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Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando



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  • simply the best

    • melissa smith
    • 2017-06-29

    hands down ... the greatest actor in movie history. and by far the best looking. sure wish TCM would show that 2-part "BRANDO" documentary. Please show it soon!!

  • The best ever

    • Steve
    • 2015-03-07

    Marlon Brando gave 3 iconic performances as Stanley Kowalski in ' A Streetcar Named Desire'; Terry Malloy in ' On the Watefront ' and Vito Corleone in ' The Godfather'. He was in other movies that I will not report here as we all know them. Not all of his work was stellar. But how many actors in history can lay claim to performances that revolutionized acting and influenced so many actors. In my opinion, none. Who else could have played the above roles any better and been as memorable?

  • A Young But Adoring Fan

    • BrandosDollBaby
    • 2012-08-29

    I have watched a good deal of films and truly I have always been a person who enjoys something that strikes you as something real in every sense. Marlon has been called a "method" actor a great deal, I really hate this term, it seems this word has been used to stereotype a great many great actors who present themselves in an emotional reality context. Marlon was a "reality" actor and based his performances from ones own habits and his own obeservations on those around him. I know many people observe his performance as Stanley a great deal, but I too must proclaim my admiration for his performance of the animalistic over emotional human being. Marlon was greatly critisized for his mumbling and slurring of words as Stanley, but I myself mumble and its something people do, they don't annunciate every single syallable and speak astoundingly perfect English making Stanley more human and relatable as a person you may know in life. Marlon was extremely attractive in more than a few roles, but I must mention his performance as the charming gambler Sky in Guys and Dolls. He exuded sex appeal each time he strolled onto the screen and just had me fawning, especially whil he seduced Jean Simmons in Havana. I have read "Songs My Mother Taught Me" and have come to fall in love with the man even more so and can't get enough of reading about the intriguing man. If only one could travel back in time, if only if I could sit down with that once rebelious young man, I would probably envetiably fall in love. Marlon Brando is my favorite actor and no matter what you think of the man, he changed the silverscreen with his talent of "reality" acting and will forever be a Legend among the greats.

  • Brando....

    • kyle rhoads
    • 2011-07-11

    one of the best character actors of all time. A true visionary.

  • brando's mutiny

    • jbro
    • 2011-01-02

    I am continually amazed at the number of people who undervalue Brando's performance in Mutiny On the Bounty -- even Robert Osborne has said disparaging things about it. Fletcher Christian is an upper class dandy, and Brando plays him that way. I don't see any problem with showing the cracks in Mr. Christian's veneer when the reality of the ramifications of mutiny starts setting in. He is perfectly believable and convincing.

  • Ego Outshined His Talent

    • spunkylubbock
    • 2010-11-06

    I'll agree Brando had talent, and it was on display in his early success in some truly good films like On the Waterfront and A Streetcar Named Desire. But when Brando's ego took over in the early 60's in my opinion his performances suffered greatly and many films he was in suffered too. I'm trying to watch Bounty again & I just can't stand it. His performance is just awful! I enjoyed Brando in The Godfather but just about everything in between the mid to late 50's and The Godfather in 1972 are of no interest whatsoever to me. No way do I think he's the greatest actor of all time. He's way, way at the back of the line for me.

  • A Different Opinion

    • Dee
    • 2010-09-25

    I am not a fan of "method" acting. It is someone having a temper-tantrum or anger management problem. It is childish and selfish. It is ridiculous to see an adult behave this way even on screen. Marlon Brando was a "method" actor who mumbled and people thought this was cool. He needed speech therapy. I'm tired of watching other actors drool over Marlon Brando. The segment is played over and over. It is silly and annoying. I'm not against anyone being a fan of his or his movies. It is just I am not and no amount of silly drooling by 60s era actors is going to impress me. Balance the amount of time on actor promotions. Are they available on the website for fans?

  • Greatest Actor of All Time

    • Juniper
    • 2010-01-11

    Brando was the greatest actor I've ever seen. He was also the most handsome actor as well. He was so "real" when acting in his early roles, he simply disappeared into the character as easily as a hand slipping into a glove. There is nobody, nor will there ever be anybody, like acting genious.

  • THE actor.

    • Amy
    • 2009-01-25

    I have never seen such an amazing and gorgeous actor. He is by far the most gorgeous man to ever walk this planet. He set the bar for pretty much every actor from 51 forward.

  • Hi

    • tratz456
    • 2008-09-24

    ok marlon brando is a god like the greatest actor that ever lived I love all his movies and he's hot.

  • Greatness

    • eve
    • 2008-09-06

    I had no idea that he was a great actor before the Godfather,but once I seen his biography, man what a talent he was and set the stage for a lot of people and has to see all of his movies!

  • Brando

    • Gigi (AKA Brando Lover)
    • 2008-08-21

    Marlon Brando was the best there ever was!

  • Marlon Brando...

    • Kathy
    • 2008-06-20

    He was a great actor!

  • He is more than a man...a man's man

    • Mike Mayer
    • 2008-05-13

    You will always be the best.

  • The

    • The
    • 2008-05-12

    Just different enough of a man to confuse you, just emotional enough of a man to draw you in.

  • Brando is the BEST!

    • Brando4ever
    • 2007-08-11

    He is my hero!!!! I LOVE this man. I look up to him, idolize him, worship him and am EXTREMELY protective of him!!! He is the most talented human being that'll EVER be!!!! He is so versatile. He is the most incredible human being the in universe! He will always be remembered, loved and respected!!!!!

  • branded by brando

    • hooligan
    • 2007-07-18

    As I child, I found Brando a bit scary! Growing up, I began to enjoy his earthy presence in films. He was a unique and influential presence in films! I had a chance encounter w/ him once - his dog bit me! I never came face to face w/ him, but I still have the signed settlement agreement from him! I know it's his signature, because it matches his handwriting as seen in "Guys and Dolls," when he gives Sister Sarah Brown his marker...!

  • An Amazing Actor , Charming and Gorgeous.

    • Mandy
    • 2007-05-07

    Marlon Brando, to me, is one of Hollywood's most talented and amazing actors of all time. I recently watched "The Wild One" I was completely memerized and intrigued by his tough guy image and as well as his amazing ability to act.

  • im mesmerized by him

    • andylynn20
    • 2007-05-04

    i just think that he was one of the most gorgous looking and talented people that ive ever seen and i wish i couldve met him

  • A superstar, innovator and icon

    • Bruce R.
    • 2007-05-03

    One actor did more to change film acting than any other in Hollywood history. His name is Marlon Brando. He tore the silver screen apart with powerful, raw emotion and a type of acting never seen before in classic films such as "Streetcar Named Desire", "The Wild One" and "On The Waterfront". He was the prototype for a new generation of actors who followed him. Brando will live forever!

  • Dayum Marlon is Hot :]

    • Mia
    • 2007-05-01

    Okay, so sometimes I wonder what makes a legend a legend. Because in our daily lives, we meet "regular" people who we consider legends. But aren't we all normal? I mean thats what the actors today say. We are all normal and regular people! I do think that once every 2000 years, there comes a person who is a legend, or even more significant than the regular people. Well 2000 years ago, it was Jesus, and about 3 years ago, we had Marlon. I think I figured out what it is about him that makes him so...there? Well we've all heard it, but this time think about it. He can actually portrait emotions we can't. Yeah you know, us, the "regular" people. Haha. We don't show sorrow, or shame like him. We don't tend to look to the side with our eyes almost drowning in a sea of depression, because we are sometimes afraid that people will read our emotion. But with him, even though the movie is planned for the actor to not read his emotion, we as the audience read it, but automatically ignore it. It's that. He's poetic almost. His ability to make us do what we usually would not. It's something cool or charming that makes us fall in love with the character or want to be him, just like in school. Some say its the black and white, it creates the cool effect, but no. I think it was him.

  • Simply Brando

    • Maria
    • 2007-04-21

    Only 2,000 words? Do they not understand it would take more then 2,000 words to describe a man like Brando? Even his name screams out to me! MARLON BRANDO! When he is up on screen you never take your eyes off him, and its almost as if you don't dare to. Don't take your eyes off Brando, no sir. To me, and hopefully to most, Marlon Brando is THE greatest actor to walk this earth. Being an actress I can only hope to have 1/100 of the talent he had! Pure Genius! There is so much to say, and yet I can't find the words. So I'll make it simple. Simply, Brando.

  • Greatest Actor...

    • movielover11
    • 2006-09-19

    Marlon Brando was the greatest actor. He had charisma, versatily and a naturalness about his acting style that makes him "slip" into every role he's played as if he were really that character. His performances in "On The Waterfront" and "Streetcar Named Desire" were the best I've ever seen. He was riveting and electrifying on the screen. There will never be another actor who can compare to the extraordinary Marlon Brando.

  • Brando

    • Joe
    • 2006-09-16

    Easily one of the greatest actors.

  • My favorite actor

    • Mike
    • 2006-08-07

    Marlon Brando has to be my favorite actor. In a documentary, one his co-stars said, "You just couldn't take your eyes off of him." He was right. He influenced so many actors today and of yesterday. Clark Gable is the "king of the movies," but Brando is my favorite. It's opposite ends of the spectrum, but Joan Crawford is my favorite actress, Marlon Brando is my favorite actor. He's arguably one of the greatest actors ever.

  • The Greatest Actor Alive

    • Tyler
    • 2006-07-07

    The first time I saw Marlon Brando was in "On the Waterfront". After I saw it i rented it and watched it 10 times. The Action and adventure.

  • my favorite

    • 2006-03-13

    I like Marlon Brando for his great acting. In my opinion he is the best actor of our time. I dont miss any of his films, could you play some more. I would like to see Mutiny on the Bounty. Thanks

  • Marlon is the man

    • John
    • 2006-02-03

    Marlon Brando, in my opinion, has to be considered one of the best, if not the greatest actor of all time. He's the man, there's no denying it. Definately influenced many and changed the face of acting forever. He just the kind of guy everyman wants to be.


    • mg
    • 2006-01-20

    Marlon Brando is the greatesteven at hhis worst! Why aren't some of his top films shown on TCM? i.e. Viva Zapata!, A Streetcar Named Desire, One-Eyed Jacks and his first, The Men. Let's have more of this legendary actor!

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