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Also Known As: Died: November 1, 1985
Born: May 11, 1911 Cause of Death: natural causes
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood, The (1980)
When the madam Xaviera Hollander goes to Hollywood to have her autobiography made into a film, she finds herself dealing with dishonest producers who want to exploit her. So the efficient business woman Hollander manages to make her movie without their help.
Goldie and the Boxer (1979) as Wally
Light-hearted tale of a ten-year-old girl who, when her boxer father dies, strikes up a relationship with a struggling fighter who was his sparring partner and takes on the job of managing him from obscurity to the championship. The first project for star O.J. Simpson's own production company, it sp
There Goes the Bride (1979) as Psychiatrist
The Cheap Detective (1978) as Hoppy
A private dick tackles two tough cases while trying to clear himself of a murder charge.
Chicken Chronicles, The (1977) as Max Ober
New Love Boat, The (1977) as Morris Beckman
In this third pilot to the hugely successful series that -- beginning in September, 1977 -- sailed for more than eight years (with several additional periodic cruises thereafter), Gavin McLeod was piped aboard as the captain, becoming the most successful of the Mary Tyler Moore alumni (series-wise).
Night They Took Miss Beautiful (1977) as Marv Barker
A hijacking caper involving an airliner carrying not only five beauty contest finalists but also a dangerous laboratory mutation to be used for bacterial warfare.
Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood (1976) as Murry Fromberg
In 1924 Estie comes to Hollywood to become an actress, but the dog, that followed her becomes the star. But Hollywood has its own rules of sucess.
The Strongest Man in the World (1975) as Krinkle
A student discovers the key to super strength by mixing chemicals with his breakfast cereal.
The Boatniks (1970) as Harry Simmons
Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell (1969) as Phil Newman
During a military reunion, three veterans discover they''''ve been sending support payments for the same child.
Follow That Camel (1968) as Sergeant Nocker
A Guide for the Married Man (1967) as
Robert Morse and Walter Mathau are friends. Though both are married, Mathau discovers Morris is fooling around. When asked about it, Morse passes on the oral history and guide to fooling around without your wife finding out. This is done by a series of vignettes with cameos from famous actors that illustrate the point Morse wants to make. Between pieces of advice, we follow Matheau as he begins to prepare for his big affair.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966) as Lycus
Madcap musical set in ancient Rome, where a clever slave connives to win his freedom.
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) as Otto Meyer
A group of greedy clowns tears up the countryside in search of buried treasure.
Forty Pounds of Trouble (1963) as Bernie Friedman
Top Banana (1954) as Jerry Biffle
An egotistical television comic falls for a pretty salesgirl and tries to make her a star.
Lucky Me (1954) as Hap Snyder
When the members of a musical troupe take cleaning jobs, their lead singer falls for a famous songwriter.
Summer Stock (1950) as Herb Blake
A farmer gets sucked into show business when a theatrical troupe invades her farm.
If I'm Lucky (1946) as Wally Jones
Colonel Urias J. Magonnagle (Edgar Buchanan) is running for Governor, against a crooked incumbent, and glib-tongued Wally M. Jones (Phil Silvers) persaudes him to build his campaign around performances by Earl Gordon (Harry James) and his band, including vocalists Terry (Vivian Blaine) and Allen Clark (Perry Como.) The performers (including Carmen Miranda as Michelle O'Toole) perform, Magonnagle orates and the citizens are buying. The crooked political machine gets worried and a few plot twists later (as can only be performed by four screenplay writers evidently in separate rooms), Clark has replaced Magonnagle as the candidate.
A Thousand and One Nights (1945) as Abdullah
Aladdin tries to make his fortune with the help of a beautiful genie.
Don Juan Quilligan (1945) as Mac Denny
Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe (1945) as Blinkie Miller
Joe Davis Sr., headliner at a big nightclub, is visited by medical student son Joe Jr., who to Dad's chagrin wants to be a crooner, and soon comes between Dad and his girlfriend Claire. So glamorous dancer Bonnie is enlisted to distract Junior. Which does Bonnie want more, the fur coat or true love? Plot is a framework for numerous Ziegfeld style stage productions.
Something for the Boys (1944) as Harry Hart
The oddly-assorted Hart cousins: revue singer Blossom, con man Harry, and machinist Chiquita (who gets radio through her teeth!), inherit southern plantation Magnolia Manor, which alas proves to be a "termite trap" and tax liability. Fortunately, Sgt. Rocky Fulton from a nearby army camp appears with a plan to convert the place to a hotel for army wives; but to pay bills until then, they decide to put on a show. Of course, romantic and military complications intervene...
Take It or Leave It (1944) as Himself
Four Jills in a Jeep (1944) as Sgt. Eddie Hart
Cover Girl (1944) as Genius
A nightclub dancer makes it big in modeling, leaving her dancer boyfriend behind.
A Lady Takes a Chance (1943) as Smiley Lambert
Coney Island (1943) as Frankie
A con man fast-talks his way into managing a Coney Island nightclub with a temperamental star.
My Gal Sal (1942) as Wiley
A chronicle of songwriter Paul Dresser as he moves up into New York society.
All Through the Night (1942) as Waiter
A criminal gang turns patriotic to track down a Nazi spy ring.
Just Off Broadway (1942) as Roy Higgins
Private detective Michael Shayne (Lloyd Nolan) is serving on the jury trying Lillian Hubbard (Janis Carter) for the murder of Harley Forsythe. A witness with information that could clear Lillian is killed by a knife hurled from inside the courtroom. Shyane hides the knife in the ensuing confusion. He slips out of the jury room that night and, with the aid of reporter Judy Taylor (Marjorie Weaver), traces the knife to a professional blade-slinger, Count Edmond Telmachio (Alexander Lockwood). Shayne finds the Count murdered in a warehouse and a brooch discovered on his body now points the finger of suspicion at nightclub singer Rita Darling (Joan Valerie) and the owner of the club where she works, George Dolphin (Don Costello). Rita was the fiancee of Forsythe and Dolphin is in love with her. The trial begins the next day, with Shayne back in the jury box, after giving the information he picked up to defense counsel John Logan (Richard Derr). The trial takes a surprise twist when Shayne is permitted to cross examine everyone, including the defense lawyer, who has been in love with Miss Hubbard for years.
Footlight Serenade (1942) as Slap
Conceited World Champion boxer Tommy Lundy decides to test his popularity in a Broadway show. Tommy always has an eye for the ladies and he starts paying attention to beautiful chorus girl Pat Lambert. Pat's boyfriend Bill Smith isn't impressed with Tommy even though Tommy gets him a boxing part in the show. When Tommy finds out that Pat and Bill were secretly together the night before the show opens, he angrily plans to turn the boxing scene with Bill into a real bout.
Roxie Hart (1942) as Babe
To try and kick-start her show-business career, a woman admits to a Chicago murder.
You're in the Army Now (1941) as [Brewster] "Breezy" Jones
Two incompetent door-to-door salesmen enlist by accident.
Ice-Capades (1941) as Larry Herman
Newsreel cameraman Bob Clemens (James Ellison), an avowed woman hater, is assigned to cover the Lake Placid exhibition of Karen Vadja (Renie Riano), the Swiss ice Queen. He misses his plane and fails to get the footage needed for a newsreel. Deciding that if you've seen one ice skater, you've seen them all, he goes to Central Park to film a skater picked at random. He selects Marie Bergen (Dorothy Lewis) who is wanted by the immigration people for having over-stayed her visa. Bob does not adjust his newsreel camera for a long shot and she shows very clearly in close-ups. Promoter Larry Herman (Phil Silvers) sees the newsreel and seeing that she is very talented and very pretty, decides to star her in an ice-spectacle to be called the "Ice-Capades." He sends for Karen Vadja's agent, since that is the name the skater is identified as in the newsreel, draws up and signs a contract and invites the press to join him when he meets her. Dismay mildly describes his feeling when he learns that he has obligated himself to build a show around a horse-faced, eccentric woman whose ability to skate is her only saving grace. He calls off the show, and brings suit against the National Newsreel Company for this hoax. The boss, Ellis (Alan Mowbray), blames Bob and his assistant Colonna (Jerry Colonna), who propose that they find her and let Ellis "discover" and star her. She evades them as she thinks they are immigration agents trying to find and deport her, but they find her in the chorus of the ice show they want her to star in. Deportation looms with marriage to an American citizen being the only alternative. Bob, the only woman-hating confirmed bachelor in the cast, becomes the prime candidate.
Tom, Dick and Harry (1941) as Ice cream man
A girl accepts three wedding proposals at once and dreams of marriage to each man.
The Penalty (1941) as Hobo
Federal agents use a gangster's son to catch him.
The Wild Man of Borneo (1941) as Murdock
A braggart masquerades as a primitive throwback.
Lady Be Good (1941) as Master of ceremonies
Married songwriters almost split up while putting on a big show.
Hit Parade of 1941 (1940) as Charles Moore
A small radio station is saved of getting bankrupt by a backer, who invests money for a TV equipment, if the owner allows, that his dancing daughter Annabelle can dance and sing on the screen, but due to her voice, her singing had to be dubbed by the owner's girl friend Pat Abbott.But problems start, when the owner starts dating Annabelle.
Strike Up the Band (1940) as Pitch man
A high-school band sets out to win a national radio contest.

Music (feature film)

Bridge of Spies (2015)
During the Cold War, the Soviet Union captures U.S. pilot Francis Gary Powers after shooting down his U-2 spy plane. Sentenced to 10 years in prison, Powers'' only hope is New York lawyer James Donovan, recruited by a CIA operative to negotiate his release. Donovan boards a plane to Berlin, hoping to win the young man''s freedom through a prisoner exchange. If all goes well, the Russians would get Rudolf Abel, the convicted spy who Donovan defended in court.
American Pop (1981) as Song ("Nancy (With The Laughing Face)")

Cast (special)

Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days (2001) as Insurance Salesman ("Something'S Got To Give")
Documentary about the final days of Marilyn Monroe, including an account of the making and eventual abandonment in 1962 of the last film on which Monroe worked -- "Something's Got to Give" The program includes the world television premiere of a 37-minute reconstruction of the footage shot for this u
Ted Knight Musical Comedy Variety Special Special (1976)
An hour of music and comedy with Ted Knight and friends.
City vs. Country (1971)
A music and comedy battle between confirmed city-dweller Danny Thomas and certified country boy Tennessee Ernie Ford.
Eddie (1971) as Eddie Skinner
The dealings of Eddie Skinner, a private patrolman in a posh residential area who manipulates both men and machines for his own profit.
Plimpton! Did You Hear the One About...? (1971)
A behind-the-scenes look at the world of stand-up comedy as seen through the eyes of do-it-himself author George Plimpton, who bravely strives to get laughs from audiences and finds how exquisitely painful it is to get silence.
Phil Silvers in New York (1963) as Host
Music, songs, and comedy sketches set against the background of New York City.
Summer in New York (1960) as Host
Music, songs, and comedy sketches set against the background of New York City.
Just Polly and Me (1960) as Host
Music, comedy, and songs with Phil Silvers and Polly Bergen.
Phil Silvers Pontiac Special: Keep in Step, The (1959) as Host
An hour of music and comedy sketches hosted by Phil Silvers. Sponsored by Pontiac automobiles.
Ballad of Louie the Louse, The (1959) as Louie; Loan Shark
The story of a heartless loan shark who tries to live up to the heroic reputation a writer creates for him when he thinks the loan shark is dead.
Hollywood Star Revue (1948) as Guest
A program of music, comedy and songs hosted by George Jessel. Broadcast live from ABC's Ritz Theater Studios.

Cast (short)

Ups and Downs (1937)
In this short musical, an elevator operator and an engaged girl in love dodge the girl''s fiancee and attempt to win over her father. Vitaphone Release B36-37.
Jack Haley in 'Success' (1931)
A man with bad vision has to become a baseball player to win the woman he loves.

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