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Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire



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  • The ultimate fan

    • Teresa Henderson
    • 2017-04-27

    I feel in love with Fred and Ginger watching their old movies on tv when I was seven years old. I still watch old movies of Fred Astaire when I need a pick me up. Watching him dance brightens my day. He was the greatest dancer of all time.

  • Adoration...pure and simple

    • RMacaulay
    • 2014-10-09

    Baryshnikov said of Fred Astaire: "We are, of course, very lucky. His gift, captured in the movies, is one we can all share forever. He was, he is, and he always will be, our never-ending legend." If you've never seen a Fred Astaire movie, please watch one or two or ten! Fall in love, as I and many, many others have, with this talented and complex gentleman. Watch him not only for the fantastic dancing but for his singing and acting as well. He was the perfect package! If only I could forget having seen his movies and watch them all again for the first time, it would be love at first sight yet again! So enjoy his movies for enjoyment sake. He simply wanted to entertain and that he does in spades!

  • I feel guilty for wanting more

    • John
    • 2013-02-03

    As he said in his when receiving his AFI lifetime achievement award, he beat the floor to a pulp making these movies, and so I feel bad when I think to myself I wish he could have made more movies. When you consider he was releasing up to two movies a year in the 30's, and 1 a year for a long time after, the amount of work the man did becomes mind blowing. He spent many weeks beating himself and his partners to death in order to make dances look as good as they did. How many stars today work that hard? Most stars today are lucky to put out a movie a year, and they don't even sing or dance in them, they just read lines and have computer effects fix things up and make things look nice. Most of today's stars just sit around and act like they deserve things for being famous, it makes me disgusted when I think of how Fred Astaire constantly worked so hard to prove something that was painfully clear to everybody else, that he deserved it. So I feel bad that I wish this man who performed at an almost superhuman level as it was could have given even more of himself. He did it for money yes, but he also admits he wanted the audiences to enjoy it, he wanted them to be entertained, and that's something I think most actors/actresses could care less about today. I remember the first time I saw a Fred and Ginger movie as a teenager, during a TCM marathon celebrating them. I agree with many critics that Ginger may not have been his best technical partner, but her acting ability is what made her the greatest. There are times in the fun dances they are laughing and smiling at each other, then the look of love or enchantment on her face in the slow dances, or tragedy in something like Let's Face the Music and Dance. Their chemistry is the best of anybody he danced with. They had what Maddie and Dave had in Moonlighting 50 years ahead of time. I just want to say thanks for the magic you created on the screen...

  • I <3 Fred

    • Sabrina Finch
    • 2010-03-23

    What more can I say about him that hasn't already been said? He makes dancing look effortless and though he's probably isn't considered attractive by the standards of then and now, made millions of women jealous (including me) of his dancing partners. But he was also a good actor, bringing variety and believeability to every performance. To all the people reading this review: GO AND WATCH HIM! You won't be dissapointed!

  • Fred Rocks My World!!

    • Denise
    • 2009-09-08

    I have known of Fred.I have heard of Fred.I failed to watch Fred until recently.A week before Michael Jackson(HUGE MJ FAN)passed I fell in love with him and his top hat, white tie and tails.He is a GREAT dancer and the eptiome of a debonair man.I love him..should of been born a teenager in the 1930's!!

  • the best

    • Ali Kelly
    • 2009-06-17

    He's without a doubt one of the best dancing/singing actors hollywood has ever had

  • Fred Astaire thrills me.

    • Lucy
    • 2009-06-10

    I am just awed by his work and by his skill. He thrills me. He was a brillant dancer. Or as John Mueller said in his book, 'Astaire Dancing', "He was a dazzling dancer." Obviously, words cannot say enough. I watch his movies over and over and always there is something I had not seen before like a turn or step or a gesture. He was wonderful. I don't think he was that impressed with himself,however. For to him it was just his work, as he said in 'Steps In Time' "I just dance". But oh how he danced. Watch his dance solo to 'I Won't Dance' in 'Roberta'. Chills and thrills it gives me.


    • Susan H
    • 2009-04-30

    Nearly everytime I see him in his movies, whether he is dancing or not - I just about cry (and often do - especially if dancing). He seems to really have given his life over to the entertainment industry not for fame, glory or money - but for us to enjoy his talent. I am amazed at the range of his performances. He is funny, of course - dances GREAT, and can do dramatic acting as well. I just love him, and any movie he is in is well worth watching. Plus, anyone he dances with he makes look even better. He seems to be so humble, yet he should have a huge ego with his remarkable skills. Not a "pretty boy", but I love his looks, they go with him and his roles so well. RIP, Mr. Astaire!

  • Great

    • Donald
    • 2009-04-15

    The Man

  • Best Male Tap Dancer Ever

    • Audrey Ezzo
    • 2009-02-17

    I watch Fred Astaire over and over and have purchased all of the DVD's in which he is featured. I love his dancing with Ginger Rogers, and they were a good pair; however, the Broadway Melody of l940 with Eleanor Powell is outstanding. Anytime he performed with any dancer....Cyd Charisse, Eleanor Powell, Jane Powell.....there were some partners who enhanced his talents, and with some he carried them through. His solos can never be topped by anyone. I cannot compare him with Gene Kelly because of the differences in their style. I also own most of Gene Kelly's DVD's. I love and still enjoy their styles of dancing at age 83.


    • Caroline
    • 2009-01-28

    Fred Astaire was a magnificent dancer and I adore all his movies. I think the movies he made with Ginger Rogers are my favorites but he was mesmerizing in all his films. I have been watching his movies since childhood and will keep watching them for as long as I am able. Thanks to TCM I can continue my love affair with Fred Astaire. I love his every move, he was the greatest!!!

  • Fred

    • Ktig
    • 2008-12-13

    Great AActor Amazing Singer Magnificent Dancer the best ever

  • The Greatest Dancer of the 20th Century

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-10-24

    The greatest dancer and one of the most brilliant choreographers of the 20th century was also one of the very best interpreters of the popular song. He would have pooh-phooed the idea that he had created high art with his team of Hermes Pan, Hal Borne, and Ginger Rogers, his greatest dance partner....but, don't listen to the perfectionist Fred...because he certainly did! I don't believe he had great acting range...but his contribution to popular culture in film-performance is immense. He (and Ginger Rogers) are quintessential an American icons of film.

  • One of the greatest dancers who has ever lived!!

    • Aldora May Terrell
    • 2008-10-20

    If you were ever to define the definition of the word dancer you would see a picture of Gene Kelly in one of his signature dances with Jerry Mouse. But if you were to look up a definition of a truly gifted talented dancer whose mere tapdances literally took your breath away,who with each swaying motion hypnotized you with his addictive gentle-mannered prescence,whose warm soft tender sensous voice swooned you over the way Frank Sinatra would do to the ladies, then you can safely say you would see a picture of Ginger Rogers and her handsome leading man, the legendary Fred Astaire!!!! There is so much I can truly say about this wonderfully gifted individual who has truly defied all odds to become a living legend in his own time. He was an iconic figure who when it came to acting was truly multitalented but when it came to tapdancing that was something that stood out all by itself. Because to me he invented the dance that made a legend of him. The way he moved in the movies was very hypnotic. You can never forget Fred Astaire without mentioning his partner Ginger Rogers. To me they were the ideal pair where if they started to dance the world would dance right along with them!!! One of my all time favorite movies was and still is Funny Face with the multitalented Audrey Hepburn!! When HE swoons her over and dances with her it made me feel like I was falling in love for the first time in my life!! That's just how he did it- even @ the age of around 50 years old!!! He still had that pep in his step that never seems to skip a beat!! To me he will always be immortalized in my heart because he was the epitome of a graceful gentleman with a heart of gold to match!! R.I.P.Fred Astaire!!!!!!

  • the best of the best

    • everal hathaway
    • 2008-10-12

    ive only been recently become great admirer and i guess one could say ive fallen in love with fred astaire. hes without a doubt one of the great artists of the 20th century. he could do anything he put his mind and his heart into: DANCER,MUSCIAN,SINGER,ACTOR!!!!! He really had no peers during his life time. his films with ginger rogers will always be among the brightest and best of american film. he was one of kind! and no one will ever eclipse or surpass his incredible talent.

  • A Great Innovator and the Greatest Dancer

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-08-28

    Every dancer...including Gene Kelly....dances in the wake of Fred Astaire. Rated the top dancer of the 20th century, by the likes of Balanchine, Margot Fonteyn, Nureyev, and Baryshnikov...he influenced everyone. His innovations included not only the steps...."all those little steps", Kelly marveled...but the dance ideas from his now de rigeur, hesitations and all those paired dance movements he perfected with Ginger Rogers. His classic dance musicals from the 30s had audiences, applauding in the theaters at the silver screen....and they all waited patiently for the marvelous dancing to begin. As an actor, Fred had a limited range...due, he often said, facing Hollywood reality, to his non-leading man, physical appearance....He was no Clarke Gable or Cary Grant in this department. He did has a few good supporting actor credits at the end of his sparkling career. And, while it's just truth to say that Ginger Rogers, his greatest dance partmer...benefited from Fred's choreographic's also true, that she contributed her A-level quality dramatic acting talent, to make Fred believable, as her leading man. As Ginger said, what's a blessing of one, is often a blessing for the other. And as Fred said, that through Ginger's hard work and professionalism, they eventually worked so well together though their 10 sparkling pictures, that "everyone else I ever danced with, just looked wrong." Fred and Ginger are immortal...and we who comment upon them should remember this.

  • Greatness

    • Carlos
    • 2008-07-17

    This actor did a great job in swing time


    • marcco
    • 2008-01-28

    astaire was certainly one of the top entertainers of the twentieth century, and one of it's exceptional talents, the greatest dancer in film history. he grew up on stage moving thru the years from vaudeville on to broadway & the london stage with his sister adele... they worked for such famous producers as hammerstein, dillingham, and the shuberts. in the late '20's fred was even good friends with england's prince of wales & his brothers. after adele's retirement astaire struck out on his own and had a major success on stage with 'the gay divorce'.... so before going hollywood astaire had had a HUGE stage career. then...thankfully for us fans... astaire, between 1933-1957 made nearly 30 film musicals in which he forever put his stamp on the genre... first with ginger rogers (the SECOND major partnership of his long career) in those extraordiary art-deco rko musicals of the 1930's; then in a long series of matchups with the most accomplished dancers and musical performers hollywood had to offer... with support from the america's best composers, and hollywood's best assistant choreographers, directors, music arrangers, etc. available. fred the dancer is incomparable, light, athletic, poetic, offbeat...a joy to watch...and JUST LISTEN to the MUSIC he makes WITH HIS TAPS!! after his last major film musical, fred continued on in television, making 4 dancing musical specials right into the late sixties. astaire has left an incredible legacy of of his musical genius thru these films & tv specials---incredible. astaire was so respected by the studios, he could even request partners and they would comply... hayworth, joan leslie, leslie caron were requested by fred, and there may have been others. a powerful, magical favorite.

  • Fred Astaire was Great..

    • Charles Fowee
    • 2008-01-19

    Fred was great in all he did..Thanks TCM for bringing Fred back to life as if he was here today..They made movies that were fun to watch..Thanks TCM and keep them coming ..I watch your station everyday..Charles Fowee in Ohio..

  • The GREAT Fred Astaire

    • gia
    • 2007-08-06

    Fred Ataire had so many talent's not only was he a great dancer but as well as a great actor, singer, comedian. he played all his roles so well he's truely someone to look up to with his high standards and eligents he simply reichs of class not to mention he's easy on the eyes nothing he does is boring he is simply GREAT ENTERAINMENT!!!...

  • I Love Fred Astaire

    • Jessica
    • 2007-07-18

    He was so charming and talented. THE BEST dancer ever by far there won't ever be anything like him again

  • the best Ever

    • Howard Ruiz
    • 2007-06-09

    the best thing that ever happen to hollywood was Fred Astaire,he was a comedian,a singer,and the best dancer who ever put tap shoes on bar none the very best

  • Fred Astaire

    • Alexandra
    • 2007-05-18

    A man of unparalleled class and ability, Fred Astaire has left all who have had the fortune to watch him, richer. Thank you, Mr. Astaire, for furnishing us such magic and perfection: a brand of delight as only you could give.

  • The Greatest Dancer I've Ever Encountered

    • Kathryn
    • 2007-02-19

    There aren't enough words to describe Fred Astaire. He's the reason I became a dancer, and now it's safe to say I am successful because of this wondrous man. I thank him for his superb ability.

  • Fred Astaire: The Gentleman Of Hollywood

    • Gordon Adams
    • 2006-12-28

    There are not enough superlatives for this gentleman. I am twenty years old and I just adore his films. There can NEVER be another Mr.Astaire because he was unique. My admiration extends far beyond his stardom. He was a gentleman with excellent manners, always chic, light in voice, quite and graceful. They do not make them like that anymore. He was genuine, no frills...just his natural self. His lovely daughter Ava is a credit to her father and I admire her devotion to his memory. A BIG thank you to her. Her father will continue to be remembered as the greatest dancer Hollywood ever had, his acting (dramatic or as a light comedian) is second to none, his mellow voice soothes every nerve that is jagged, but above all for being the GENTLEMAN who graced our screens (be it cinema or TV). A true and natural debonnaire. I watch his films knowing that I am watching someone extremely special. Gordon Adams.


    • 2006-11-26


  • Fred Astaire

    • Craib
    • 2006-11-25

    Hollywood and movie seem to lack much talent today. Cartoons seem to have it now days. The stars of the past seem to make up for todays lost world!

  • i love him

    • Jessica
    • 2006-09-13

    he is so charming and so great i absolutely love him

  • i love fred astaire

    • maria
    • 2006-08-22

    he is my favorite actor of all time he is a great dancer and he is so funny when he acts i love the movie a top hat only because he is in it and he is so wonderful i think this a bout a old move star when i could think this about any of these new movie stars since i am only 12

  • One of the Greatest Men of All Time!

    • Lindsey Johnson
    • 2006-08-14

    No mater what Fred did, he did it amazingly. He always performs with heart and soul and you can see it in his mega-watt smile. The way he could portray himself through his charaters, with such passion, it was almost like you could believe it as reality. He stole my heart and danced away with it. There is no one like him, nor could there ever be!


    • JACKY
    • 2006-08-05


  • he is great

    • h
    • 2006-07-06

    he is a wonderful dancer and actor who has a certain charm that makes everyone love him

  • he is a wonderful actor

    • jessica
    • 2006-07-06

    i love fred astaire

  • The Greatest.

    • CraftsmenLLC
    • 2006-04-05

    Fred Astaire is, in my opinion, the greatest dancer of all time. He can be considered a musician, and his body is his instrument. As soon as he puts on those dance shoes you can't help but hold your breath. He is so light on his feet that if he were to step on an egg while dancing, it wouldn't break. He can't be beat, but maybe that's just me!

  • He Danced His Way Into My Heart.

    • Anna
    • 2006-03-03

    What can I say? He was a mind-blowingly amazing dancer, but yet so much more! Every time that cute, innocent smile spread acrosss his face, my heart melted Every time that adorable, mellow, lilting voice started on another beautiful melody, I couldn't help but sing alog. He was ana bsolute darling.

  • Fred Is Awesome!!!!

    • Cyn
    • 2006-03-03

    Fred is the best singer,dancer and actor that I have ever seen!

  • There will never be another

    • Bruce Telfeyan
    • 2006-02-19

    Fred Astaire made 20th century cinema better than it would have been by a large margin. He brigthened my childhood with movies that captivated me. The movies established a link with my daughter that endures to this very day. This, in spite of divorce and a military career that kept me at great physical distance.

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