes, sight gags and the coolest collection of 80s vehicles on film.
Magician of Lublin, The (1979) as Herman
Sex and the Single Parent (1979) as Ned
Two attractive divorcees find that their newly-realized independence continues to be guided by their respective parental obligations.
Wanted: The Sundance Woman (1976)
Katharine Ross repeats her portrayal of Etta Place (from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid") in this adventure of the fugitive who, alone and desperate following the deaths of Butch and Sundance, seeks help from Pancho Villa in exchange for guns and ammunition.
The Shaggy D.A. (1976)
A lawyer running for district attorney starts turning into a large sheep dog at awkward moments.
Harry And Walter Go To New York (1976)
Two hopless con-men attempt to pull off the largest bank heist of the 19th century.
Four Deuces, The (1976)
During prohibition, Vic Morono owns and operates The Four Deuces nightclub and heads a gang with the same name. When the gang steals a load of gin from Vic's enemy Chico Hamilton, it starts a gang war which is periodically interrupted with attempts to make peace.
Ellery Queen (1975)
The pilot film for an atmospheric whodunit set in the 1940s that involves an author-criminologist in one of the cases stumping his New York City police inspector father -- the murder of a famed fashion designer. Hutton and Wayne continued their roles in the subsequent series (1975-76) that also had
Lepke (1975) as Gurrah Shapiro
A mobster sets up a murder for hire racket serving the nation''''s top gang bosses.
I Will...I Will...For Now (1975)
Les Bingham is jealous that his ex-wife Katie has a new boyfriend. He doesn't know that the man is a lawyer named Lou Springer. When Katie's sister Sally tells Les and Katie about her new, 1970s-style marriage, the couple are inspired to try marriage to each other again, with a more open contract, l
Red Badge of Courage, The (1974) as Cheery Soldier
The Civil War classic, filmed previously in 1951 by John Huston, revolving around a young Union soldier's flight in terror from his first battle, his inner resolve that leads him back to combat, and his ultimate discovery that he doesn't have it in him to kill.
Girl Most Likely To..., The (1973)
A black comedy about the trials of an ugly girl who undergoes plastic surgery and then takes revenge on those who have been mean to her through a series of bizarre killings.
The Long Goodbye (1973) as Morgan
Detective Phillip Marlowe investigates shady characters involved in a long-lost friend''''s murder.
Thunder Alley (1967) as Eddie Sands
After a serious accident, a stock car racer joins a "Thrill Circus" where he performs stunts for amusement, but begins to yearn for his professional career again - and the girl helps him get there.
Spinout (1966) as Philip Short
A singing race-car driver has to choose among three amorous females.
Billie (1965) as Mike Benson
A high school girl''''s athletic prowess scandalizes a conservative small town.
All Hands on Deck (1961) as Ensign Rush
Because They're Young (1960) as Buddy [McCalla]
A crusading high school teacher tries to help his troubled students.
The Wackiest Ship in the Army? (1960) as Andrew J. Sparks, Jr.
The captain of a broken-down ship has to sneak an Australian spy into enemy waters during World War II.
Platinum High School (1960) as Crip Hastings
Re-issued in 1964 as "Trouble At Sixteen" by Cinema Associates as part of a double-bill with "Girls Town" (now called "The Innocent and the Damned" and a rather descriptive title considering the cast), this film takes place at an exclusive military academy on Sabre Island (played by Catalina Island) attended by rich young delinquents who think money puts them above the law. Enter Steve Conway (Mickey Rooney) there to investigate the death of his son, whom he has been told died in an accident. The Mick is quickly in five feet of trouble (over his eyebrows) when he is met with hostility by the school's commandant, Major Redfern Kelly (Dan Duryea) and the latter's sweetheart-secretary Jennifer Evans (Terry Moore); intimidated by the cadet drill instructor, Vince Perley (Christopher Dark) and the P.E. instructor Hack Marlow (Richard Jaeckel); attempts are made on his life by a cadet trio known as "The Three Beasts", and he is trapped in a three-against-one fight with rifles, although memory fails as to just where Rooney came up with his rifle. Just to keep him tested there is a big-speedboat vs. small-motor boat (Rooney's craft of course) chase in shark-infested waters. That comes right after he makes a startling discovery when he talks to his son's former roommate Chip Hastings (Warren Berlinger).
Blue Denim (1959) as Ernie
A teenage girl gets pregnant by her boyfirend and, together, they decide to get an abortion. Their parents find out and try to convince them to marry and keep the child.
Three Brave Men (1957) as Harry Goldsmith
A Navy Security employee gets discharged after being suspected of "Communist affiliations." With the help of a lawyer and the Secretary of the Navy, his life long commitment to the military is established and he is returned to service with back pay.
Teenage Rebel (1956) as Dick [Hewitt]
A sometimes sappy, yet effective melodrama about a woman who tries to make amends with her teenage daughter that she gave up at the end of an unhappy marriage. When Nancy Fallon's daughter, Dorothy, is sent to live with her and her new family after years of separation, the struggle to maintain some semblance of family quickly deteriorates. (Nancy's ex-husband was able to persuade the courts to let him keep the girl because the mother was seen as unfit.) Now Dorothy's father has an interest other than her and to appease his new love interest, he asks Nancy to take and raise their daughter. This begins a tumultuous time in Dorothy's life as well as her mothers.

Cast (special)

Take Two (1988)
As she lay dying, a woman confesses to her son that 30 years prior she was the paid surrogate mother for a millionaire and that he has an identical twin brother out in the world. The son travels to Los Angeles to try to get a piece of the inheritance but his twin refuses to even meet with him. The r
Lily For President (1982)
Comedienne Lily Tomlin stars in this comical farce which deals with her experiences running for the office of President of the United States.
Quick and Quiet (1981) as Leonard Plumb
The story of T.C. Cooper, a recently deceased, disreputable private detective who returns to Earth as a ghost to convince his son, Elliott, a gambler and ne'er-do-well, to walk the straight and narrow and become a hard working, productive citizen. The pilot depicts how Elliott and T.C. become a priv
Crash Island (1981)
An adventure show about a plane carrying a group of school children which crashes in the ocean. The passengers and crew make their way to a nearby, uncharted desert island. The program depicts their adventures as they work together as a family, struggling for survival and trying to find a way off t
Shaughnessey (1976) as Banners; The Mechanic
The comic adventures of the drivers and garage crew of the Morgan Cab Company in Chicago.
Keeping Up With the Joneses (1972) as Ernie Jones
The misadventures of two couples, one white and one black, who share the same New York brownstone and the same surname -- Jones. In the pilot episode, Ernie and Pat (the white couple) believe their friend Walt is involved with another woman when they spot him in a restaurant with a woman not his wif
Funny Side, The (1971) as Blue Collar Husband
The pilot episode for the series of the same title. The program explores the funny side of everyday life as seen through the eyes of five couples.
Meet Corliss Archer (1956) as Dexter Franklin; Corliss'S Boyfriend
A third adaptation of the radio series about Corliss Archer, a very pretty teenage girl with a penchant for finding trouble. Broadcast in color.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Justice (1999)

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