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Jean Simmons

Jean Simmons



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  • Free signed photo!

    • Pippa
    • 2016-05-29

    Hello, I have an early signed photo of Jean Simmons left to me by my father that I would like to give away to a fan. Please email me if you're interested. Thanks, Pip

  • A simply note regarding Jean Simmons

    • Ellie Green
    • 2016-03-06

    She was part of my youth. Growing up I admired her work in acting and thought she was the most beautiful woman. I was telling my daughter that I was going to name her Desiree or Varina and then I decided to write a letter to Jean Simmons telling her this story and that I thought about her when Marlon Brando died. Jean Simmons called my house and left a message saying what a beautiful letter I wrote her. She called me over the Labor Day weekend and I was so sorry to miss this call. Jean Simmons called back 4 weeks later and I got to speak with her on the phone. I was on Cloud 9 so excited that we spoke. I sent her some "thinking about you" cards and told her I hope she was enjoying her retirement years. Then I heard she passed away. I tried to get an autograph picture or even a piece of memorabilia from her but never did. I hope when I get back to California, I want to make it a point to go see her grave. Thank you for this opportunity. I hope her children know what a wonderful person she was to all of us. Ellie


    • David George
    • 2014-06-20

    No matter which relationship I was in during my youth , or when married as a older man I would always relay this feeling , " JEAN SIMMONS IS THE MOST BEUTIFUL WOMAN WHO EVER WALKED THE PLANET , IN MY EYES " .Howard Hughes attempted to ruin her career , but her talent carried her on to success after success .

  • beautiful and gifted woman

    • Suzanne
    • 2012-07-17

    Not NEARLY as appreciated as she SHOULD have been....

  • Jean Simmons

    • Diane Wilmanski
    • 2012-01-19

    I have watched Jean's films and have purchased at least eight for my personal collection. I agree with the prior fans comments--she was beautiful, talented, and underrated. I especially enjoyed her films with her then husband, Stewart Granger in "Young Bess" and "Footsteps in the Fog." May they both rest in peace.

  • Jean Simmons

    • anne
    • 2010-09-10

    she was a gorgeous woman and a wonderful actor

  • scary woman

    • james dewey
    • 2010-05-19

    Jean was very pretty, and also pretty scarry .


    • turnip
    • 2010-01-26

    She was a very beautiful woman from the start and in the end.

  • Thoughts from a lifelong fan

    • Kent
    • 2010-01-23

    An Actor's Actor, grace, extraordinary talent, beauty that bewitched and held us spellbound, could steal any scene she was in, as if she had the camera to herself, remembered always, and thank God for film and the roles she played. She was my favorite actress and will remain.

  • 1945 Blue Lagoon, Jean Simmons

    • velia lauerman
    • 2009-07-23

    Bill Kennedy showed many English movies in the sixties. The BEST ONE was Blue Lagoon , Jean Simmons 1945 PLEASE GET THAT ONE before I die( after I die who knows) . My birthday is 7-10-1935. My son RudyLaueman has been at the Detroit Institute of Arts since 1980. He is Director of Performing Arts there. He also looked up the movie for me and still searching for it to show at the Film Theatre there or maybe now it is on DVD or recorded differently. Have asked before and the answer was "not Showing at this time" HELP HELP HELP HELP Velia Lauerman 517 448 2323 108 North street, Hudson, Michigan, 49247 9705

  • as good as there's ever been

    • bill copper
    • 2009-06-25

    she could say more with her eyes in 10 seconds than most other actors could say with their voices in 10 minutes. always the consummate professional, even in some "not so great films." never mailed in a performance and more than held her own with some of the other cinematic greats she performed with, including laurence olivier, richard burton, marlon brando, rock hudson, robert mitchum, kirk douglas, paul newman, etc. favorite scene of all time in any movie is when she and brando go to havana in "guys and doll." sexy, sexy scene with humor, singing, dancing and fighting. the scene is a pure joy to watch, brando even looks like he's having fun doing it.

  • Jean Simmons is BRILLIANT!

    • Penelope
    • 2009-01-09

    It is so rare that an actor is so very diverse that he/she can play ANYTHING. Jean Simmons has carried off drama, comedy and even a musical and through it all gave us nothing but quality entertainment. She's one of the absolute best actresses of her generation and I only wish we had more of her films on DVD. Not only that, but she's still going - Shadows In The Sun to be released in 2009. You go, Jean! Hey, what about a Private Screenings for Ms. Simmons?

  • The Most Adorable Jean Simmons

    • Shea
    • 2008-07-18

    Love her -- she's so damn cute, smart, funny and fresh. There's a lot of similarities between Ms. Simmons and other Hollywood starlets, especially Vivien Leigh and Audrey Hepburn (a little Elizabeth Taylor at times). However, IMO Jean has the best personality -- on and off screen. Her radiance just shines. I just listened to an hour long interview on and she seems like a delightful woman (in fact, at some points of the interview, I was laughing hysterically, she has a great sense of humor).

  • Jean Simmons and Audrey Hepburn

    • rich
    • 2008-01-28

    I had heard of Jean Simmons, but never saw her in a movie or knew what she looked like for that matter. That's the wonderful thing about TCM. By chance I saw one of here movies on TCM and fell for here immediately. The same happened to me with Audrey Hepburn years ago. It was there waif-like, frail beauty and exquisite accents that caught me first and began my interest in seeing their other movies. What wonderful flexible actresses they were! I must disagree with Gaston about Roman Holiday. It was that movie that was Audrey's best and the first I saw. (though Jean would have been magnificent as well). I believe that quick kiss in the rain between Audrey and Gregory Peck is the best kiss Hollywood ever caught on film. Love them both. As a young man, my friends don't grasp why their films are my all-time favorites. I hope they will sometime be so lucky to watch them.

  • Jean Simmons: Unrecognized beauty and versatility.

    • Gaston K. Rivera
    • 2008-01-17

    I agree with previous reviewers that this lovely British actress has been long time underrated. This mistake could be solved by presenting her with a lifetime Academy Award. Soon, please, it's already 2008. Jean Simmons has given excellent performances ("The Actress"), in quite different roles ("Angel Face"), and since very young("Black Narcissus"). Unfortunately, due to contract disputes with Mr. Hughes she was not able to do "Roman Holiday", the role and Oscar going to another brilliant young actress ...well that's history.

  • My Faborite Movie star, Jean Simmons

    • Marcelle
    • 2008-01-10

    The first time I saw Jean Simmmons I hadn't learned to read so I didn't know wgho she was in The Blue Lagoon Later I grew to look froward to every film she made that came to our small city. I saw them all, and some many times. Young Bess was the first that I have seen again and again since I was in my early teens. So often she plays strong young women, women with character. She was different from all the vapid actresses of the 50's. I won't bother to list all the movies I've seen time and time again, and whenever they appear on TCM...I just feel she is the most under-rated actress in the business, and it's a crime that they haven't give her a life-time award the way they did for Deborah Kerr. She deserves it. She was one of the few who stood up to Howard Hughes, who nearly destroyed her career and kept her from accepting roles that would have made her the most popular star in Hollywood. She bravely sued him, and won. Please show all of her films--especially the rarely seen works. The early English films, especially. Thank you for providing me with this forum to thank Jean Simmons and you for her work.

  • Excelent Actress

    • Jerome Pickart
    • 2007-11-14

    I like Her in all the films I saw with Her in.

  • Great actress without Academy recognition.

    • Gaston K. Rivera
    • 2007-09-24

    Jean Simmons is always a delight to watch. She was in excellent, first class American and British films performing beautifully. Unfortunatelly, like the other supreme English star- Miss Deborah Kerr- she never received an acting Academy Award. Wish something is done before is too late.

  • The most underrated actress

    • Luke
    • 2007-07-21

    AFI should give her a life time award.

  • No one does it better

    • Andrea
    • 2006-04-23

    The most beautiful, most talented, most believable actress I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of movies and I have studied a lot of actresses; absolutely no one comes close to her magnitude. No matter what she plays, I believe it wholely and without a single doubt that its all real. (Good to the last drop, as they say.) And she's still working at age 77!!! That's the best part! I can only hope I'm still going strong at that age. What I wouldn't give to meet this woman... What I wouldn't do to work with her... A truly inspirational woman whom should not be overlooked.

  • Greatest Actress

    • K. Ferraro
    • 2006-02-16

    This can only be said of Jean Simmons - a great all round talent and beautiful.

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