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Jack Rutherford

Jack Rutherford


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Cast (feature film)

Mohawk (1956) as Settler
When a Boston artist is commissioned to paint landscapes, he gets caught up in a land war between settlers and the Mohawks.
Cult of the Cobra (1955) as Policeman
While stationed in Asia, six American G.I.'s witness the secret ritual of Lamians (worshipers of women who can change into serpents). When discovered by the cult, the High Lamian Priest vows that "the Cobra Goddess will avenge herself". Once back in the United States, a mysterious woman enters into their lives and accidents begin to happen. The shadow of a cobra is seen just before each death.
Untamed Fury (1947) as Nubie Blair
Kiss of Death (1947) as Policeman
An ex-con trying to go straight must face a crazed criminal out for revenge.
Road to Utopia (1946) as
Two song-and-dance men on the run masquerade as killers during the Alaskan gold rush.
Utah (1945) as Sheriff
When ranch foreman Roy learns the new ranch owner Dorothy Bryant and her friends are arriving, he directs them to Gabby's rundown ranch. He figures they will be discouraged and return East. But the plan backfires when Dorothy, thinking her ranch worthless, sells the real ranch at a fraction of it's value.
Corregidor (1943) as General
Arizona Gang Busters (1940) as Thorpe
Schmidt is the head of a group of spies building an arsenal along the border. Tim from the American side and Gringo from the Mexican side have been sent to investigate. But when they arrive they find the men they were to meet murdered and themselves arrested for the murders.
Trailing Double Trouble (1940) as Amos Hardy
Riders of the Frontier (1939) as Bart Lane
Gold Is Where You Find It (1938) as Rancher
A gold strike in California triggers a bitter feud between farmers and prospectors.
The Buccaneer (1938) as Orderly
French pirate Jean Lafitte tries to redeem his name helping the U.S. in the War of 1812.
Hopalong Rides Again (1937) as Blackie
On a cattle drive Hoppy, camp cook Windy, companion Lucky, and young Artie Peters encounter an eccentric professor. The professor professes to be searching for the evolutionary missing link, but in reality he is a cattle rustler who uses his dynamite to scatter the cattle in order capture some of them. Hoppy and Bar 20 guys ultimately capture the professor.
Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937) as Sentry
After stumbling onto a movie set, a hobo dreams he''''s caught up in an Arabian Nights adventure.
Raw Timber (1937) as Lane
North of the Rio Grande (1937) as Crowder
Hoppy arives posing as an outlaw to avenge his brother's killing by Plunkett. After robbing a train and killing Plunkett, he gets to meet the boss known as the Lone Wolf and lead his next job. Seeking help from Stoneman to capture the outlaws, he realizes too late that Stoneman is the Lone Wolf and is captured.
Three on the Trail (1936) as Lewis
An evil gang is involved in both cattle rustling and the robbing of stagecoaches. Hoppy must stop them without help from the sheriff who turns out be a major outlaw himself.
Heart of the West (1936) as Tom Paterson
The sixth of the Hopalong Cassidy films, with the story source credited to Clarence E. Mulford's "Mesquite Jenkins, Tumbleweed", finds Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) and his young pal, Johnny Nelson (Jimmy Ellison), leaving their Bar 20 home range to answer a letter oferring them jobs on the Tumbling-L Ranch of Big John Trumbull (Sidney Blackmer) near Yucca. Before they arrive in town, they save an old wrangler named Windy (George Hayes, long before there was a George "Gabby" Hayes) from drowning, who has been fired on from ambush as he was delivering a valuable stud bull to the depot. Windy, whose sole trusted weapon is a blacksnake whip, tells them he works for the Three-J Ranch adjoining Trumbull's spread. Hoppy and Johnny soon learn that Trumbull's outfit isn't the kind they want to work for, turn down the job offer, and take work with the Three-J, operated by easterner Jim Jordan (Charles Martin) and his sister Sally (Lynn Gabriel.) Jordan is planning on fencing in his grazing land, but Trunbull swears this won't happen because, unknown to the other ranchers, Trumbull's men have been driving rustled cattle through a pass on the Jordan land. Hoppy and Johnny aid Jordan in getting his fence up, while Trumbull's men first try to stop them by gun warfare and then by starting a stampede of rustled cattle toward the narrow pass where the fence is being erected. Hoppy dynamites a dam, releases a torrent of water, and then succeeds in turning back the herd on the rustlers. The troubles at the Three-J are over and Hoppy and Johnny head back to the Bar 20.
The Oregon Trail (1936) as Benton
U. S. Army Captain John Delmont takes a leave of absence to find out what happened to his missing father. Later he leads a wagon train to California and goes after the bad guys involved in his father's disappearance.
Justice of the Range (1935) as Lafe Brennan
The McLean and Brennan ranches are both losing cattle to rustlers and each blames the other when cattle buyer Graves is the real culprit. To throw suspicion off himself Graves hires Tim to investigate, not knowing that this will be his downfall.
The Crusades (1935) as Knight
King Richard the Lionhearted launches a crusade to preserve Christianity in Jerusalem.
Cleopatra (1934) as Drussus
The fabled queen of Egypt leads Julius Caesar and Marc Antony astray.
The Affairs of Cellini (1934) as Captain of guards
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (1934) as Soldier
A brilliant but impoverished writer, who is a pacifist, goes to work for a publisher and writes anti-war editorials. When he discovers that the publisher has betrayed him and is in league with munitions manufacturers to make money off of war, he goes insane.
Cleopatra (1934) as Flavius
The fabled queen of Egypt leads Julius Caesar and Marc Antony astray.
Roman Scandals (1933) as Manius
A Successful Calamity (1932) as Chauffeur
A family pulls together to help a member in financial trouble.
The Cowboy Counsellor (1932) as Bill Clary
The Woman from Monte Carlo (1932) as Verguson
A ship''''s captain loses course in perilous waters when he discovers his wife cheating on him.
Mr. Lemon of Orange (1931) as Castro
Whoopee! (1930) as Sheriff Bob Wells
Western sheriff Bob Wells is preparing to marry Sally Morgan; she loves part-Indian Wanenis, whose race is an obstacle. Sally flees the wedding with hypochondriac Henry Williams, who thinks he's just giving her a ride; but she left a note saying they've eloped! Chasing them are jilted Bob, Henry's nurse Mary (who's been trying to seduce him) and others.
Half Shot at Sunrise (1930) as M. P. sergeant
Two servicemen dodge military police during an unauthorized leave in Paris.
The Great Shadow (1920) as Bob Sherwood

Misc. Crew (special)

Mr. & Mrs. Broadway (1999) as Researcher
Profile of Broadway producer Robert Whitehead and actress Zoe Caldwell.

Cast (short)

Roaring Guns (1944)
In this short film, farmers take up arms against miners whose operations are destroying their farms. Vitaphone Release 1183A.

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