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Olivia De Havilland

Olivia De Havilland



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  • Superb Lady

    • Linda Lee Evans
    • 2016-07-02

    Olivia de Havilland is unforgettable ....wonderfully fine actress with essence of femininity. I love her in all the movies she did. Quite sure she and Errol Flynn were soulmates, though they never married or even had a complete love affair, despite their true love and admiration for each other. Such a fine pair ....both more 5th dimensional than most people. Happy 100th birthday Olivia! You are so beloved and fine. May you realize your dream of living to 110, and may we always be grateful to have known your talent, your womanliness, your generosity in giving us so much. Love, Linda Lee

  • One Classy Lady

    • lovelyolivia
    • 2016-07-01

    Beautiful,liked her so much better than Joan!Hope she's enjoying a lovely b'day,100!,today!God Bless,Ms Olivia!

  • what a voice!

    • hermann
    • 2011-06-19

    A wonderful actress, I love her, but in particular I want to mention her voice. I think it is the most beautiful speaking voice in all of cinema. (Vivian Leigh in That Hamilton Woman is also a breathtaking sound, but not as consistently so in other movies. And those that mention Greer Garson in this category aren't really considering the issue thoroughly. Still more asides...leading actress with the most unattractive voice? I say Katherine Hepburn.) Hey TCM -- Will you ever again show Hold Back the Dawn? So many years since you last presented it. Such a great film.

  • Amazing Actress!

    • Olivia fan!
    • 2011-04-14

    She is one of the most amazing actresses ever! She is such an inspiration.

  • all time favorite!!

    • Allen
    • 2011-04-04

    Robert- I would give anything to have you screen one of her early films with Richard Burton.... My Cousin Rachel... For all of you who love her movies....let me know how I can get it.. Sincerely, Allen

  • Love this

    • Lenn
    • 2010-08-28

    This is one of those movies if not for TCM I would never have had the good graces to have seen. Olivia de Havilland plays such a fragile, demure , vulnerable and sweet character. I melt when I watch this, I just want to reach through the screen and hugs her so hard. A strange reaction for me to have for a star of a movie made 8 years before I was born. It is so good to see she is alive, I hope she is in reasonable health and has a strong mind. Lenn

  • Shes the one and only

    • D.William Mattox
    • 2010-01-21

    Just wished I could have met and talked with her before either of us passing, If it were possible to personally have met anyone who ever lived she would be 2nd only to Christ himself

  • A Good Actress

    • Riccardo
    • 2009-11-09

    A good actress of the studio era...she's remembered mostly for her roles with Eroll Flynn. there on scree chemistry is tender and affecting.


    • 2009-11-02


  • Fantastic

    • krikor
    • 2009-10-03

    A great actress and one who will talk and listen to you sincerely, if you ever have the opportunity. A person of great warmth who I would enjoy meeting again.

  • My fave

    • Emily
    • 2009-07-12

    I have to say I am EXTREMELY disappointed in TCM for not including Olivia de Havilland in Summer under the Stars! She always used to have a day! And I'll also briefly mention that Katherine Hepburn is not among the lineup either..... She made so many wonderful films and she seems to be so under appreciated, and I'm actually a little upset about it! Even if you had done a day devoted to the movies she made with Errol Flynn I would've been happy! Here's my lineup: The Heiress The Snake Pit The Adventures of Robin Hood To Each His Own Dodge City Devotion Gone With the Wind A Midsummer Night's Dream They Died with Their Boots On The Light in the Piazza ...and SO MANY MORE!! She didn't even get acknowledged on her birthday. For shame, TCM.

  • You will NEVER go out of style in in film history!

    • Grace W.
    • 2009-07-05

    I love your movies, and I hope you like living in Paris!!!

  • Happy 93rd Birthday!

    • Steimo2
    • 2009-07-01

    May you have many more - you will always the first lady of the siver screen!

  • Simply the BEST!

    • Steve S.
    • 2009-06-16

    The most beautiful and talented actress of Hollywood's Golden Age!

  • a leader among women

    • H.Cixous
    • 2009-06-09

    between bette davis and olivia de havilland contract law in hollywood was changed in favor of actors. while swashbuicklers, machismos, gunslingers, gangsters and casanova men actors were caught in the same contractual traps, they weren't the brave enough to come forth, risk their careers or take on the major filmmaking studio system. two young women who worked together frequently and became close friends for life achieved that landmark law change with back to back lawsuits. the "de havilland law" profitted every actor fromn the moment it was enacted. this is the type of image of women that became revolutionary. while many of de havilland's characters were the oppressed women, she managed to sweet talk her way beyond social barriers in such films. there really isn't a way to express our debt of gratitude to de havilland, even though she's in her ninth decade of life, except to acknowledge what impact her work has had on us now, the present which was once the future to her. there's still another future that de havilland's films will influence.

  • Terrific Woman Actor with Class & Style

    • ZZZIZ
    • 2009-06-08

    One of the great Hollywood Golden Era woman actors, Olivia de Havilland is more than an actor who played terrific characters in wonderful films. She changed the way the filmmaking industry could treat actors. I'm sure that the "de Havilland Law" made a lot of difference in the quality of films that were produced. I'm glad she's still alive and would love to have another opportunity to hear her speak. Her speaking voice is what charmed me so.

  • Charming, Beautiful & Versatile

    • Steve
    • 2009-06-08

    From "The Strawberry Blonde" and "Princess O'Rourke" to "The Snake Pit" and "The Heiress" Ms. De Havilland could do it all! Simply, the best!

  • Not Simply Sweet

    • DrMD
    • 2009-06-08

    Whenever people mention Olivia de Havilland, I find she's usually typecast as a sweet, gentle "Gone with the Wind," Millie. Oh no, de Havilland's the one who sued the Warners after her dear friend Bette Davis did and won; she's the sister of Joan Fontaine (both of whom are still alive) and for 8 decades they've been rivals; this is the great character actor who played Miriam Dearing, who tried to drive her cousin Charlotte over the edge insane, in what I consider to be the best horror film ever made, "Hush...Hush Sweet Charlotte." Think again!! This is an acting legend who could put on a variety of faces and had one heck of a spine to take on a major studio. Can't you just see de Havilland and Davis having a cocktail dishing about the men in their lives? Love to have been a fly on that wall.

  • Beauty

    • Kirk
    • 2008-12-15

    so Elegant

  • Under rated Olivia

    • Mary Bordwell
    • 2008-10-27

    I think she is under rated. Could do many types if offered. Think of Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte......and you missed a relationship in your biography of her. Errol Flynn....did you ever hear her tell of filming the scene in Robin Hood where he climbs the castle walls where Marian is being held prisoner? How she tweeked him a bit and kept muffing the words so she got to keep kissing him passionately till HE had to take a break.....She smiled recalling that one. What lies under that demur face.....a woman....


    • Mark
    • 2008-07-01

    Happy Birthday Olivia. And your fans hope you have many more.

  • One of the Greatest

    • Scarlett
    • 2007-12-12

    I do truly believe that Olivia de Havilland is one the greatest actresses of all time. I just love her. Her movies are always so fun to watch and they never get old. She was such a skilled actress. And SO beautiful! She and Errol Flynn had PERFECT chemistry together!

  • Olivia

    • Betsy
    • 2007-11-13

    To me, her acting is very grande dame-ish and overly dramatic. She thought herself quite the diva.

  • Olivia is a talented, beautiful woman.

    • Chloe
    • 2007-11-10

    Beautiful and Talented. She is just an amazing woman and actress. I love her and Errol Flynn together, they are the most beautiful on-screen couples, and they are my favorite. I love, love, love her in The Heiress, she is so wonderful!!! Please TCM play more of her films. Fantastic lady!

  • Please TCM play more of her movies...

    • Trishaa
    • 2007-10-22

    I would really also love to see the large line of films that Olivia has portrayed>>>>She is absolutely FANTABULOUS. Is the anyway that I could email her? I would love to get a correspondence from her. I have got to be one of her Biggest/Loyalist followers. She is by far a "Time Beauty". She just radiates...even today. Olivia still has that inner/definately the Outer Beauty... She has found the Fountain of "YOUTH". Thanks for you terrific contributions to the art of Acting. My Idol for sure. Would love to see a photo of her daughter....She must be beautiful just like her Mum. Please help me to contact her>>>>>>> Forward my review/comments to her. It would make my life complete to be able to have any contact with her @ all. I am sickly.....don't come out of the house>>>>>This would be such a wonderful treat>If @ all possible. I love Olivia,,,,,,always and forever. God Bless/Keep you "PRETTY WOMAN".

  • Fabulously Gorgeous/Snazzy Lady

    • Trishaa
    • 2007-10-22

    Olivia has played so many excellent roles throughout the years. She is absolutely terrific in all that she has portrayed. I endear her elegance, poise, beauty, resilence. She has great range with all of her roles. By far throughout the years of all Actors/Actresses she is MY "FAVORITE GAL". She still looks ever so elegant @ 91>>>>>Who would believe it. She comes across as a very warm, caring, loving person. God Bless you Olivia and Keep you always. Happy, Happy Birthday to a timeless Beauty. I would love to get an email from her. It would be my greatest Happiness in life. Please forward to her if @ all possible. I love Olivia.....she is indelibly etched in my mind and soul....with all her fabulous roles.

  • Olivia De Havilland

    • Babs
    • 2007-08-20

    I just heard Ms. De Havilland turned 91 recently and would like to wish her well. Is there a way to send her a message. She is my favorite actress and would like her to know that she still has a huge following. Thank you!

  • My Favorite Actress!

    • Lily
    • 2007-04-29

    Olivia De Havilland is the best and most beautiful actress! I love all her films and I wish TCM would play her films more often. I never get tired of watching her.

  • Amazing, outstanding

    • Brittney
    • 2007-01-02 Havilland is amazing in any role she plays , she has had numerous roles, from a sweet Melanie to a crazy cousin in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte....Her talent is just magnificent

  • Top Of Her Craft

    • ErrolFan08
    • 2006-12-06

    Ms. de Havilland does not get enough credit and respect. She is one of the greatest of all time and I never get tired of watching her. She is so stunning on film and what she does in The Heiress is tour de force! I find something new and exciting everytime i watch her in that role. Well deserved 2nd oscar.

  • A wonderfull lady to watch

    • Claudette
    • 2006-12-05

    A woman like this to watch is a true treat, she just hookes you into the character and leaves you breathless. she is so great.

  • Terrific.

    • BrvaesGal
    • 2006-10-03

    Greatest actress of the silver screen.

  • Olivia is the best of the best

    • tal farlow
    • 2006-08-18

    See It's Love I'm After. This movie is so funny. It has Leslie Howard and Bette Davis along with Olivia. What a trio. Fast paced with lots of laughs. Olivia played so many different roles and each was perfect. Her voice just makes me melt. Strawberry Blond is also great. Rita is second string to Olivia.

  • suberp in every quality

    • rachel gibson
    • 2006-07-24

    Miss DeHavilland I believe is extremely wonderful to watch in all her roles. Though she was primarily a co-star to Errol Flynn in adventure films , in the beginning, she went on to make several serious films including The Heiress.

  • Wonderful !

    • Kim
    • 2006-07-15

    Olivia De Havilland is one of my favorite actresses! She is so beautiful and is such an amazing actress.

  • Olivia and Bette - Warner girls are best

    • james jazz man
    • 2006-07-03

    Olivia typically played strong women. This is what makes here so great. She also did things right in that she kept learning and learning until she hit a peak after Warner let her get away (bad move jack), between 46 - 49. This is what of the best runs by any actress (except for the Bette run in late 30 \ early 40). Funny that Warner is known for the great men (Cagney, Bogart), but also had the best women actors. Olivia is #1 in my book. See GWTW again and it was very clear why!

  • Wonderful Actress with great range

    • Nell
    • 2006-06-25

    I love olivia de havilland, She had wonderful range from playing comedies like Government girl to dramatic roles like melanie in gone with the wind and the woman in snake pit. she was beautiful and one of the few classy ladies of her time.

  • Amazing...

    • Emily
    • 2006-05-17

    Olivia de Havilland is probably the greatest actress I've ever seen onscreen. Unfortunately, she is often overlooked...I wish that TCM would play more of her movies, (and not the same three movies multiple times!) I havn't seen "To Each His Own" in years, and I would LOVE to see it again. I've also heard of some of her other movies that I would like to see, like "Devotion", for example. And while I love "The Heiress" and "Gone with the Wind", she's done soooo much more! I would love to see a REAL tribute to this incredible actress.

  • Great actress who is often overlooked

    • John
    • 2006-05-12

    Olivia de Havilland is one of my all-time favorite actresses. Unlike other stars of her generation, she has not properly received the recognition that is due her. It's about time that Hollywood and the film community give this wonderful actress and human being the accolades she so richly deserves.

  • My all-time favorite

    • Russ
    • 2006-05-12

    I don't think Olivia has ever truly been given her due as an actress. I think her work is far superior to Bette Davis, who is over-rated and her performances often excessively theatrical and over the top. Olivia was capable of subtlety and restraint, yet had tremendous range and skill...her performances in The Heiress and Snake Pit are especially noteworthy. TCM should come up with a documentary celebrating Olivia's work (as they did recently with Davis).

  • My all-time favorite

    • Bill Ellis
    • 2006-05-11

    DeHavilland mastered subtlety at a time when major stars often overdid it. She had natural refinement and elegance but was remarkably versatile. One look from her could speak volumes - how many moments in the entire history of film match her look in GWTW as Melanie sees a visitor out of the corner of her eye and realizes it's Ashley returning? When she did speak, the vocal nuances border on the miraculous. As if all that weren't enough, she was extraordinarily beautiful (but didn't hesitate to be made plain if that suited the role). WHEN will Paramount (or Universal) give us DVDs of her two Oscar-winning performances??

  • Great actress and a personal favorite.

    • Neil
    • 2006-05-03

    Have been a lifelong fan of this great actress and just wrote a two-part article on her for "Classic Images", appearing in the March and April issues '06. Even in her early films ("The Adventures of Robin Hood", "Gone with the Wind"), she gave every film role class and distinction. No one else quite like her.

  • Olivia

    • Cecilia
    • 2006-05-02

    enjoyed her in gone with the wind. my favorite.


    • 2006-04-24


  • Olivia is my girl!

    • Regina L. White
    • 2006-03-16

    I have watched almost every movie Olivia has played in and I am never disappointed. She is the best and one of the most beautiful actresses of her time and today! I never get tired of her pictures and I she's just as stunning today as she was in the days of her films. Thank you Olivia for making movies wonderful to watch. Regina

  • Fabulous Actress

    • Linda
    • 2006-03-13

    The best of the best!

  • Superlative actress

    • Sammy
    • 2006-02-01

    My favorite actress!

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