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Joan Fontaine

Joan Fontaine



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  • Best Actress

    • Avi
    • 2014-06-15

    I very much enjoyed watching Ms. Fontaine on the silver screen. She exemplified inner beauty with an innocence about her especially in her role in Rebecca. I believe her intelligence made her the best actress of Hollywood's Golden Age. I just watched Rebecca again and can't get over her stage presence. She will truly be missed. R.I.P.

  • Thank you

    • amytris
    • 2013-12-16

    Thank you for all you shared with us. I saw 'letter from an unknown woman' when i was15, and i have never forgotten!I was sad but then I felt happy for you, Ms. Fontaine, to be free again, and I wish you not 'rest in peace', but have a ball!!! I can just imagine the smiles and reunions up there.....hope to see you when i finally get there too...Love from Amytris.

  • Sweet Dreams

    • Apple
    • 2013-12-16

    Although I could not stay long, my lips have kissed your heart, remember that I love you still, even though I had to part. God wanted me home with him, for my work here was complete, hard to believe from someone, who walked with such tiny feet, this is somehow in his will, do not be sad & please don't cry. He must have known that you needed me, this is only for a short while, not good-bye. So remember that I have kissed your heart. And I love you more than you can see, An angel for you to love in heaven, This was how it was meant to be

  • Exceptional Film Actress

    • Marie
    • 2013-08-07

    She is great at her craft. May God be with her always. I want closeness and love between her and her sister.

  • Simply the best

    • Michelle
    • 2013-03-14

    Joan fountained was the most innocent faced lady I ever seen on the silver screen. She has, a child like innocence, that no other actress has ever possessed. I think that she was very under rated in Hollywood, and deserved more recognition, than what she got. I loved all her movies, but the one that stands out in my mind is suspicion, She is simply the best!!!

  • Brilliant Actress

    • Courtney
    • 2011-08-14

    Joan Fontaine is a wonderful actress. I don't want to say that she was living her acting career in the shadow of her sister, Olivia de Havilland, but in a way she was. Apparently nothing can be said about Miss Fontaine, without mentioning her sister in the next breath. But in my opinion, her career as an actress was established enough, that it shouldn't be compared to anyone's. And if you do want to compare the two, it should be said that Joan Fontaine possessed a sort of vulnerability when she acted that Olivia unfortunately never had. She always seemed relatable. Miss Fontaine is terribly underrated.


    • 2011-07-12

    Have Joan Fontaine weeks forever!--Bill Michaels-79-been there done it all!

  • Lovely Joan

    • Courtney
    • 2011-06-20

    Joan's an amazing actress. I always thought she was underrated though. Rebecca, Suspicion, and my favorite, Jane Eyre are just a couple of great films she did. Defiantly deserves more credit!

  • Grand Actress, Great Star

    • David Atkins
    • 2011-02-26

    Sleek and Beautiful Joan Fontaine Academy Award Winning Star worked with Laurence Olivier, Alfred Hitchcock, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Jennifer Jones, George Stevens, Cary Grant, Henry King, Bob Hope, Robert Taylor, among many other film professionals in a long and celebrated career. Classic performances in films such as Rebecca, and Suspicion made Ms. Fontaine a star of the first rank. A film of Ms. Fontaine's I can recommend is Tender Is The Night a beautiful film both quickly released by 20th and scorned at the time by some film critics, seen today a lovely film beautifully produced and acted by Four Oscar Winning stars: Jennifer Jones, Jason Robards, Joan Fontaine and Paul Lukas. The haunting theme is memorable. Sibling and younger sister of Oscar Winner Olivia De Havilland both Olivia and Joan are Oscar Winners and said to be still feuding.

  • Great and Lovely Actress

    • Cynthia
    • 2010-10-16

    Ms. Joan Fontaine is one of the finest, subtle but sensitive actress of all time. She really makes a moving performance and I would say that her loveliness and beauty doesn't get in the way of her screen performance. I became an instant fan after watching Rebecca on DVD this year. I can watch this movie over and over again and still find it refreshing, worth watching. This is her best. She is also great in Letters of an Unknown Woman and Ivy. To the reviewers who hate her. Please don't. Try to watch her movies in You-tube. And you'll find yourself admiring her.Imagine from the 1940s to the 21st century she's still very much appreciated just like her equally great sis Ms. Olivia de Havilland who I also admire. Mabuhay!

  • Lovely, Gifted Actress

    • Dani
    • 2010-09-30

    It's telling that her only negative review comes from a nameless individual who's clearly incapable of forming a coherent sentence. Joan Fontaine's consistently radiant, sensitive performances easily eclipse the work of her sister, who (with the possible exception of "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte") typically simpered her way through every film, smiling benignly and clinging to the hero's arm. Joan proved many times over that she was far more than a pretty face, and her intellect added depth to every role.

  • Quality Actress

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-09-28

    Joan's performance in "Rebecca" and "Suspicion" are both Oscar caliber. I would have voted for her in both films. Not only could she act but played Golf and was a pilot, and to top it off had an IQ of 160.

  • Terrific Actress

    • Alexa
    • 2010-09-16

    I don't know how would take the time to say they "hate" someone based on sweetness levels, odd. I found her a lovely and engaging actress.

  • ewwwww

    • no name please
    • 2010-04-06

    I hate her! Olivia is so much better she's mildly sweet Joan's saccharine

  • A Good Actress

    • Riccardo
    • 2009-11-09

    Fontaine was a good actress, but should not objectively be considered one of the greatest actress of the studio era. It's just not right to put here in the same category with the greats.

  • Simply one of the greatest

    • Hershal
    • 2009-06-21

    She is a fine actress, talentest and beautiful. Love her in Ivy, September Affair, This Above All, Letter from an Unknown Woman and of course other, including Rebecca and Suspicion.

  • A Genius' Acting Career

    • DrMD
    • 2009-06-08

    As I write this it's amazing to know Joan Fontaine is alive! I can still see her in the WWII tear-jerker, "Until They Sail," the interracial relationship with Sidney Poitier in "Island in the Sun," with Cary Grant in "Suspicion," with Sir Laurence Olivier in the all time great "Rebecca," and oh so many more fabulous films. These films of Fontaine's are among some of the best that were made in the 20th century. Watching her act was is like watching a great painter create a classic. If she were able now, I'd love to see her in one more film. Perhaps that's too much to ask.

  • Superb Actor, Brilliant Person

    • f2008ilmzzz
    • 2009-06-08

    It's so obvious that Joan Fontaine has had a legendary acting career. Even moreso, she's led a beautiful life. Her films are a delight. "Suspicion" for which she won an Oscar, is still my favorite.

  • Love Joan

    • Casey
    • 2009-04-29

    Joan has long been a top favorite of mine. I love her acting and her films. She also is a natural beauty and her acting is natural too.

  • My Favorite Actress

    • Evelyn
    • 2009-03-30

    In my opinion Joan Fontaine was the best actresses of the 40s and 50s. Besides being talented she was also very lovely with a beautiful face. Her talent shown through in every role she played and she elevated each film she was in to a higher level. In her later television work she got to play a wide variety of characters, always fascinating to watch.

  • Very Talented

    • Eric
    • 2009-02-11

    Joan Fontaine is a wonderfully talented actress with expressive eyes and face. I have enjoyed her performances in countless films and never once have I seen her turn in a bad performance. My favorites include: This Above All, Suspicion, Rebecca, Ivy, Frenchman's Creek, September Affair, The Women, Jane Eyre, Letter From An Unknown Woman, and Kiss the Blood Off My Hands. In my opinion, she is not appreciated nearly as much as she ought to be. I think, in part, that may be due to TCM not having many of her titles in their library.

  • Exceptional Actress!

    • Charlotte Reuben
    • 2009-01-07

    I love all of Ms Joan Fontaine's films. She is an exceptional and gifted actress. After reading her biography, I was pleasantly surprised that she was a pilot and accomplished athlete as well. I do hope that one day, before she and her sister (the also talented and gifted actress Ms. Olivia deHaviland) leave this world will come together as sisters and love one another as family. We only have one life to live... so we need to ensure that our 'dash' is filled with love along with our other accomplishments.

  • Screen Legend II

    • Keith
    • 2008-12-03

    I just want to say I agree with you Mark that TCM needs to do an interview with Joan Fontaine and soon. Her many fans would really be excited and appreciative.

  • Screen Legend

    • Mark
    • 2008-11-24

    I'm sure that I am not alone in hoping to one day see Joan Fontaine appear in an interview on TCM. She is one of the few survivors of the golden age of films and a genuine screen legend. And, if the TCM data base search results are any indication, her almost daily top 10 position would indicate a tremendous interest. I urge TCM to dedicate an evening to this wonderful actress who brought grace, class, beauty, and intelligence to the screen. She is most deserving.

  • the swellest girl in the movies

    • debbie porter
    • 2008-11-21

    Joan Fontaine made blondes look smart, sexy, and cute all at the same time. My personal favorite of her movies is This Above All, her speech about England is very pasionate and well delivered.

  • To Riccardo - a correction

    • Matt
    • 2008-10-27

    You certainly are not a huge fan of Joan Fontaine, otherwise you would have known that she was not in "Gone With The Wind." That "mousey" actress who played Melanie was Joan's sister. Just wanted to correct your misinformation.

  • A Good Actress

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-10-26

    I'm not a huge fan of Joan Fontaine, but I think she was a good actress and certainly a classic star of Hollywood. I guess I've been overly impressed by two of her most mousey "Rebecca" and in "Gone with the Wind". She certainly can't be accused of overacting...but nowhere have I found a "larger than life" role, that would put her over the top a as truly great star of Hollywood. I think her fans here have rated her a bit too highly....but that's just my opinion.

  • Awesome

    • Curtis
    • 2008-10-13

    I have just this week watched Joan in her breakthrough "Rebecca" performance and in one of her much later performances in "Until They Sail." She is a magnificent nuanced actress in all her films...Jane Eyre, Ivy, This Above All, Suspicion, and that masterpiece of beauty and nuance, "Letter From An Unknown Woman." I've never seen a film in which she turned in a bad perforance.

  • Love Fontaine

    • Charles
    • 2008-09-02

    Joan Fontaine certainly is one of the best actresses ever and especially of the forties and fifties. She could stir the emotions of men and women alike. It did not hurt that her face is one of the most beautiful and intriguing, open and honest, and totally captivating.

  • Fabulous Fontaine

    • Ellen
    • 2008-07-22

    Miss Joan Fontaine is the creme de la creme. A great actress and a great human being who is kind to her fans, supports animal welfare and rights, and the welfare of all human beings.

  • Fontaine is Fabulous Actress

    • Britt
    • 2008-06-28

    I so enjoy all her movies I've seen and have become an big admirer of her, her films, and her method of acting. She has a smoldering quality about her acting that I find irrestible. I really can't add much more to what the other people (fans) have written about her. I think they have cited her great performances and films.

  • Joan Fontaine: a true lady

    • Martha
    • 2008-06-21

    She is an outstanding actress and true lady. Her legacy of great films will live on for time immemorial. She is one of the best ever.

  • I'm a Big Fan

    • Ellis
    • 2008-05-13

    I have been in love with Joan Fontaine for a long time, ever since I saw her in "Rebecca". To me she has a quiet sexiness about her that draws me to her. She is always a lady in her films even when she shows her sexy side. I love her voice too and think it to be very charming and melodious.

  • Perfect

    • Joseph
    • 2008-05-05

    I watched Joan Fontaine in "Rebecca" the other night and I was blown away by her acting and her young beauty. She certainly gave an unforgettable performance as the second wife. Watching her face in the boathouse scene when Maxim confesses he never loved Rebecca is a revelation not only for the story but for Miss Fontaine's use of her whole face in reaction to what she is hearing.

  • Outstanding

    • Beth
    • 2008-04-28

    I have loved Joan Fontaine films ever since I saw "Jane Eyre" on TV years ago. She has an understated method of acting that is quite effective. Among my favorite movies of hers are Rebecca, Letter From an Unknown Woman, Suspicion, The Women, This Above All, Jane Eyre, Ivy, September Affair, and many others. I thought she was fabulous in comedies and she should have done more of those.

  • One of the Finest

    • Mariam
    • 2008-04-21

    Joan Fontaine is one of Hollywood's finest actresses from the glory days of films. I've been reading all the other fan reviews and there is not much new I can add. She has made so many classic, enduring films and has always turned in a great performance no matter the quality of the film. Miss Fontaine always was believable. Beautiful Joan. She is an enduring classic actress who is still alive and loving her retirement in Northern California.

  • Fontaine Forever

    • Cynthia
    • 2008-04-09

    I've been a fan of Joan's for many years. She is one of the best actresses ever. My list of favorites would include Suspicion, Ivy, Rebecca, Jane Eyre, Letter from an unknown woman, The Affairs of Susan and most of her other films. She is very talented.

  • Classic Actress that will live on forever

    • Joe (ItsPerfection)
    • 2008-03-29

    Joan Fontaine is a girl that had it hard in life. She was sisters with Olivia de Havilland, Olivia used to rip up her clothes; so that Joan wouldn't wear them for hammy downs. Joan was innocent on screen and out. She is a great role model. She resides in California. I wrote her twice, and she responded both times. My favorite films of hers is Jane Eyre, Rebecca, and the film-short "Trudy." They are all classics that will live on forever.

  • Wonderfully Talented

    • Merideth
    • 2008-03-26

    I've watched almost all of her films and consider her one of the topmost actresses of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. She could wring the last tear out of me with her expressive eyes. She could make me laugh with her sparkling, mischievous expressions, and I could feel her fright when her eyes and face grew somber and her expression dark. I truly admire her.

  • Classy Joan Fontaine

    • Gilbert
    • 2008-03-13

    Recently I have watched some of my old VHS TCM tapes and rediscovered Miss Fontaine. She was such a delightful and accomplished actress. In fact, I consider her in my top 10 all time greats. Besides being a wonderful actress she was beautiful, regal, and classy too.

  • Joan Fontaine is GREAT!

    • Perry
    • 2008-03-03

    During the past three weeks, I've been watching Joan Fontaine films -- Rebecca, The Women, Suspicion, This Above All, Jane Eyre, The Affairs of Susan, Ivy, Letter from An Unknown Woman and I was struck by just how great an actress she was/is. I have more films of hers to watch, some later ones, and I know I won't be disappointed. She was very versatile and believable in every role. She is one of the very best. What a fascinating face to watch and her voice is divine.

  • Love Joan

    • Phyllis
    • 2008-02-26

    I hope Joan reads these reviews so she will know how much her fans love her and her films. I saw the Vanity Fair March 2008 issue and was thrilled to see her featured. She is still a beautiful and striking woman with a great sense of humor. She must lead an idyllic life in Carmel.

  • so glad to see her

    • michael york
    • 2008-02-15

    i always love the oscar season issue of vanity fair and what a thrill to see joan fontaine spotlighted in the monthly feature proust questionaire!!!! i am so glad to see her doing well as i have not read much about her in a very long time-i wish she would do a private conversation with robert o.----and i hope from this day forward comes out on dvd soon! what a lovely and talented woman!!!!!!!!!

  • The Best

    • Bryan
    • 2008-02-14

    Joan Fontaine is a remarkable actress and I've watched her films for years. With each viewing, I appreciate her restrained acting more and more. Her face is a joy to watch as emotions flicker over it and her speaking voice is very melodic and distinctive. Sometimes she sounds British and sometimes she sounds American. She is one actress I truly admire and love to watch.

  • Great Actress and Legend

    • Cliff
    • 2008-02-09

    I watched Rebecca on TCM the other morning and was reminded just what a fantastic, talented and gorgeous actress Joan was. Her films are always a delight to watch and to watch her inspires me. Her voice is hypnotizing.

  • One of the Best

    • Jess
    • 2008-01-30

    One of the best actresses of the 30s, 40s, 50s, is Joan Fontaine. Her talent was natural and so was her beauty. Every movies of hers that I have seen, I have loved. She played some classic characters like Jane Eyre, Rowena in Ivanhoe, the second wife of Maxim de Winter, and then she made some characters she played classic like Ivy Lexton, Christabel Caine, Lady Dona in Frenchman's Creek, Lena in Suspicion, Prudence in This Above All, and Susan in The Affairs of Susan. I could mention more, but I think you get the idea.

  • She Makes You Fall In Love

    • Raymond
    • 2008-01-25

    I first saw Joan in a television showing of "Rebecca." At that moment I fell in love with her for her innocence, beauty, and her steadfastness in the face of extreme obstacles. That was the character but I also fell in love with Joan herself and have been a devoted fan for over 30 years now. Her movies fascinate me as does her method of acting. She makes her characters real and believable without going over the top. She was great as a dramatic actress and great as a comedic actress too. Watching her face is a revelation and listening to her melodic voice is delightful to me. She's my favourite actress.

  • Lovely Woman

    • Janna B.
    • 2008-01-21

    Of all the actresses of the 1940's, with the exception of Teresa Wright, I enjoy Joan Fontaine the most. She presents a most likable character onscreen, no matter what character she is playing. She's a beautiful woman, but not too exotic. And because of this she was believable in "Rebecca", "The Constant Nymph" and "Suspicion." The list can go on of course. Her beauty does not make her seem uapproachable, which is a good thing I think. You can identify with her in a small way. I wish she had gotten the chance to play in more comedic roles. She did in the movie "The Affairs of Susan." But that was it as far as I know. SHe seemed to have the skills for comedic films if she had only been given a chance. I honestly don't get bored watching her, and that is saying a lot. SHe's the best!

  • A Charmer

    • Shannon
    • 2008-01-05

    Joan Fontaine, especially in her movies of the 40s and ealy 50s was a real on-screen charmer. She could play innocent, she could play evil, she could play charming, nice, well-bred characters and all were believable. As she aged, she progressed to more mature characterizations, often as the not-so-nice woman as in Serenade. I love her in all her movies and think she is a versatile, accomplished actress who retired from the movies too soon. She is an engrossing actress to watch on screen because her performances are subtle yet very meaningful and adroit.


    • 2007-12-13

    Joan Fontaine has to be one of my all time favorite actress.Jane Erye is one of my very favorite movies.Of all of the other versions of the movie hers is the very best.

  • Fantastic Fontaine

    • Nancy B.
    • 2007-12-06

    Joan Fontaine is one fantastic actress. Just listening to her and watching her gives me great joy. Her films and her acting are top-notch! She's one of the best ever!

  • Viva Joan Fontaine

    • Charlotte
    • 2007-11-10

    I consider her one of the most effective and greatest actresses of the golden age of film. I enjoy her movies so much. She's the best.

  • Love Joan

    • Sharon
    • 2007-11-07

    I have many of Joan Fontaine's films on either VHS tape or DVD. I receive such enjoyment from viewing her films as she is fascinating to watch. She is one outstanding, terrific actress. The Affairs of Susan is a particular favorite of mine. She is just fabulous in Ivy and Jane Eyre. Letter from an Unknown Woman...well, what can I say, but that it is a masterpiece...and Joan will break your heart with her touching, perceptive acting.

  • Joan Fontaine Has a New Fan

    • Larry
    • 2007-10-29

    I watched the birthday tribute to Joan Fontaine on October 22, 2007. I was blown away by her beauty and talent. She is terrific. I went to my college library and checked out Rebecca and Suspicion and was totally mesmerized by her acting. Wow! She is awesome. I am now a devoted fan and finding out everything I can about her.

  • Happy 90th Birthday

    • Ed Faulkner
    • 2007-10-22

    Happy Birthday, dear Joan. You have provided me with years of delightful entertainment via your great films, your television shows, and your autobiography. I salute you and pay homage to your talent and beauty.

  • My Favorite

    • Elliot
    • 2007-10-21

    What an amazing actress! What a classy lady! She has brought so many fictional characters to life on the screen. She will live forever through her movies. Happy 90th Birthday, Miss Joan Fontaine, October 22, 2007. You are the best!

  • Great Actress

    • Benjamin
    • 2007-10-14

    Joan Fontaine is a beautiful and extremely talented actress who does not always get full credit for her abilities. Considering her movie roles and her stage roles, including "A Lion in Winter" she proved she could portray a variety of characters with utter conviction. A natural beauty whose expressive face captivates me. Her distinctive voice is just a marvel to listen to. I wish she had not retired from the big screen so soon.

  • An Actress for All Seasons

    • Ella
    • 2007-09-26

    I am a devoted Joan Fontaine fan and consider her to be among the best actresses ever. She could play any type part and be so believable. I enjoy all her films and many I have viewed over and over again. Her facial expressions are so nuanced as to be riveting to watch.

  • My Favorite

    • James
    • 2007-09-23

    My long time favorite actress is Joan Fontaine. I love watching her on screen. She's beautiful and her voice is to die for. She is so fascinating because you can read her is mercurial in the changing expressings.

  • A Versatile, Beautiful actress

    • Edward
    • 2007-09-22

    Joan Fontaine shone brilliantly in dramas, comedies, musicals, a western, and film noirs. She could look plain, she could look pretty, and she could look beautiful. She captivated us when she was shy, when she was aggressive, when she was a bad or evil person, when she was a mature sophisicated woman. It is a real shame that a good many of her most intriguing and brilliant performances are not on DVD or VHS and are not readily available.

  • Outstanding

    • Betsy
    • 2007-09-11

    Joan Fontaine is my favorite actress. She is an outstanding film actress as well as an outstanding stage actress. I think she is very talented but underrated for her talent. Her brilliant performances in Rebecca, Suspicion, Jane Eyre, This Above All, The Affairs of Susan, September Affair, Ivy, From This Day Forward, Until They Sail, and Letter From An Unknown Woman are all proof of her extraordinary talents.

  • The Best

    • Lucille
    • 2007-08-16

    I am a huge fan of Joan Fontaine's acting and films. She never had to chew the scenery to make her characterizations real and come alive on the screen. I feel she is not given near enough credit for her talent and her ability to touch her film viewers. She was a good at comedy as she was at dramatic roles.

  • Yay for TCM!

    • BravesGal
    • 2007-07-22

    TCM is dedicating October 22nd to Joan Fontaine (even though they gave her the shaft by not including her in the "50 Most Unforgettable Actresses" book). Finally - a whole day for Joan! Thanks, TCM!

  • Excellent Actress

    • Henry
    • 2007-06-09

    I have watched all of Joan's films and I've never, ever seen her give a bad performance in any of them. She was exceptional at drama, excellent at comedy, and excelled at romantic films like "Letter From An Unknown Woman." Sometimes the films themselves were not great, but Miss Fontaine's presence always elevated the film several notches. She was mesmerizing to watch because she used her face and eyes to express even the most fleeting emotion.

  • Great Actress & Living Legend

    • Danny
    • 2007-05-03

    She is one of the top actresses of the 30s,40s,50s,60s. She could play any type part and do it with great conviction. I love her in dramas, comedies, and musical/comedies even though she doesn't sing. A beautfiul lady too.

  • My Best Actress

    • Kenny
    • 2007-04-11

    Joan is a big favorite of mine and my top favorite actress. She is such an accomplished actress and conveyed her characters without going over the top. She's the best!

  • A Fabulous Actress

    • Elizabeth
    • 2007-04-03

    "Gunga Din", "The Women", "Rebecca", "Suspicion", "Jane Eyre", "Letter From an Unknown Woman", "September Affair". "Ivanhoe" -- all time-tested classic films and all starring Joan Fontaine. She's a beautiful, expressive, multi-talented actress whose film legacy is solid and will last for generations and generations. Long live Miss Fontaine.

  • Respect for Joan

    • Becky
    • 2007-03-13

    I feel Joan Fontaine deserves more respect as an actress than she is credited with. I find her films and her acting more entertaining than some of the more acclaimed actresses. She started out in mostly "B" comedies, moved on to "A" dramas, "A" comedies and a few "musicals," though she did not sing. In her later career she was excellent as the worldly, sometimes malicious character. All this with great dignity and class, and she was totally believable in those parts as she was in the ingenue, innocent, young woman roles.

  • Magnificent Talent

    • Chris Chandler
    • 2007-02-12

    Joan Fontaine has an amazing talent, a super expressive face and is excellent is drama, comedy, and musical roles. I think she is underrated and underappreciated as an actress. She deserves more respect for her talents.

  • A Fine Actress

    • Andrew
    • 2007-02-09

    Joan Fontaine is among the few really fine actresses. She was wonderful acting in comedies as well as dramas, light hearted romance films, epics, etc. Besides being a fine actress, she was also very beautiful and poised on the screen. She played sweet, young women, frightened women, evil women, all with the same great ability. She's a class act.

  • A Real Superstar

    • Shayra
    • 2007-01-23

    Joan Fontaine is a real superstar, one to be admired and respected. Not only is/was she a great actress, but she was/is always so nice to her public, the people who went to see her films and wrote to her. In addition, she was community minded and supported local causes as well as national ones. Joan was glamorous without have that "diva" attitude. Her classic films include THE WOMEN, REBECCA, SUSPICION, JANE EYRE, IVY, BORN TO BE BAD, SEPTEMBER AFFAIR, IVANHOE, GUNGA DIN, LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN, and THE AFFAIRS OF SUSAN.

  • A Great Legendary Actress

    • Beatrice
    • 2007-01-09

    I have watch Joan Fontaine movies all of my life, since childhood when I saw Jane Eyre. She is a fantastic actress who could play so many different characters so convincingly. She's still living and a legend in the world of film. I wish she had done more comedy as she was so talented in that genre. She retired from the screen way too soon.

  • Viva Fontaine!

    • Stanley
    • 2006-12-25

    Joan Fontaine is one of a few actresses whose movies I can watch over and over. Her face fascinates me and her voice hypnotizes me. I love her quiet but strong acting. She's also very beautiful.

  • The BEST

    • Sammy
    • 2006-12-20

    Joan Fontaine is an actress whose restrainted acting make her a treasure. No need for her to throw fits or scream every few scenes. Her face is so expressive. In my estimation, she's the best of all. I've seen all of her films except for two.

  • She's Tops to Us

    • Jean and Terrell
    • 2006-12-13

    My husband and I both adore Joan Fontaine and our opinion is that she is among the top 10 actresses of all time. She could wring your heart out in dramas and then turn around and make one laugh out loud in her comedies. She is one of the most beautiful actresses, too.

  • What an Actress!

    • Christine
    • 2006-12-04

    Wow! I love all of Joan's films. She's terrific in every one I've seen. I love her in comedies as well as her classic roles such asin "Rebecca", "Suspicion" "Jane Eyre", "Letter from An Unknown Woman" and "Ivy". She brought style, class, and dignity to all her roles.

  • Simply One Of The Greatest

    • Richard
    • 2006-11-27

    After watching almost all of Miss Fontaine's films, I consider her one of the greatest actresses of all time. She was exceptional at drama and fantastic at comedy.

  • Legendary Lady

    • Rodney
    • 2006-11-05

    Joan Fontaine is truly a legendary lady and actress. Her acting in such classic films as Jane Eyre, Ivy, Rebecca, Suspicion, This Above All, Letter From An Unknown Woman and Frenchman's Creek all meld together with such force as to make the films unforgettable.


    • Sylvia
    • 2006-10-23

    Joan is the best actress of the Golden Age of films. Her birthday was yesterday and I had my own Fontaine marathon since TCM didn't show any of her films on October 22. I watched IVY, THIS ABOVE ALL, THE EMPEROR'S WALTZ, DARLING, HOW COULD YOU, SEPTEMBER AFFAIR, A CERTAIN SMILE and would have watched more but ran out of time.

  • My Favorite

    • Amy M.
    • 2006-10-18

    Joan Fontaine is my favorite actress of the golden age. I first saw her in "This Above All" when it played on TV. Somehow she captured my imagination and I've managed to see most all of her films since. Special favorites are Ivy, September Affair, You Gotta Stay Happy, Letter From An Unknown Woman, Kiss the Blood Off My Hands and of course, Suspicion and Rebecca. I love her in her bad girl, evil girl roles as much as I do her "good" woman roles. She's quite good at comedy too.

  • Joan Is Tops

    • Todd
    • 2006-10-15

    I've been a big fan of Joan Fontaine ever since I saw her romp through a campy technicolor movie called "Frenchman's Creek". It made my day that day. I thought she was beautiful and seemed to be having great fun with a script that no one could possibly take seriously yet was so enjoyable to watch! I followed her career after that and had the privilege of seeing her in diverse roles such as "This Above All", "From This Day Forward" and the long out of print "The Constant Nymph", my personal favourite. I hope to see her on TCM in the near future because every movie is a real treat for me!

  • Joan the Great

    • Randy
    • 2006-10-12

    Joan is extremely beautiful and a great actress. I especially enjoy her when she is scheming and nasty as she was in Ivy, Born To Be Bad (my personal favorite), and Serenade. I have not seen many of her romantic dramas, but after reading other poster comments, I'm very excited to see Joan in action again. For other fans out there, look for Joan in "Flight To Tangier"-1953. I saw it years ago and Joan is an eyeful in this tale of foreign intrigue. Thank you to TCM for keeping the great ladies of the Golden Age in my living room. Today's actresses cannot compare in any way. Long Live TCM!!!

  • First Class

    • David
    • 2006-09-08

    Joan Fontaine is First Class all the way...a First Class actress, a First Class Woman, and a First Class Person. She's tops in my book.

  • She's just marvelous

    • Elizabeth
    • 2006-08-25

    Joan Fontaine is one of the most enjoyable actresses to watch. Her facial expressions go beyond the dialogue and add an extra depth to the story. She's one fine, but underrated actresses.

  • Classy talented actress

    • Catherine
    • 2006-08-11

    I enjoy Joan Fontaine films partly because of the elegant class and great talents of Miss Fontaine. I've never seen her turn in a bad performance.

  • An Appreciation of a Cinema Lady

    • Terence
    • 2006-07-30

    I appreciate Joan Fontaine for her great good looks, for her talent and for her lady-like screen presence. Some of her films I enjoy are Rebecca, The Women, Suspicion, This Above All, Ivy, The Bigamist, Jane Eyre, You Gotta Stay Happy, Born to be Bad, September Affair, Serenade, Emperor Waltz, and not least, Letter From An Unknown Woman.

  • I Love Her Movies

    • Leah
    • 2006-07-22

    I think Miss Fontaine has made some of the best films such as THE WOMEN, GUNGA DIN, REBECCA, SUSPICION, THIS ABOVE ALL, THE CONSTANT NYMPH, JANE EYRE, THE AFFAIRS OF SUSAN, IVY, LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN, SEPTEMBER AFFAIR, IVANHOE, THE BIGAMIST, BORN TO BE BAD, TENDER IS THE NIGHT, ETC. I love her both in dramas and in comedies. She is so good as the shy woman and equally good as the more tempetuous and evil woman. A Great Actress!

  • Great Lady

    • Betsy
    • 2006-07-11

    I love watching Joan Fontaine's movies. What a great and beautiful actress!

  • My favorite actress and film star

    • Carl
    • 2006-07-07

    Of all the film stars, past and present, Joan Fontaine is my favorite for her acting in JANE EYRE, REBECCA, IVY, SUSPICION, THIS ABOVE ALL, SEPTEMBER AFFAIR, THE AFFAIRS OF SUSAN, LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN, and TENDER IS THE NIGHT among many others. I like her natural style of acting as she becomes each character she plays. She's the best in my opinion.

  • Joan Fontaine - A Movie Icon

    • Elizabeth
    • 2006-06-27

    Joan Fontaine is a movie icon and one of the top actresses from the "Golden Age of the Cinema." I enjoy all her films that I have seen and that is most of them. It was great to catch her very early "B" movies when TCM honored her last November. She was just adorable in those films and to see her progression professionally from those to films like REBECCA, LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN, THIS ABOVE ALL, JANE EYRE, SUSPICION, IVY, SEPTEMBER AFFAIR, BORN TO BE BAD, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, and so on and so forth. She is one actress who looked more beautiful as she aged.


    • Douglas
    • 2006-06-26

    Joan Fontaine is in my 5 top all-time favorite actresses. Why? Because she is a classy, beautiful lady who also can act with the best of them. I wish more of her 40s films were out on VHS or DVD so others could see just how versatile and great she was in her prime.

  • She is the best

    • Sherry
    • 2006-06-19

    Joan is a tremendous actress who doesn't always get her due praise. I am writing this to give her the highest accolade for her many fine, awesome, and believable portrayals in her long career. She never gave a bad performance but I think her very best were in This Above All, Rebecca, From This Day Forward, Jane Eyre, Letter From an Unknown Woman, The Constant Nymph, Ivy, September Affair, Tender is the Night, Suspicion, The Affairs of Susan and Something to Live For.

  • A Splendid Actress

    • Ruth
    • 2006-06-14

    I enjoy Joan Fontaine's movies...she is a splendid actress who never disappoints wheter it be a dramatic role or a comedy role. She can do it all. I can always count on her to give a terrific interpretation of her character. Sometimes the movies were not so hot, but Joan never disappointed. As others have said, I think she is underrated as an actress and sometimes neglected on TCM. Shame on TCM!

  • The actress and the beauty

    • Marylynn
    • 2006-06-10

    Joan Fontaine is my favorite actress of all time. She's a terrific, and often underrated actress, who never, ever gave a bad performance in any movie she made. She did not require tons of makeup to look beautiful...hers is a beauty that is natural. Joan was adroit at both drama and comedy and her nuanced acting is a beauty to behold.

  • An Enchanting Actress

    • Christopher
    • 2006-05-30

    This lady is in my top five all time favorite actresses. She's a screen enchantress whose performances are mesmerizing. Her expressive face and that wonderful speaking voice are a delight to listen to and to watch. Though known primarily for the dramatic roles she was also a very fine comedienne. She's a living legend and movie icon.

  • A Golden Age Super Actress and Star

    • Earl L.
    • 2006-05-23

    Joan Fontaine has amazing talent and natural beauty. Who could ever forget her amazing "I" de Winter, or her performances in SUSPICION, THIS ABOVE ALL, LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN, FRENCHMAN'S CREEK, IVY, THE AFFAIRS OF SUSAN, SUSPICION, BORN TO BE BAD, JANE EYRE, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD, etc.?

  • She's fantastic

    • Mary Louise
    • 2006-05-20

    Joan Fontaine is a brilliant actress who has made so many classic films for which she will leave an incredible legacy. She was versatile and believable in any role she played. She deserves more recogination from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, AFI, or Kennedy Center.

  • Great Actress

    • Randy
    • 2006-05-19

    My headline says how I feel about your movies. Thanks for so many years of great films to treasure for as long as I live. Joan is wonderful. Your "Ivy" portrayal mesmerizes me. You were perfect for the role.

  • One of my first loves

    • Clay
    • 2006-05-17

    I had such a crush on Joan Fontaine after I saw her in Suspicion. She has remained one of my top favorites and I've seen many of her films. I find her enchanting, delicate, feminine, beautiful, and above all a great actress! She's one of the best ever.

  • A very underrated actress

    • Alice
    • 2006-05-12

    It is my opinion that Joan Fontaine is one of the most underrated actresses ever. Never did she give a performance that was "over the top" -- she used her luminous face and eyes to express more than the scripts ever could. She used her melodious voice to convey emotions as few other actresses could or did. Joan Fontaine is one of the all time greats.

  • Beautiful and great actress

    • Buddy
    • 2006-05-02

    I've read the other posters' comments and wanted to mention a film no one else has - "Frenchman's Creek." Joan was suberb in the film as the lady love of a charming pirate. This film was a Technicolor marvel and Joan never looked so ravishingly gorgeous. It is available on VHS and wish it were on DVD.

  • Hooked on Joan

    • Phillip Outler
    • 2006-04-18

    I watched "Rebecca" on TV when I was about eleven years old and was totally smitten by Joan Fontaine. I have now seen all but two of her movies and I am still hooked on Miss Fontaine. She never fails to disappoint me in any of her varied performances. An awesome actress.

  • Great Actress - Delicate Blonde Beauty

    • Stanley
    • 2006-04-06

    With the combination of her delicate blonde beauty and her great dramatic acting skills, she is a hard one to beat. She has earned her place in the history of Hollywood greats.

  • The marvelous Joan Fontaine

    • Whitney
    • 2006-03-29

    I am a long time fan of Miss Fontaine. She is such a lady and a very fine actress. The first picture that made me her fan was Jane Eyre. She can grab one's heart and pull hard on the strings, something not many actresses can do. Not only was she a marvelous dramatic actress but she was an accomplished comedienne though she did not make many comedies.

  • The very best of the Golden Age actresses

    • Robert
    • 2006-03-16

    Her acting was not showy, she never overacted, yet her presence on the screen was riveting and very nuanced. I've never seen her turn in a bad performance even in the few clunkers she was forced to do. My headline says it all.

  • The amazing Joan Fontaine

    • Donald Watkins
    • 2006-03-13

    Rebecca, Suspicion, Ivy, This Above All, Jane Eyre, Letter from an Unknown Woman, September Affair, The Bigamist, The Affairs of Susan, The Woman are just 10 reasons why I think Joan is one of the best ever actresses. Her accomplishments outside of acting are amazing too - she could pilot a plane, do interior design, was an expert golfer and so on and so forth. And she was first and foremost, a lady in everything she did.

  • She is great!

    • Charles J.
    • 2006-03-03

    Joan Fontaine is the type of actress that make you fall in love. You want to protect her. I fell for her when I saw "Rebecca" and have been in movie love with her ever since. I loved her in her later roles too when she was more worldly and sophisicated.

  • An amazing actress

    • Eric
    • 2006-02-28

    It is my opinion that Joan Fontaine is one of the most talented and amazing actresses ever. She played shy women, evil women, comedies, agressive women, conniving women, nice and not so nice women and she was totally convincing in any part she played. In Letter From an Unknown Woman she was outstanding just as she was in Rebecca, Jane Eyre, Suspicion, Ivy, This Above All, Frenchman's Creek, among many others.

  • Joan Fontaine is great!

    • Penny
    • 2006-02-26

    She's fantastic and I love most of her movies. I have written to her and she wrote back. A great lady.

  • A Great Actress

    • Ronald Weaver
    • 2006-02-26

    I'm a long time fan of Joan Fontaine and have seen most of her films. She never fails to give her best even though some of her later films were not deserving of her talent and beauty. She will forever be an icon for the many classic films she made. Who could ever forget I de Winter, Jane Eyre, Lisa, Rowena, Lina, Ivy, etc. etc. etc.

  • My all-time favorite actress

    • Edward
    • 2006-02-22

    A superlative actress who acts with her body and her very expressive face. Her voice is such a delight.

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