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Tyrone Power

Tyrone Power



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  • Zorro

    • Marjorie
    • 2019-01-02

    Ty Power and Linda Darnell in their prime...and at the zenith of their beauty. Love the dance scene between the two and the costumes. It was a fun movie...adventure and romance, a dashing hero and an adoring beauty. This movie had an appeal similar to The Scarlet Pimpernel. A foppish wastrel who was actually a champion of his people.

  • fan pages

    • 2018-12-01

    Hi, Tyrone Power's website is On Facebook he has the following: Tyrone Power 20th Century Fox Legend Fans of Tyrone Power The Tyrone Power III Appreciation Society

  • Amazing actor

    • DawnM74
    • 2018-05-06

    I love Tyrone Power. He was so much more than just a pretty face.

  • Power Fan

    • judy laucka
    • 2018-02-28

    I have been a fan of Ty Power since the 1950s when my Mom and her best friend took me to see their favorite actor. Since then, I have come to appreciate his versatility and natural acting style. So many wonderful movies from Jesse James to Nightmare Alley. I cant think of another actor who mastered light comedy, costume dramas, westerns to film noir and modern docudramas (Eddy Duchin). Hope his legacy lives on but today's audience likes special effects with no character development. I find them boring.

  • Tyrone Power Had It All!

    • jm
    • 2018-02-11

    Can't think of any actor who impresses me as being a really good person (too) so authentically as Tyrone Power (just like Larry in "The Razor's Edge") & does it so effortlessly in everything I've ever seen him in. He really moves me & I hope he knew just how successful at his craft he truly was in the end. Also loved him in "The Eddie Duchin Story" and "Nightmare Alley". He must have been quite a guy!

  • Ty Represented in National Recording Registry

    • Anon
    • 2015-06-29

    The Library of Congress in 2014 chose the recording of the stage production of John Brown's Body starring Tyrone Power Raymond Massey and Judith Anderson for inclusion in the National Recording Registry along with 24 other recordings. Ty is also represented in the Library of Congress's National Film Registry with his outstanding work in The Mark of Zorro. We can celebrate that Tys talents as a wonderful stage and film actor, his uncommon looks and that beautiful sonorous voice, are going to be preserved for future generations to appreciate.

  • Tyrone Power-Unique Actor

    • Michael Shea
    • 2015-06-23

    Tyrone Power was unique in many ways: stage;screen;radio and some television. However he did it all in the movies. He had the knack for playing some interesting characters,especially in This Above All; The Razors Edge;The Long Gray Line;The Sun Also Rises and Witness For The Prosecution. Like myself he was a combat veteran and served in the reserves till his death. He was a Marine Corps Major. Unfortunately he died too young. he was only 44.I am disappointed you didn't run a day of his movies on May 5, 2014, his 100th birthday. I wish you could contact his children and do a special with them and Robert Osborne.

  • In Old Chicago

    • Effie Gifford
    • 2015-05-15

    Very good handle on unsavory character for the then 23 year old actor only 2 years into his film career .So compelling was his screen persona that at this early juncture he was already star material. Director Henry King brought out the best in Power and he would direct 17 of his films. Dion O'Leary was a cad, but Power's charm negates that to an extent.

  • Screen Legend

    • anon
    • 2015-05-05

    HBD Tyrone Edmund Power, born May 5, 1914. He made a mark on many people's lives and is being remembered today with love all over the OH community. A great star recognized for his place among the treats of Hollywood's Golden Age. 5-5-15

  • RIP

    • Fangirl
    • 2014-11-15

    November 15, 2014 Remembering Tyrone Power, one of the greatest legends of the silver screen, on the anniversary of his untimely death in 1958.

  • Salute to a Great Star

    • Fangirl
    • 2014-05-05

    Remembering the extraordinary Tyrone Power, on May 5th 2014, the 100th anniversary of his birth. He was an actor of great talent and grace and left a fine body of work on film that fans will continue to enjoy for many years to come. Tyrone Power was and will always be one of Hollywood's legendary superstars.

  • Gone Too Soon

    • AJ
    • 2014-04-09

    Handsome and dashing he surely was. But Tyrone Power had major acting skills too. With some inner restraint he used his magical eyes and elegant carriage to reflect and amplify all that his characters spoke and also to reveal something of the person he himself was. Tyrone the man may have lived a glamorous and turbulent life. But while he was about it, fortunately for all of us, he left 45 or more memorable performances on film. I just watched his last complete movie, Witness for the Prosecution, and all I can say is, Wow! We lost this gifted and beautiful actor way too soon.

  • Stardust

    • Fan
    • 2014-01-25

    Tyrone Power was one of our greatest stars. Seemingly born to be in the movies, he exuded grace and charm along with unsurpassed good looks. Its hard to measure today the impact that stars like Power had on the movie going public of the day, both in the USA and around the world. They trailed an air of glamour -- Stardust -- the like of which may never be seen again. Wherever he went, Power was mobbed by adoring fans--see books by companion, actress Mai Zetterling and Bob Buck, a pilot friend who traveled with Power to SA, Africa and Europe for an insight into the extent of his popularity in remote corners of the globe even into the late 1940s and 1950s when his popularity was allegedly on the wane. Despite the adoration that might have turned his head, Power worked hard to develop a career that would take him beyond his Hollywood image. He fought for good parts in films, did amazingly forward thinking stage work, for which he garnered some wonderful reviews, was frequently on radio, and did a couple of spoken word recordings that are just beautiful to listen to. He chose to continue to challange himself and the public perception of him as a matinee idol, by starring in offbeat material such as Abandon Ship, the movie his production company financed. He just didn't live long enough. I wish I were a few decades older so that I might have seen him on stage in John Brown 's Body or The Devil 's Disciple or in Lillom with his wife, Annabella. Stardusted!

  • Ty the Terrific

    • dcb
    • 2013-07-26

    Ive been a fan of Tyrone Power for many years. I first saw his movies on late night TV in the 1960s. His warmth and good looks combined with his naturalness always seemed to me to be very modern. His poetry readings are glorious, too, and work on the stage was garnnering great reviews when his life was cut short. Love Tyrone in most all of his movies. Personal favorites are Zorro, Black Swan, Long Gray Line, Luck of the Irish and Nightmare Alley. One of the great glamorous stars and a true movie icon from Hollywood's Golden Age.

  • Tyrone Power

    • pattyh
    • 2012-08-27

    I fell in love with his movies at a young age...Rose of Washington Square is one of my favs. He is so young, handsome, and breathtaking to watch. He never won an academy award, but I think he deserved at least a nomination for Witness for the Prosecution. Thanks for the movies this month.....I taped a few and will watch and watch and watch..

  • Appreciation for Tyrone

    • Maria
    • 2012-01-28

    For those seeking a "Tyrone Power Appreciation Society," you can look at and also support efforts to help him get a postage stamp in his centenary year of 2014. Info is available on the site.

  • ty power

    • bobbie
    • 2011-10-26

    I only wish I could have seen him on stage

  • Why

    • brenda sellers
    • 2009-09-14

    Have been searching for many years for a Tyrone Power appreciation society without success.As one of the most outstanding stars of the 30's 40's 50's why is this? Every trail I have followed has come to a dead end.I could go on and cover the 2,000 words,but please,there must be someone somewhere,and young enough,to take on this very worthwhile task,Ty deserves this. Brenda Sellers.

  • Tyrone Power

    • edna pike
    • 2009-06-23

    I thought that I would find more info on one of the most outstanding actors of the 30's 40's 50's ect. Give us a full bio. PLEASE!

  • tyrone power: 20th century fox star

    • robert beatty
    • 2009-06-21

    tyrone power was one of 20th century fox's biggest stars. handsome, talented and versatile. among his best films are "jesse james", "the mark of zorro", "blood and sand", "crash dive", "the razor's edge", "nightmare alley", "american guerrilla in the philippines" and "witness for the prosecution". tyrone power a golden age movie star.

  • wonderful tyrone

    • Laurabeth
    • 2009-02-14

    He was a terrific actor. I loved every movie he was in I just wish he had been allowed to do more. I agree with other reviewers why aren't his films on tv more?I remember a few years back when AMC had a weekend of his films they received an incredibal amt of fan mail. Please run more of his films!!!!


    • maggie
    • 2009-01-06

    I want to see "Son of Fury", "Zorro", and all the wonderful movies with this dashing star. Where are they, and who owns them. Are they holding them for ransom? M

  • Powerful Leading Man

    • QueenieBee
    • 2008-07-15

    A wonderful leading man in every sense of the word. His commanding presence on the screen pulls you in and keeps you interested and wanting more. He was one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. Other than Cary Grant I can't think of another that would even come close to this man. "Son of Fury" and "Marie Antoinette" are two of my favorites.


    • Jackie
    • 2008-02-26

    Wonderful actor, shame he didn't live longer. I loved him in everything he did, especially "Blood & Sand", "Zorro", "The Long Gray Line," "Eddy Duchin," too many to name. I thought he was really playing the piano in Duchin until someone told me otherwise. I play piano and I was convinced by his fingerings that he was. Great.

  • Luck of the Irish

    • zmeery
    • 2007-10-16

    A delightful light comedy about Ireland, love and little people.

  • Love Tyrone Power!!!

    • Pat Schabram
    • 2007-10-12

    I fell in love with Tyrone Power as a young girl. I'll never forget the first time I saw him at the local movie theatre in The Sun Also Rises. From then on I had to see every movie he ever made. One of my favorite movies was The Black Swan. What a magnificent hunk and that hat! I swoon every time I watch that movie. Two more of my favorites are The Mark of Zorro and The Mississippi Gambler. I could go on and on but I'm limited to 2000 words. Suffice to say Tyrone Power was my idol and he died much too soon. Such a tragedy!

  • Love me some Ty!

    • Francine
    • 2007-10-11

    I love this man. I always have. It's very disappointing to me that others who watch TCM don't know him as I do. Quelle hunk!

  • One of the greats!

    • Lyn
    • 2007-10-10

    Tyrone Power was one of the great romantic leading men of the golden era. He exuded warmth, charm, and grace. For years, he served as the top star for 20th Century-Fox.

  • I love him!

    • Brando4ever
    • 2007-08-11

    I agree what everybody else said about him!

  • Outstanding actor

    • Abby
    • 2007-02-04

    What a career, charisma, and charm this wonderful actor had. How young to die, and leave us wanting more. Kudo's to you, Tyrone, for your outstanding body of work and service to your country! They don't make them like you anymore.

  • Correction in Filmography

    • Richard R.
    • 2007-01-30

    You show that Tyrone Power's Last Screen Appearance was in "The Sun Also Rises". That film was released in 1957. "Witness for the Prosecution" was released in February 1958 and was his last screen appearance.

  • Tyrone the Magnificent

    • Maria
    • 2006-09-05

    A wonderful, unappreciated actor who was very versatile, appearing in musicals, comedies, dramas, costume dramas, adventure films, and also worked on the stage in London and on Broadway. Though he is best remembered for his swashbuckling films, he also gave marvelous performances outside the genre in "The Razor's Edge," "Nightmare Alley," "The Long Gray Line," "Lloyds of London," "The Mississippi Gambler," "The Eddy Duchin Story" and in his final film, "Witness for the Prosecution." Loved by all who knew him, he had a gentle personality, enormous charm, and a great sense of humor.

  • Tyrone Power-FUL hero

    • keith farlow
    • 2006-08-20

    Fantastic romantic hero of the Mark of Zorro, Captain from Castile, The Prince of Foxes, The Black Rose, and King of the Kyber Rifles.

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