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Also Known As: Died: August 7, 1992
Born: October 20, 1922 Cause of Death: heart attack
Birth Place: Clayton, Illinois, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

In the Company of Spies (1999) as Newscaster Ron Phelps
Ex-CIA operative Kevin Jefferson is drafted back into action to lead a covert operation to recover captured American CIA agent Marko who is being held in North Korea by the Korean Internal Service (K.I.S.) and who may possess crucial information vital to the U.S. government. When Jefferson's team an
Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone (1994)
Wyatt Earp returns to Tombstone, Arizona, 25 years after the 1881 shootout at the O.K. Corral, where he reflects back on his tenure as a frontier marshal. The reminiscences are compilations of clips from the television series starring Hugh O'Brian, "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp," broadcast on A
Bed of Lies (1992)
A television movie based on the true story of a woman who killed her husband, a charismatic and ambitious Texas politician. While awaiting trial, she fought to maintain custody of her children.
In Broad Daylight (1991)
A group of small-town residents, terrorized by a local bully, decide to take the law into their own hands. Based on a true story.
Babe Ruth (1991)
A television movie biography of baseball great Babe Ruth.
Daddy (1991) as George Watson
A successful executive is faced with rebuilding his life and caring for his three children when his wife of twenty years leaves her family. Based on Danielle Steel's novel "Daddy."
Follow Your Heart (1990)
An ex-Marine wrecks his car near a sleepy desert town and makes a new life for himself living with a crusty old woman, her retarded son and an abandoned Vietnamese girl.
Full Exposure: The Sex Tapes Scandal (1989) as Dutton
A television movie about an assistant district attorney who infiltrates the Los Angeles underworld, putting her life on the line to solve the murder of a high-priced call girl.
Deadly Innocents (1989)
A tormented woman goes on a killing rampage.
Eight Men Out (1988)
Gamblers tempt members of the Chicago White Sox to throw the World Series.
Regeneration (1987)
Society goes wild when an entomologist discovers a method for resurrecting the dead.
Race Against The Harvest (1987)
A story about the hardship, courage, and family rivalries between crews of competing itinerant Midwestern wheat-harvesting contractors whose work spans from North Dakota to Texas.
Amerasia (1986)
Never Too Young to Die (1986)
When his father is murdered, a high school gymnast seeks out the gang leader who killed him.
I-Man (1986)
An adventure movie about a family that becomes virtually indestructable. Every son thinks his father is indestructable and Eric Wilder's dad really is. Eric's dad Jeffrey's super human gift is noticed after he is exposed to a mysterious gas. Since Jeffrey is now a man that no one can destroy or kill
Scorpion (1986)
Sins of the Past (1984)
A group of former high-priced call girls who got out of the trade in the ''60s after one of them was battered to death are reunited twenty years later when the convicted killer is released from prison vowing vengeance. Among the hookers, in an interesting casting twist, is Debby Boone in her TV-movie debut playing against type, although the character also vies for fame as an inspirational singer.
Lone Wolf Mcquade (1983)
Texas Ranger and martial arts expert J.J. McQuade's reluctance to follow the rulles has earned him the nickname "Lone Wolf." When McQuade attempts to catch the druglord who is selling United States military weapons to Central American terrorists, it results in the death of an old friend. McQuade is
First Time, The (1983) as Paul Cooper
Teenager Jennifer Jason Leigh drops out of high school to follow her boyfriend to San Diego, and her desperate mother, Susan Anspach, not ready for her daughter''s loss of innocence, enlists the aid of an old Navy friend to help locate her. Harriet Nelson is the girl''s liberal-minded grandmother.
Out of the Blue (1982) as Tv Interviewer
Missing Children: A Mother's Story (1982) as Stanley Willard
An illiterate, unemployed woman abandoned by an abusive husband, puts her three children in a child-care center and then learns she has unwittingly signed them away to an unscrupulous private adoption agency and finds that she is the victim of a conspiracy. Emmy Award nominations for costume design
Zoot Suit (1981) as Judge
In 1940s Los Angeles, members of a Mexican-American gang, and their leader Henry Reyna, are accused of murder. Although there is insufficient evidence for a fair trial, they are convicted and sent to San Quentin prison. While part of the defense team continues to fight against this misjustice, one o
Smokey And The Bandit II (1980)
The Bandit gets an opportunity to return to his former glory if he can transport an elephant cross-country in three days or less.
Donner Pass: The Road To Survival (1978)
A "Classics Illustrated" version of American history and the fight waged by a pioneer to save the lives of his family and others in a wagon train who find themselves trapped in deep mountain snows and facing starvation that leads them to (unspecified) cannibalism.
Deerslayer, The (1978) as Hutter
A "Classics Illustrated" film treatment of Cooper's Leatherstocking Tale of 1841 that has Hawkeye and his blood brother Chingachgook teaming up to rescue a chief's daughter from the hands of her enemies.
Last Hurrah, The (1977) as Amos Force
Carroll O'Connor wrote and starred in this second screen adaptation of the 1956 best-seller (previously filmed by John Ford in 1958 with Spencer Tracy) about the aging and ailing head of a big-time political machine who schemes to stay in power and win a fourth term. Emmy nominations went to Burgess
Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion (1977)
An engaging saga of a teenage frontier lad who becomes a rider for the Pony Express in the Nebraska Territory shortly before the Civil War. An Emmy Award nomination went to this film as Outstanding Children's Special of 1977-78.
Lincoln Conspiracy, The (1977) as Abraham Lincoln
Sunn Classics "speculative fiction" film proposing a theory that the killer of Abe Lincoln escaped to Canada instead of being tracked down and killed soon after the assassination.
Tail Gunner Joe (1977)
An ambitious production of questionable accuracy spanning the rise and fall of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy as uncovered by a fictional veteran newsman and the ambitious young lady investigative reporter assigned to assist him. Emmy Awards went to Burgess Meredith for his portrayal of Joseph Welch and
Bridger (1976)
A true-life adventure of legendary mountain man Jim Bridger who, with the fate of the Pacific Northwest at stake, is given forty days to blaze a trail through the Rockies to the California coast and told that failure means loss of the territory to England. This two-hour movie was cut to ninety minut
Dark Side of Innocence, The (1976) as Stephen Hancock
A drama involving three generations of a family in middle-class suburbia: an affluent housewife who feels that life is passing her by, the daughter she embitters by walking out on the family, and the mother whose traditional values are shaken by the woman's divorce. This was a pilot for a prospecti
Banjo Hackett: Roamin' Free (1976)
An amiable Western about an itinerant horse trader who travels the frontier in 1880 with his orphaned nine-year-old nephew in quest of the boy''s prize Arabian mare, stolen by a ruthless bounty hunter. Pilot to a prospective series.
Dead Man on the Run (1975) as Jason Monroe
A special government agent, investigating the murder of a colleague, stumbles onto a plot to cover up a political assassination in this pilot for a prospective TV series using New Orleans as a backdrop.
Death Among Friends (1975)
A lady homicide detective tries to solve the murder of an international financier in this pilot for a prospective but unrealized series.
Specialist, The (1975)
A beautiful woman assassin is paid ot sit on a jury and sway the jury's decision in favor of a crooked lawyer. The opposting lawyer is attracted to the woman and begins an affair with her, unaware that she has also been hired to kill him.
Manhunter (1974)
A World War I ex-marine turns 1930s bounty hunter and goes after Bonnie-and-Clyde style bank robbers who murdered his former girlfriend. Ken Howard later starred in the TV series (1974-75) as the Depression Era crimefighter tracking down wanted criminals for the reward money.
Heatwave! (1974) as Toler
During a severe heat wave, the courageous determination of a young husband and his pregnant wife ultimately inspires the survivors in a mountain town to unite in an effort to save a life.
Smile Jenny, You're Dead (1974) as Colonel John Lockport
This pilot for Janssen's "Harry-O" series (1974-76) had the ex-cop moonlighting as a private investigator looking into the murder of a cop friend's son-in-law and becoming emotionally involved with his daughter, who happens to be the chief suspect in the killing.
Dove, The (1974) as Mike Turk
The true story of a 16 year old (Robin Lee Graham, played by Joseph Bottoms) who sailed alone around the world in a 23 foot sloop named "The Dove". On his journey he meets and falls in love with a young woman (Patti Ratteree, played by Deborah Raffin) who is also traveling around the world. The story follows Robin around the world to many beautiful locals, as he grows from a boy to a man, finds himself, and finds the love of his life.
Il Consigliori (1973) as Vito Albanese
Call to Danger (1973) as Edward Mcclure
A federal undercover agent recruits a computer-selected jack-of-all-trades in a scheme to rescue a syndicate witness who has been kidnapped and stashed away in a heavily fortified West Coast enclave.
Executive Action (1973)
Rogue intelligence agents, politicians, greedy capitalists, and assassins plot and carry out an assassination.
Brock's Last Case (1973)
A comedy drama about a New York cop who retires to his small ranch in the West and is reluctantly drawn into a local case of an Indian accused of killing a sheriff with a bow and arrow. This pilot for a series that never materialized looked suspiciously like a reworking of "McCloud" in reverse.
Set This Town on Fire (1973)
After serving seven years for manslaughter, a man returns home to run for mayor following the disclosure that the local newspaper editor, whose eyewitness testimony had put him behind bars, now has second thoughts and the town drunk now has confessed to the crime. Filmed in 1969 as "The Profane Come
Molly and Lawless John (1972) as Sheriff Parker
Molly, the shy, romance-starved wife of an arrogant frontier sheriff, finds herself drawn to a prisoner in her husband's jail. This prisoner, a handsome young man named Johnny, plays on Molly's sympathy and convinces her to help him escape. Molly then accompanies Johnny on his cross-country flight but soon learns he's simply been using her. Molly makes the best of the situation, however, and by the time the sheriff's posse catches up with them, Molly shows that she's learned how to assert herself.
Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970) as Bryce
Two black police detectives suspect a preacher''''s "Back to Africa" movement is a scam.
Soldier Blue (1970) as Colonel Iverson
After a cavalry group is massacred by the Cheyenne, only two survivors remain: Honus, a naive private devoted to his duty, and Cresta, a young woman who had lived with the Cheyenne two years and whose sympathies lie more with them than with the US government. Together, they must try to reach the cavalry's main base camp. As they travel onward, Honus is torn between his growing affection for Cresta, and his disgust for her anti-American beliefs. They reach the cavalry campsite on the eve of an attack on a Cheyenne village, where Honus will learn which side has really been telling him the truth.
Young Billy Young (1969) as Frank Boone
A mysterious stranger bent on revenge helps out a young gunfighter.
The Great Bank Robbery (1969) as Kincaid
Outlaws pose as a religious group to mask their attempt to rob a Western bank.
A Man Called Gannon (1969) as Capper
Heaven With a Gun (1969) as Asa Beck
A gunslinger-turned-preacher is forced to return to his old ways.
5 Card Stud (1968) as Marshal Dana
A mysterious killer stalks the players from a card game that ended in violence.
Day of the Evil Gun (1968) as Capt. Jefferson Addis
A gunman tries to control a vengeful farmer whose wife has been kidnapped.
A Covenant With Death (1967) as Dietrich
A lawyer defends a convicted man who killed his hangman before being cleared of the earlier crime.
Welcome to Hard Times (1967) as Ezra/Isaac Maple
A broken-down sheriff tries to help his town stand against a mysterious outlaw.
Namu, the Killer Whale (1966) as Joe Clausen
A marine biologist nurses a wounded orca and fights to protect it from local fishermen.
The Hallelujah Trail (1965) as Sergeant Buell
Indians, soldiers and temperance women fight to control a wagon train hauling whiskey across the West.
The Satan Bug (1965) as Reagan
A mad millionaire bribes a scientist to steal a deadly virus.
Ride the High Country (1962) as Elder Hammond
Two aging gunslingers sign on to transport gold from a remote mining town.
Walk on the Wild Side (1962) as Preacher
A penniless farmer tracks the woman he loves to a New Orleans brothel.
Geronimo (1962) as Burns
A defiant Apache warrior tries to unite his tribe against the U.S. Army.
The True Story of Lynn Stuart (1958) as "Doc"
A concerned housewife goes undercover for the police to bust a drug ring.
The Eddie Cantor Story (1954) as Bobby
The beloved entertainer rises to stardom from humble beginnings in the slums.
Treasure Island (1934) as Harry Sykes
Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of a young boy out to foil pirates and find a buried treasure.

Visual Effects (feature film)

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) as Shader wrt, Weta Digital
The wizard Gandalf enlists a hobbit and a team of adventurers to protect the One Ring from the evil Sauron.

Cast (special)

Hardesty House (1986)
Unconventional and compassionate, six maverick lawyers practice out of Hardesty House, a rundown beachfront home. The group isnn't afraid to take risks to clear the people who turn to them for help.
Johnny Cash: Cowboy Heroes (1982)
Old-time western music makers are recalled in a tuneful salute to the cowboys.
Mayday! Mayday! (1981)
When their family's small plane crashes in the high Sierras, young Allison and Mark Parker have bravery and ingenuity as their only defenses against rugged terrain and threatening animals as they race against time to seek help for their injured parents.
Egan (1973)
The exploits of Eddie Egan, a former New York City police detective turned private investigator. The pilot follows his attempts to solve the syndicate murder of his ex-partner.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Dream West (1986)
A three-part miniseries about John Charles Fremont, the American adventurer, the free-spirited woman who impelled him to dare undreamt-of feats, and the young nation they helped to shape. The story begins in 1839 when Fremont is chosen to lead the trek into the Oregon Territory with the help of Kit
North and South (1985)
A twelve-hour miniseries, adapted from John Jakes' best-selling novel, that depicts the turbulent historical background of conflict between the North and the South during the years 1842 to 1861. Orry Main, a young southern West Point cadet, establishes a life-long friendship with a fellow cadet, nor
Backstairs at the White House (1979)
A lovingly filmed version of the book by Lillian Rogers Parks, the crippled seamstress-maid who, along with her mother, served for fifty-two years as a White House domestic during eight presidential administrations. A mixture of pop history of the Twentieth Century and the private lives of the vario

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