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William Ruhl

William Ruhl



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Director (feature film)

Crashing Through Danger (1938) as Dialogue Director

Cast (feature film)

Above and Beyond (1953) as Civilian
The pilot who helped drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima struggles with the demands of the dangerous mission.
The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) as Barker
A circus ringmaster and an egotistical trapeze artist vie for the love of a pretty acrobat.
Because of You (1952) as Clerk
Blonde 'doll' Christine Carroll finds too late that her fiancée Mike is a gangster and she's his unwitting accessory. Emerging from prison with dark hair and an interest in nursing, she becomes a nurse's aide in a war hospital where her good looks quickly arouse the interest of battle-fatigued, 'melancholic' patient Steve Kimberly. When it's clear that Steve has fallen hard, she faces the dilemma of what and when to tell him. Her decision has melodramatic consequences...
The Company She Keeps (1951) as Joe
A lady con artist sets out to steal her parole officer's fiance.
Pals of the Golden West (1951) as Sheriff
A border patrolman fights to stop smugglers from bringing in diseased cattle.
Code of the Silver Sage (1950) as Maj. Duncan
Arizona Territory is in the grip of outlaw terror and killer outlaws, secretly organized by Hulon Champion (Roy Barcroft), who covers his power ambitions with the guise of a respectable firearms merchant. Newspaper editor Fred Gately is killed by Champion's henchman Curt Watson (Lane Bradford) when Gatley makes a public appeal to the President of the United States on the front page of his Bolton City News. After his death, his daughter Ann (Kay Christopher) and his assistant Nugget Clark (Eddy Waller) carry on his efforts and are rewarded when they receive word that the President will journey to the territory in response to their plea. Champion immediately sets in motion a scheme to assassinate the President by putting himself in the good graces of Major Oliver Duncan (William Ruhl) who is to facilitate the trip. Champion's henchmen intercept and wipe out the detail led by Lt. John Case (Richard Emory), Ann's sweetheart, who is bearing sealed orders regarding the trip. He pins suspicion on Case. Rocky Lane (Allan Lane), a lieutenant in the U.S. Cavalry Intelligence, working incognito, is riding to deliver a map of the secret route and is attacked by Watson, but escapes. Rocky then begins to uncover Champion's trail of deceit and villainy, but Champion is still loose to make an attempt on the President's life.
Side Street (1950) as Manny
A New York City mailman is chased by both cops and crooks when he steals a shipment of dirty money.
The Great Jewel Robber (1950) as Officer
A master thief escapes from a Canadian prison farm and makes his way to New York.
Unmasked (1950) as Warden Taylor
The editor of a sleazy tabloid newspaper has been borrowing money from his lover, the wife of a rich theatrical producer, and promises to marry her when she gets a divorce. However, the husband refuses to grant her a divorce, and takes back all the money and jewelry he has given her. The editor sees her husband leaving her apartment and, seeing his opportunity, kills her, takes all his IOUs (and the jewelry) and frames the husband for the murder.
Trouble Makers (1949) as Jones
The Bowery Boys pose as bellhops to solve a murder.
Brand of Fear (1949) as Tom Slade
Two cowboys try to help the new schoolteacher when she's accosted by bandits.
Haunted Trails (1949) as Gorman
When his brother is murdered, Whip Wilson (Whip Wilson), posing as Chris Graham, trails an old saddle bum, Trigger Winks (Andy Clyde), who leads him to the other gang members Phil (Dennis Moore) and Joe Rankin (I. Stanford Jolley.) The Rankins are attempting to gain the rights to the late Colonel Graham's ranch, and have Winks pose as a brother of Graham's. Marie Martel (Reno Browne) gets the property if no Graham relative appears. After a kindness by Whip, Winks reforms and he and Whip team up to put an end to the Rankin scheme.
Impact (1949) as Fingerprint expert
After surviving a murder attempt, an auto magnate goes into hiding so his wife can pay for the crime.
The Lawton Story (1949) as Mr. Nelson
Alimony (1949) as Fred Richards
Hold That Baby! (1949) as Policeman
The Bowery Boys discover a lost baby they think is heir to a fortune.
South of St. Louis (1949) as Doctor
Shadows of the West (1949) as Sheriff Tanner
U.S. Marshal Whip Wilson (Whip Wilson) decides to take a vacation and visit his old friend Winks Grayson (Andy Clyde), the ex-sheriff. Upon his arrival Whip learns of Winks' suspicions regarding newly-elected Sheriff Tanner (William Ruhl as William H. Ruhl), and the story of a frame-up of Paul Davis (Ted Adams) and his son Bud (Riley Hill), now being released from prison. Following a holdup and a killing, a band of outlaws hide at the Davis ranch, implicating them again. Paul is hot and Bud goes to jail. Whip and Winks work to clear Bud and expose the real leader of the outlaw gang.
Henry, the Rainmaker (1949) as Man in phone booth
Incident (1949) as Guard
A stockbroker is jumped one night and beaten up by gangsters; it turns out they mistook him for another gangsters, whom he closely resembles. Determined to find the intended victim and ensure that he doesn't get assaulted again, he finds himself involved with a beautiful blonde who gets him entangled in a plot involving hijacking and murder.
Wallflower (1948) as Conductor
Two sisters compete for the same man.
Song of the Drifter (1948) as Judson
Jimmy (Jimmy Wakely) joins Cannonball (Dub Taylor) on a visit to the widow Fennamore (Patsy Moran), Cannonball's old girlfriend, at Firehole. Engineer Colton (Gary Garrett) is killed by henchman Smoky Morgan (Carl Mathews) and Philip JUdson (William Ruhl) hides the body. The engineer, at the request of the widow's niece, Martha (Mildred Coles), had come to inspect a polluted reservoir. Land Company head Turner (Frank LaRue)and Judson contaminated the water to get the ranchers to vacate so they can grab the land. Judson hires Easy (Marshall Reed) to pose as the engineer, and he reports the reservoir useless but Jimmy's test proves the waters are not deeply polluted. Judson kills Easy to keep him from talking, and casts the blame on Cannonball. But Jimmy has a trick up his sleeve, right after the next song.
Angels' Alley (1948) as
An ex-con cousin of one of the Bowery Boys gets them into trouble with the law.
Belle Starr's Daughter (1948) as Chris
All My Sons (1948) as Ed
A veteran discovers his father cut costs on wartime military equipment.
Cowboy Cavalier (1948) as Mason
A ranch''''s foreman tries to protect the land from a blackmailer.
I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes (1948) as Police lieutenant
Tom (Don Castle) and Ann (Elyse Knox) are a down-and-out dance team, and while Don seeks engagements, Ann works as an instructor at a dance academy, with Detective Judd (Regis Toomey) one of the many customers she meets. On a hot summer night Tom, awaken from his sleep, tosses his only pair of shoes out the window to quiet two noisy cats. He goes down to retrieve them and can't find them, but Ann discovers them in front of their door the next morning. A near-by recluse is found murdered in his old shack that same day while Tom finds a wallet filled with old $20 bills. Footprints, bearing an imprint like those on a tap-dancer's shoes, plus Don's new-found wealth combine to make a good circumstantial evidence case for Judd against Tom and he is convicted. On the night before his execution, Ann seeks Judd's help in proving Tom is innocent. He turns up a suspect, Kosloff (Robert Lowell), but an air-tight alibi clears him.
Who Killed Doc Robbin (1948) as Homicide squad inspector
Song of My Heart (1948) as César Cui
Jinx Money (1948) as Sgt. Ryan
The Bowery Boys find a dead gangster''''s loot-and the mob out to get it back.
Smugglers' Cove (1948) as Ryan
The Bowery Boys take on a gang of German smugglers.
Joe Palooka in Winner Take All (1948) as Talbot's manager
Shanghai Chest (1948) as Jailer
Vic Armstrong arrives at his Uncle Judge Armstrong's home just in time to answer the telephone. Unknown to him, his uncle has just been murdered and the culprit is right there in the room with him! Phyllis Powers, on the other end of the line, recognizes Vic's voice, but just then Vic is knocked unconscious by the murderer. When he awakens, he (for reasons known only to movie mystery writers) pulls the knife out of his uncle's back, thus putting his fingerprints all over it, and just in time for the police, having been called by a worried Phyllis, to discover him standing over the body. Well, we know he didn't do it, but the police don't agree. Can Charlie Chan recognize the boy's innocence, and find the real murderer before Vic is sent into durance vile, or even worse?
Rocky (1948) as Drew
Always Together (1948) as Reporter
A dying millionaire gives his fortune to a working girl, then recovers and tries to get it back.
Life with Father (1947) as Churchgoer
A straitlaced turn-of-the-century father presides over a family of boys and the mother who really rules the roost.
The Hat-box Mystery (1947) as Flint
Unexpected Guest (1947) as Sheriff
At the reading of his late cousin's will, California learns the estate will be divied among whoever remains of the seven relatives. With one already dead, another immediately murdered, and the Lawyer telling them the ranch is almost worthless, Hoppy investigates. Finding the ranch valuable and the Lawyer embezzling money from it, Hoppy confronts him.
Violence (1947) as Taxi driver
A female reporter goes undercover within a neo-Nazi group, then loses her memory.
Hard Boiled Mahoney (1947) as McGregor, manager of apartment
The Bowery Boys try to expose a phony fortune-teller.
Kilroy Was Here (1947) as Garage boss
Returning G. I. John J. Kilroy (Jackie Cooper), whose main ambition is to get a college education, finds himself one-half credit short for college entrance. Connie Harcourt (Wanda McKay) writes feature stories about him as "Kilroy,", the most talked about G. I. of the war, and is able to get him registered. Fraternity members grow dubious and attempt to make him withdraw from college.
Ride the Pink Horse (1947) as Mr. Blane
A con man tries to blackmail a Mexican gangster.
The Law Comes to Gunsight (1947) as Brad Foster
Mayor Jim Blaine (Frank LaRue) sends for Pecos (Lee Roberts), a notorious two-gun killer, to run Brad Foster (William Ruhl as William H. Ruhl)and his henchmen out of Gunsight, after Brad lowers the "cut" he gives the mayor from his gambling place. On the way to Gunsight, Pecos encounters Johnny Macklin (Johnny Mack Brown) and is accidently killed in a fight after he tries to steal Johnny's horse, Rebel. On the road Johnny picks up 12-year-old Bud Hartley (Lanny Rees), brother of rancher Judy Hartley (Reno Browne as Reno Blair.) When Johnny arrives in town, the mayor mistakes him for Pecos and makes him the sheriff after Brad's men unsuccessfully try to kill him and Reno (Raymond Hatton), an old-time prospector and friend of the Hartleys. Judy refuses to speak to Johnny because he is working for the mayor, whom she claims is as crooked as Foster. The latter, Drago (Zon Murray) and other henchmen attempt to kill Johnny for closing the gambling casino, but their plan backfires and several of them are jailed. Drago is killed by Johnny in a gun fight and Foster is arrested. Johnny also orders the mayor out of town. Foster breaks out of jail, and a trap is laid for Johnny, but he learns of it and rounds up the whole gang. Judy persuades Johnny to remain in Gunsight, instead of heading for the road again.
Prairie Express (1947) as Gordon Gregg
Johnny Hudson (Johnny Mack Brown) recovers afreight wagon belonging to Faro Jenkins (Raymond Hatton) and Dave Porter (Robert Winkler), after outlaws led by Burke (Marshall Reed) attack the pair and steal it. Real estate agent Gordon Gregg (William Ruhl as William H. Ruhl)is secretly behind the plot to break up the Porter-Jenkins freight line so that they will go bankrupt and he can claim Porter's ranch. Johnny gives Faro $2000 for new equipment. Johnny and Faro also capture a pair of the outlaws and they are jailed, but escape after Gregg knifes Sheriff Bill (Steve Darrell). Freightline employee Lem (Ted Adams), in league with Gregg's gang, steals the murder knife which Johnny had picked up for fingerprint evidence. Gregg gives Faro's freight line a special shipment and require an overnight camp and be prey for his henchmen. Johnny and Faro capture the outlaws by a trick. Burke is killed by Gregg when he demands his share of the loot, and Gregg then takes Peggy Porter (Virginia Belmont) as a hostage. Johnny arrives in time to overpower Gregg and the remnants of his gang. A new railroad promises to bring prosperity to the region.
Louisiana (1947) as Minton
The Killers (1946) as Motorman
An insurance investigator uncovers a string of crimes when he tries to find a murdered boxer's beneficiary.
Below the Deadline (1946) as Welsh
A veteran joins the mob to avenge his gangster brother''''s murder.
Mr. Hex (1946) as Mob leader
A hypnotist turns one of the Bowery Boys into a championship boxer.
Bowery Bombshell (1946) as Biff
The Bowery Boys tackle gangsters to clear one of their own from a bogus robbery charge.
Decoy (1946) as Guard
A woman saves her gangster boyfriend from the gas chamber to get her hands on his hidden money.
Behind the Mask (1946) as Detective
Lawyer-superhero Lamont Cranston is framed for the murder of a newspaper columnist.
Live Wires (1946) as Construction foreman
In their first film, the Bowery Boys tackle gangsters.
In Fast Company (1946) as Gus
The Bowery Boys get wrapped up in a taxi war.
Dark Alibi (1946) as Thompson
Famed Asian detective Charlie Chan tries to disprove fingerprint evidence left at a bank robbery.
Little Miss Big (1946) as Cousin
Don't Gamble with Strangers (1946) as Policeman
House of Horrors (1946) as Ellis
Mildred Pierce (1945) as Personnel man
A woman turns herself into a business tycoon to win her selfish daughter a place in society.
The Shanghai Cobra (1945) as Gregory
Charlie Chan investigates a series of deaths by snake bite.
Adventures of Kitty O'Day (1945) as Michael Tracy, also known as Walter Harris
A perky switchboard operator investigates murders that baffle the police.
Roger Touhy, Gangster (1944) as Guard
Bowery Champs (1944) as Lieutenant
Copy boys Muggs and Glimpy investigate a murder. They locate the ex-wife of the murdered man and become convinced she is innocent. They hide her from the police while they investigate.
None Shall Escape (1944) as Policeman
A Nazi officer on trial for war crimes thinks back on his past.
We've Never Been Licked (1943) as Soldier
WWII morale film for Texas A&M graduates fighting overseas. Young Brad Craig (Langton) enters the military school with a chip on his shoulder which Mitchum and other upperclassmen quickly knock off. Once adjusted, Craig falls in love with a professor's beautiful daughter, only to find she is in love with his roommate, played by Noah Beery. In the meantime, Craig associates with Japanese spies (including William Frawley of "I Love Lucy") bent on stealing a secret chemical compound being worked on a the University. But is he one of them, or a double agent for his country?
Days of Old Cheyenne (1943) as Steve Brackett
The Mad Ghoul (1943) as Stagehand
Curious about the effects of an ancient Mayan nerve gas on humans, a scientist exposes his young assistant and turns him into a mindless ghoul that must have human heart substance to live.
Hit the Ice (1943) as Sheriff
Flash Fulton (Bud Abbott) and Weejie McCoy (Lou Costello) take pictures of a bank robbery. Lured to the mountain resort hideout of the robbers and accompanied by Dr. Bill Elliott (Patric Knowles) and Peggy Osborn (Elyse Knox), they also meet old friend Johnny Long (Himself) and his band and singer Marcia Manning (Ginny Simms). Dr. Elliott and Peggy are being held in a remote cabin by the robbers, but Weejie rescues them by turning himself into a human snowball that becomes an avalanche that engulfs the crooks.
Rhythm of the Islands (1943) as Guide
Mister Big (1943) as Producer
At the Davis School of the Theatre, ran by Jeremy Taswell (Samuel S. Hinds), where teen-age kids study drama and the serious arts, instructors Johnny Hanley (Robert Paige) and Alice Taswell (Elyse Knox) are in love. The students, including Donald (Donald O'Connor), Patricia (Gloria Jean) and Peggy (Peggy Ryan), secretly want to become singers. Patricia's aunt, Mrs. Davis (Florence Bates), owns the school and disapproves. Donald has written a musical comedy for the year's class play, which the students want to do, but Mrs. Davis has selected and insists they do Sophocles' "Antigone". Taswell agrees to let the kids do Donald's show. Donald manages to keep Mrs. Davis away on the day of the show, and when Broadway producers in attendance rave about Donald's play, she becomes a backer.
Frontier Badmen (1943) as Cummings
So's Your Uncle (1943) as Crell
Saboteur (1942) as Deputy marshal
A young man accused of sabotage goes on the lam to prove his innocence.
My Favorite Spy (1942) as Major Allen's friend
Bandleader Kay Kyser leaves his bride at the altar to help catch international spies.
Paris Calling (1942) as Nazi radio operator
Behind the Eight Ball (1942) as Flynn
Treat 'Em Rough (1942) as Police sergeant
Accompanied by his trainer, Hotfoot (William Frawley), and his handyman/valet, Snake-eyes (Mantan Moreland), prizefighter Bill Kingsford (Eddie Albert), aka The Panama Kid, returns to his home town to help clear his dad, Gray Kingsford (Lloyd Corrigan), of graft involving several thousand gallons of oil hijacked from his own company. Betty (Peggy Moran), Mr. Kingsford's secretary, overhears a conversation between company officials Wetherbee (Joseph Crehan) and Perkins (Truman Bradley) ordering a gunman to intercept Kingsford on a trip to check a suspicious truck movement, and she warns Bill. The henchman manages to stop and slug Kingsford, but is himself killed when he tries to flee and his car bursts into fire. The police think the dead man is Kingsford, so Bill hides him while he and Betty try to get evidence against the real culprits.
Unseen Enemy (1942) as Callahan
The Mummy's Tomb (1942) as Nick
A high priest travels to America with the living mummy Kharis (Lon Chaney Jr.) to kill all those who had desecrated the tomb of the Egyptian princess Ananka thirty years earlier.
North to the Klondike (1942) as Captain
The Invisible Agent (1942) as Gestapo agent
Frank Raymond, grandson of the original Invisible Man, still has the old formula but considers it too dangerous to use, even when Axis agents try to get it. But Pearl Harbor brings him to volunteer his own services as an invisible agent in Germany. Though a bit cold (clothes aren't invisible), his adventures are more comedy than thriller (with occasional grim reminders) as he makes fools of Nazi officials and romances a luscious double agent, in search of Hitler's secret plan...
Jail House Blues (1942) as Crippled man
Pittsburgh (1942) as Stretcher bearer
Charles 'Pittsburgh' Markham rides roughshod over his friends, his lovers, and his ideals in his trek toward financial success in the Pittsburgh steel industry, only to find himself deserted and lonely at the top. When his crash comes, he finds that fate has dealt him a second chance.
Call Out the Marines (1942) as Captain
Two old Marine Corps pals re-enlist and end up fighting over the same woman.
The Mystery of Marie Roget (1942) as Detective
Juke Box Jenny (1942) as Jinx's lawyer
Bedtime Story (1941) as Conventioneer
A stage star''''s dreams of retirement conflict with her playwright husband''''s need for a hit -- with her starring.
Gauchos of Eldorado (1941) as Samuel Tyndal
Gaucho escapes from Braden's gang only to be shot by them. The Mesquiteers drive away the outlaws and take his money on to his mother. But Isabella thinks Tucson is her long lost son and they don't have the heart to tell her he is dead.
Double Date (1941) as Motorcycle cop
Criminals Within (1941) as Capt. Grey
Nice Girl? (1941) as Man gossip
A professor''''s daughter tries to shed her nice girl image when she falls for one of his business associates.
Road Agent (1941) as Rancher
Reissued by Realart Pictures in 1953 as "Texas Road Agent", with a title change because RKO had just made a 1952 film using this title, and this was the first year that Universal's "Road Agent" was known as "Texas Road Agent" and that was not a 1941 alternate title as shown by some revisionist-history sources. The actual 1941 filming title was "The Sonora Kid." Duke Masters (Dick Foran) and his two pals, Pancho (Leo Carrillo) and Andy (Andy Devine), are undercover agents for an express company sent to round up a gang of bandits who have been holding up stages carrying gold to the cattlemen of the district. They begin by hijacking a gold shipment from the three bandits who took it from the stage. They take it to town and drop it at the bank. The money was the annual payment to the cattlemen, who are excitedly surrounding bank president Sam Leavitt (Samuel S. Hinds). Steve (John Gallaudet) and the two gunmen who helped him rob the stage are in the crowd. They report this unexpected turn of events to their boss, Big John Morgan (Morris Ankrum.) Morgan tries unsuccessfully to pin the original robbery on Duke and his pals. He later confers with Leavitt who is an unwilling tool in the holdups. Morgan tries to decoy Duke, Pancho and Andy out of town while his gang holds up the bank, but Duke, with the help of Leavitt's daughter, Patricia (Anne Gwynne), beats them to it and cleans out the bank himself, taking the money to Leavitt's home to cache. But Morgan, Steve and the gang are in pursuit.
Appointment for Love (1941) as Reporter
Charming Andre Cassil woos physician Jane Alexander and the two impulsively get married. The honeymoon ends very quickly when Jane voices her progressive views on marriage which include the two having separate apartments. Andre then tries to make his wife jealous in order to lure her into his bedroom.
San Francisco Docks (1941) as Forkild
Longshoreman Johnny Barnes is in love with Kitty Tracy, barmaid at her father's waterfront saloon. Johnny is arrested for murder. Kitty and Father Cameron locate Frances March, wife of the real murderer (Alcatraz escapee Monte March) which leads to a fight between the two women and then between the priest and the murderer.
Badlands of Dakota (1941) as Ship's officer
Mr. Dynamite (1941) as Detective
Black Friday (1940) as
When his friend Professor Kingsely (Ridges) is at deaths door, brain surgeon Dr. Sovac (Karloff) saves his life by means of an illegal operation that transplants part of injured gangster Red Cannon's brain. Unfortunately, the operation has a disasterous Jeckll and Hyde side effect and under certain conditions the persona of Cannon emerges. Sovac soon learns of the duel personality and of half a million dollars the gangster has hidden away. He attempts to find the money through the manipulation of his friend, an attempt that brings Kingsley closer to madness as he alternates between a meek professor of english and a brutal gangster out for murderous revenge on those who tried to kill him.
Gaucho Serenade (1940) as Carter
Gene Autry and sidekick Frog Millhouse depart Madison Square Garden and NYC heading west for home in their car and a horse trailer carrying Gene's horse, Champion. They discover that Ronnie Willoughby, a young boy just off the boat from school in England, has hitched a ride, thinking that Gene and Frog were sent by his father to meet him. Ronnie thinks his father is a big rancher in the west and doesn't know that his father, Alfred Willoughby, is serving time in San Quentin prison because of a frame-up by the officials of a packing company. To keep the father from testifying against them, the packing company officials, Carter, Jenkins and Martin, have arranged for the boy to be kidnapped. Along the way a runaway bride, Joyce Halloway, and her young sister Patsy join the troupe. Various members of the cast sing and dance their way through The Singing Hills, Gaucho Serenade, Give Out With a Song, Heading For the Wide Open Spaces, 'Tis Be, Keep Rollin' and A Song of Sunset before every situation is solved, and Gene gets Joyce, Frog gets Ringeye, the father is cleared and reunited with his UK-accented son and the villains are sent to the Republic Big House.
Oklahoma Renegades (1940) as Mace Liscomb
Diamond Frontier (1940) as Kendis
Phantom Submarine (1940) as Lieutenant Morrissey
It's a Date (1940) as Ship's officer
Mother-and-daughter singers vie for the same man and the same stage part.
Texas Terrors (1940) as Ashley
I Stole a Million (1939) as Detective
Star Reporter (1939) as
Two Bright Boys (1939) as Manager
Code of the Streets (1939) as Lieutenant Welles
The Big Guy (1939) as Third guard
Charlie McCarthy, Detective (1939) as Doctor
Scotty Hamilton is a reporter who works for a crooked editor. Bill Banning is another reporter who is about to expose the editor's ties to the mob. When the editor is killed, both reporter Banning and mobster Tony Garcia are suspected. However, Hamilton's friend Edgar Bergen solves the case (without much help from Charlie McCarthy).
They Asked for It (1939) as Bus driver
Little Tough Guy (1938) as Detective
The son of a man sentenced to death for a murder he didn't commit vows to become a criminal himself. He starts his own street gang, and their crime spree is financed by a mysterious young man--who turns out to be the son of the District Attorney who sent the boy's father to the electric chair.
Wives Under Suspicion (1938) as Hennessy, the reporter
A D.A.''''s personal life mirrors the love-triangle murder he''''s prosecuting.
Room Service (1938) as Detective
Three zany producers try to extend their hotel credit until they can get a play mounted.
Tough Kid (1938) as Monk
You Only Live Once (1937) as Guard
When he''''s framed for murder, an escaped convict returns to crime to protect his wife and child.
Something to Sing About (1937) as
A New York bandleader takes Hollywood by storm.
Let Them Live (1937) as Matthew
Small Town Boy (1937) as A waiter
Easy to Take (1936) as Reporter
Sutter's Gold (1936) as Aide
Flying Hostess (1936) as Radio man
Crash Donovan (1936) as Driver
Three Kids and a Queen (1935) as Reporter
The Daring Young Man (1935) as Coroner
Circus Shadows (1935) as Dave Zirillo
It Happened in New York (1935) as Reporter
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (1934) as Shopper's husband
A brilliant but impoverished writer, who is a pacifist, goes to work for a publisher and writes anti-war editorials. When he discovers that the publisher has betrayed him and is in league with munitions manufacturers to make money off of war, he goes insane.

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