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Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep


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Also Known As: Died:
Born: June 22, 1949 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Summit, New Jersey, USA Profession: Cast ...


As of 2003, Streep has been nominated for 13 Academy Awards, breaking her tie at 12 with Katharine Hepburn as the most nominated actor in Oscar history. Streep's nominations are as Best Supporting Actress for "The Deer Hunter" (1978) and "Kramer vs. Kramer" (1979). Best Actress for "The French Lieutenant's Woman" (1981), "Sophie's Choice" (1982), "Silkwood" (1983), "Out of Africa" (1985), "Ironweed" (1987), "A Cry in the Dark" (1988), "Postcards from the Edge" (1990), "The Bridges of Madison County" (1995), "One True Thing" (1998) and "Music of the Heart" (1999).

When she lived in Los Angeles, she formed a child support group with Annette Bening, Carrie Fisher and Tracey Ullman, where the actresses watched one other's children.

Streep received a Mademoiselle Magazine Award (1976)

She received Woman of the Year Award from B'nai Brith in 1979

Streep received Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Award as Woman of the Year in 1980

She was awarded honorary degrees from Dartmouth College (DFA, 1981), Yale University (DFA, 1983) and Vassar College (DFA, 1983)

In April 1998, Streep received the initial Bette Davis Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by the Bette Davis Foundation.

She was one of the 1998 recipients of the Crystal Award presented by Women in Films

Janet Maslin in her New York Times review of "The River Wild" described Streep as "the finest actress of her generation."

"My biggest problem in my entire life is time management. But it really defines the big, important things.

I've made career judgments on the basis of making [my family] happy. Like not taking location things, and if it is on location, writing it in the contract that, I'm going to be home at a certain time and work so many days. And then I'm out of there!

It makes you hard-nosed a little bit. I'm not as free to do certain kinds of material, but what I bring is richer."---Meryl Streep quoted in New York Post, December 11, 1996.

"I don't go anywhere. You have to go to openings and be on E! entertainment, and I've never enjoyed doing that. I don't even go to openings of my friends' movies, even though it's supportive and lovely to do. It poses a problem marketing a movie, because they want you out and about. So it's always a tug, it's always a battle with the guilt making machine."---Streep in The Boston Globe, December 22, 1996.

"In L.A., I was 'Meryl Streep' all the time. It's so driven by the industry, and how you look. There was always the feeling that I should clean up before dropping the kids off. People would look at me, and I'd realize I looked like hell and probably wouldn't get work next time, so I better clean up, better work out, better get that blackhead removed. I couldn't deal with it."---Streep on why she and her family moved backed East to The Boston Globe, December 22, 1996.

"If there's a heaven for directors, it would be to direct Meryl Streep your whole life. And my wish for the world is that Meryl will [someday] be 90 years old, acting in a great role written about a 90-year-old woman."---director Alan J. Pakula quoted in People, June 26, 1995.

"When you're being watched unnaturally you feel it, if you're a sensitive person. Who knows what this delicate thing is that actors are making? So if that's diva behavior, sorry. I don't have handlers. I do have a longtime makeup man and hairdresser who performs the scourge role in my on-set life and keeps people away."---Streep on asking reporters to leave the set while she is working to Entertainment Weekly, October 7, 1994.

"She's past the analyzing of the character. Her training and her experience have taken her to a point where she can be effortless with a lot of things other people have to work really hard at."---Robert Redford quoted in Entertainment Weekly, October 7, 1994.

"Every time I think it's a silly way to spend my life, I see a performance by another actor and think, 'I couldn't live if I didn't have this in my life.' I really think that. Or a piece of music. We need art. We really need art. Maybe we need to feel we count, like our existence matters. Acting can do that; it can make you feel more alive and proud to be a human being. Even seeing the worst of humanity."---Streep on why people need to act to USA Weekend, December 1, 2002.

"When you watch her work in something like "Adaptation," where it's so kind-of idealistic - it's slippery sort of stuff - she just brings you along. You feel as if you're experiencing it with her: When she starts laughing like, 'This is nuts; this is crazy,' you start thinking, 'This really is crazy!' She's very funny, very bright and really bossy, which is another quality I like about her. I think that comes from being four people's mother."---Julianne Moore Hollywood Reporter June 6, 2004

"I grew up with Meryl Streep, and she was the greatest actress that my whole generation of women aspire to be. She raised the standard in terms of what you can do, as a woman, as a mother and as an actress. You can still have a life and be an actress; she shows you how to do it and give these brilliant performances that are so diverse. She's a lot of fun, on top of that; she has a lot of joie de vivre."---Nicole Kidman Hollywood Reporter June 6, 2004

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