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Production Companies (feature film)

Piranhaconda (2012)
A half piranha and half anaconda attacks a movie crew on location near her nest when her egg is stolen. Now they must outrun and kill the deadly piranhaconda, as well as stop the mad scientist who stole the egg, before they all become dinner.
Dinoshark (2010)
A town is terrorized by a shark that has prehistoric ancestry.
Sharktopus (2010)
Science fiction thriller where a creature that is genetically engineered to be half shark and half octopus terrorizes a city.
Cyclops (2008)
Set in ancient Rome, when people mysteriously start to disappear, it is discovered to be the work of a giant Cyclops.
Searchers 2.0 (2007)
Two actors go on a road trip from Los Angeles to Monument Valley, Arizona, in search for revenge.
DinoCroc (2004) as Production Company
A town is terrorized by a large and fierce crocodile after the beast is resurrected from the age of dinosaurs.
Stranglehold (2003) as Production Company
A terrorist takes a congresswoman hostage.
Arena, The (2001) as Production Company
Banished by Caesar, a Roman governor unleashes his frustrations on his gladiators, staging extravagant spectacles of combat, orgy and death.
White Pony, The (2000) as Production Company
While working on her uncle's farm, a 12-year-old girl befriends a beautiful white pony with the help of a magical leprechaun.
Ultimate Attraction, The (2000) as Production Company
When the Body Beautiful Gym falls into financial distress, two personal trainers decide to pump up pulse rates and revenues, by attracting new membership with the Ultimate Attraction.
Isaac Asimov's Nightfall (2000) as Production Company (Usa)
The planet Aeon, blessed with six suns, has never experienced night. When the first Nightfall approaches, the population is plunged into fear and superstition.
Knocking on Death's Door (2000) as Production Company
While documenting the spirits inhabiting a haunted house, two paranormal researchers discover the ghost of a murdered child, who may lead them to the boy's killer.
Suicide Club, The (2000) as Production Company
During the 19th century, a suicidal young man joins a club which has monthly lotteries to pick a killer and victim. After falling in love with another member, the young man draws the murderer lot and discovers that his new girlfriend is his intended prey.
Because of You (2000) as Production Company
Twenty on year-old Kyoko journeys to New York to visit a former GI, Jose, who taught her the joy of Latin dance as a young girl. She discovers that Jose is terminally ill and unable to remember her. So begins their extraordinary journey together.
In the Dead of Space (2000) as Production Company
An international conspiracy stretches its icy hand up to the Telsa space station, threatening to pull the Telsa and its crew earthbound in a massive fireball towards an unsuspecting Los Angeles.
Doorway, The (2000) as Production Company
Four college students move into an old New England mansion, unaware that the basement doubles as the portal to Hell.
Dangerous Curves (2000) as Production Company
When a handsome attorney set off to find a former lover, he finds himself caught in a web of deceit and murder.
Shepherd (1999)
In 2317, the world explodes into a holy war. Only a Shepherd can lead his flock to the promise land.
Kid With X-Ray Eyes, The (1999) as Production Company
When a young boy finds a secret pair of glasses that lets him see anything, he also discovers that other people are interested in them, too, including the C.I.A.
Capitol Conspiracy, The (1999) as Production Company
A secret agent uncovers a top-secret C.I.A. experiment and seeks revenge on behalf of the victims.
Knock on Death's Door (1999) as Production Company
Two paranormal scientists attempt to document the spirits which reside at Hillside House only to discover the ghost of a small boy who was killed years earlier. The ghost boy ends up helping them track down his murderer, and as they dig into the secrets of the small town where he lived, the scientis
Eruption! (1999) as Production Company (Usa)
An American journalist on assignment in Peru falls into the path of an erupting volcano.
Emmanuelle in Space (1999) as Production Company
Invisible Mom 2 (1999) as Production Company
Twelve year-old orphan, Eddie Brown, has finally found a family to call his own. He has a cool new brother, a crazy chemist of a father and a groovy new mom whose only problem is that she sometimes disappears.
Macon County Jail (1999) as Production Company
Having lost her job in Los Angeles and ditching her unfaithful boyfriend, a woman finds herself stuck in middle-of-nowhere Macon County when her car and possessions are stolen by a hitch-hiker. Though completely innocent, she is thrown in jail for holding up a local store and she must fight for her
Desert Thunder (1999) as Production Company
Retired Air Force pilot Lee Miller leads a rag tag team of Air Force rejects for one last commando mission to defeat an Iraqi terrorist threat.
Born Bad (1998)
A group of teenagers rob a bank, causing a deadly standoff.
Watchers Reborn (1998)
A vagabond dog, the subject of a top secret experiment becomes Detective Jack Murphy's only hope of solving his partner's murder.
Very Unlucky Leprechaun, A (1998)
A leprechaun befriends a young girl when a greedy developer tries to take away her father's home.
Born Bad (1998) as Production Company
A group of teenagers rob a bank, causing a deadly standoff.
Mom, Can I Keep Her? (1998) as Production Company
Timmy Blair has the usual twelve-year-old's share of problems: his father is too busy at work, his new stepmother loads him with chores, and school life is as difficult as ever. When a furry friend follows him home from school, Timmy is delighed. There's only one problem. His new-found buddy is a
Watchers Reborn (1998) as Production Company
A vagabond dog, the subject of a top secret experiment becomes Detective Jack Murphy's only hope of solving his partner's murder.
Detonator (1998)
With a past background as ordnance specialist in the Army, Zack Ramses is a professional in the trade, and uses his skills to make some extra money by being a hit man for hire. When he takes on an assignment in which he rescues a homeless teenage girl named Jaime from being his own victim, making go
Very Unlucky Leprechaun, A (1998) as Production Company
A leprechaun befriends a young girl when a greedy developer tries to take away her father's home.
Future Fear (1997)
A deadly flesh-eating virus threatens to wipe out humanity. It is up to genetic scientist Dr John Denniel and his wife Anna to find a solution. The husband and wife team discover a cure by combining human DNA with that of other species. But soon Dr Denniel and his wife discover that the virus in not
Haunted Sea, The (1997)
A ship's crew discovers a cursed, abandoned ship filled with Aztec gold.
Carnosaur III (1997) as Theatrical Distributor
After a number of workers are killed in a government warehouse, an elite military ops team is sent in to combat a plague of angry dinosaurs with a thirst for blood.
Carnosaur III (1997) as Production Company
After a number of workers are killed in a government warehouse, an elite military ops team is sent in to combat a plague of angry dinosaurs with a thirst for blood.
Blinded By the Light (1997) as Production Company
Termination Man (1997) as Production Company
A Special Force agent, scientifically redesigned to have superhuman strength and implanted with a device in his brain that contains top secret information, teams up with two partners to stop the leader of the New Serbian nation who has stolen some deadly nerve gas/plague-causing bombs and planted th
My Brother's War (1997) as Production Company
Retired CIA agent Adam Hall has been called in to locate and neutralize Liam Fallon, an armed and dangerous renegade IRA terrorist who has begun a campaign of murder and mayhem designed to end the peace talks. Hall must employ the help of Liam's brother Gerry, a convicted terrorist responsible for k
Mortal Challenge (1997) as Production Company
Death is the only escape as gladiators face the ulitmate challenge.
Bloodfist VII: Manhunt (1997) as Production Company
Haunted Sea, The (1997) as Production Company
A ship's crew discovers a cursed, abandoned ship filled with Aztec gold.
Invisible Mom (1996)
The son of a wacky inventor discovers his dad's invisibility potion and accidentally gives his mother some.
Inhumanoid (1996) as Production Company
A scientist's creation of an android has disastrous consequences.
Marquis de Sade (1996) as Production Company
Interpretation of the 18th century story of the master of sadism and torture whose apparent complicity in several unsolved murders leads him to the guillotine.
Rumble in the Streets (1996) as Production Company
All her life Tori has faced poverty, vice and addiction. Still a child, she finds herself hunted by a renegade cop who has been systematically murdering street kids like her. Tori has no one to turn to, until she meets Sy, who has come to the big city to make it as a country singer. Both dodge bulle
Black Scorpion II: Aftershock (1996) as Production Company
Detective Darcy Walker, whose alter ego is the masked crime fighter "Black Scorpion," becomes the guardian of Los Angeles when she takes on the twisted villain Gangster Prankster, a corrupt mayor, a mousy seismologist turned super villain named Aftershock, and a group of her old enemies recently spr
When the Bullet Hits the Bone (1996) as Production Company
An emergency-room doctor undergoes a profound personal change when he discovers a drug trafficking plot that involves U.S. government officials. He then starts a one-man war against the depravity of the streets.
Alien Avengers (1996) as Production Company
A family of aliens drops in for a vacation at a run-down rooming house.
Humanoids From the Deep (1996) as Production Company
A coastal town battles a horde of genetically engineered killer fish monsters. Remake of the 1980 cult film.
Vampirella (1996) as Production Company
Cult comic book heroine Vampirella, a good vampire who drinks serum instead of human blood, is out to stop a race of evil bloodsuckers from preying on mankind.
Death Game (1996) as Production Company
In futuristic Los Angeles, a private investigator specializes in tracking down and rescuing street kids who are being shanghaied and forced into combat with deadly cyborgs -- all for the entertainment of a wealthy clientele.
Lady Killer (1996) as Production Company
A down-on-his-luck police detective's depression about his lowly desk assignment is interrupted by a string of murders on his daughter's college campus. Taking matters into his own hands, he sets out to catch the killer with the help of an actor who is researching the role of a psycho killer.
Machine Gun Blues (1996) as Production Company
Set in 1920s Harlem--a magnet for black entertainers, thrill-seeking white patrons and mobsters--black jazz singer Georgia Freeman and white mobster Johnny Verona fall in love. Georgia wants to go to Paris where interracial relationships are accepted and black singers are lionized but Johnny wants t
Bloodfist VIII: Hard Way Out (1996) as Production Company
A retired CIA agent fights an international conspiracy which threatens to shake the agency to the core.
Looking for Trouble (1996) as Production Company
A little girl finds a friend in a rambunctious baby elephant named Trouble.
Not of This Earth (1996) as Production Company
An invader from outer space shows up on Earth as a "hip" middle-class man in order to collect the only remedy to the deadly disease that is wiping out his planet -- human blood.
Last Exit to Earth (1996) as Production Company
On a distant planet in the future, women are the dominant species and men have become docile, non-aggressive and sterile through genetic engineering. A group of women who are determined to save their utopian world plot to use an experimental time machine to kidnap potent males from the past and mate
House of the Damned (1996) as Production Company
A young family moves from California to a mansion in Ireland that proves to be haunted with an evil force.
Subliminal Seduction (1996) as Production Company
A sinister cabal puts mind-control messages on CD-ROMs and only a videogame designer can stop them.
Skateboard Kid II, The (1995)
The continuing adventures of a kid with a magical skateboard.
One Night Stand (1995)
A lonely, recently-divorced advertising executive picks up a sexy stranger she meets at a night club and takes him home for an erotic one night stand. He leaves the next morning, but soon she finds herself terrorized by a stalker and thrown into the middle of a murder-mystery.
Spy Within, The (1995) as Production Company
A demolitions expert takes off after inadvertantly killing some homeless when he blows up a building on CIA orders, and ends up falling in love with a CIA operative.
BLACK SCORPION, THE (1995) as Production Company
A masked female crime fighter uses the techniques of "Batman" to bring criminals to justice.
Virtual Seduction (1995) as Production Company
A man who is shattered by the murder of his fiancee volunteers to be a test subject for the virtual-reality experimentation of a scientist. He flees reality to relive his past, undoing his fiancee's murder in his unconscious. When his fantasies become so addictive, he has to be shocked back into the
Attack of the 60 Ft. Centerfold (1995) as Production Company
In her attempt to beat out her rival Betty in becoming a famous magazine's Centerfold of the Year, Angel Grace sees a doctor who has a secret beauty enhancement program. In her zeal to win, Angel takes too much of the doctor's formula and grows to gigantic proportions. When Betty learns about the fo
Suspect Device (1995) as Production Company
A low-level intelligence agent learns that he's been marked for elimination by his superiors, that he is a cyborg and also is a walking nuclear weapon.
Sawbones (1995) as Production Company
A failed medical student turns serial killer.
Bucket of Blood, A (1995) as Production Company
An aspiring artist finally gets some respect for his work when he concocts a "sculpture" that rockets him to the cutting-edge of modern art using a knife, a cat, and some plaster. With fame comes the need for increasingly ghastly materials for his art.
Not Like Us (1995) as Production Company
Once a mysterious brother and sister arrive in a serene and placid town, the locals begin dying, one after another. John and Joan are aliens from another planet who've come to Earth to experiment in skin grafts and transplants using humans; they turn their cellar into a lab full of vivisected townsf
Star Quest (1995) as Production Company
Eight multinational representatives on their way to scout out a new home for the human race (the Earth being nearly depleted of its resources) awake from suspended animation to find their commander dead. Through confrontational and mutinous attempts to restabilize the mission, it is discovered that
Bram Stoker's Burial of the Rats (1995) as Production Company
Set in the 1860s, an aspiring young writer, Bram Stoker, is kidnapped by a cult of outlaw feminists dedicated to the destruction of men. They are ruled by an eccentric queen with an uncanny influence over rats.
Dillinger and Capone (1995) as Production Company
Capone, discovering that Dillinger is not dead, forcibly recruits him to help rob a vault in a hotel containing millions of dollars.
Alien Within, The (1995) as Production Company
A submarine crew finds itself trapped beneath the sea with an alien parasite.
Wasp Woman (1995) as Production Company
A scientist offers an aging former model the rights to his incredible wasp-hormone youth serum, but there are some very strange side effects.
Piranha (1995) as Production Company
A private eye inadvertenly triggers a nightmare when she lets loose a population of ravenous, genetically altered piranha into a community's river.
Midnight Tease 2 (1995) as Production Company
A woman who is working with an undercover policeman gets a job at a strip club in order to learn who killed her sister.
Caged Heat 3000 (1995) as Production Company
3000 years. 2000 women. 1000 ways to punish them!
Terminal Virus (1995) as Production Company
After global nuclear, chemical and biological warfare destroys the ozone layer, horrible sickness overcomes what's left of humanity. As a result, men and women become toxic to one another, and genders separate and arm themselves to the teeth in order to protect against infection.
Hellfire (1995) as Production Company
A man hired to complete an unfinished symphony is haunted by the ghost of the dead composer who had committed murders to fuel his creative passion.
Crazysitter, The (1995) as Production Company
When a petty criminal escapes from jail, she lays low by posing as a babysitter for two seemingly precious children. But when she decides to sell them for a quick profit, she gets more than she bargained for.
Baby Face Nelson (1995) as Production Company
Story based on the life of famed gangster Baby Face Nelson, who, in 1920's Chicago, competed with Al Capone and John Dillinger in brutality and crime to become Public Enemy Number One.
Cheyenne Warrior (1994)
A pregnant young woman and her husband are attacked by a gang of cutthroats while traveling west to escape the Civil War. Murdering her husband, the vicious outlaws abandon Rebecca to her fate in a remote trading post. But inside she finds a badly wounded Cheyenne warrior. What follows is a tender s
Ground Zero (1994) as Production Company
When a nuclear-missle base is occupied by terrorists, a lone courier tries to prevent the criminals from launching any weapons.
Reflections in the Dark (1994) as Production Company
A glamorous convicted murderer, who killed her pompous husband because "divorce would have broken his heart," is about to take the chair.
Munchie Strikes Back (1994) as Production Company
A magical alien gets mixed up in the life of an Earth family.
Body Chemistry 3 (1994) as Production Company
Dr. Claire Archer has had a dramatic life, having killed two men in self-defense, so film producer Alan Clay wants to make a movie about her. Claire and Alan begin an affair, but while doing research for the screenplay, the writer begins to learn disturbing new facts about the killings...and Claire
Carnosaur II (1994) as Production Company (Theatrical/Video-Usa)
After arriving at the Yucca Mountain Mine to fix electrical problems, a special team of underground engineers discovers evidence of a slaughter. Soon enough they discover that the mine has been overrun by vicious dinosaurs. Left without options, they must fight the dinosaurs or face death.
Cheyenne Warrior (1994) as Production Company
A pregnant young woman and her husband are attacked by a gang of cutthroats while traveling west to escape the Civil War. Murdering her husband, the vicious outlaws abandon Rebecca to her fate in a remote trading post. But inside she finds a badly wounded Cheyenne warrior. What follows is a tender s
In the Heat of Passion II (1994) as Production Company
A woman who was confined to a wheelchair dies in what appears to be an accident. In fact, she was murdered by her adult daughter and husband, who are lovers. The couple has gotten away with murder, but when there are complications over her inheritance, mistrust between them surfaces and they begin p
New Crime City (1994) as Production Company
Los Angeles, 2020. The death penalty is alive and well and Tony Ricks has just paid up with his life. Or has he? Freak technology revives him. There's just one catch: In exchange for his life and freedom, Ricks must retrieve a powerful biowarfare device from a gang inside the city's most dangerous p
Silence Of The Hams, The (1994) as Production Company
In this parody of horror films, a handsome but featherbrained FBI agent investigates a handful of murders committed by a serial killer.
Bloodfist V: Human Target (1994) as Production Company
While FBI agent Don "The Dragon" Wilson is working on an undercover assignment investigating arms dealers, his identity is exposed and he loses his memory after an attack. Following this, he becomes a target of the arms dealers and his own agency.
Caged Heat 2: Stripped Of Freedom (1994) as Production Company
A beautiful princess is kidnapped by rebel forces and thrown into the world's most brutal penitentiary.
Midnight Tease (1994) as Production Company
The strippers who work at the Club Fugazi are being murdered. Each night before a murder has been discovered, the lead dancer has had a dream about doing the killing, and she tells her psychiatrist about this. The doctor tries to reassure his patient of her innocence and then takes on the task of co
One Man Army (1994) as Production Company
An honest man is caught up in dirty politics in a small town. In order to learn the truth about his grandather's death, he goes to work rooting corruption out of the local government, but finds that the worst crime may be closer to home that he thinks.
Watchers III (1994) as Production Company
A golden retriever creation with an IQ of 175 has to track down a deformed monster known as "The Outsider."
No Dessert Dad, Till You Mow the Lawn (1994) as Production Company
Kids hypnotize Dad into doing whatever they want.
Little Miss Millions (1993) as Production Company
A hard boiled bounty hunter tracks down a young girl and finds himself a friend.
Carnosaur (1993) as Production Company
A mad scientist in the Nevada desert cross-fertilizes chicken eggs with the DNA from a tyrannosaur, creating a creature that preys on truckers and military/industrial workers.
Skateboard Kid, The (1993) as Production Company
A lonely new kid in town is befriended by the local teenage thrashers after discovering a talking, wisecracking, magical skateboard.
Home For Christmas (1993) as Production Company
Nine-year-old Heather is not enjoying being a millionaire. She hates living with her money-obsessed stepmother, so she leaves home to search for her real mother. When Heather's stepmother discovers that her mealticket is gone, she hires a private eye to find her, and when he does, accuses him of kid
Fast Gun (1993) as Production Company
Live By the Fist (1993) as Production Company
Kill Zone (1993) as Production Company
A renegade American army colonel disobeys orders so that his team can go into Cambodia to destroy a Viet Cong supply train. Once there, he orders the killing of innocent Cambodian villagers, but is confronted by his right hand man who objects to the slaughter.
Caroline at Midnight (1993) as Production Company
Victoria is a drug dealer whose husband and his partner are policemen on the take. To complicate matters further, Victoria is falling in love wtih a reporter who knows the secrets of all three of them.
800 Leagues Down The Amazon (1993) as Production Company
Garral, a prosperous plantation owner, travels down river with his daughter and her fiance to attend their wedding. Also onboard is a bounty hunter who's after Garral's money and also covets his daughter.
Dragonfire (1993) as Production Company
The year is 2050 A.D. and Los Angeles is in chaos, rampant with crime, drugs and violence. In his effort to avenge the death of his brother in this lawless place, street fighter Laker Powers enters the underworld of savage kickboxing.
Manhunt (1993) as Production Company
Liar's Club, The (1993) as Production Company
A group of friends discover that one of them is a murderer who's trying to cover up a rape.
Two to Tango (1989)
A hitman who longs to retire falls in love with his final victim's mistress.
Bloodfist (1989)
When a man arrives in Manila to investigate his brother's murder, he discovers a secret society which thrives on illegal kickboxing tournaments.
Stripped to Kill II (1989) as Production Company
A police sergeant searches for the serial killer who is making mincemeat out of strippers.
Heroes Stand Alone (1989) as Production Company
After an American spy plane crashes in the jungles of Central America, special U.S. task force is sent to retrieve the black box before enemy combatants can get their hands on it.
Two to Tango (1989) as Production Company
A hitman who longs to retire falls in love with his final victim's mistress.
Bloodfist (1989) as Production Company
When a man arrives in Manila to investigate his brother's murder, he discovers a secret society which thrives on illegal kickboxing tournaments.
Terror Within, The (1989) as Production Company
Six scientists get trapped in an underground lab.
Crime Zone (1989) as Production Company
Futuristic, post-apocalyptic tale of corruption and crime.
Time Trackers (1989) as Production Company
A young team back from the future pursue an evil scientist bent on destruction.
Dark Mission (1988)
A woman is in love with a CIA agent who is out to assassinate her drug kingpin father.
Big Bad Mama II (1988) as Production Company
In the 1930s, a bank forecloses on the home of Wilma McClatchie, causing her to turn to a life of crime, taking her daughters with her.
Lawless Land, The (1988) as Production Company
Love is taboo in this futuristic police state, so an outlaw wages war against the system.
Drifter, The (1988) as Production Company
On a desolate road, a successful, single woman named Julia picks up a mysterious hitchhiker needing a ride. After a brief fling, the man refuses to let go, and tracks her down in her Southern California apartment. Julia does all she can to avoid his obsessive phone calls and non-stop harassment, b
Not of This Earth (1988) as Production Company
A nurse takes on alien vampires who have come to earth to try humans out as a potential food source.
Daddy's Boys (1988) as Production Company
In the depression era of 1930s America, Jimmy, an all male family turns to robbing banks.
Munchies (1987) as Production Company
The 'mucnchies' are found in a cave in Peru and then kidnapped by an evil man who wants to make money off of them. They multiply when chopped up and they get really mean and create all kinds of trouble.
Sweet Revenge (1987) as Production Company
Stripped to Kill (1987) as Production Company
Deathstalker II (1987) as Production Company
Slumber Party Massacre II (1987) as Production Company
Chopping Mall (1986)
When three high-tech security robots run amok, they trap and terrorize teenagers in a shopping mall.
Last Resort (1986)
Against his wife's better judgement, George Lollar books the family vacation with Club Sand. They find themselves on a Caribbean island full of political unrest, staying in a hotel which is a singles pick-up location. George watches as his wife indulges in drugs, his daughter falls in love with a Fr
Amazons (1986) as Production Company
School Spirit (1985) as Production Company
Death Race 2000 (1975)
Racers compete in a brutal cross-country race, with points scored for killing pedestrians.

Production Companies (special)

Dinocroc vs. Supergator (2010)
Two giant creatures escape an experimental facility and begin rampaging toward populated beaches where unwary tourists soon find themselves on the monsters' menu.
Roger Corman's The Phantom Eye (1999) as Production Company
A 35-chapter serial monster special that airs during breaks between the airing of classic monster movies. Gorman, the head of the fictitious AMC Horror Department, sends a pair of wiseguy interns off on a wild goose-chase to locate the missing midnight movie, "The Phantom Eye." On their journey, the

Misc. Crew (special)

American Film Institute Salute to Jack Nicholson, The (1994) as Special Thanks
A presentation of the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award to actor Jack Nicholson.
Horror Hall of Fame II, The (1991) as Video Clips
The second annual presentation honoring the best horror films, television shows, actors, producers and special-effects designers.
Night of 100 Stars III (1990) as Film Excerpts
A celebrity benefit for The Actors' Fund of America, featuring music, songs, dance and comedy. Features nearly 175 stars of stage, screen, sports, and fashion.

Production Companies (TV Mini-Series)

Henry James' The Haunting of Hell House (1999) as Production Company
Falling Fire (1998) as Domestic Tv Distributor
Falling Fire (1998) as Production Company
Spacejacked (1997) as Production Company
White Wolves II: Legend of the Wild (1996) as Production Company
Alien Terminator (1995) as Tv Distributor
White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II (1993) as Tv Distributor
White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II (1993) as Production Company

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