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Gordon De Main

Gordon De Main


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Cast (feature film)

Lady Bodyguard (1943) as Second director
A.C.Baker (Anne Shirley), advertising executive for an insurance company, approaches test pilot Terry Moore (Eddie Albert) with a proposition that in return for using his picture and endorsement he will get a paid-for-a-year $1000 policy. High-risk Terry agrees. George MacAlister (Roger Pryor) fires his secretary, Miss Tracy (Mary Treen), just as she is typing up the policy and she, for spite, changes the amount from a thousand dollars to one million dollars. A.C. delivers the policy, without noticing the difference, to Terry at a party at the Frolics Club, a cheap joint wedged between a burlesque house and a flop house hotel. Three characters, an elderly hat-check "girl" known as Mother Hodges (Maude Eburne); Avery Jamieson (Raymond Walburn), a broken-down actor; and bartender Harry Gargan (Edward Brophy) are named beneficiaries. When the company discovers the error, A.C. is sent to get back the policy and, pending that, don't let Terry make any test flights.
Chatterbox (1943) as Assistant
I Married a Witch (1942) as Man with Masterson
A 300-year-old witch wreaks havoc when she falls in love with a young politician.
West of Tombstone (1942) as Wilfred Barnet [Billy the Kid]
This Gun for Hire (1942) as Superintendent
A hired killer dodges police while tracking down the enemy agents who tried to frame him.
The Mad Monster (1942) as Professor Fitzgerald
A mad scientist''''s experiments turn an innocent man into a nocturnal killer.
Call Out the Marines (1942) as Wise money man
Two old Marine Corps pals re-enlist and end up fighting over the same woman.
Overland to Deadwood (1942) as George Bullock
Cash Quinlan (Norman Willis), owner of the Quinlan Hauling Company, is the leader behind a band of raiders, who have been robbing stagecoaches between Mesquite and Deadwood, in an effort to drive his competitors out of business so that he will be able to get the railroad franchise for himself. The only outfit still left is one owned by Linda Banning (Leslie Brooks.) Steve Prescott (Charles Starrett) and Lucky Chandler (Russell Hayden)stop a holdup of a Banning stage and offer the girl their services. They are lodged in her barn, along with Harmony Hobbs (Cliff Edwards), when Quinlan's men set it on fire, but Steve recognizes one of the outlaws. Convinced he must use strategy to trap Quinlan, Steve picks a fight with Lucky and the, after losing it, goes to Quinlan stating he wants revenge against Lucky and Miss Banning, and asks to drive Quinlan's stage in the race to determine which line gets the franchise. Quinlan, though, suspects a trick and puts a broken axel-pin on Steve's wagon. He also has a dynamite charge placed in the stage driven by Lucky and then, has another one of his men drive a third stage.
King of the Stallions (1942) as Pop Clark
Time Out for Rhythm (1941) as Theatrical producer
The producers of a musical each hire different women to star.
Hold Back the Dawn (1941) as Second immigration guard
A gigolo flees Nazi occupation and sets his sights on a shy schoolteacher who happens to be a US citizen.
Thundering Hoofs (1941) as Dave Underwood
A young man fights to keep his father from cheating the owner of a stagecoach line.
Appointment for Love (1941) as Jason
Charming Andre Cassil woos physician Jane Alexander and the two impulsively get married. The honeymoon ends very quickly when Jane voices her progressive views on marriage which include the two having separate apartments. Andre then tries to make his wife jealous in order to lure her into his bedroom.
Henry Aldrich for President (1941) as Police chief
Adventure in Washington (1941) as Senator Day
International Lady (1941) as Denby
Submarine D-1 (1937) as Officer
Recruits on a new submarine fall for the same girl.
Espionage (1937) as Foreign man
Rival reporters fight off spies while vying to interview a munitions tycoon.
Murder in Greenwich Village (1937) as Capt. Bates
An heiress enlists a photographer to help clear her name of a murder charge.
A Fight to the Finish (1937) as District Attorney
Painted Stallion, The (1937)
The period is the 1820's and the first wagon train leaves Independence heading west to Santa Fe. In order to maintain his power, the ruthless Official at Santa Fe must not let them arrive and he sends out his men to stop them. The wagon train then has to endure repeated attacks but is aided by a mysterious rider that shoots singing arrows and rides a painted stallion.
The Last Train from Madrid (1937) as Gonzales
The story of seven people: their lives and love affairs in Madrid during the Civil War.
The Whole Town's Talking (1935) as
A gangster hides from the law by trading places with a mild-mannered double.
Behind the Evidence (1935) as Captain Graham
The Best Man Wins (1935) as Salvage boss
The Lucky Texan (1934) as Sheriff Miller
Jerry Mason (Wayne), a young Texan, and Jake Benson (Hayes), an old rancher, become partners and strike it rich with a gold mine. They then find their lives complicated by bad guys and a woman.
The Lawless Frontier (1934) as Miller
Two gunmen team up to take on a Mexican bandit who''''s done them both wrong.
Mystery Liner (1934) as Bryson
An Army major tries to catch enemy agents on an ocean liner.
Port of Lost Dreams (1934) as First dock detective
Beggars in Ermine (1934) as Police captain
John Dawson loses control of his factory when he is crippled in an accident caused by a rival. Destitute, he travels the country organizing the homeless to help him regain control of his steel mill.
The Gay Bride (1934) as Sergeant
A gold digger tries to get ahead by marrying a succession of ill-fated racketeers.
Million Dollar Ransom (1934) as Gambling house proprietor
Helldorado (1934) as Assayer
Wonder Bar (1934) as First detective
The denizens of a Parisian night club deal with murder and romance.
Stingaree (1934) as Prince of Wales
An Australian bandit kidnaps an opera singer and falls in love with her.
Chained (1934) as S. S. offical
A kept woman finds herself drawn to a charismatic South American rancher.
We Live Again (1934) as Jury forman
A Russian nobleman discovers the peasant girl he once seduced has turned to crime.
Now I'll Tell (1934) as Fight announcer
Golden is a two-bit gambler who has promised wife Virginia he'll quit when he makes $200,000. When he fixes a fight he gets mobster Mossiter mad, then loses his fortune to him. He pawns his wife's jewels and takes out an insurance policy on himself.
The Firebird (1934) as Policeman
A young girl''''s secret romance is exposed when her lover is murdered.
The Dude Bandit (1933) as Dad Mason
Fighting Texans (1933) as Julian Nash
Nash makes fast talking salesman Graves the manager of a new oil well being drilled. Graves continues his sales pitch getting the townspeople to buy shares in the well. When Nash arrives, shuts down the well, takes the money and leaves, and the angry mob starts to gather, Graves is in trouble.
High Gear (1933) as
Devil's Mate (1933) as Butler
The Return of Casey Jones (1933) as McFarland
Rainbow Ranch (1933) as Sheriff
The Fugitive (1933) as Nicholson
Crashin' Broadway (1933) as Sheriff Jenks
Three Musketeers, The (1933)
Tom Wayne rescues Clancy, Renard and Schmidt in the Arabian desert and they join him in going after El Shasta, a bad guy who is never seen as he tries to wipe out the Foreign Legion.
The Forty-Niners (1932) as Jed Hawkins
No Living Witness (1932) as Eddie Schrabe
Single-Handed Sanders (1932) as
The cattlemen send a note to Judge Jim Parker (Gordon DeMain as G. D. Woods) warning him to quit giving credit to the homesteaders, whom they assert, are ruining the range. Parker declares that his store will continue to give credit to the homesteaders and, incensed at his defiance, the cattlemen kill him. As he is dying, he tells his daughter Alice (Margaret Morris) and Matt Sanders (Tom Tyler), honest blacksmith, to carry on the fight to protect the homesteaders. Matt declares that he will, with the assistance of his brother, Phillip (Robert Manning), who is expected back from law school after an absence of many years. Phillip returns and is elected Judge by mostly the homesteaders vote. He is pleased with his new position, and also pleased with the friendship of Senator Graham (John Elliott) who holds out the bait of election to the Governor's chair if he will betray the homesteaders. He persuades Alice to mortgage her water rights to Senator Graham in order to have the money to extend further credit to the homesteaders. Despite several machinations by Graham and the cattlemen, mostly blocked by Matt, the homesteaders make a bumper crop and pay Alice back. Taking the money to the bank so she will have it in time to meet Graham's note, a galloping rider takes it from her. Snowflake (Fred Toones), who works for Matt, tells him of a conversation he overheard between Phillip and Graham when he was delivering a newly-shod horse to the Senator that reveals the Senator and Phillip connived to have the money stolen, so the mortgage can be foreclosed, and drive out the homesteaders. Matt refuses to believe the story, but finds proof in Phillip's desk. Matt and Phillip fight, with Matt winning and then going to rally the homesteaders to prevent the cattlemen from taking over.
The Western Code (1932) as Sheriff Purdy
Lucky Larrigan (1932) as
Typical of the Trem Carr-produced Monogram westerns starring Rex Bell, this one opens in the East with Craig Larrigan (Rex Bell)as a polo-playing playboy who has no use for the West nor the western way of life. Rancher Jess Bailey (John Elliott), accompanied by his daughter Virginia (Helen Foster), comes east to get his eastern-business partner John Larrigan (Wilfred Lucas, who despite the usually incorrect source that thinks so, did not direct this film)to advance him more money to keep their rustler-plagued ranch afloat, and Craig and Virginia strike up a romance, which is going nowhere fast because of his elitist attitude. The contrived motivation to get the Bell character out west makes less sense than usual, and the incidents that follow carry no logic either.
From Broadway to Cheyenne (1932) as
When Owens' gang shoots it out in a New York nightclub, detective Breezy Kildare is wounded. After he recovers he takes a vacation at his father's ranch in Wyoming. Here he meets Owens again and finds him running a protection racket. When Breezy tries to stop him, Owens makes plans to eliminate Breezy.
Behind Jury Doors (1932) as [Dr.] Emil Lanfield
Heart Punch (1932) as Benton
The Cowboy Counsellor (1932) as State's attorney
The Montana Kid (1931) as Sheriff Barclay
Larson cheats Burke at cards, has him sign over the deed to his ranch disguised as an IOU, and then kills him in a supposedly fair gunfight. This sends Bill Denton into action and he robs Larson and his henchman Gabby until he has enough money to buy back the ranch. When Larson realizes he received his own money back, both Larson and his men and the Marshal go after Denton.
Galloping Thru (1931) as
Producer Trem Carr would remake this film at Lone Star/Monogram in 1935 as "The Dawn Rider" with John Wayne, and again in 1938 at Universal as "Western Trails" with Bob Baker. The local express agent, the father of Tom McGuire (Tom Tyler), is killed during a robbery. In the chase that follows Tom is wounded and taken by his friend, Sandy Thompson (Al Bridge as Alan Bridge), to the home of Janice Warren (Betty Mack) to recover. Janice and Tom soon fall in love, and that brings complications as Sandy is also in love with Janice, and Tom believes that her brother Cliff (Gordon DeMain as G. D. Woods), is one of the gang members that robbed the express office. Cliff challenges Tom to a shoot-out in the street. Tom accepts, not knowing that his guns have been emptied by the jealous Sandy. The latter, in a change of heart, steps into the duel and shoots Cliff just before he is shot down from ambush by saloon owner Willis (Stanley Blystone), the secret leader of the gang. Willis is captured by Tom and Tom takes Sandy to the doctor (Si Jenks.) Cliff confesses before dying to his role in the robbery, and Tom and Janice are reconciled.
Son of the Plains (1931) as Sheriff
The Ridin' Fool (1931) as Sheriff Anderson
Mother and Son (1931) as Joe Connors
Forgotten Women (1931) as Walrus
Two Fisted Justice (1931) as Huston
Ships of Hate (1931) as First mate
Rider of the Plains (1931) as Sheriff
Headin' North (1930) as Foreman
Having helped his father escape the law, Jim Curtis heads north with the Marshal chasing him. He and his pal Snicker elude the Marshall by changing clothes with two actors. Now forced to do vaudeville skits, Jim finds the man responsible for his and his father's problem working in the same saloon.
Men Are Like That (1930) as Rogers
Young Eagles (1930) as Major Lewis
The Marriage Playground (1929) as Mr. Delafield
Why Leave Home? (1929) as Roy
In the Shadow (1915) as
Continuing the story-line which unfolded in "Kill Bill Vol. I," this is a revenge tale of an expert assassin, called The Bride, who sets out on a quest to wreak vengeance upon her former employer, Bill, and other members of their assassin circle, for shooting her on the day of her wedding--along w
The Toll of Mammon (1914) as Dr. John Wright
The Path Forbidden (1914) as Curtis Holmes
When Fate Leads Trump (1914) as Gordon

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