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Overview for Eileen Warwick
Eileen Warwick

Eileen Warwick


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Make-Up (feature film)

Baffled (1973)
An American race driver has visions that are premonitions of danger and joins with a lady psychiatrist, specializing in ESP, to prevent future tragedies and sort out his unaccountable images.
A Doll's House (1973) as Hairstyles
A childish wife reveals surprising strength when faced with blackmail.
The Last Valley (1971) as Hair Styles
People in a small German village in the last valley to remain untouched by the devastating Thirty Years' War try to exist in peace with a group of soldiers occupying the valley.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) as Hairdresser
When his usual intelligence sources fail, James Bond (Agent 007) enlists the aid of crime boss Draco to track down Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of the evil SPECTRE organization. The trail leads to the mountains of Switzerland, where Bond goes undercover in Blofeld''s hi-tech headquarters. He encounters a bevy of seductive women, but none more beautiful than Draco''s daughter, Tracy, who wins 007 over with her fervent independence, caustic wit and love of adventure. Bond pledges his eternal devotion to her, but there are more immediate concerns: Blofeld is poised to unleash horrific germ warfare weaponry that will endanger every living thing on earth. Bond''s adventures hurl him through artillery-laden ski pursuits, and a dramatic avalanche drive
The Shuttered Room (1968) as Hairstyles
A man takes his young wife to her family home just as a series of strange murders start.
You Only Live Twice (1967) as Hairstyles
James Bond investigates a series attacks in space that could lead to nuclear war.
The Fighting Prince of Donegal (1966) as Hairstyles
British colonists kidnap a rebel Irish prince.
Woman of Straw (1964) as Hairstyles
A rich old man''''s nurse and his nephew plot his murder.
From Russia With Love (1964) as Hairdresser
James Bond searches Istanbul for a stolen Russian decoding.
Dr. No (1963) as Hairdresser
James Bond uncovers a plot to end the U.S. space program.
Call Me Bwana (1963) as Hairstyles
A wisecracking fraud fights off enemy agents to retrieve a space capsule that crashed in Africa.
Corridors of Blood (1963) as Hairstyles
In an effort to relieve the suffering of surgery patients, Dr. Thomas Bolton painstakingly develops an opium-based anesthetic, to which he gradually becomes addicted. In order to provide a continual supply of chemicals to continue his experiments and support his addiction, he falls in with a den of murderers who use his signature to sell cadavers to the local hospital.
Summer Holiday (1963) as Hairstyles
Four London boys tour Europe trying to sell the idea of a combination bus and hotel.
Malaga (1962) as Hairstyles
When his partners double-cross him, a jewel thief plots revenge.
The Day of the Triffids (1962) as Hairdresser
A shower of meteorites produces a glow that blinds anyone that looks at it. As it was such a beautiful sight, most people were watching, and as a consequence, 99% of the population go blind. This chaos results in the escape of some Triffids: experimental plants that are capable of moving themselves around and attacking people.
Jazz Boat (1960) as Hairdresser
A would be cat burglar gets mixed up with more serious thieves.
First Man into Space (1959) as Hair Styles
Navy test pilot Lieut. Dan Prescott, in experimental rocket plane Y-13, disobeys orders and becomes the first man to fly outside the ionosphere. Unable to turn, he ejects...and is plastered with metallic meteor dust. The pilot compartment lands with no trace of the pilot... but first cattle, then people, are found with their throats cut as if with an axe, by something that seems to have a craving for blood...
Law and Disorder (1958) as Hairstyles
High Hell (1958) as Hairdressing
Let's Be Happy (1957) as Hairstylist
An heiress on the loose in Scotland is pursued by fortune hunters.
Cash on Delivery (1956) as Hairdresser
Under a complicated bequest from her uncle, Myrtle stands to inherit $2,000,000 if her ex-husband doesn't have any male heirs on the way, else he gets the cash. She journies from New York to England, and finally tracks him down with his heavily pregnant new wife. Should she try and woo him back or challenge the legality of the new marriage?
Souls in Conflict (1954) as Hairstyles

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