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Director (feature film)

South Seas Adventure (1958) as Seq dir by
Seven Wonders of the World (1956) as Director
This Is Cinerama (1952) as Prologue supv
Cinerama Productions Corp. vice-chairman Lowell Thomas introduces the ground-breaking new film process, called Cinerama, by recounting, in a small screen format and in black-and-white, a short history of graphic arts, from cave paintings to today.

Producer (feature film)

Romanoff and Juliet (1961) as Associate Producer
An ambassador from a postage-stamp republic plays matchmaker for the children of Soviet and U.S. diplomats.

Editing (feature film)

Black Bird, The (1975)
When famous private detective Sam Space dies, his son Sam Spade, Jr. takes over his agency and before long is embroiled in another case involving the Maltese Falcon.
Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins (1975) as Editor
Two young women kidnap a driving instructor so he can drive them to New Orleans.
Farewell, My Lovely (1975)
This, the second adaptation of Raymond Chandler's novel is much closer to the source text than the original, 'Murder, My Sweet', which tended to avoid some of the sleazier parts of the plot, but still concerns private eye Philip Marlowe's attempts to locate Velma, a former dancer at a seedy nightclub, and the girlfriend of Moose Malloy, a petty criminal just out of prison. Marlowe finds that once he has taken the case events conspire to put him in dangerous situations, and he is forced to follow a confusing trail of untruths and double crosses before he is able to locate Velma.
Mixed Company (1974) as Editor
Pete Morrison is the coach of the lackluster Phoenix Suns basketball team. While Pete is struggling to produce a winning team, his wife Kathy decides to expand their family of three children by adopting three more from different backgrounds: An African American, a Native American, and a child from Vietnam. Then, while dealing with some bigoted neighbors, and the expense of feeding his expanded family, Pete loses his job. But all the problems that the Morrisons face prove to be temporary.
Shamus (1973)
A free-living private eye searches for stolen diamonds.
Bad Charleston Charlie (1973) as Editor
The Paper Chase (1973)
A law student discovers that his girlfriend is the daughter of his toughest professor.
Man Who Could Talk to Kids, The (1973) as Editor
Isolated from his heartbroken parents in his own solitary world, a troubled boy allows one special man to penetrate his lonely fortress and bring the family back together.
Fat City (1972) as Film Editor
A washed-up boxer tries to show a young hopeful the ropes.
The Magnificent Seven Ride! (1972) as Film Editor
A retired gunman fights to save a group of kidnapped women from the man who raped and murdered his wife.
The Todd Killings (1971) as Film Editor
Skin Game (1971) as Film Editor
Two western con artists team with a lady card shark to take on slavers.
The Baby Maker (1970) as Film Editor
A free-spirited woman agrees to be a surrogate mother for a wealthy California couple. The original arrangement begins to unravel, however, when emotional feelings on the part of the surrogate mother emerge.
Model Shop (1969) as Film Editor
A young drifter falls for a beautiful model.
Marooned (1969) as Film Editor
Three U.S. astronauts face a slow death when their rockets fail during a space voyage.
A Flea in Her Ear (1968) as Film Editor
Suspicious that her lawyer husband might be having an affair, a wife decides to spy around a hotel used for those flings, only to find out that her husband has been faithful.
Rage (1966) as Film Editor
Dr. Reuben is an angry loner living in a tiny Mexican border town. Soon after a man dying of rabies staggers into town, Dr. Reuben himself is bitten by the same rabid dog. He must now get others to help him reach a city hospital within 72 hours, before the disease becomes incurable.
Walk, Don't Run (1966) as Film Editor
Set during the Tokyo Olympics, one of three unlikely housemates plays matchmaker with the other two.
Murderers' Row (1966) as Film Editor
Secret Agent Matt Helm must recover a stolen ''''helio-beam'''' with the power to destroy the earth.
King Rat (1965) as Film Editor
A U.S. officer in a World War II Japanese POW camp tries to raise money to buy his fellow prisoners'''' freedom.
Behold a Pale Horse (1964) as Film Editor
A Spanish bandit returns from exile to visit his dying mother.
Samar (1962) as Film Editor
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962) as Film Editor
Fanciful biography of the German fairy-tale collectors, with reenactments of three of their stories.
The Nun's Story (1959) as Film Editor
A headstrong girl fights the strictures of the Catholic church in Europe and the Belgian Congo.
Quicksand (1950) as Film Editor
Petty theft leads a mechanic into a life of crime.
The Second Woman (1950) as Film Editor
In flashback from a 'Rebecca'-style beginning: Ellen Foster, visiting her aunt on the California coast, meets neighbor Jeff Cohalan and his ultramodern clifftop house. Ellen is strongly attracted to Jeff, who's being plagued by unexplainable accidents, major and minor. Bad luck, persecution...or paranoia? Warned that Jeff could be dangerous, Ellen fears that he's in danger, as the menacing atmosphere darkens.
Guilty of Treason (1950) as Supervising Editor
The Big Wheel (1949) as Film Editor
A mechanic alienates everyone who loves him when he becomes a champion race car driver.
Force of Evil (1949) as Editing Supervisor
A crooked lawyer tries to protect his numbers running brother from a ruthless crime boss.
Pitfall (1948) as Film Editor
A married insurance man falls for a criminal''''s girlfriend.
So This Is New York (1948) as Film Editor
The Other Love (1947) as Film Editor
A concert pianist dying of tuberculosis fall for her doctor.
The Gangster (1947) as Film Editor
A troubled gangster, who has lost all faith in people, loses his weak grip on life.
Jane Eyre (1944) as Film Editor
A governess at a remote estate falls in love with her brooding employer.
Crash Dive (1943) as Film Editor
Against his personal preference, PT boat commander Ward Stewart is made executive officer of the submarine USS Corsair. On leave before sailing, he meets schoolteacher Jean Hewlett and gives her a romantic rush...unaware that she's the sweetheart of Dewey Connors, his new commander. At sea, the men bond while fighting German Q-ships. When will they discover their mutual romantic rivalry? Will it interfere with a spectacular commando raid on a secret German base?
Son of Fury (1942) as Film Editor
A young adventurer seeks his fortune in the South Seas so he can return to England and reclaim his birthright.
Thunder Birds (1942) as Film Editor
A veteran flyer and the youngster he''''s training fall for the same girl.
This Above All (1942) as Film Editor
A woman defies convention by joining the WAAFs and becoming romantically involved with an AWOL soldier.
That Night in Rio (1941) as Film Editor
A nightclub entertainer pretends to be a noted financier, only to fall for the man┬┐s wife.
Moon Over Miami (1941) as Film Editor
Two sisters from Texas travel to Florida looking for rich husbands.
Swamp Water (1941) as Film Editor
A hunter discovers a fugitive living in the swamps and goes into business with him and his daughter.
Wild Geese Calling (1941) as Film Editor
In the 1890s lumberjack John leaves Seattle for Alaska to look for gold. After he marries dancehall girl Sally, he finds she used to be in love with his best friend Blackie.
The Return of Frank James (1940) as Film Editor
The legendary outlaw''''s brother eludes the law to avenge Jesse James''''s murder.
Tin Pan Alley (1940) as Film Editor
Songwriters Calhoun and Harrigan get Katie and Lily Blane to introduce a new one. Lily goes to England, and Katy joins her after the boys give a new song to Nora Bayes. All are reunited when the boys, now in the army, show up in England.
Lillian Russell (1940) as Film Editor
Life story of the musical star from her discovery in 1890 by bandleader Tony Pastor till her retirement in 1912 when she married newspaperman Alexander Moore.
Wife, Husband and Friend (1939) as Film Editor
A husband and wife train to be opera singers.
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939) as Film Editor
Alexander Graham Bell pursues his greatest inventions so he can marry the woman he loves.
Hollywood Cavalcade (1939) as Film Editor
Michael Linnett Connors takes Molly Adair from Broadway understudy to 1913 Hollywood star. Although she is in love with him, she marries her co-star reckoning wrongly Connors thinks of her only in terms of movies. He fires her in pique, apparently terminally damaging his career.
Everything Happens at Night (1939) as Film Editor
Two reporters compete to discover a scientist living in hiding and win his daughter.
Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) as Film Editor
The future president considers a political career while practicing law.
Sally, Irene and Mary (1938) as Film Editor
Manicurists Sally, Irene and Mary hope to be Broadway entertainers. When Mary inherits an old ferry boat, they turn it into a successful supper club.
Little Miss Broadway (1938) as Film Editor
An orphan adopted by show people helps them fight off a nasty landlady.
Just Around the Corner (1938) as Film Editor
Once rich architect (Farrell) ruined by the Depression and working as a janitor has a daughter (Temple) who befriends a millionaire (Gillingwater) who backs her dad's engineering plans.
Wife, Doctor and Nurse (1937) as Film Editor
Second Honeymoon (1937) as Film Editor
Wee Willie Winkie (1937) as Film Editor
When her parents die, an orphaned girl goes to live with her grandfather on a British outpost in India.
The Phantom of Santa Fe (1936) as Film Editor
Tundra (1936) as Film Editor
Phantom Empire, The (1935) as Editor
When the ancient continent of Mu sank beneath the ocean, some of its inhabitant survived in caverns beneath the sea. Cowboy singer Gene Autry stumbles upon the civilization, now buried beneath his own Radio Ranch. The Muranians have developed technology and weaponry such as television and ray guns. Their rich supply of radium draws unscrupulous speculators from the surface. The peaceful civilization of the Muranians is corrupted by the greed from above, and it becomes Autry's task to prevent all-out war, ideally without disrupting his regular radio show.
Under Secret Orders (1933) as Film Editor
Partners (1932) as Film Editor
An innocent cowboy is accused of murder.

Music (feature film)

Crossing Fields (1998)
A middle-class, 40-year-old suburban housewife ponders the moral values of the people in her small town when her best friend's husband commits adultury, her daughter wants to skip college to become a rock star, and a young black man moves into her house as a border.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

The Sundowners (1960) as Prod assoc
An Australian sheepherder and his wife clash over their nomadic existence and their son's future.
Sayonara (1957) as Prod assoc
American soldiers in post-war Japan defy convention when they fall in love with local women.
Pickup (1951) as Tech supv
Low-budget, tabloid-lurid story with high camp value of older man falling for much younger beauty who's busy figuring out how she can kill him now that they're married. Nasty verbal encounters and above all, Beverly Michaels, spike up this flick.
The Life of Riley (1949) as Prod aide
A factory worker tries to cope when his daughter dates the boss's son.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Deadly Hero (1976)

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