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Cinematography (feature film)

Gigantic (2009)
Brian Weathersby is a 28 year-old salesman at a high-end Swedish mattress company. The afterthought child to elderly parents, the youngest son with two successful older brothers, a shady oil man, a surgeon, Brian is searching for his place in the world. Unfulfilled by his work he spends a good porti
Crossing Over (2008)
A multi-character canvas about immigrants of different nationalities struggling to achieve legal status in Los Angeles. Explores the border, document fraud, the asylum and green card process, work-site enforcement, naturalization, the office of counter terrorism and the clash of cultures.
Raising Helen (2004)
Helen Harris is living the life she's always dreamed of: her career at a top modeling agency is on the rise; she spends her days at fashion shows and her nights at the city's hottest clubs. But her carefree lifestyle comes to a screeching halt when one phone call changes everything. Helen soon finds
Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, The (2004)
Mia has matured into a stunning, young woman and is ready to assume her role as princess of Genovia. But no sooner has she moved into the Royal Palace with her beautiful, wise grandmother Queen Clarisse, than she soon learns her days as a princess are numbered--Mia''s got to lose the tiara and immediately take the crown herself. As if getting ready to rule wasn''t enough, the stakes for Mia have never been higher--with Genovian law stating that princesses must be married before being crowned, Mia''s in for a parade of suitors who''d all like to be her king.
Chasing Papi (2003)
Three women think they have found the perfect man. For New York heiress Patricia, he's a wild adventurer who offers her freedom from her mother's cloying ambitions. For Lorena in Chicago, he's every bit as idealistic as she is, a lover of poetry and a man who recognizes the spark of passion beneath
Rundown, The (2003)
In the always rough, have-to-be tough urban jungle of Los Angeles, there are men like Beck...well, not exactly like Beck--a man who uses whatever means are necessary to retrieve whatever he is paid to bring back. A marker, a late payment or a Super Bowl ring from a quarterback with gambling debts--B
Dancing at the Harvest Moon (2002)
Maggie, a woman in the midst of a life crisis returns to the lake where she spent romantic summers as a teen and falls into a passionate affair with the son of her first love.<P>When Maggie's husband abruptly leaves her after 20 years of marriage, she struggles to find a way to overcome the loss and
Behind Enemy Lines (2001)
Lieutenant Chris Burnett is a top naval aviator who is frustrated that fragile geo-politics have kept him from what he knows best: flying F/A-18 Superhornet jets into combat. "We're watching, not fighting," he tells Admiral Reigart, who thinks Burnett hasn't really learned what it means to be a sold
Animal, The (2001)
Wimpy Marvin doesn't have what it takes to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a cop. But his luck changes when he's critically injured in a car accident and a deranged scientist secretly uses animal organs to rebuild him. Energized by his new parts, Marvin leaves his weakness behind and achieves
These Old Broads (2001)
The careers of Kate Westburn, Addie Holden and Piper Grayson -- three great stars of Hollywood's golden age of movie musicals -- are revived when the one film they made together unexpectedly becomes a huge cult hit in re-release. Seeing an opportunity to save his precarious network job, Gavin, a tel
Wild Wild West (1999)
Special government agent James West and his co-hort Artemus Gordon, team up to thwart the diabolical Dr Arliss Loveless who is plotting to assassinate the President of the United States with the aid of a huge, walking weapon-transport vehicle called "The Tarantula."
Tops & Bottoms (1999)
A historical overview of sadomasochism and the relationships between tops (masters) and bottoms (slaves). By examining the work of Marquis de Sade, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Richard von Kraftt-Ebing and Erich Fromm, the history of the movement is contextualized. In addition, the relationship betwee
Metro (1997) as "A" Camera 1st Assistant
A fast-talking, wisecracking hostage negotiator tries to straighten out his love life with the help of his rookie partner while a terrorist is threatening the entire city of San Francisco.
Out: Stories of Lesbian and Gay Youth (1993) as Cinematographer
As part of a wide-ranging discussion on the topic of homosexuality in Canada, several teens and twentysomethings recount the pain of being closeted and the difficulty of finally coming out to family and friends.
Strand: Under the Dark Cloth (1989)
The life and work of American photographer Paul Strand (1890-1976).
Presidio, The (1988)
Ex-military policeman Jay Austin is a San Francisco detective. When his former MP partner is killed at a military base, he takes the case. But after arriving at the crime scene, he realizes he must look to his old rival, Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell, for help. Austin falls for Caldwell''s daughter, Donna, further complicating matters. Still, the two men push on in their search learning to respect one another as they pursue the killer.
Child's Play (1988) as 1st Assistant Camera
Police shoot and kill a convicted strangler after cornering him in a toy store. As the man is dying, he transfers his soul into a doll.
Calling the Shots (1988) as Cinematographer
An exploration of the diversity of women in cinema using archival footage and interviews.
Elderly at Risk, The (1988) as Director Of Photography (Part One & Two)
An examination of abuse of the elderly.
Lost Boys, The (1987)
Strange events threaten an entire family when two brothers move with their divorced mother to a California town where the local teenage gang turns out to be a pack of vampires.
Winter Tan, A (1987) as Director Of Photography
A female writer takes off for Mexico in search of romance, entrenching herself in sexual exploits.
Quicksilver (1986)
Spasms (1986) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
Blue Snake (1986) as Director Of Photography
McGuffin, The (1985) as Director Of Photography
Tightrope (1984) as Camera Assistant
A detective is on the trail of a serial killer who preys upon prostitutes in New Orleans'' red light district, an area which the detective himself, divorced and lonely, is inexorably drawn to.
America and Lewis Hine (1984) as Cinematographer
Hero At Large (1980)
Steve is a struggling actor who gets a job dressing up as the comic book hero Captain Avenger for appearances at book stores and conventions. While in costume, Steve manages to stop a grocery store hold-up, and because he leaves as soon as the police arrive, witnesses take his modest behavior as proof that he is an actual superhero. When the mayor of the city politicizes the situation to help him win the next election, the public turns against Captain Avenger. But after Steve rescues several people from a fire while wearing his street clothes, he becomes a real hero.
The In-Laws (1979) as 1st Assistant Camera
The father of the groom drags the bride''''s father into a series of madcap adventures.
Winter Kills (1979) as Camera Assistant
An assassinated president''''s brother investigates the unsolved crime.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Mission: Impossible II (Theatrical) (2000)
Tree is a self-centered co-ed who wakes up on the morning of her birthday in the bed of a one-night stand. Stumbling back to her sorority, she rushes through the routine of an average student. But as she encounters everything from activists on the quad to a fling with a professor, she can't help but
Mission: Impossible II (2000)
When Agent Ethan Hunt takes holiday on a rock climbing expedition, he is rudely interrupted by a pair of missile- launched, self-destructing designer sunglasses encoded with instructions for his latest mission. It seems Biocyte Pharmaceuticals is missing Chimera, a skin-corroding virus that was manufactured to boost sales of their newly developed super-strength antiviral formula. Unfortunately it has fallen into the hands of Sean Ambrose, a business- minded MIF traitor with a thirst for stock options. Once the public learns that Chimera will melt the flesh off their bones within 27 hours of injection, the price of Biocyte''s antidote will skyrocket. Can Ethan Hunt stop him before he takes over Biocyte and infects the city of Sidney?

Post Production (feature film)

Private Benjamin (1980)
A spoiled rich girl joins the Army and changes her life.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Impostor (2002)
The year is 2079. The earth has been at war with an alien force for over a decade. Spencer Olham is a lauded government scientist whose latest work promises to save the planet. But suddenly he is accused of being an alien spy, and becomes the subject of a nationwide manhunt. Olham is faced with a tw

Cinematography (special)

Vikings, The (2000) as Cinematographer
Documentary about Vikings, a people who were much more than ax-weilding pirates. By retracing voyages with faithful replicas of Viking ships, modern-day scholars and scientists try to determine how the Vikings were able to navigate so far beyond the sight of land in the stormy North Atlantic.
Stealing Time: The New Science of Aging (1999)
Documentary that looks at the science of aging and the claim that the future may bring a doubling -- or tripling -- of the average life span of human beings.
Bomb Squad (1997)
Special focuses on bomb disposal teams, particularly those of the British Army and the IRA.
Inspector Alleyn Mysteries, The (1995)
In "Death in a White Tie," when a society matron reports that she is being blackmailed, Inspector Alleyn, puts his good friend, Lord Gospell on the trail. But before he can report back to Alleyn, Gospell is murdered in the back seat of a taxi, setting the detective on a no-turning-back course of act
Artists in Crime (1992)
When police detective Roderick Alleyn is called in to investigate an apparent suicide among a group of artists, he's attracted to a sculptor but she soon becomes a murder suspect.
Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery (1990)
A two-part television drama about Agatha Christie's deceptively frail detective Jane Marple, who finds herself bored with life among the idle rich on a resort hideaway in the Caribbean. When a certain Major Palgrave is found murdered, she fears she may have difficulty pointing the police in the righ
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, Series IV (1989)
The fourth series of stories from the case log of Agatha Christie's elderly, inquisitive sleuth, Miss Marple. "Murder at the Vicarage" -- Miss Marple finds clues pointing to six people who might have wanted to kill old Colonel Protheroe, with a series of false confessions creating an embarrassment
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, Series II (1986)
The second series of stories featuring Agatha Christie's diminutive elderly detective, Miss Jane Marple. In "A Pocketful of Rye," Miss Marple solves the murder of a prominent London financier who is found murdered in his office with a handful of rye in his pocket, with no member of his family or st
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, Series I (1986)
The first series of stories adapted from mystery novels by Agatha Christie, featuring her renowned sleuth, Miss Jane Marple.

Film Production - Lighting/Electrical (special)

33rd Annual NAACP Image Awards, The (2002)
Coverage of the 33rd annual NAACP Image Awards presentation, celebrating achievements in 41 categories spanning film, television, music and literature. This year's theme is "People United."
32nd NAACP Image Awards, The (2001)
Coverage of the 32nd annual NAACP Image Awards presentation from the Universal Amphitheatre.

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Passion and Paradise (1989)
A two-part miniseries based on the true-life 1943 murder of Sir Harry Oakes, a wealthy businessman who was killed in the Bahamas. Oakes' protective love for his daughter had clashed with her defiant love for the handsome gigolo she married. Alfred DeMarigny becomes the prime suspect in the murder of

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