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Flood! ... A helicopter pilot and a youngster first discover the dam's leaky secret. But... more info $14.36was $17.99 Buy Now

Babe ... This is Babe Didrikson Zaharias' story from her early Texas tomboy days to her... more info $14.95was $17.99 Buy Now

The First... The First Texan traces the exploits of the man who would be president of the... more info $15.96was $19.99 Buy Now

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Cast (feature film)

Highwayman, The (1987) as 1st Old Duffer
A crimefighter operates out of a high-tech 18-wheel truck and tries to save a war veteran targeted for death by a corrupt small-town official.
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (1981) as Uncle Silas
This latest retelling of the escapades of Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and the runaway slave, Jim, drifting down the Mississippi on a homemade raft, and their encounter with the Duke and his cohort, Dauphin, is given the "Classics Illustrated" touch and was filmed at least two years before its belated TV p
Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, The (1979) as Squire Van Tassel
The old Washington Irving literary classic about clumsy schoolteacher Ichabod Crane's encounter with the fabled Headless Horseman in the town of Sleepy Hollow initially premiered, typically, on Halloween night. An entry in NBC's periodic "Classics Illustrated" series, this presentation was framed by
Desperate Women (1978) as Jonas Scurlock
A laconic ex-hired gun in the Old West teams up with three scrappy female prisoners abandoned in the desert, two orphaned children, an Army deserter, and a group of cantankerous animals, all of whom try to outsmart and outshoot a ratty gang of desperadoes trying to retrieve their boss' girlfriend an
Speedtrap (1977) as Wino
After a wave of unsolved car thefts, an insurance company calls in private investigator Pete Nobeck to solve the case. While the chief of police isn't thrilled about having an outsider come and show up his men, one of the officers is a former girlfriend of Nobeck's who's more than willing to help him out in any way she can. After a long and convoluted investigation with false leads, psychics and the mafia, Nobeck at last unravels the identity of the thief.
Law of the Land (1976) as Clerk
Originally called "The Deputies," this pilot movie for a prospective series (referred to as "The Rookies on Horseback") follows a frontier lawman and his young deputies in their frantic search for a psychopath with a vendetta against prostitutes.
Flood! (1976) as Charlie Davis
Two helicopter pilots rush aid to a small town devastated by a flood following the collapse of an aging dam.
Not My Daughter (1975) as Actor
A seventeen-year-old girl who has an unnaturally close relationship to her father runs away from home and gets in trouble after joining the hippie culture.
Babe (1975) as Hospital Spokesman
America''s foremost woman athlete won two Olympic track-and-field gold medals in 1932 and went on to become a world champion golfer. This traces her development as an athlete, her battles to be accepted in sports, her marriage to wrestler-turned-promoter George Zaharias, and her losing struggle with cancer.
Seven Alone (1974) as Billy Shaw
A fictionalized account of the real-life adventure of the Sager family. Travelling with a wagon train from Missouri to Oregon, things are going well for the Sagers, until father Sager dies from blood poisoning following an Indian attack, and mother Sager dies soon afterward from pneumonia. The leaders of the wagon train decide to send the children back, but the oldest, John (who had been described by all the adults as lazy and worthless), decides to lead his siblings through the wilderness to complete the journey their parents started.
Hitchhike! (1974) as Sheriff Bentley
A woman heading for a vacation unwittingly picks up a murderer and begins a relationship with him that jeopardizes her life during his desperate attempt to elude the police. Originally this was to have been titled "Crisscross."
Like It Is (1970) as Father
Heaven With a Gun (1969) as Abraham Murdock
A gunslinger-turned-preacher is forced to return to his old ways.
Day of the Evil Gun (1968) as Storekeeper
A gunman tries to control a vengeful farmer whose wife has been kidnapped.
A Big Hand for the Little Lady (1966) as Mr. Stribling
A pioneer woman replaces her ailing husband in a poker game after he loses most of their money.
Lorna (1964) as Prophet/narrator
Lorna has been married to Jim for a year, but still hasn't been satisfied sexually. While Jim is working at the salt mine, she is raped by an escaped convict, but falls in lust with him. Meanwhile Jim's buddies are giving him a hard time about Lorna's supposed infidelity, not realizing how close to the mark they really are. Trouble starts when Jim gets home early from work because it's their anniversary.
Advance to the Rear (1964) as Hugo Zattig
Civil War rejects are sent to the West, supposedly out of harm's way.
How the West Was Won (1963) as
Three generations of pioneers take part in the forging of the American West.
North to Alaska (1960) as Speaker
Two prospectors cope with woman problems and a con man.
The Amazing Transparent Man (1960) as [Major Paul] Krenner
A gangster on the lam hooks up with a scientist who can make him invisible.
Spartacus (1960) as Otho
The rebellious Thracian Spartacus, born and raised a slave, is sold to Gladiator trainer Batiatus. After weeks of being trained to kill for the arena, Spartacus turns on his owners and leads the other slaves in rebellion. As the rebels move from town to town, their numbers swell as escaped slaves join their ranks. Under the leadership of Spartacus, they make their way to southern Italy, where they will cross the sea and return to their homes. Meanwhile, in Rome, the slave revolt has become a deciding factor in the power struggle between two senators: the republican Gracchus and the militarist Crassus, each of whom sees the fortunes of the rebellion as the key to his own rise to power or humiliating defeat. As the two statesmen attempt to aid, hinder and manipulate the rebels for their own benefit, Spartacus and his followers press on toward freedom.
The Big Fisherman (1959) as The beggar
Drama that focuses on the later life of Peter, one of the closest disciples of Jesus.
Frontier Gun (1958) as Cash Skelton
Bullwhip (1958) as Karp, later known as Slim Kramer
Seven Guns to Mesa (1958) as "Papa" Clellan
Return to Warbow (1958) as Frank Hollister
Man from God's Country (1958) as Mark Faber
George Montgomery, Randy Stuart, Gregg Barton, Kim Charney, Susan Cummings. A retired sheriff and his former partner find themselves on opposite sides of the law when local ranchers feud over valuable railroad property.
Raintree County (1957) as Bourbon voice
In this sumptuous Civil War story, a willful southern belle goes mad out of fear that she may be part black.
Omar Khayyam (1957) as Buzorg
Omar Khayyam was one of the greatest Persian poets. He was also a brilliant mathematician. Though his quatrains were written in the 11th century, they are still popular the world over. The details of his life are unknown, so this movie invents a biography for him and includes in it his real achievements - the invention of a new calendar and the penning of those epigrammatic poems. This film has him romancing a sultan's bride and foiling the assassin sect's plot to kill the sultan's son.
The Vampire (1957) as Henry Winston
An experimental treatment turns a small-town doctor into a vampire.
Domino Kid (1957) as Sam Beal
Domino returns from the Civil War to find his ranch in ruins and his father murdered. Five men were responsible and four were identified. One by one Domino outdraws the four that were known, all being outlaws. There is only one left now. Domino does not know his identity but that man probably knows of Domino and his mission.
The Guns of Fort Petticoat (1957) as Kipper
A Union deserter helps a group of women fight off an Indian attack.
Anything Goes (1956) as Paul Holiday
The members of a song-and-dance duo promise the lead in their next show to two different women.
The Killing (1956) as Grant, American Airlines supervisor
A team of specialists plots a daring racetrack robbery, but they don''''t reckon with human frailty.
Rebel in Town (1956) as Adam Russell
A man hunts down the bank robber who accidentally killed his son.
The First Texan (1956) as [Davy] Crockett
After arriving in Texas to escape a scandal back east, a lawyer becomes involved in the independence of Texas.
Tribute to a Bad Man (1956) as Barjak
A brutal rancher has to soften his ways to win the woman he loves.
Phantom of the Jungle (1955)
Braving danger from hostile savages called the "Pack Rats", Dr. Tom Reynolds/Ramar of the Jungle (Jon Hall), Professor Howard Ogden (Ray Montgomery) and Nancy Arlington (Anne Gwynne) go into the jungle seeking her father, Dr. Arlington (Kenneth MacDonald), believed to have died in an archaeological expedition. They find him alive and rescue him from a renegade guide. After escaping an attack by savage Bessanos, under the leadership of the guide, who is killed in the fight, Reynolds recovers a golden tablet from the tribe.
Son of Sinbad (1955) as Arab guide
The legendary pirate''''s son fights an evil caliph over a magical secret.
Apache Ambush (1955) as President Abraham Lincoln
President Lincoln enlists an Indian scout to guard a cattle drive.
Count Three and Pray (1955) as Mr. Swallow
A Westerner turns preacher to overcome his shady past.
The Kentuckian (1955) as Gambler on riverboat
A backwoodsman and his son fight to build a new home in Texas.
At Gunpoint (1955) as Bob Alexander, the stranger
I Cover the Underworld (1955) as Smiley Di Angelo
The Night of the Hunter (1955) as District Attorney
A bogus preacher marries an outlaw's widow in search of the man's hidden loot.
Masterson of Kansas (1955) as John Henry "Doc" Holliday
Sheriff Bat Masterson joins forces with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday to save a rancher framed for murder.
Drum Beat (1954) as Veteran
While negotiating a peace treaty with North California Indians, a presidential emissary has to fight off a renegade.
The Black Dakotas (1954) as Warren
Confederate spies try to keep the President's emissary from delivering a peace treaty to the Sioux.
The Shanghai Story (1954) as Carl Hoyt
The Law vs. Billy the Kid (1954) as Pat Garrett
The young outlaw tries to go straight.
Dragnet (1954) as Jesse Quinn
Two homicide detectives try to find just the facts behind a mobster''''s brutal murder.
Rails into Laramie (1954) as Orrie Sommers
Ride Clear of Diablo (1954) as Conductor
The Boy from Oklahoma (1954) as Joe Downey
A mild mannered law student doesn''''t know what he''''s in for when he gets himself elected sheriff in a frontier town run by an outlaw gang.
Day of Triumph (1954) as Judas [Iscariot]
Jesse James vs. the Daltons (1954) as Bob Dalton
A young gunslinger, rumored to be the son of Jesse James, sets off in search of his legendary father and joins the Dalton Gang. Originally show in 3-D, this western programmer was directed by William Castle (he became well known for his gimmick horror films like "The Tingler").
The Kid from Left Field (1953) as Proprietor
The son of an ex-ballplayer manages to assist a struggling major league baseball club.
Powder River (1953) as Mac, the hotel clerk
Ex-marshal Chino Bull has hung up his guns until his prospecting partner is shot dead. Chino then takes over as the law in town, forming a friendship with gun-man Mitch Hardin and making enemies of the Logan brothers. When Hardin' girl from the east arrives, he makes her pretty unwelcome - as does his new flame, saloon owner Frenchie.
A Lion Is in the Streets (1953) as Receptionist
A peddler from the bayou becomes a major force in local politics.
No Escape (1953) as Peter Hayden
A woman and a songwriter suspected of murder join forces to crack the case.
Kansas Pacific (1953) as Joe Farley
A Union captain fights Confederate saboteurs blocking the railroad construction.
Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie (1952) as Ollie
Ben Halpen sets up his barber's shop at the turn of the century in Sevillinois and watches the town grow around him. Thinking it is for the best, he tries to shield his wife Nellie from the worries of the world. She finally rebels while he is away at war and takes a fateful trip to Chicago. This turns out to be the first of a number of critical family crises for Ben.
Eight Iron Men (1952) as Ferguson
A World War II squad tries to save a man trapped behind enemy lines.
Red Skies of Montana (1952) as Boise
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair (1952) as Medicine man
The hillbilly farmers try to raise money to send their daughter to college.
Stage to Tucson (1951) as Abraham Lincoln
(Wes ''51). Rod Cameron, Wayne Morris, Kay Buckley, Roy Roberts, Carl Benton Reid, Douglas Fowley. Two Union agents are sent to investigate charges that the Confederates are stealing Arizona stagecoaches and smuggling them into Atlanta in an effort to break the Federal''s western supply line.
The Great Missouri Raid (1951) as Jack Ladd
The Blue Veil (1951) as Gruber
Payment on Demand (1951) as Arthur
A bitter divorcee thinks back on the mistakes that destroyed her marriage.
As Young As You Feel (1951) as Cashier
Sixty-five-year-old John Hodges must retire from Acme Printing. He later impersonates the president of the parent company and arrives at his old plant on an inspection tour. Acme president McKinley is so nervous not even his beautiful secretary Harriet can calm him. McKinley's wife Lucille becomes infatuated with Hodges. Many further complications ensue.
Rhubarb (1951) as Ogilthorpe "Oggie" Meadows
Rich, eccentric T.J. Banner adopts a feral cat who becomes an affectionate pet. Then T.J. dies, leaving to Rhubarb most of his money and a pro baseball team, the Brooklyn Loons. When the team protests, publicist Eric Yeager convinces them Rhubarb is good luck. But Eric's fiancée Polly seems to be allergic to cats, and the team's success may mean new hazards for Rhubarb.
The Lady Pays Off (1951) as Ronald
The naive Evelyn Warren, elected shool-teacher of the year by Time Magazine, goes to Las Vegas, where she loses a lot of money. In order to pay her debts, casino-manager Matt Braddock asks her to take care of his sad little daughter Diana.
Goodbye, My Fancy (1951) as Somers
When she returns to her alma mater to pick up an honorary degree, a congresswoman re-ignites an old flame.
Chain of Circumstance (1951) as Sid
Apache Drums (1951) as Lt. Glidden
Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (1951) as Gebhardt
A warden and his assistant clash over prison reform, triggering a violent riot.
Al Jennings of Oklahoma (1951) as Slim Harris
The four Jennings brothers are Lawyers. When Al has a brother murdered, he goes after the murderer. He outdraws him but a witness says it was murder. Escaping the Sheriff he take refuge on a cattle ranch only to learn all the hands are rustlers. With a price on his head Al joins them and becomes an outlaw. His fame grows as does the reward for his capture.
The Petty Girl (1950) as M.C.
A cheesecake artist tries to get a college professor to pose for him.
The Cariboo Trail (1950) as Higgins
A cattleman fights to establish a ranch in the middle of gold country.
Bright Leaf (1950) as Ellery
Two tobacco growers battle for control of the cigarette market.
The Breaking Point (1950) as Charlie
A desperate fishing boat captain rents his ship to some gunmen on the lam.
Indian Territory (1950) as The Apache Kid, also known as Johnny Corday
Immediately following the Civil War, former Confederate cavaly captain Gene Autry (Gene Autry), now a sergeant in the Union Army, is assigend to help break up Indian raids on the frontier. While working with a scout, Shadrach Jones (Pat Buttram), Gene tangles with and is forced to lick Lt. Randolph Mason (Kirby Grant), who is in love with Melody Colton (Gail Davis, in the 3rd of her 14 films with Autry), daughter of rancher Jim Colton (G. Pat Collins as Pat Collins). Gene manages to forestall one Indian raid, fails to stop another one but does stop the gun-running activities of Curt Raidler (Philip van Zandt) and the Apache Kid (James Griffith).
Double Deal (1950) as Walter Karns
An oil engineer comes into a fortune when his boss is murdered.
Young Man with a Horn (1950) as Walt
A young trumpet player is torn between an honest singer and a manipulative heiress.
Search for Danger (1949) as Cooper
Holiday Affair (1949) as Clerk
A young widow is torn between a boring businessman and a romantic ne'er-do-well.
Daughter of the West (1949) as Jed Morgan
Fighting Man of the Plains (1949) as Will Quantrill
A former bandit enlists Jesse James to help him clean up a Kansas town.
Alaska Patrol (1949) as Operative Dale
Oh, You Beautiful Doll (1949) as Reporter
In the early 1900s, song plugger Larry Kelly chances to meet Alfred Breitenbach, poor opera composer...and his lovely daughter Doris, who falls for Larry. To improve their acquaintance, Doris conspires with Larry to turn her father's opera melodies into popular songs. Alfred, reluctant but needing cash, adopts the pen name Fred Fisher. Affluence results, but when Alfred realizes his opera is vanishing bit by bit, he wants to bring the career of "Fred Fisher" to a halt...
Appointment with Murder (1948) as Detective
Blonde Ice (1948) as Al Herrick
Every Girl Should Be Married (1948) as Insurance salesman
A young woman uses scientific research to trap a man into marriage.
Under Cover of Night (1937) as Masseur
A police detective and his wife try to solve a string of murders.

Writer (feature film)

Motor Psycho (1965) as Story
Three bad boy motorcyclists get kicks raping other people's women and generally being a nuisance. When they rape a veterinarian's wife, he takes exception and pursues them, teaming up with a Cajun woman whose husband they killed. The leader of the gang, a Vietnam Vet, begins showing signs of being a few slices short of a loaf.
Lorna (1964) as Screenwriter
Lorna has been married to Jim for a year, but still hasn't been satisfied sexually. While Jim is working at the salt mine, she is raped by an escaped convict, but falls in lust with him. Meanwhile Jim's buddies are giving him a hard time about Lorna's supposed infidelity, not realizing how close to the mark they really are. Trouble starts when Jim gets home early from work because it's their anniversary.

Music (feature film)

Epic Movie (2007)
Centers on four not-so-young orphans: one raised by a curator at the Louvre (where an albino assassin lurks), another a refugee from Mexican "libre" wrestling, the third a recent victim of snakes on her plane, and the fourth a "normal" resident of a mutant "X" community. The hapless quartet visits a
Epic Movie (2007)
Centers on four not-so-young orphans: one raised by a curator at the Louvre (where an albino assassin lurks), another a refugee from Mexican "libre" wrestling, the third a recent victim of snakes on her plane, and the fourth a "normal" resident of a mutant "X" community. The hapless quartet visits a
Lorna (1964) as Mus coordinator
Lorna has been married to Jim for a year, but still hasn't been satisfied sexually. While Jim is working at the salt mine, she is raped by an escaped convict, but falls in lust with him. Meanwhile Jim's buddies are giving him a hard time about Lorna's supposed infidelity, not realizing how close to the mark they really are. Trouble starts when Jim gets home early from work because it's their anniversary.
Bullwhip (1958) as Composer

Film Production - Construction/Set (feature film)

Heist, The (1998)
Crooks discover that the key to robbing safety-deposit boxes is distracting the ex-cop who monitors the drops via video camera.
Exception to the Rule (1997)
After cheating on his pregnant wife during a business trip, a gems trader finds himself trapped in a blackmail plot.
Road Home, The (1996) as Carpenter (2nd Unit)
When Michael and his younger brother John lose their parents in a gas explosion, they are placed in a New York orphanage. A rich widow, who makes generous donations to the church, wants to adopt only one orphan. John is taken away during the night to live in her mansion, but Michael--along with an o
Halfback of Notre Dame, The (1996)
A kind-hearted French exchange student steals the heart of a high school football player, much to the chagrin of his coach father who has brainwashed his son to think of nothing but football. The oafish, teenage football star is the brunt of teasing and pranks by a clique of spoiled students.
Profile For Murder (1996)
A criminal psychologist falls under the spell of a rich, manipulative businessman suspected of being a serial killer who preys upon women with whom he has previously had a sexual encounter.

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