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Gayne Whitman

Gayne Whitman



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Cast (feature film)

The Helen Morgan Story (1957) as Big Ed Wallace
A singer rises from sordid beginnings to fame and fortune... only to lose it all.
Rails into Laramie (1954) as Clerk
One Girl's Confession (1953) as District Attorney
Another of the "Fate and Irony" films from director-writer-producer-actor Hugo Hass but this one has less hair-shirt torment than most of his offerings, although his camera, as usual, lingers provocatively on the contours of the leading lady and, in this case, the leading lady is more than well-contured. Mary Adams (the well-contured Cleo Moore) works in a tawdry waterfront restuarant where the owner not only maltreats her, he also cheated her father out of a fortune years ago. The owner acquires $25,000 in an illegal transaction, which Mary promptly steals, hides, confesses her crime and serves a short sentence. Freed, she goes to work in a restaurant owned by Dragomie Damitrod (Hugo Hass) and when he gets into trouble over a gambling debt she offers to help him by telling him where the $25,000 is hidden and she will loan him the amount he needs. But circumstances indicate that he has stolen all of the money and she clouts him on the head with a whiskey bottle, apparently killing him. She then learns that he didn't steal the money, digs it up and donates it to an orphanage and then surrenders to the police where she learns that Damitrod is not dead. Well,dang. But all is not lost as she seems to be heading for matrimony with fisherman Johnny (Glenn Langan), who has been hanging around romancing her at her various jobs between jail stints.
Trouble Along the Way (1953) as Lawyer
A famous football coach uses underhanded means to turn a bankrupt college's team into winners.
Dream Wife (1953) as Man at airport
For state reasons, a diplomat fakes an engagement to a Middle Eastern princess.
Confidentially Connie (1953) as Widener
An expectant mother hatches a series of madcap schemes to improve her husband's financial standing.
The Jazz Singer (1953) as Mr. Eskow
A cantor's son goes against family tradition to become a popular singer.
Dangerous Crossing (1953) as Purser
When a bride goes on a ocean liner with her new husband, he goes into hiding, and she becomes the target of a murder conspiracy.
The Story of Will Rogers (1952) as Manager
Oklahoma lad grows up to become America''''s favorite humorist.
Indian Uprising (1952) as Secretary of the Interior
It's 1885 in Arizona and an Army Captain has dispersed his troops to keep the whites off of Government land thereby keeping the peace with the Apaches. But there are those in Tucson that want the miners back looking for gold and they put pressure on officials in Washington. Soon a new commander arrives, the troops are recalled, and the miners go after gold. Whites then kill a miner with an arrow so they can attack the Indians hoping the troops wipe them out when they retaliate.
Strange Fascination (1952) as Mr. Lowell
Big Jim McLain (1952) as Dr. Gelster
A U.S. agent takes on communists in Hawaii.
The Magnificent Yankee (1951) as Senator
True story of the lifelong love affair between Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and his wife.
The Big Hangover (1950) as Associate
A lawyer's path to the top is blocked by his allergy to alcohol.
The Killer That Stalked New York (1950) as Doctor
Married jewel thieves struggle with infidelity, federal agents and the deadly smallpox virus.
Between Midnight and Dawn (1950) as Doctor
Police patrolmen are stalked by a vengeful mobster escaped from prison.
The Sickle or the Cross (1949) as Tim Matthews
T-Men (1948) as Narrator
U.S. agents infiltrate a deadly counterfeiting ring.
You Came Along (1945) as Master of ceremonies
War hero flier Bob Collins goes on a war bond selling tour with two buddies, and substitute "chaperone" Ivy Hotchkiss. Bob's a cheerful Lothario with several girls in every town on the tour. After some amusing escapades, Bob and Ivy become romantically involved, agreeing it's "just fun up in the air." Then Ivy finds out the real reason why it shouldn't be anything more.
Hitchhike to Happiness (1945) as Announcer
Blonde Ransom (1945) as Reporter
My Gal Loves Music (1944) as Announcer
My Buddy (1944) as Young senator
Republic, never a company to not try getting ahead of the curve and with writers who could remember the 1930's social conscience WW I vets-returning-home films, made this in mid-1944 (a full year before the end of WW II) as a don't-let-it-happen-again sermon. The semi-prologue opening finds Father Jim Donnelly (John Litel) before a post-war planning board in Washington and, as Priests quite often did in 1930 and 1940's films, tells his point-making story in flashback of how WW I vet Eddie Ballinger (Don Barry as Donald Barry), shaken by battle experiences anyway, returns home to a job that is no longer there for him and finds "No Help Wanted" signs standing in his way of making an honest living. Despite the pleas from his mother (Emma Dunn) and his sweetheart Lucy Manners (Lynne Roberts), Eddie starts hauling booze for bootlegger Tim Oberta (Alexander Granich) and takes up with entertainer Lola (Ruth Terry), who eventually betrays him, mainly because she is a one-name character and that's what one-name characters are there for...especially in a movie with the lead playing his 1944 version of Jimmy Cagney in a 1933 Warner's film. Father Jim makes his don't-repeat-the-past point in less than an hour as the hearing committee had also seen and heard the story before.
Standing Room Only (1944) as Voice over dictograph
During World War II, Lee Stevens travels to Washington D.C. with his secretary Jane Rogers in order to secure a government contract. Not thinking it through, Jane cancels their hotel reservations when she feels the accomodations are inadequate. With no rooms available in the entire city Lee and Jane pose as a married couple and take positions as maid and butler in the Cromwell's home until the contract can be secured.
Destiny (1944) as Radio announcer
Dr. Kildare's Victory (1942) as Board member
A young doctor with a broken heart succumbs to the lure of a socialite.
Pacific Rendezvous (1942) as Barini
An expert at deciphering codes takes on an enemy spy ring.
Tennessee Johnson (1942) as Man at trial
Biography of Andrew Johnson, who followed Abraham Lincoln into office and became the first U.S. president ever to be impeached.
Somewhere I'll Find You (1942) as Penny's companion
Brothers feud over a girl they both fall for while covering World War II.
Reunion in France (1942) as Maitre d'hotel
A Frenchwoman tries to help a downed U.S. flyer escape the Nazis.
Phantom Killer (1942) as District Attorney
A district attorney investigates a crook who seems to be in two places at the same time.
Play Girl (1941) as Jeweler
An aging gold digger takes a young woman under her wing.
Married Bachelor (1941) as Radio announcer
A married gambler has to pose as a bachelor to pay off his debts.
When Ladies Meet (1941) as Office manager
A female novelist doesn't realize her new friend is the wife whose husband she's trying to steal.
Parachute Battalion (1941) as Staff officer
Army men train for the parachute corps.
Flight Command (1940) as Doctor
A cocky cadet tries to prove himself during flight training.
Adventures of Red Ryder (1940)
Mesquite banker Calvin Drake (Harry Worth) plans to profit from the Santa Fe Railroad's acquisition of right-of-way by gaining control of the land in the territory. In the ensuing war of intimidation against the ranchers, Ira Withers (Edward Cassidy) is killed and Red Ryder (Don Barry as Don "Red" Barry for the first time, and any Don "Red" Barry credit shown on a film made before this one is factually incorrect and historically misleading) and his father, Colonel Tom Ryder (William Farnum), form an organization to drive the gunmen and outlaws out of the territory. Colonel Ryder is killed by One-Eye Chapin (Bob Kortman) and Red vows vengeance. Sheriff Dade (Carleton Young) is in league with the Drake faction, including Ace Hanlon (Noah Beery). The Duchess (Maude Pierce Allen), Red's aunt, is about to lose her ranch. Red learns of a plan to dynamite a dam providing the water supply, and saves Beth Andrews (Vivian Austin billed as Vivian Coe), daughter of the former sheriff, Luke Andrews (Lloyd Ingraham) who was also murdered by Drake's men.
Lucky Partners (1940) as Announcer's voice
Two strangers who share a sweepstakes ticket take it on the lam.
Misbehaving Husbands (1940) as Gilbert Wayne
New Moon (1940) as Mate
A revolutionary leader romances a French aristocrat in Louisiana.
Blondie Brings Up Baby (1939) as Radio officer
Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead lose Baby Dumpling as well as Daisy the dog.
Sweethearts (1938) as Commentator
Bickering husband-and-wife stage stars are manipulated into a break-up for publicity purposes.
A Star Is Born (1937) as Radio announcer at Grauman's Chinese Theatre
A fading matinee idol marries the young beginner he's shepherded to stardom.
The Return of Jimmy Valentine (1936) as Radio actor
The Texas Rangers (1936) as Announcer
Page Miss Glory (1935) as Announcer
A con artist creates a composite photo to win a beauty contest, then has to find the real thing.
Woman Wanted (1935) as Attorney
An innocent woman is chased by both gangsters and the police.
Stand Up and Cheer! (1934) as Voice for president
President Franklin Roosevelt appoints a theatrical producer as the new Secretary of Amusement in order to cheer up an American public still suffering through the Depression. The new secretary soon runs afoul of political lobbyists out to destroy his department.
The Band Plays On (1934) as Doctor
Four street kids mend their ways when they take up football.
Yankee Don (1931) as
Reno (1930) as Defending attorney
A woman faces off against her bullying husband in a high-stakes divorce trial.
Lucky Boy (1929) as Mr. Trent
The Adventurer (1928) as The Tornado
A story of revolution and adventure concerning a Spanish Beauty and a Yankee hero.
Sailors' Wives (1928) as Warren Graves
Backstage (1927) as Frank Carroll
In the First Degree (1927) as John Pendleton
The Woman on Trial (1927) as Julie's lawyer
Stolen Pleasures (1927) as John Manning
Too Many Crooks (1927) as Marshall Stone
Sunshine of Paradise Alley (1926) as Glen Wathershoon
The Love Toy (1926) as Prime minister
The Night Cry (1926) as Miguel Hernández
Hell-Bent fer Heaven (1926) as Andy Lowrie
A Woman of the Sea (1926) as
Joan and Magdalen are the daughters of a fisherman. Magdalen leaves her fiancé, Peter, to run off to the big city. Joan and Peter marry. Magdalen's return years later causes trouble for the marriage, but Joan and Peter remain together in the end.
His Jazz Bride (1926) as
Oh, What a Nurse (1926) as Clive Hunt
Exclusive Rights (1926) as Stanley Wharton
A Woman's Heart (1926) as John Waring
Wolves of the Air (1926) as Evan Steele
The Wife Who Wasn't Wanted (1925) as Jerome Wallace
Three Weeks in Paris (1925) as Duke Laporte
His Majesty, Bunker Bean (1925) as Bert Hollins
The Love Hour (1925) as Attorney
The Pleasure Buyers (1925) as Gene Cassenas

Writer (feature film)

The Last Wilderness (1935) as Dial

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Forbidden Adventure (1938) as Narr
Little America (1935) as Narr
The Last Wilderness (1935) as Narr
Brides of Sulu (1934) as Narr
Igloo (1932) as Narr

Cast (short)

Brief Interval (1943)
A surgeon father, surgeon son and concert pianist son are faced with ethical and spiritual challenges.
Neptune Mysteries (1935)
This fascinating short film explores the world below sea level.
Harry Gribbon in "Art Trouble" (1934)
In this short film, two house painters impersonate two art students and go to Paris. Vitaphone Release 1674-1675.
Sea Spiders (1932)
This short film takes a look at the lives of Tahitian boatmen.

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