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Ross Berryman


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Cinematography (feature film)

Atlas Shrugged: Part II -- The Strike (2012)
The global economy is on the brink of collapse. Unemployment has risen to 24%. Gas is now $42 per gallon. Brilliant creators, from artists to industrialists, continue to mysteriously disappear at the hands of the unknown. Dagny Taggart, Vice President in Charge of Operations for Taggart Transcontine
Atlas Shrugged Part 1 (2011)
With American society in decay, railroad magnate Dagny Taggart begins to notice the mysterious disappearance of the world's leading artists, businessmen and thinkers. While struggling to keep her business afloat despite an economic crisis marked by collectivism and groupthink, Dagny soon discovers
Amish Grace (2010)
Based on the true story of a group of Amish girls that were taken hostage and killed in their school. All but one parent, Ida Graber, could forgive the perpetrator.
Virgin of Juarez, The (2006)
When reporter travels to Juarez to cover the ongoing story of the mass murder of local workingwomen, she uncovers the amazing story of "The Virgin Of Juarez," a survivor of an attack who has developed stigmata, a sign of holiness, and whose followers will do whatever she asks.
Poseidon Adventure, The (2005)
A group of terrorists blows a hole in the SS Poseidon, and survivors must make their way to safety through the innards of the huge cruise ship.
Pursuit of Happiness (2003)
Ad executive Alan Oliver--a man who's fed up with his job and frustrated by a series of empty, failed relationships--finally realizes that romantic fulfillment is right under his nose--in the form of Marissa Kiley, his best friend from kindergarten. Alan's fanciful chase after the mercurial Tracy Je
Herman U.S.A. (2001) as Director Of Photography
Bachelors in a small Minnesota town, where unmarried men greatly outnumber unmarried women, decide to find wives by running an advertisement in the local paper.
Tycus (1998)
Journalist Jake Lowe is sent in to investigate a suspicious mining company. What he uncovers is a massive underground city built by Peter Crawford in preparation for the worst disaster imaginable. A comet, Tycus, is hurtling on a collision course with Earth. When the world finds out about the upcomi
Childhood Sweetheart? (1997) as Director Of Photography
Karen Carlson, a young woman who has been missing since she was 12-years-old, suddenly reappears at the door of her former childhood sweetheart, Greg Davis. The two quickly rekindle their romance and she reveals the terrifying story of her kidnap and abuse. Although her family and friends have compa
How to Be A Player (1997) as Director Of Photography
A smooth operating, womanizing black man is put to the test by his sister and her best friend when they invite all the ladies in his black book to a pool party. But when he, in his charming way, escapes unscathed, he begins to make the moves on his sister's friend, almost succeeding until the one gi
Chameleon (1996) as Director Of Photography
A federal agent investigating a drug ring and money laundering operation, goes undercover inside a prison and then at a bank. When his fellow employees become suspicious, he's in a race against time to break the case before he's exposed.
Above Suspicion (1995)
Dempsey Cain is an honored cop, a loving husband and father, and mentor to his handsome younger brother. Then a drug dealer's bullet paralyzes him for life and Dempsey's world is shattered. Suddenly, his wife and brother seem to care less about him than for each other, and a million-dollar insurance
Immortals, The (1995)
An elaborate heist unites eight strangers in a simultaneous assault on targets all over the city. Recruited by a nightclub owner, four teams launch a brutal cross-town attack to retrieve suitcases full of cash. But as the violence escalates, the team members discover just who their real target has b
Trail of Tears (1995) as Director Of Photography
Two women, whose lives are torn apart when their children are kidnapped by their respective ex-husbands, join forces to locate their missing children.
Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain (1995)
Do you remember that very special day when you met the person who would become your dearest friend, closer than any brother or sister? For Beth Easton, a polished 13-year-old city slicker relocating from Los Angeles to a small Northwestern town that she disparagingly refers to as "the sticks," that
Above Suspicion (1995)
Dempsey Cain is an honored cop, a loving husband and father, and mentor to his handsome younger brother. Then a drug dealer's bullet paralyzes him for life and Dempsey's world is shattered. Suddenly, his wife and brother seem to care less about him than for each other, and a million-dollar insurance
Hard Truth, The (1994)
A daredevil cop discovers a web of blackmail which involves his girlfriend, her boss, and a shifty electronics wiz.
Unveiled (1994) as Director Of Photography
While visiting Marrakesh, a young woman's friend falls victim to an international killer. With the help of a government official, she sets a trap of temptation for the suspect, using herself as bait.
Sensation (1994)
A girl falls in love with her professor, then suspects that he is guilty of murdering his former girlfriend and she may be his next victim.
Playmaker (1994)
Psychological thriller involving a murder to frame an actress.
Fifty/Fifty (1991) as Director Of Photography (2nd Unit)
Two soldiers of fortune team up to help rebels in South East Asia in a coup attempt.
Quigley Down Under (1990) as Director Of Photography 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
Under false pretences, an American cowboy is lured to Australia to slaughter the aborigines.
Trouble in Paradise (1989)
A television movie about two people whose lives are thrown together when they are stranded on a tropical island after a shipwreck. They are soon joined by drug smugglers who have come to collect their cache of heroin which was hidden on the ship.
Outback (1989) as Camera Operator
Two men fall in love with the same woman in the Australian outback at the turn of the century.
Dead Calm (1989) as Additional Cinematography
A thriller involving a couple who have gone on vacation to overcome a personal tragedy and become involved with a dangerous and mysterious stranger.
Outback (1989) as Director Of Photography
Two men fall in love with the same woman in the Australian outback at the turn of the century.
Butterfly Island (1985) as Director Of Photography
Melvin, Son of Alvin (1984) as Cinematographer
Bush Christmas (1983) as Cinematographer
Fire in the Stone, The (1983) as Cinematographer
Breakfast in Paris (1981) as Camera
Double Deal (1981) as Director Of Photography

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Quest, The (1986) as Additional Photography
Henry Thomas, Dennis Miller, Tony Barry, Rachel Friend, Chris Gregory, Tamsin West. Thomas, revisiting "E.T" territory, plays an recently orphaned American boy who moves to Australia to live with his new guardian (Barry). While roaming the bush, he hears tales of a monster hidden at an old aborigine burial ground, and decides to see for himself if the beast is fact or fiction.
BMX Bandits (1983) as Additional Photography
Chase Through the Night (1983)
When Australian bank robbers flee to an outback town, the locals plan a scheme to outwit them.

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Thorn Birds: The Missing Years, The (1996) as Director Of Photography
Sequel to "The Thorn Birds" miniseries, which aired on ABC in March 1983. Production covers a 14-year period from the novel which was omitted from the first production. The story centers on the custody battle for Meggie's son, Dane. During a terrible drought on Drogheda, Luke returns to claim the bo

Cinematography (TV Mini-Series)

Taurus Rising (1986)
An Australian miniseries, twenty-one hours in length and premiered on American cable in 10 parts, about the Brents and the Drysdales, two great, powerful families hellbent on torturing each other with their secrets and scandals. Revenge is the motive for a domineering matriarch's obsession to make h

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