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Al Wyatt



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Born: Cause of Death:
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Director (feature film)

The Castilian (1963) as Dir action scenes
An exiled nobleman sneaks back into Spain to defend his country against the Moors.
Sergeants 3 (1962) as 2nd unit dir
Three adventurous Cavalry officers and their bugler take on a renegade chief.

Cast (feature film)

Fury, The (1978)
Teenager Gillian Bellaver has the psychic powers of telekinese and extra-sensory perception. She also has the effect of causing others to bleed if they touch her. So Gillian volunteers to go to the Paragon Clinic, unaware of the fact that its director is working on harnessing the psychic abilities of his patients as weapons.
Sky Hei$t (1975)
A husband and wife team devise an ingenious plan to steal ten million dollars in gold bullion, hijacking a police helicopter as a diversionary tactic.
Heaven With a Gun (1969) as Indian
A gunslinger-turned-preacher is forced to return to his old ways.
Duel at Diablo (1966) as 1st miner
Racial tensions flair when a black officer joins a Cavalry troop fighting the Indians.
Von Ryan's Express (1965) as
Ryan, an American POW, leads his fellow prisoners on a dangerous escape from the Germans in Italy. Having seemingly made errors of judgement, Ryan has to win the support of the mainly British soldiers he is commanding.
Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) as
A Chicago gangster stumbles into philanthropic work during a gang war.
The Steel Claw (1961) as Sergeant
Date with Death (1959) as Slater
Tonka (1958) as Trooper
In Dakota territory in the 1870s, White Bull, a young Sioux, proves his manhood by catching and training a wild colt he names Tonka. When a cruel cousin claims the horse as the privilege of rank, White Bull lets Tonka go. The horse ends up in the hands of a captain in the US cavalry about the time that Sitting Bull gathers the tribes to confront the growing US presence, epitomized by the bigoted General Custer. All paths, including those of White Bull and Tonka, lead to the confluence of the Little and Big Horn rivers.
The Toughest Gun in Tombstone (1958) as Olmstead
A notorious gunman faces a series of challengers determined to out-shoot him.
Badman's Country (1958) as
Four of the frontier west''s famed law officers--Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Pat Garrett and Buffalo Bill--convene to defend the sprouting city of Abilene.
Quantrill's Raiders (1958) as
A Civil War guerilla gang plans an attack on a Kansas arsenal.
Buchanan Rides Alone (1958) as Ivy
Clever gunfighter tangles with a gleefully corrupt family over control of a border town.
Man from God's Country (1958) as Henchman
George Montgomery, Randy Stuart, Gregg Barton, Kim Charney, Susan Cummings. A retired sheriff and his former partner find themselves on opposite sides of the law when local ranchers feud over valuable railroad property.
The Rawhide Trail (1958) as Stagecoach driver
Jess Brady (Rex Reason) and Rupe Pardee (Richard Erdman) are in jail in Gunsight, Texas, blamed for leading a wagon train into a Comanche ambush, and about to be hanged. They protest their innocence and claim that the Indians want to kill them also. The Comanches attack the jail in an effort to capture the prisoners, but are driven off the soldiers of the garrison led by the Captain (Rusty Lane). Expecting another attack, the Captain and a small detail of men move the prisoners out of town in a wagon, but they are under constant surveillance by the Comanches. The detail arrives at a way station the same time as a stage coach carrying Marsha Collins (Nancy Gates), and her fiancee, Farley Durand (Robert Knapp), a government supply officer. All are trapped in the station which is under constant attack by the Indians. Brady and Durand resume a personal battle that dates back to the Civil War when they served together. The wounded Captain decides to gamble on Brady and Pardee, their expierence being the only hope for an escape. In the escape battle, it is revealed that Durand was responisble for the attack on the wagon train, and not Brady and Pardee.
The Dalton Girls (1957) as Sheriff St. Ives
Last of the Bad Men (1957) as Stagecoach driver
Gun Duel in Durango (1957) as Jones
A reformed outlaw takes on his old gang.
The Guns of Fort Petticoat (1957) as Sergeant
A Union deserter helps a group of women fight off an Indian attack.
A Strange Adventure (1956) as McIntyre
7th Cavalry (1956) as Officer
An alleged coward tries to redeem himself by reclaiming General Custer''''s body.
Shotgun (1955) as Greybar
Seven Angry Men (1955) as Overseer
A fanatical abolitionist leads a personal war against slave owners in Kansas.
The Far Horizons (1955) as
Romanticized version of Lewis and Clarks voyage of discovery through the American West.
Wichita (1955) as Cowpuncher
Wyatt Earp fights to straighten out a crooked cow town.
Robbers' Roost (1955) as Slocum
A rancher having 6000 head of cattle to get to market hires two gangs that hate each other. He figues each gang will not let the other rustle the cattle. Tex arrives looking for the man that killed his wife and took his horses. Finding his horses he joins the gang that are now riding them. Caught in the battle between the gangs when one double-crosses the other, he now finds the man he is looking for.
The Outlaw Stallion (1954) as Driver
Hagan is rustling horses lead by a white stallion from a Government restricted area. Young Danny Saunders captures the horse who then kills Hagen's mare. Hagen needs the white stallion and when Danny is hurt during the beaking of the horse, his mother gives the horse to Hagan. Upset, Danny runs away to be with the horse. His mother chases after him and they are both made prisoners when they see Hagan's rustling operation.
Sitting Bull (1954) as Swain
After defeating Custer at the Little Big Horn, the famed chief tries to save an Indian sympathizer from court-martial.
The Great Sioux Uprising (1953) as
Joan Britton, improbably gorgeous frontier horse dealer, and the much less scrupulous Stephen Cook are friendly competitors supplying horses to the Union Army in Wyoming Territory during the Civil War. Southern general Stand Watie, a Cherokee, is rumored to be in the area to stir up the Sioux against the Union, when Cook picks this worst possible moment to steal a herd of Sioux horses. Enter ex-army doctor Jonathan Westgate, who becomes Cook's rival for the love of Joan, opposes his crooked activities...and who alone can prevent a new Indian war.
The Mississippi Gambler (1953) as Henchman
Mark Fallon, with partner Kansas John Polly, tries to introduce honest gambling on the riverboats. His first success makes enemies of the crooked gamblers and of fair Angelique Dureau, whose necklace he won. Later in New Orleans, Mark befriends Angelique's father, but she still affects to despise him as his gambling career brings him wealth. Duelling, tragedy, and romantic complications follow.
Whirlwind (1951) as Bert
Big Jim Lassiter is trying to put together a western crime syndicate, but postal inspector Gene, with the help of agent Burnette (posing as a horse doctor), are out to stop him.
Prairie Roundup (1951) as Masked man
The Texas Rangers (1951) as Outlaw
The head of the Texas Ranger enlists two convicts to track an outlaw band.
Bonanza Town (1951) as Bill Trotter
Using marked bills, Steve is looking for the supposedly dead Henry Hardison. Coming to Bonanza Town he gets a job with the town boss Crag Bozeman and gets paid with marked bills. He suspects Hardison is Boseman's boss and he is right as Hardison and his men are now planning to get rid of both him and the Durango kid.
All the King's Men (1950) as State trooper
A backwoods politician rises to the top only to become corrupted.
Deadline (1948) as Dale

Producer (feature film)

Samar (1962) as Associate Producer
The Steel Claw (1961) as Associate Producer

Stunts (feature film)

Lovelines (1984) as Stunts

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Duel at Diablo (1966) as Asst to the dir
Racial tensions flair when a black officer joins a Cavalry troop fighting the Indians.
Quantrill's Raiders (1958) as Stunts
A Civil War guerilla gang plans an attack on a Kansas arsenal.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (1972) as Stunts
This film chronicles the most daring robbery of the James Younger gang. On September 7, 1876, the gang held up the bank in Northfield, Minnesota which was known at the time as "the biggest bank west of the Mississippi."
Valdez Is Coming (1971) as Stunt Coordinator
An honest marshal is the only man willing to stand against a powerful but ruthless rancher.
Night of the Quarter Moon (1959) as Stunt nurse
A San Francisco society boy learns that his new wife is part-black.
The Light in the Forest (1958) as Fight stunt double for Wendell Corey
A young white boy, raised by Native Americans, is forced to return to white society following the signing of a peace treaty.
Man from God's Country (1958) as Stunts
George Montgomery, Randy Stuart, Gregg Barton, Kim Charney, Susan Cummings. A retired sheriff and his former partner find themselves on opposite sides of the law when local ranchers feud over valuable railroad property.
Westward Ho the Wagons! (1956) as Stunts

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