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Loin des hommes (2015)
Algeria, 1954. While the rebellion rumbles in the valley, two very different men thrown together by a world in turmoil are forced to flee across the Atlas Mountains. In the midst of an icy winter, Daru, a reclusive teacher, has to escort Mohamed, a villager accused of murder. Pursued by horsemen see
Renoir (2013)
Côte d'Azur. 1915. In his later years, Auguste Renoir struggles with the loss of his wife, his crippling arthritis, and the news that his son Jean was wounded in action. But when radiantly beautiful Andrée enters his orbit, the old painter suddenly has a renewed verve for life. She eventually become
Sister (2012)
Simon lives with his older sister in a housing complex below a luxury Swiss ski resort. With his sister drifting in and out of jobs and relationships,12-year-old Simon takes on the responsibility of providing for the two of them. Every day, he takes the lift up to the opulent ski world above, steali
Holy Motors (2012)
Over the course of a single day, Monsieur Oscar travels by limousine around Paris to a series of nine "appointments," transforming into new characters or incarnations at each stop. Fetched in the morning by Céline, his trusty chauffeur on this surreal journey, Oscar begins the day as a captain of in
Monsieur Lazhar (2012)
In Montreal, an elementary school teacher dies abruptly. Having learned of the incident in the newspaper, Bachir Lazhar, a 55-year-old Algerian immigrant, goes to the school to offer his services as a substitute teacher. Quickly hired to replace the deceased, he finds himself in an establishment in
17 Girls (2012)
Inspired by true events, a group of restless teen girls make a pact. When classmate Camille accidentally becomes pregnant, she encourages her friends and fellow classmates to follow suit so that they can raise their children together. It's only a matter of time before 17 high school girls are pregn
Little Room, The (2011)
After taking a spill, Edmond is installed into a senior care facility by his absentee son. Distraught by the revocation of his independence, he runs away and is abetted by Rose, his in-home nurse who struggles with her own deep loss.
Simple Simon (2011)
Eighteen-year-old Simon is a boy with Asperger's syndrome who likes space, science and circles. His world is suddenly turned upside down when his older brother Sam breaks up with his girlfriend. In order to cope with daily life, Simon needs things to follow a certain pattern with the same schedule w
Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, The (2011)
An intimate portrait of the life and work of Genesis P-Orridge, founder of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV and one of the most influential figures in underground music since the 1970s, and his wife Lady Jaye, his closest artistic collaborator for 15 years. In particular, the focus is on "Creating T
Day is Done (2011)
Fifteen years of 35mm footage shot almost entirely from one vantage point - overlooking the back of the Zurich train station - is paired with fifteen years of answering machine messages to form an unlikely portrait of an unseen man. The transformation of the cityscape reflects the changing inner lan
Sing Your Song (2011)
Harry Belafonte rose to fame as a singer, despite trying tours across a segregated country and his crossover into mainstream Hollywood. Belafonte's groundbreaking career personifies the American civil rights movement, while impacting many other developments in social justice. The documentary reveals
Bad o Meh - Wind und Nebel (2011)
An Iraqi family has to move from the more fertile area of Nothern Iraq to the South, because the father has found work at an oil plant. Sahand is five years old. Shortly afterwards, the Iraq war starts. Sahand is home alone with his other, who gets killed by a bomb. He survives, and is severely trau
Cairo 678 (2011)
Three women of very different socio-economic backgrounds converge in their collective desire to combat sexual harassment in Egypt. Given the cultural and religious implications of family life and gender division in their country, the women decide to pursue justice through collective action, the medi
Hotel Deutschland 2 (2011)
Germany 20 years after the wall came down: what has changed? Were the promises of back-then chancellor Helmut Kohl fulfilled, who envisioned "blossoming cultural landscapes" for the new country?
Incendies (2010)
After their mother Nawal dies, twins Jeanne and Simon attempt to fulfill her final wishes of delivering some letters for her. This takes them to her native home of Lebanon where as a young woman she experienced things during the civil war that she never related to the twins. Now Jeanne and Simon lea
Welcome to the Rileys (2010)
Doug Riley is a man at the crossroads. Ever since the tragic death of his teenage daughter, he's led a life of quiet desperation... and now, something has to give. On a business trip to New Orleans, he encounters Mallory -- a raw, angry runaway living a dangerous life as a stripper. Moved by emotion
Au Revoir Taipei (2010)
When his girlfriend Faye moves from Taipei to Paris, Kai dreams of following her. When he is not working at his parents' noodle shop, he spends his time in the French section of a large bookstore. After Faye calls off the relationship, Kai plans to fly to Paris to win her back and is fortuitously of
Welcome (2009)
Seventeen-year-old Bilal comes from Iraq. He left his homeland shortly after his girlfriend emigrated to England and is now in the midst of a journey across Europe in order to see her again. However, his journey has now come to an abrupt end on the northern coast of France. Between Bilal and his gir
Burrowing (2009)
An exploration of lives of local Swedish misfits.
Home (2009)
Centers on a family who refuses to leave their country home to make way for the construction of a new road. Gradually cut off and disconnected from the world, they end up shutting themselves in.
Kan Door Huid Heen (2009)
Reeling from an act of violence, a woman hopes to start over with a clean slate by buying and moving into a remote cottage. Once she gets involved in a new relationship, she finds that the past has its way of informing the present.
Beeswax (2009)
Twin sisters Jeannie and Lauren- live in Austin, Texas. Jeannie co-owns a vintage clothing store with Amanda, a semi-estranged friend who she fears is trying to end their partnership. Lauren leads a looser, less tethered existence and is considering getting out of the country altogether. When Jeanni
Tandoori Love (2009)
Sonja is a waitress at a guesthouse in the Bernese Oberland and happily engaged to her boss Markus. Everything changes when an Indian chef called Rajah enters her life. Rajah is the chef on a Bollywood film set, but when he spies Sonja in the supermarket it is love at first sight. He starts working
Gordos (2009)
A group of overweight people attend therapy sessions in an attempt to solve their weight and emotional problems.
Seraphine (2009)
The tragic story of French naïve painter Séraphine Louis aka Séraphine de Senlis (1864-1942), a humble servant who becomes a gifted self-taught painter. Discovered by prominent critic and collector William Uhde, she came to prominence between the wars grouped with other naïve painters like Henri Rou
Hideaway (2009)
Despite the fact they are rich and beautiful and clearly in love, Mousse and Louis have fallen into a spiral of drugs. One morning in a chic Paris apartment, Louis is found dead of an overdose and Mousse is unconscious. When Louis' mother arrives to show the apartment to a prospective tenant, she di
It Might Get Loud (2009)
The history of the electric guitar as seen from the point of view of three significant musicians: Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, U2's The Edge and the White Stripes' Jack White. It tells the personal stories, of three generations of electric guitar virtuosos. It reveals how each developed his unique sou
Sounds and Silence (2009)
A musical journey with Manfred Eicher, an outstanding producer of contemporary music. Here, we trace his life at concerts, in recording studios, in back rooms and off the beaten path with such musical contemporaries as Arvo Part, Dino Saluzzi, Jan Garbarek, Eleni Karaindrou, Kim Kashkashian, Nik Bar
Mademoiselle Chambon (2009)
Jean leads a pretty ordinary life with his loving wife and child. One day, as he's picking up son Jérémy from school, he stumbles upon Mademoiselle Chambon. This chance encounter will be a turning point in his well organized life.
Everlasting Moments (2008)
In the early 1900s in Sweden, a time of social change and unrest, war and poverty, a young working class woman, Maria, wins a camera in a lottery. The decision to keep it alters her whole life. The camera grants Maria new eyes with which to see the world, and brings the charming photographer "Piff P
Lemon Tree (2008)
Salma Zidane lives in a tiny Palestinian village on the West Bank. She is 45 years old and a widow. Her children have left home, and she is alone. When the Israeli minister of defense builds a house on the other side of the green line, Selma's lemon trees come to the attention of his bodyguards. Her
Man on Wire (2008)
On August 7th 1974, a young Frenchman named Philippe Petit stepped out on a wire illegally rigged between New York's twin towers, then the world's tallest buildings. After nearly an hour dancing on the wire, he was arrested, taken for psychological evaluation, and brought to jail before he was final
Heart of Jenin, The (2008)
In 2005, Ahmed Khatib, a twelve-year-old Palestinian boy, was playing with a plastic gun in the Jenin refugee camp on the West Bank when an Israeli soldier mistook the toy for a weapon and killed the boy. Despite his grief, Ahmed's father donated his son's organs to several Israeli children, four of
Liverpool (2008)
A slice-of-lifer about a 50-ish merchant sailor who returns to his native Tierra del Fuego after years at sea.
Chicken, the Fish and the King Crab, The (2008)
Revolves around the "Bocuse d'Or", the top award for professional chefs, which is presented every two years in Lyon at a grand finale. This final is an extraordinary culinary experience. Having been selected during a highly regulated but nonetheless dubious nomination process, the finalists are give
CSNY: Deja Vu (2008)
Focuses on 2006's "Freedom of Speech" tour. During the tour, the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young band traveled with Mike Cerre, an embedded correspondent who has been to Iraq and Afghanistan five times in the current "War on Terror." The internal conflict of Americans struggling to come to grips with
Svetat e golyam i spasenie debne otvsyakde (2008)
The story of Alex, who, with the help of his charismatic grandfather, Bai Dan, embarks on a journey with a tandem bicycle and backgammon in search of his real self.
Love Me No More (2008)
Follows Antoine, a 42-year-old Paris-based ad executive, who begins telling his friends and family what he really thinks of them.
Three Monkeys (2008)
A family is dislocated when small failings blow up into extravagant lies. They battle against the odds to stay together by covering up the truth, but it only leads to additional hardship.
Mes Amis, Mes Amours (2008)
Two divorced men, Mathias and Antoine, become a modern-day odd couple when they move in together in London, along with their two kids. But while establishing house rules is easy, handling relationships with the opposite sex is another matter. Domestic bliss is jeopardized when Mathias falls for the
Maid, The (2008)
Raquel has served as the live-in maid for the Valdes family for 23 years. Neither truly a member of the family nor simply a servant, she inhabits an undefined space somewhere in between. Threatened when the family decides to bring on extra help, she engages in a series of increasingly frantic acts t
Grocer's Son, The (2008)
It is summer, and thirty-year-old Antoine is forced to leave the city to return to his family in Provençe. His father is sick, so he must assume the lifestyle he thought he had shed--driving the family grocery cart from hamlet to hamlet, delivering supplies to the few remaining inhabitants. Accompan
Terribly Happy (2008)
Robert has a number of skeletons in his cupboard, which he is determined to bury. Although, hardly his dream job, Robert sees the position of temporary village constable as a necessary stage on the road to rehabilitation. He just needs to do well and generally behave by the book. However, village li
Secret, A (2007)
Francois, a solitary, imaginative child, invents for himself a brother as well as the story of his parents' past. But on his fifteenth birthday, he discovers a dark family secret that ties his family's history to the Holocaust and shatters his illusions forever. Before the war, his father, Maxime, w
Secret of the Grain, The (2007)
In the rustic port of Sete in southeastern France, Slimane has worked in the same shipyard job for over 35 years, when his growing dissatisfaction prompts him to try to open his own restaurant. His dream seems unbelievable, but his contagious conviction and persistence work their way into the hearts
Suso's Tower (2007)
Suso has died of an overdose. Cundo has returned to their Asturian village after 10 years in Argentina for the funeral, and to meet up with the other members of their formerly hard-living gang--Fernando, now married to Cundo's ex girlfriend Rosa and Pablo, a farmer who dates a prostitute whose servi
Tuya's Marriage (2007)
Tuya, hardworking and hardheaded, is a Mongolian desert herder who refuses to be settled in a town in accordance with the new industrialization policy. She is kept busy with two kids, a disabled husband and 100 sheep to care for, but one day she hurts her back. The only way for the family to survive
Dialogue Avec Mon Jardinier (2007)
Through conversation, an artist and his gardener develop a growing friendship over several months.
God Man Dog (2007)
Follws the daily lives of different people, observing the reserved way they go about their lives: a well off married couple from Taipei who have become more and more estranged and have slowly fallen silent since the birth of their child; a fruit dealer from the countryside and his wife who try toget
Klimt (2007)
The Austrian artist Gustav Klimt's (1862-1918) lavish, sexual paintings came to symbolize the art nouveau style of the late 19th and early 20th century. Klimt's kaleidoscopic paintings are a combination of sensuality, expressiveness and passion--and, like his own life, mirror his obsession with wome
Shall We Kiss? (2007)
While traveling to Nantes for one evening, Emilie meets Gabriel. Equally seduced by one another, but both otherwise committed, they know they will probably never see each other again. He would like to kiss her. She as well, but a story prevents her from doing so: that of a married woman and of her b
Je Crois Que Je L'Aime (2007)
Forty-three-year-old Lucas, a rich, divorced industrialist, is irresistibly attracted to thirty-eight-year-old Elsa, a renowned ceramist whom he's commissioned to create a fresco for his office foyer. But, still smarting from a recent disappointment in love, he asks Roland Christin, a private detect
Jellyfish (2007)
Three very different women live in modern Tel Aviv, Israel. Batya, a catering waitress, takes in a child apparently abandoned at a local beach. Batya is one of the servers at the wedding reception of Keren, a bride who breaks her leg escaping a locked toilet stall, ruining her chance at a dream Ca
Drømmen (2006)
Thirteen year-old Frits has fallen out of favour with the headmaster of his provincial school. The year is 1969. The world is changing rapidly and corporal punishment has been banned. The tyrannical headmaster, however, hasn't bothered to notice. Frits spends his summer holidays watching the family'
Pingpong (2006)
Paul, 16-years-old, turns up uninvited to visit his relatives. Having recently lost his father, Paul is searching for an ideal world, and he intrudes upon the seemingly ideal family. After rejecting him at first, Aunt Anna slowly drags him onto her side. Paul is attracted to her. Only too late he re
Naming Number Two (2006)
The heart has gone out of Nanna Maria's family. There are no parties. They don't even fight anymore. Inspired by a dream of her childhood back in Fiji, Nanna demands that her grandchildren put on a big feast at which she will name her successor. The grandchildren reluctantly turn up, but as the day
Der Mann Von Der Botschaft (2006)
An official of the German embassy in Georgia is dissatisfied with his monotonous job and uneventful personal life. Things are changed by the encounter with a young boy who tries to rob him. Fascinated by the existence of this kid who has to live by his wits, the diplomat gradually moves closer to hi
1:1 (2006)
A 19-year-old named Per who is brutally attacked on his way home from a party. He falls into a coma, leaving the police with no clues on how to solve the case. Per's mother stays loyally by his bedside while Per's younger sister, Mie, hears rumours about her boyfriend's brother being involved in the
Habana Blues (2006)
Two young cuban musicians, Ruy and Tito, share the same dream: to become famous and finally leave Havana. Ruy lives with Caridad and their two children. Although they still love each other, their relationship seems close to an end. Tito is on his own living with his grandmother. While in rehearsals
Cats of Mirikitani, The (2006)
A portrait of an octogenarian outsider artist, Jimmy Mirikitani. Born in 1920 in Sacramento, California, Mirikitani grew up in Hiroshima and quickly showed a talent for painting. Hoping to avoid the draft in Japan, he returned to the U.S. during World War II and was forced into an internment camp. I
Brand Upon the Brain! (2006)
Whatever are young "Guy Maddin's" parents really up to in their lighthouse home/orphanage on a chilly remote island? Overbearing Mother tracks her son's every move, bellowing for him to come home over the "Aerophone" just as something interesting is about to happen! And poor Sis, his older sister (w
Elsa and Fred (2006)
Aging widowers Elsa and Fred visit the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the landmark from Fellini's "La Dolce Vita", and the experience rekindles their passion for love.
DarkBlueAlmostBlack (2006)
After his father has a stroke, Jorge is forced to take over his job. He has spent the last few years working hard, caring for his father and finishing college, but now he wants to strike out on his own. Through his brother Antonio, he meets Paula, a woman with whom he develops an unusual relationshi
Only Human (2006)
Leni has come home to introduce her fiancé Rafi to her idiosyncratic Jewish family for the first time. Everything goes smoothly until the lovers belatedly reveal that Rafi is Palestinian. Amid the ensuing hysteria, Rafi escapes to the kitchen, ostensibly to help prepare the dinner. Unfortunately he
Private Fears In Public Places (2006)
Dan, a solider recently discharged from the army, takes refuge in alcohol to escape from life and other people. Despite his tortured state, his fiancee Nicole still believes they're a solid couple. Gaelle is desperately looking for love, but without any success. Her brother Thierry, a real estate ag
Junebug (2005)
A dealer in outsider art threatens the equilibrium of her middle-class in-laws in North Carolina. Madeline is a go-getting art gallery owner from Chicago, recently married to George, a near-perfect Southern beau. When Madeline needs to close a deal with a reclusive North Carolina artist, George intr
Young Lieutenant, The (2005)
Antoine graduates from police academy and moves to the big city intent on making his contribution to the fight against crime. Captain Vaudieu takes him under her wing. Antoine fits easily into her team of work-hard, play-hard detectives. Then tragedy strikes and Vaudieu has to fight the memories tha
Les Amateurs (2004)
The amorous adventures of two friends.
25 Degrees in Winter (2004)
It is the 12th of January and it's going to be a scorcher in the capital of Belgium. A vehicle, with the logo of a travel agency, is speeding along the highway. In the car are four people, a man and three women. Miguel, his much-too-curious daughter, his overbearing mother, and a young Ukranian girl
Dig! (2004)
Tracks the tumultuous rise of two talented musicians, Anton Newcombe, leader of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Courtney Taylor, leader of the Dandy Warhols, and dissects their star-crossed friendship and bitter rivalry. Both are hell-bent on staging a self-proclaimed revolution of the music indus
Walk on Water (2004)
Set between Tel Aviv and Berlin, Eyal, a fierce Mossad agent, is on assignment to track down an aging Nazi war criminal, Alfred Himmelman. By posing as a tour guide, Eyal befriends Himmelman's freethinking grandchildren in Tel Aviv. What begins as a deceptive mission dissolves into a journey through
Tarnation (2004)
Part documentary, part narrative fiction, part home movie, part acid trip. A psychedelic whirlwind of snapshots, Super-8 home movies, old answering machine messages, video diaries, early short films, snippets of '80s pop culture, and dramatic reenactments to create an epic portrait of an American fa
Darwin's Nightmare (2004)
An examination of the ever increasing strife between locals suffering from the ravages of war in Africa and those profiting from local fishing industries. The dusky blue waters of Lake Victoria stretch lazily across the Tanzanian plains, but beneath the placid surface a massacre has taken place. In
L'Equipier (2004)
In 1963, a soulful stranger and veteran of the Algerian war, Antoine, arrives at the small Breton island of Ouessant to become the new keeper of the lighthouse. He replaces Emile, the tower's adored deceased patriarch, despite the locals' feeling that the job should have gone to one of their own. Ea
Intimate Strangers (2004)
A disturbed-looking woman named Anna enters a Paris apartment building where white-collar professionals conduct business from their homes. The concierge--whose chronic involvement in a dopey soap opera is a wink to the melodrama at work in ordinary lives--tells her that Dr. Monnier's practice is on
Yeoja, Jeong-Hye (2004)
Jung-hye is a slightly strange, seemingly unfeeling woman who works as a clerk in a small suburban post office. Attractive but very detached, she seems to have no personal life and keeps a polite distance from her colleagues. When a painfully shy novelist starts coming to the post office regularly,
Exiles (2004)
Zano and his companion Naïma travel across France and Spain down to Algeria, where they might ultimately come to know the land their parents once had to flee. Enamored with their freedom, they let the time slip by, intoxicated by the Andalusia's sensuality, before they finally decide to cross the Me
Le Grand Voyage (2004)
Out of filial duty and a sense of adventure, Reda, a young French man, Reda, agrees to accompany his elderly Moroccan father on the hajj-the pilgrimage to Mecca. It is an obligatory trip for every good Muslim who can afford it. The only catch: the journey from France to Saudi Arabia will be by car.
Five Obstructions, The (2003)
An investigative journey into the phenomenon of filmmaking in which filmmaker Jorgen Leth remakes, not once but five times, his own 1967 short film "The Perfect Human/Det Perfekte Menneske," each time within a series of guidelines and limitations imposed upon him by director Lars Von Trier.
Heart of Men, The (2003)
Alex, Antoine, Jeff and Manu: four modern guys, both stable and immature, at a turning point in their adult lives. They've been friends for 25 years, ever since they played for the same soccer team in the Paris suburbs. They see each other regularly. They talk, argue and laugh together. From humble
Hukkle (2003)
A wordless tale of everyday life and death in a Hungarian village that evolves into an elliptical murder mystery, seen through naturalistic observation.
Nicotina (2003)
A crime caper set in Mexico City about a simple exchange that goes awry, causing the lives of nine unsuspecting characters to explode in one tumultuous night over a fortune in diamonds. Computer hacker Lolo is infatuated with his neighbor Andrea and catalogs her every move via high-tech peeping devi
Kitchen Stories (2003)
In post war Sweden it was discovered that every year, an average housewife walks the equivalent number of miles as the distance between Stockholm and Congo, while preparing her family meals. So the Home Research Institute sent out eighteen observers to a rural district of Norway to map out the kitch
Inheritance (2003)
Centers on the wealthy elite of Denmark. Christoffer, one of the fourth generation of the proprietors of a steel works company, has decided to leave the family business. Instead he buys a restaurant in Stockholm, where he is happily married to Maria, a Swedish actress. When his father commits suicid
Only the Strong Survive (2002)
Documentary filmmakers D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus and journalist Roger Friedman had a mission: to catch up with the great soul singers of the 1960s and early 1970s. Many of the legends of soul died at a early age: Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, and practically all of the Temptations. But those wh
Standing in the Shadows of Motown (2002)
A documentary about a group of Detroit musicians who backed up dozens of Motown artists.
Lilya 4-Ever (2002)
Lilya is a teenage Russian girl whose best friend is a glue-sniffing street urchin, Volodya, and whose mother has recently run away to live in America, abandoning her. Eager to start a new life, Lilya is excited when her new boyfriend, Andrei, asks her to move to Sweden, only to find a similar disma
In This World (2002)
Jamal and Enayat are cousins. Jamal, the younger of the two, is an orphan; he lives in a refugee camp and spends his days working at a brickworks. Enayat sells electrical goods at his father's market stall. Enayat's family is sending him to England to have a shot at a better quality of life. Thanks
Secretary (2002)
Lee Holloway is a smart, quirky woman in her twenties who returns to her hometown in New Jersey after a brief stay in a mental hospital. In search of relief from herself and her oppressive childhood environment, she starts to date a nerdy friend from high school and takes a job as a secretary in a l
Open Hearts (2002)
Cecille and Joachim are a young couple whose relationship is nothing short of ideal. When a tragic accident separates the pair, Niels, a married doctor, tries to console Cecille. As they grow closer, their relationship threatens Niels' almost equally idyllic marriage to Marie.
Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)
In Western Australia, 1931, the small depot of Jigalong sits on the edge of the Gibson Desert. Running through Jigalong and out into the desert is a rabbit-proof fence that bisects Australia from north to south. The fence was built to keep rabbits on one side and pasture on the other. This remote co
Olsen Gang Junior (2002)
Egon has been brought up in a children's home, and he is determined to find a prosperous family. He is soon swept off by adoptive parents who trick him into believing they are millionaires. He wises up when he discovers his new home is a cell at a military base. Egon makes his escape, and in doing s
Japon (2002)
A man with no name limps through the Mexican high country in what he intends to be his last journey. It is clear that he hates himself and is tired of life, but in order to prepare for death he seeks first the solitude of the mountains and finds shelter with Ascen, an elderly widow living on the outskirts of a mountain village.
Other Final, The (2002)
On June 30, 2002, a soccer game was played between the two lowest ranked Fifa-teams in the world--Bhutan and Montserrat. Told by people from all levels of both societies, a picture of both cultures and their attitude towards sports is revealed.
Kira's Reason: A Love Story (2002)
Enjoying life in their mid-thirties, Kira and her husband Mads have a large house, a great car and two wonderful children. Their world is perfectly secure and comfortable, until Kira inexplicably develops a psychiatric disorder that eventually commits her to a hospital. Upon being discharged from th
Elling (2001)
When his mother, who has sheltered him his entire 40 years, dies, Elling, a sensitive, would-be poet, is sent to live in a state institution. There he meets Kjell Bjarne, a gentle giant and female-obsessed virgin in his 40s. After two years, the men are released and provided with a state-funded apar
Fast Runner (Atanarjuat), The (2001)
1000 A.D.: Evil in the form of an unknown shaman divides a small community of nomadic Inuit, upsetting its balance and spirit. Twenty years pass. Two brothers emerge to challenge the evil order: Amaqjuaq, the Strong One, and Atanarjuat, the Fast Runner. Atanarjuat wins the hand of the lovely Atuat a
Lawless Heart, The (2001)
Devastated by Stuart's death, his brother-in-law, lover and best friend decide to take their lives in hand. Dan is a faithful and loving father and husband, until the day he meets Corinne. This buxom and sublime Frenchwoman seduces Dan with her honesty and hedonism, so much so that he wonders if he
I'm Going Home (2001)
The routine of a doctor is shaken when he discovers his family has died in a car wreck.
Beijing Bicycle (2001)
Guei has left his village behind and come to the city with great expectations. He finds himself a job as a bicycle courier, earning ten yuan for each trip. Should he manage to collect six hundred yuan, he would be in a position to buy his silver mountain bike - his pride and joy - and become its own
No Man's Land (2001)
Ciki and Nino, a Bosnian and a Serb, are soldiers stranded in No Man's Land - a trench between enemy lines during the Bosnian war. They have no one to trust, no way to escape without getting shot, and a fellow soldier is lying on the trench floor with a spring-loaded bomb set to explode beneath him
Two lovers discover each other 50 years after their first affair.
Flickering Lights (2001)
Due to forces of nature, Torkild, Peter, Arne and Stefan are stranded in a restaurant. Then they discover $500,000 that doesn't belong to them and must decide whether or not to run with it.
Nomi Song, The (2000)
He came from outer Space to save the human race. Looks like an alien, sings like a diva--Klaus Nomi was one of 1980's most profoundly bizarre appearances. He was a cult figure in the New Wave Underground scene who sang pop music like opera and brought opera to club audiences. He was a performer with
Ali Zaoua (2000)
Ali, Kwita, Omar and Boubker are 12-year-old street kids in Casablanca. The streets are their home and the people that live in them, their family. With nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide, survival is an everyday problem and friendship is their irreplaceable bond. Then one day, Ali is killed, his lif
Comunidad, La (2000)
When Julia discovers a treasure of hidden cash in her dead neighbor's apartment, the building residents' association goes to great lengths to take the money from her.
Over the Rainbow (1999)
Three 15-year-old girls search out their rock star hero, Ray, and visit his warehouse apartment. As the police begin searching for the missing girls, Ray tries to kick them out of his apartment but they are able to remain due in part to Ray's drug-addled behaviour.
War Zone, The (1999)
Fifteen-year-old Tom struggles with coming of age as his seemingly normal middle-class London family moves to Devonshire. He is bored and lonely, his older sister has made friends fast, and his mother is about to have a third child. However, Tom's "normal" life becomes shattered when he inadvertent
Specialist, The (1999)
On May 11, 1960, 40 years ago, Adolf Eichmann, a leading player in the Holocaust, is captured by the Isreli Secret Service in Argentina, where he has been living for ten years as "Ricardo Klement." One year later he is put on trial, the Israelis hire noted American documentarian Leo Hurwitz who shoo
Vulkan, Der (1999)
It's 1937 and the Nazis have destroyed Marion von Kammer's Berlin theater. Repelled by the hideous place her beloved city has become, she flees to Paris to join other German emigres who have settled there to promote anti-Nazi propaganda from a clandestine German-language radio station.
Adieu, Plancher des Vaches! (1999)
Nicolas comes from a rich but dysfunctional Parisian family, and spends his days trying to escape his privileged background and businesswoman mother. He takes after his father in terms of incipient alcoholism and a refusal of family ties. One day, though, his slumming leads him into a risky situatio
Venus Beauty Institute (French) (1999)
Nadine works in a beauty parlor in Paris. Aware of her fading beauty, she dates casually, but is fearful of the pitfalls of serious relationships. Her co-workers are the popular Samantha and young Marie, who is intrigued by a well-off widower who has become a regular customer. When Nadine is jilted
Flowers From Another World (1999)
A group of Central and South American women, immigrants in Spain, respond to ads from bachelors in a small town looking for wives.
It All Starts Today (1999)
Daniel is a teacher at a nursery school in Northern France. He is committed to his job in what is an increasingly poor area. One day, the mother of two children keels over drunk in the schoolyard, and then runs away. When social services fail to respond, Daniel decides to break the rules and take th
Genghis Blues (1998)
Blind San Francisco blues singer Paul Pena goes to the Central Asian Republic of Tuva for a competition of "throat singing," a unique musical form in which a single voice produces multiple different sounds. Previously unheard outside of Tuva, throatsinging is a traditional form in the isolated repub
Peut-etre (1998)
A 23-year-old tormented by work problems and anxiety about the millennium balks at fathering the child his girlfriend wants. Subsequently he is catapulted into a third World-like Paris of 2070 where he meets 70-year-old Ako--the son he is refusing to have.
High Art (1998)
A lesbian romance develops when a junior staffer at a photo magazine falls in love with a well-known photographer who has disappeared from the art scene because of a heroin addiction.
Louise (Take 2) (1998)
In the Metro, Louise meets a homeless man. He begs her to bring his child back to him. Louise picks up Gaby from school and leads him through her daily life of the street and the metro. While doing this she lets herself be seduced by Remi, a vagabond unlike the others.
Pi (1998)
A mathmetician, Max Cohen, is on the verge of decoding the numerical pattern beneath the ultimate system of ordered chaos--the stock market. However, as he works, he is being pursued by an aggressive Wall Street firm set on stealing the code in order to dominate the financial landscape. Also in the
School of Flesh, The (1998)
Intense physical attraction makes lovers of Dominique a poised, sophisticated career woman and Quentin, a handsome, streetwise young hustler. She gives him a nice place to live and a regular allowance, while he brings youth, beauty and excitement into her austere existence. For a time, the power of
Digging to China (1997)
A 10-year-old girl, staying in a motel with her mother and older sister, befriends a mentally retarded man.
Fred (1997)
Circumstantial evidence leads a local wry cop to believe that an unemployed crane operator, Fred--who has little going on for himself--is guilty of an unsolved murder.
Love and Death on Long Island (1997)
A reclusive British writer becomes obsessed with an American teen idol and eventually pursues him to his Long Island home, filling his head with dreams of a truly European career. This head-on collision of cultures results in unstoppable consequences.
Marius and Jeannette (1997)
In an impoverished section of Marseilles, Jeannette is managing to raise a teenage daughter and half-Arab son on a checkout girl's wages. She meets a Marius, a friendly man who works as a guard at an unused cement factory and they strike up a relationship. However, Jeanette soon loses her job afte
Slaves to the Underground (1997)
Set in the Seattle grunge music world, a young woman struggles to find a sense of truth about her existence.
Will It Snow for Christmas? (1996)
An illegitimate brood of seven tightly knit siblings adore their young, long-suffering mother, but are used as slave labor by their tyranical father on a farm in southern France.
Children of the Revolution (1996)
Australia is only moments away from civil war late in 1989 as one man, Joe Welch, has paralyzed the government, leaving the country in a state of total panic. Years earlier, in 1949, Joe's mother Joan Fraser dreamt of nothing but a worker's revolution; a communist revolution. She deemed the Australi
Trees Lounge (1996)
Tommy Basilio wanted to make something of his life. That was about ten years ago. Instead, he has spent the past decade as an auto mechanic, ricocheting from one bizarre misadventure to another in his dead-end hometown on Long Island, unable to repair his car or his life. His only solace is that eve
Fistful of Flies (1996)
Set in the small community of Cider Gully, New South Wales, a sixteen-year-old girl strives for independence. Trying to come to terms with her own sexuality, she is in constant conflict with her sexually repressed mother and her violent philandering father. In her quest to be treated as a grown-up s
Little Angel (1996)
A bittersweet love story between a lonely East Berlin dreamer who has a boring job in a lipstick factory, and a Polish black marketeer who's trying to shake the police off his trail.
Palookaville (1995)
Three unemployed factory workers--the dog-loving dreamer Sid, married man Jerry, and Russ, a would-be leader of men who still lives with his mother--try their hand at crime in order to keep themselves and their families above the poverty level. When their first attempt goes awry--they break through
Wigstock: The Movie (1995)
A behind-the-scenes look at Wigstock, New York's famous annual drag extravaganza and gay pride celebration.
Vsetko o mam rad (1994)
Thirtysomething Thomas, at a major crossroads in his life, seeks an escape from multiple familial pressures through his blossoming relationship with a young Englishwoman.
Stepping Razor - Red X (1992)
The story of the life and mysterious death of Reggae star Peter Tosh.
John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards in Berlin (1992)
John Lurie and the Longe Lizards' live concert in Berlin.
Between Heaven And Earth (1992)
Communicating through a pregnant and overdue TV journalist, embryonic babies decide they do not wish to be born.
Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight (1991)
Legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, performing at the historic 1970 Isle of Wight festival.
Split (1990)
Sci-fi extravaganza involving a cult prophet being pursued by a formidable surveillance agency.
Herliche Wilkommen (1990)
On the road with musician Fred Frith.
House Party (1990)
A black teenager organizes a blow-out party when his parents go away.
Boom Boom (1990) as Production Company
Romantic comedy about a shoe salesman and a dental assistant.
Drugstore Cowboy (1989)
Gritty drama, set in the early 1970s, about a band of superstitious, drug-addled misfits who live by their wits and rob drugstores.
My 20th Century (1989)
A dramatic fantasy filled with insight into the early years of the 20th century, as seen through the split focus of identical twins.
Best of the Best (1989)
Sports adventure about a martial arts competition.
Night in Havana, A (1988)
Jazz trumpeter Dizzie Gillespie's trip to Cuba.
Tango Bar (1988)
Anthology film tracing the tango in film.
Koyaanisqatsi (1982)
Experimental documentary that moves from images of untouched nature to others depicting human beings'''' increasing dependence on technology.
Bongo Man (1981) as Production Company
Reggae Sunsplash II (1979) as Production Company

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