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Also Known As: Died: May 26, 2008
Born: July 9, 1919 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA Profession: Music ...


Music (feature film)

Loving (2016)
Singing Detective, The (2003) as Song ("Harlem Nocturne")
Dan Dark gives new meaning to the term "scars of childhood." A hack writer of detective stories, he has suffered from psoriatic arthropathy, a crippling disease of the skin and bones, from the time he was eight-years-old. His latest and worst outbreak has landed him in the hospital where he deliriou
Ready to Rumble (2000)
Two wrestling-loving losers, Gordie and Sean, are devastated when their favorite World Championship Wrestling star, Jimmy King, is humiliated while losing his championship belt. The pair travel to WCW headquarters in Atlanta and infiltrate the organization in order to help their fallen hero regain the championship.
Runaway Bride (1999)
A columnist fired by his editor/ex-wife for being too chauvinistic tries to redeem himself by chasing a story on spec about a woman who habitually jilts her fiances. The writer falls for his subject, who suffers from an identity crisis.
Still Breathing (1997)
An Austin, Texas street performer falls in love with a woman who, unbeknownst to him, happens to be a con artist.
Devil's Island (1997)
Set in Camp Thule, an abandoned U.S, military barracks outside Reykjavik, the story follows the fortunes and misfortunes of family outcasts: Karolina, a demon-sniffing fortune teller, Toomy, her soft-spoken husband, and their two grown grandsons, Baddi and Danni. When their flirty mother marries an
Cable Guy, The (1996)
It''s a time-honored urban ritual: Slip the cable guy fifty bucks and you''ll get all the movie channels for free. But when Steven Kovacs moves into a new apartment, his cable guy is not like the others. He doesn''t want your fifty bucks; all he wants is a friend and he won''t take no for an answer. Steven is about to learn that there''s no such thing as free cable.
Four Rooms (1995)
The city is Los Angeles. The date is New Year's Eve. And the place is the Mon Signor Hotel, a once-grand, now faded old landmark where a dozen of the most unusual guests ever are about to check in... and a lone bellhop named Ted, on his first day on the job, is in for the wildest night of his life!
North (1994)
Feeling unappreciated by his mother and father, an 11-year-old boy finds a lawyer, declares himself a "free agent" and searches the world for the "perfect" parents.
I Spy Returns (1994)
In this movie sequel to the TV series, Kelly Robinson recruits his son and Alexander Scott's daughter for intelligence work.
Tango & Cash (1989)
After being set up by the Mafia, two rival policeman are forced to ban together to free themselves, and clear their names.
Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)
Aliens meet Valley girls.
Big Town, The (1987)
A hot young gambler gets caught between a mob boss and his moll.
Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (1986)
The child of a movie actress is a pawn in a child-selling ring that has its origins in Vietnam. A street mime attempts to kidnap the daughter of lovely actress, Joanna Lake, during a shoot on a New York street. Mike Hammer witnesses the event and prevents the crime, but becomes more deeply involved
Return to Mayberry (1986)
A television movie that unites the stars of television's popular series, "The Andy Griffith Show." Andy Taylor returns to Mayberry to run again for sheriff, only to discover that his former deputy, Barney Fife, has also entered the race. Andy and his wife Helen witness the birth of Andy's son Opie's
Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (1986)
The child of a movie actress is a pawn in a child-selling ring that has its origins in Vietnam. A street mime attempts to kidnap the daughter of lovely actress, Joanna Lake, during a shoot on a New York street. Mike Hammer witnesses the event and prevents the crime, but becomes more deeply involved
Le Bal (1984)
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: More Than Murder (1984)
The third pilot film for the series "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer" (see also "Mickey Spillane's Margin for Murder" and "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: Murder Me, Murder You"). Mike Hammer, a tough private detective working out of New York City, attempts to clear his friend, Captain Pat Chambers of
I Take These Men (1983)
Moments before being surprised at an anniversary garden party thrown by her husband and their family and friends, Susan Saint James shocks him by asking for a divorce and during the course of the party fantasizes marriage with each of three other men: egotistical real estate magnate, Adam West; mil
Christine (1983)
An evil car turns the class nerd into a force of evil.
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: Murder Me, Murder You (1983)
Stacy Keach's portrayal of hard-hitting Mike Hammer as an '80s private eye (a Vietnam veteran) whose search for a daughter he never knew he had and the killer of her mother, the long-lost, only love of his life, sold this pilot as a series beginning in early 1984. Tanya Roberts, who played sexy Veld
Muggable Mary: Street Cop (1982)
Karen Valentine is real-life New York City policewoman, Mary Glatzle, a jobless divorcee whose young son's congenital medical problem caused her to join the force and tough it out at the police academy before being allowed to prove herself as an undercover cop.
Stand By Your Man (1981) as Original Music
The rags-to-riches tale of country music queen, Tammy Wynette, from her impoverished childhood to country's First Lady and her two rocky marriages to fellow superstar George Jones, who had been her childhood idol. TV's answer to "Coal Miner's Daughter," the Oscar-winning film about Loretta Lynn, "St
Stand By Your Man (1981)
The rags-to-riches tale of country music queen, Tammy Wynette, from her impoverished childhood to country's First Lady and her two rocky marriages to fellow superstar George Jones, who had been her childhood idol. TV's answer to "Coal Miner's Daughter," the Oscar-winning film about Loretta Lynn, "St
Hustler of Muscle Beach, The (1980)
The world of bodybuilding is the backdrop for director Jonathan Kaplan's comedy-drama of a sharp operator from New York who goes west and sees his shot at success promoting a world-class contest among muscle men and iron pumpers. Several bodybuilding superstars, including Franco Columbu and Todd Nas
Concrete Cowboys, The (1979)
Country singer Jerry Reed and Tom Selleck, in his first major role in a made-for-TV movie (following the miniseries, "The Sacketts"), are a pair of good old boys from Montana who make their way to Nashville, are approached by Morgan Fairchild to help locate her missing sister, an aspiring singer, an
Murder in Music City (1979)
A brash songwriter who buys a detective business as a tax shelter finds himself and his photographer's model cum bride involved in a puzzling murder -- when a dead body turns up in their honeymoon suite -- and a trail that leads them to Nashville.
Ebony, Ivory and Jade (1979)
Tennis bum-turned-Las Vegas-song-and-dance man doubles as a private eye with two female dancers, going undercover to protect a lady scientist from international hit-men as she heads for Washington from the Near East with her super-secret formula. Pilot to a prospective series.
True Grit (1978)
After hired hand Tom Chaney murders the father of 14-year-old Mattie Ross, she seeks vengeance and hires U.S. Marshal "Rooster" Cogburn, a man of true grit, to track Chaney into Indian territory. As the two begin their pursuit, a Texas Ranger, La Boeuf, joins the manhunt in hopes of capturing Chaney for the murder of a Texas senator and collecting a substantial reward. The three clash on their quest of bringing to justice the same man.
Killer on Board (1977)
A cruise ship, with a traditional roster of TV faces, is swept with fear and panic when hit by a mysterious, deadly virus, disrupting the fun and games.
Having Babies (1976)
Four couples experience childbirth by the "natural" Lamaze method in this pilot to the subsequent series.
Runaways, The (1975)
An adventure drama about a teenage boy who runs away from his foster home after wrongly being accused of theft and soon crosses paths with a young leopard which has escaped from a wild-animal compound during a lightning storm. Both are befriended by a brusque female kennel owner with a heart of gold
The NEW Interns (1964) as Music
A trio of young doctors face romantic problems while fighting to survive in a big city hospital.
Let's Make Love (1960) as Assoc
A millionaire uses a fake name to infiltrate a musical making fun of him.
Woman Obsessed (1959) as Orchestration
After her husband dies in a fire, a woman is left to tend for her young son and the family farm on her own. Soon, she takes in a drifting handyman, they fall in love, and a resentment begins to build between the son and his new "step-father" who treats the boy harshly on purpose to prepare him for
The Man Who Understood Women (1959) as Orchestration
A producer''''s wife runs from life in Hollywood in search of her roots.
Compulsion (1959) as Orchestration
Two wealthy law-school students go on trial for murder in this version of the Leopold-Loeb case.
The Best of Everything (1959) as Orchestration
Three secretaries look for love while working in the publishing business.
Holiday for Lovers (1959) as Orchestration
Say One for Me (1959) as Orchestration
Father Conroy (Crosby) has a parish which serves the acting and performance community. When one of his parishoners gets too sick to work, his daughter Holly (Reynolds) finds a job working for a dance club of questionable character, which is run by Tony Vincent (Wagner). Vincent never made the big time, and Father Conroy tries to look after Holly. There are many musical numbers, and the conclusion is a televised benefit show hosted by Father Conroy, and Tony must choose between Holly and national fame.
Never Steal Anything Small (1959) as Music Arrangement
Jake MacIllaney will do just about anything to win the presidential election of longshoreman union Local 26. When he encounters young upright attorney Dan Cabot and Cabot's attractive wife, Linda, MacIllaney breaks up their marriage, pursues Linda, and pins a grand larceny rap on Dan. And all set to music!
The Blue Angel (1959) as Orchestration
Professor Immanuel Rath (Curt Jurgens)is a martinet botany professor at a German high school who finds post cards bearing the likeness of Lola-Lola (May Britt), "The Blue Angel", in the possession of his pupils. He goes to the cafe where she is appearing to see if any of his pupils are there, and spots two of them. While chasing them, he encounters Lola-Lola and the troupe manager, Kiepert (Theodore Bikel.) He returns the next evening and becomes involved with Lola. His visit to the cafe, and the fact he spent the night with Lola, becomes common knowledge and he is forced to leave his school position. Despite the protests of his friends, he marries Lola, who is intrigued by the idea of being the wife of a professor. The intrigue doesn't last long, as Rath is unable to get work because of his wife. He becomes a broken character, reduced to performing odd jobs around the troupe and living off the earnings of his wife. When the troupe returns to his hometown, Kiepert brutally uses him in a magic act as a shill to attract customers from among his old students and friends. Lola meets a former lover and, as Rath is being degraded on the stage, she allows the former lover to make love to her in sight of her husband. Rath goes beserk and sets out to strangle her.
A Private's Affair (1959) as Orchestration
Hound-Dog Man (1959) as Orchestration
Two young boys spend the summer of 1912 having fun and games instead of working on the farm.
Spring Reunion (1957) as Music Composition and Conducting
An alumni reunion spells romance for former college lovers.
The Best Things in Life Are Free (1956) as Orchestration
Ray Henderson joins Buddy De Sylva and Lew Brown to form a successful 1920s musical show writing team. They soon have several hits on Broadway but De Sylva's personal ambition leads to friction as the other two increasingly feel left out of things.
Carousel (1956) as Orchestration
A dramatic love story unfolds between a rough-talking, macho carousel barker, and a young, innocent mill worker.
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955) as Music Supervisor
A sister act in Paris tries to top their aunts' escapades there during the roaring twenties.
Daddy Long Legs (1955) as Orchestration
A tycoon anonymously sponsors a French girl''''s college education.
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955) as Composer
A sister act in Paris tries to top their aunts' escapades there during the roaring twenties.
There's No Business Like Show Business (1954) as Orchestration
A blonde beauty upsets a show business family.
Call Me Madam (1953) as Orchestration
A Washington hostess takes an assignment as ambassador to the world''''s smallest nation.
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) as Orchestration
Two singers work their way to Paris, enjoying the company of eligible men they meet along the way.
Down Among the Sheltering Palms (1953) as Orchestration
Two Army officers stationed in the South Pacific find romance in this idyllic setting.
Man on a Tightrope (1953) as Orchestration
A Czech circus owner and his entire troupe employ a daring plan to escape from behind the iron curtain.
The Girl Next Door (1953) as Orchestration
Stage-and-night club star Jeannie Laird (June Haver) buys her first home, and everyone who is anyone comes to her first garden party only to be blinded by smoke from next door. Jeannie charges next door to bawl out her new neighbor and meets comic-strip artist Bill Carter (Dan Dailey). Bill has devoted himself to his strip, and raising his ten-year-old son Joe (Billy Gray) since the death of his wife. Joe bases his strip on the everyday happenings of he and his son and is proud of keeping it scrupulously honest. When Jeannie and Bill fall in love, young Joe is hurt, especially when Bill starts using a lot of the father-son time to be with Jeannie. Bill cancels a father-son trip to Canada, and Joe decides to write a letter to Bill's syndicate pointing out that the current plot line of the script being set in Canada isn't honest, since they didn't go.
The Farmer Takes a Wife (1953) as Orchestration
Erie Canal, N.Y., 1850: Molly Larkins, cook on Jotham Klore's canal boat, has a love-hate relationship with her boss. She hires handsome new haul-horse driver Dan Harrow and the inevitable triangle develops (complicated by Dan's desire to farm and Molly's to boat) against a background of the canalmen's fight against the encroaching railroad.
Monkey Business (1952) as Orchestration
A scientist's search for the fountain of youth makes him and his wife regress to childhood.
My Wife's Best Friend (1952) as Orchestration
Bloodhounds of Broadway (1952) as Orchestration
Don't Bother to Knock (1952) as Orchestration
A man with anger issues finds himself drawn to an unstable young beauty.
With a Song in My Heart (1952) as Orchestration
This film focuses on the rise of an aspiring songstress.
Golden Girl (1951) as Orchestration
Against the background of the Civil War, sixteen-year-old song-and-dance artiste Lotta Crabtree works her way across America, becoming ever more popular.
On the Riviera (1951) as Orchestration
A nightclub entertainer temporarily replaces a tycoon he's famous for impersonating.
The Frogmen (1951) as Orchestration
Meet Me After the Show (1951) as Orchestration
The star of a Broadway show suspects her husband may be having an affair with the show''''s backer.
I Can Get It for You Wholesale (1951) as Orchestration
An ambitious designer has to choose between her career and love.
Call Me Mister (1951) as Orchestration
G.I. Sergeant Shep Dooley, former stage star awaiting discharge in postwar Tokyo, meets his estranged love Kay when she arrives to entertain the troops. Shep, who hasn't exactly lost his former irresponsibility, does his best to court Kay anew...but she has no lack of other admirers as she labors to put on a soldier show.
A Ticket to Tomahawk (1950) as Orchestration
In 1876 Dawson wants to prevent a train from getting to Tomahawk CO on time, to keep it from competing with his stage coach line. Kit, who must get the train to its goal, forces Johnny aboard as the needed passenger. Madame Adelaide's showgirls (including Marilyn as Clara) ride along and, en route to Tomahawk, join Johnny in "Oh, What a Forward Young Man You Are."
Mother Didn't Tell Me (1950) as Orchestration
I'll Get By (1950) as Orchestration
Updated version of "Tin Pan Alley" concerns two songwriters and their romantic entanglements with the pretty pair of sisters helping them plug their songs.
Under My Skin (1950) as Orchestration
When jockey Dan Butler wins a steeplechase race he had agreed to throw, he is roughed up and threatened by the racketeer he disappointed, Louis Bork. Dan and his young son Joe travel through Europe, Dan hoping to win enough to pay off Bork and get Joe safely back to America.
The Jackpot (1950) as Orchestration
Bill Lawrence wins a slew of prizes on a radio quiz program. His happiness is short-lived when he discovers he'll have to sell the prizes in order to pay the taxes on them.
My Blue Heaven (1950) as Orchestration
A married song and dance team tries to adopt a child.
Dancing in the Dark (1950) as Orchestration
Conceited film star Emery Slade was on top in 1932; in 1949, he's broke and still insufferable. Fox producer Crossman enlists Slade's aid to persuade broadway star Rosalie Brooks to star in the film "Bandwagon." But when Slade meets Julie Clarke, his assistant's onetime girlfriend, he decides she, not Rosalie, should get the part. No one can fathom his motives for this apparently selfless act, but there are a few tricks in the old fox yet...and he'll need them all.
Two Flags West (1950) as Orchestration
A bitter Union commander is forced to accept Confederate prisoners to help fight an Indian war.
Love That Brute (1950) as Orchestration
In 1928, Big Ed Hanley (Paul Douglas), boss of a gang of Chicago racketeers, has money and power, but he is bored. Watching some kids play in the park, he sees Ruth Manning (Jean Peters) and is interested at once. He tells her he has a couple of kids and gives her the job of taking care of them. He moves Mamie (Joan Davis) in as a housekeeper, but the best he can scrape up as a son is Harry, a pint-sized monster. A couple of henchmen sent by to rub Big Ed out by his rival, Pretty Willie (Cesar Romero), are relieved of their hardware by Quentin (Arthur Treacher), Ed's butler, and Bugs, his right-hand man. They march them downstairs, supposedly to drop in the river, but actually leave them in a very nice jail maintained by Ed for gangsters who drop by to rub him out. Ed's problems include keeping Ruth, who has begun to like him, from finding out about his activities, increasing his family and keeping uninvited guests from dropping by.
Wabash Avenue (1950) as Orchestra Arrangement
Andy Clark discovers he was cheated out of a half interest in partner Mike's business, now a thriving dance hall in 1892 Chicago. Unable to win it back, Andy schemes to make Mike's position untenable. He also hopes to turn Ruby Summers, Mike's motor-mouthed burlesque queen, into a classier entertainer, and incidentally to make her his own. But at the last minute, Andy's revenge comes unravelled.
Oh, You Beautiful Doll (1949) as Orchestration
In the early 1900s, song plugger Larry Kelly chances to meet Alfred Breitenbach, poor opera composer...and his lovely daughter Doris, who falls for Larry. To improve their acquaintance, Doris conspires with Larry to turn her father's opera melodies into popular songs. Alfred, reluctant but needing cash, adopts the pen name Fred Fisher. Affluence results, but when Alfred realizes his opera is vanishing bit by bit, he wants to bring the career of "Fred Fisher" to a halt...
Come to the Stable (1949) as Orchestration
Two nuns set up a children''''s hospital in the New England countryside.
Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949) as Orchestra Arrangement
A middle-aged genius goes to college for the first time.
Mother Is a Freshman (1949) as Orchestra Arrangement
Widow Abby Abbott is having serious money problems and has to dip into the family trust in order to pay for her daughter Susan's college tuition. The catch: Abby must also become a co-ed or she can't touch the money. After passing her entrance exams, Abby goes to college and becomes very popular, especially with a handsome English professor whom Susan has a crush on.
You're My Everything (1949) as Orchestra Arrangement
In 1924, stage-struck Boston blueblood Hannah Adams picks up musical star Tim O'Connor and takes him home for dinner. One thing leads to another, and when Tim's show rolls on to Chicago a new Mrs. O'Connor comes along as incompetent chorus girl. Hollywood beckons, and we follow the star careers of the O'Connor family in silents and talkies. Includes good imitation "silents" with classic cameo by Buster Keaton.
Thieves' Highway (1949) as Orchestration
A war-veteran-turned-truck driver attempts to avenge the crippling and robbing of his father at the hands of an amoral produce scofflaw.
Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! (1948) as Orchestra Arrangement
Light-hearted, old-style romance about a farm-hand who arranges to buy a pair of mules from his employer. No one is able to handle the mules and he must train them. Adding to his dilemma, he pursues his boss's daughter who gets her kicks out of keeping him guessing about her true feelings. Of course, at the end he tames both the mules and the girl.
Cry of the City (1948) as Orchestra Arrangement
Petty crook and cop-killer Martin Rome, in bad shape from wounds in the hospital prison ward, still refuses to help slimy lawyer Niles clear his client by confessing to another crime. Police Lt. Candella must check Niles' allegation; a friend of the Rome family, he walks a tightrope between sentiment and cynicism. When Martin fears Candella will implicate his girlfriend Teena, he'll do anything to protect her. How many others will he drag down to disaster with him?
Sitting Pretty (1948) as Orchestra Arrangement
An efficiency expert tries to prove his methods apply to child rearing.
The Street with No Name (1948) as Orchestration
A young FBI agent infiltrates a criminal mob.
When My Baby Smiles at Me (1948) as Orchestra Arrangement
Road House (1948) as Orchestra Arrangement
A nightclub owner frames a romantic rival for murder.
You Were Meant for Me (1948) as Orchestra Arrangement
A small town girl finds married life difficult with a bandleader in the 1920s.
Nightmare Alley (1947) as Orchestration
An ambitious carnival worker attempts to scam his way out of the carnival in this brutal noir.
Kiss of Death (1947) as Orchestra Arrangement
An ex-con trying to go straight must face a crazed criminal out for revenge.
Mother Wore Tights (1947) as Orchestra Arrangement
A married vaudeville team struggles to raise a family while touring the nation.
The Homestretch (1947) as Orchestra Arrangement
A film that qualifies as a Travelogue Documentary in that it contains footage of world-famous race tracks such as England's Ascot, Palermo in South America, and Churchill Downs, Jamaica, Aqueduct, Hollywood Park, Santa Anita, Belmont, Hialeah, Arlington and Saratoga in the United States, and since it begins in London in 1938, the Coronation of the King. Jock Wallace (Cornel Wilde), an easy-going and rootless horse lover, is taken to task by Leslie Hale (Maureen O'Hara), who thinks he has swindled her Aunt Helen (Ethel Griffies) on the purchase of a horse. He finds out that she is engaged to Bill Van Dyke (Glenn Langan), a young diplomat, and follows her to London , entering the horse he acquired from Aunt Helen in the famed Ascot Gold Cup. Jock and Leslie fall in love and are married on a boat to South America. In Buenos Aires, Leslie is jealous of Kitty Brant (Helen Walker), an old flame of Jock's. Leslie wants Jock to settle down on his Maryland farm to raise and sell race horses, but he has too much gypsy in his blood and wants to follow the race-track circuit. They separate and he gives Leslie the horse that brought them together, and he hits the road. Leslie and old-time trainer "Doc" Ellbourne (James Gleason) then proceed to win race after race with the horse. Jock, contrite and converted, returns to his old homestead and begins training another horse. Will his horse beat her horse?

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Down to Earth (1947) as Prod arr
The goddess of the dance comes to Earth to take over a musical lampooning the gods.

Cast (special)

Andy of Mayberry: The E! True Hollywood Story (2000)
Profile of actor Andy Griffith.

Music (special)

Andy Griffith: Hollywood's Homespun Hero (1997)
Biographical documentary of actor Andy Griffith.
Andy Griffith Show Reunion, The (1993)
A special reuniting cast members from "The Andy Griffith Show."
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: More Than Murder (1983) as Theme Music ("Harlem Nocturne")
The third pilot film for the series "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer" (see also "Mickey Spillane's Margin for Murder" and "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: Murder Me, Murder You"). Mike Hammer, a tough private detective working out of New York City, attempts to clear his friend, Captain Pat Chambers of
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: More Than Murder (1983) as Music
The third pilot film for the series "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer" (see also "Mickey Spillane's Margin for Murder" and "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer: Murder Me, Murder You"). Mike Hammer, a tough private detective working out of New York City, attempts to clear his friend, Captain Pat Chambers of
Kangaroos in the Kitchen (1982) as Music
The story, set in New York City, follows the adventures of Ginny Provost, an animal talent scout whose Greenwich Village apartment is overrun with animals. The pilot episode depicts Ginny's efforts to save her animals from eviction when a neighbor's complaint brings about a court hearing. Based on t
Fisherman's Wharf (1981) as Music
The story, set in San Francisco, follows the bickering relationship between two Italian-American fishing families: the Barberas and the Funuccis. In the pilot episode, Nina Barbera tries to find a way to break the news to her brother, Vince, that she is going to marry a Funucci.
Wendy Hooper -- U.S. Army (1981)
The story, set at Fort Waco, a U.S. Army communications center, follows the adventures of Wendy Hooper, a pretty but naive Alabama girl, who joins the Army--thinking the communications center will help her become a country and western singer. In the pilot episode, the truth dawns on Wendy--and she
Ghost of a Chance (1980) as Music
The program, set in New York City, follows the marital misadventures of Jenny and Wayne Clifford, a couple whose lives are plagued by the ghost of Jenny's first husband, Tom Chance, who returns to haunt her and voice his objections to her remarriage. The pilot episode depicts Jenny's attempts to ad
Alex and the Doberman Gang (1980) as Music
The exploits of Alexander Parker, a private detective who uses five smart Doberman pinschers he inherited from a carnival performer to help him solve crimes. The pilot episode depicts Alex's attempts to prove that his client, Susan Hamilton, is innocent of the murder of an art dealer.
Featherstone's Nest (1979) as Music
The story of Charlie Featherstone, a pediatrician, as he struggles to run a house and cope with two lively daughters, Kelly and Courtney, while his wife is away studying at law school. In the pilot episode, Charlie struggles to cope with a nasty new housekeeper and his thirteen-year-old daughter's p
Cheerleaders, The (1976) as Music
The silly comings and goings of Snowy, B.J., and Beverly, three fun-loving high school girls. The pilot episode focuses on the girls, members of the cheerleading team, as they perform embarrassing pledge week antics for a sorority house they hope to join.
Big Eddie (1975) as Music
The pilot film for the series of the same title. The story of "Big Eddie" Smith, a Runyonesque character from Broadway's glorious past who has renounced his past life as a gambler to run a mostly-legitimate rental outfit in Manhattan. In the pilot episode, Eddie calls on his old underworld connectio
Aces Up (1974) as Music
The story of Jose and Raul, two spirited Puerto Rican guys who struggle to run the Ace Moving and Hauling Service.
Make More Room For Daddy (1967) as Music
The program picks up the lives of the Williams family three years after the demise of "The Danny Thomas Show." As Linda, Danny's youngest child, begins college, Rusty, his son, enlists in the army following his graduation from college. Soon, Rusty meets and falls in love with Susan MacAdams, a colon
Josephine Little: Dragon by the Tail (1961) as Music
The second of three pilot films for a potential "Josephine Little" series. The exploits of Josephine Little, the owner of an import-export business in Hong Kong. The second pilot film relates Josephine's exploits, teaming with a U.S. Intelligence agent, to track down a dangerous spy. See also "Jose
Josephine Little: Adventures in Happiness (1961) as Music
The third pilot film for a potential series about Josephine Little, the female tycoon of a Hong Kong import-export business. In the final pilot film, Josephine attempts to help a doctor get much needed medical supplies. See also: "Josephine Little: Dragon by the Tail" and "Josephine Little: The Mi
Everything Happens to Me (1961) as Music
The pilot film for "The Joey Bishop Show" (1961 version). The misadventures of Joey Mason, a Hollywood press agent. In the pilot episode, Danny's plans for a Hollywood TV special run afoul when Joey takes charge--and almost blows the deal.
Along the Barbary Coast (1961) as Music
The exploits of Pete Bishop, a private detective operating out of San Francisco's Barbary Coast. In the pilot episode, broadcast as a segment of "The Barbara Stanwyck Theater," Pete attempts to nab Sam Verner, a ruthless racketeer.
Josephine Little: The Miraculous Journey of Tadpole Chan (1960) as Music
The first of three pilot films for a potential "Josephine Little" series. The story, set in Hong Kong, relates the exploits of Josephine Little, the beautiful owner of an import-export business. In the first pilot film, broadcast as a segment of "The Barbara Stanwyck Theater," and set in China, Jose
Andy Griffith Show, The (1960) as Music
The pilot episode for the series of the same title. The story of Andy Taylor, sheriff, justice of the peace, and newspaper editor in a small southern town called Mayberry. In the pilot episode, broadcast as a segment of "The Danny Thomas Show," Danny and Kathy Williams encounter Andy's hostility whe

Music (special)

North Beach and Rawhide (1985)
Rawhide, a former convict, believes that discipline, hard work and assigned responsibility are better alternatives for delinquent youths than prisons or reformatories. He runs his operation -- a rough and rustic cattle ranch for urban youths with criminal records -- with a combination of trust and f

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