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Overview for Gregroy J Curda
Gregroy J Curda

Gregroy J Curda


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Sound (feature film)

Off the Lip (2004) as Sound
Kat, a brand new journalism grad, has landed her first big job. It's in Hawaii and she couldn't be more excited to get away from her father and his expectations. All it requires is an upbeat personality, good instincts and a lot of perseverance. But Kat is finding the work harder than she ever i
Fire in the Sky (1993) as Foley Mixer
Based on the true story of an Arizona man who claims he was abducted by a UFO in the 1970s.
Wayne's World 2 (1993)
Wayne and Garth continue to host their late-night cable-access TV show, but the former yearns to accomplish something more with his life. Suddenly, a vision comes to him--he''ll stage a marathon rock concert known as Waynestock!
Indecent Proposal (1993) as Foley Mixer
A struggling yuppie couple is offered $1,000,000 to let another man sleep with the wife.
Demolition Man (1993)
Los Angeles, 2018. After being wrongly imprisoned for a series of murders, a cop is released from a cryogenic jail in order to join the hunt for the real killer.
Thing Called Love, The (1993) as Foley Mixer
A young country singer tries to make it in Nashville.
Sliver (1993) as Foley Mixer
A new apartment brings a new life of passion and murder to a literary editor, in this voyeuristic love triangle.
Coneheads (1993) as Foley Mixer
Extra-terrestrial family the Coneheads come to Earth to take over, but wind up stranded here. They are forced to adapt to American life.
Jennifer Eight (1992) as Foley Mixer
A police detective connects a series of brutal murders and falls in love with the killer's next victim; a young, blind woman he has sworn to protect.
Patriot Games (1992) as Foley Mixer
Vacationing with his wife and daughter in London, former CIA agent Jack Ryan steps in to stop the assassination of an English minister, killing a terrorist in the process. The terrorist's brother also happens to be an IRA radical and stalks Ryan back to the United States for revenge. A high-stakes g
Wayne's World (1992) as Foley Mixer
Film based on the skit from NBC's "Saturday Night Live." Wayne and Garth are happy broadcasting their goofy show out of a basement, but when a sleazy network executive comes calling, they'll have to decide whether they want money and fame or they want to keep their souls.
Boomerang (1992)
The story of a successful marketing executive who searches for the "perfect" woman. When he finally falls in love, it's with the one woman in his life who rejects him.
Captain Ron (1992) as Foley Mixer
The story of one family''s adventure on an old rickety boat under the command of a crazed captain.
Ruby (1992) as Foley Artist
Fact and fiction are combined in this story about Jack Ruby and a stripper, Candy Cane, and how they become involved in a conspiracy to kill J.F.K.
Talent for the Game (1991)
A baseball scout searches for a talented pitcher in the farm leagues to bring up to the majors.
Butcher's Wife, The (1991) as Foley Mixer
A butcher living in New York City marries a country girl who is a clairvoyant. When her powers are discovered, they have a profound effect on the people in their neighborhood.
Addams Family, The (1991) as Foley Mixer
Ghoulish laughs abound in this darkly comic gem. Based on the classic television show, Raul Julia and Angelica Huston star as the deliciously creepy Gomez and Morticia Addams, with Christina Ricci standing out as their daughter Wednesday. When Christopher Lloyd shows up, claiming to be the long-lost
Soapdish (1991) as Foley Mixer
The goings on behind the scenes at a daytime soap opera.
Star Trek VI: the Undiscovered Country (1991) as Foley Mixer
Peace talks between the Federation and the evil Klingons go awry.
Frankie and Johnny (1991) as Foley Mixer
Johnny is fresh out of jail and working at a diner when he spots tough-as-nails waitress Frankie. Johnny is determined to woo her, but the emotionally battered Frankie fights him all the way.
Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) as Foley Mixer
A nursing home patient spins a tale of friendship against all odds.
Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, The (1991) as Foley Mixer
Pseudo-terrorists try to destroy the solar-energy resources of the United States.
Dead Again (1991) as Foley Mixer
LA private eye Mike Church thinks he has seen it all until he takes on the case of Grace, a mystery woman suffering from amnesia and flashbacks to a murder than happened in the 40s. Church brings in a hypnotist and finds himself immersed in two cases separated by decades that may have a supernatural
Days of Thunder (1990) as Foley Mixer
Cole Trickle (Tom Cruise) certainly appears to have all the right moves both on and off the stock car racing track. His natural talent catches the attention of Tim Dolan (Randy Quaid) who offers him a sponsorship. Grizzled NASCAR veteran Harry Hogge (Robert Duvall) comes on board to smooth out Cole''s rough edges and Dr. Claire Lewicki (Nicole Kidman) provides the romance. All Cole needs to do is to discover a little humility. That happens after a track accident makes him rethink his place in the world. Back on the track, Cole brings home the trophy. Plenty of fast-paced race car action in this Tony Scott directed flick.
Hunt for Red October, The (1990) as Foley Mixer
While Americans prepare for a nuclear submarine attack, CIA agent Jack Ryan has only a few hours to prove his suspicion that the Russian is defecting before all-out war breaks loose. Let the hunt begin.
Two Jakes, The (1990) as Foley Mixer
Sequel to Roman Polanski's 1974 film "Chinatown." It is eleven years later and private eye J J Gittes becomes entangled in a murder and conspiracy scheme, stemming from the real estate deal that was part of the original film's plot.
Funny About Love (1990) as Foley Mixer
A romantic comedy about a cartoonist who wants to be a father.
Look Who's Talking Too (1990) as Foley Mixer
Follow up to 1989''s "Look Who''s Talking."
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) as Foley Mixer
A new U.S.S. Enterprise must battle a rogue Vulcan and his army of castoffs in this thrilling sci-fi adventure. When Spock's half-brother Sybok steals the Enterprise to launch an obsessive search for a Supreme Being, Kirk, Bones, Uhura and the rest of the Starfleet crew must do whatever it takes to
Dad (1989) as Foley Mixer
A busy executive ends up being his father''''s caretaker.
Fat Man and Little Boy (1989) as Foley Mixer
A general and a physicist work together on the most powerful weapon ever created by man during World War II. J. Robert Oppenheimer and Gen. Leslie R. Groves butt heads as they work side by side on the top-secret Manhattan Project that will introduce nuclear weapons into a war-weary world.
Harlem Nights (1989) as Foley Mixer
In the waning days of Prohibition, Sugar Ray and his adopted son, Quick, run a speakeasy called Club Sugar Ray. When gangster Bugsy Calhoune learns Sugar Ray''s place is pulling in more money than his own establishment, the Pitty Pat Club, he pays corrupt cop Phil Cantone to close Club Sugar Ray down. Quick doesn''t exactly help the situation when he falls for Calhoune''s gun moll, Miss Dominique La Rue.
Black Rain (1989)
Tough cops Nick Conklin and Charlie Vincent break up a Yakuza crime ring in New York and escort a Japanese killer back to his home country. The criminal escapes, and the two detectives are forced to team up with the Tokyo police to track him down. Along the way, they find themselves drawn ever deepe
Pet Sematary (1989) as Foley Mixer
The Creed family settles into their idyllic home in the countryside only to discover that it sits next door to a pet cemetery - built on an ancient Indian burial ground. Their mysterious new neighbor, Jud Crandall, hides the cemetery''s darkest secret...until a family tragedy brings the secret to life. Now, an unthinkable evil is about to be resurrected.
Big Picture, The (1989) as Foley Mixer
A comedy about an up-and-coming filmmaker.
Let It Ride (1989) as Foley Mixer
Story of a horse racing gambler who hits the jackpot.
Cousins (1989) as Foley Recording
Romantic comedy where the lives of two families become sexually intertwined and complicated.
The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988) as Foley Mixer
A dumb cop tries to thwart a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth.
Bad Dreams (1988) as Foley Mixer
A young woman's horrifying visions become reality.
84 Charlie Mopic (1988) as Foley Mixer
The Vietnam war as seen through the eyes of an Army cameraman, and the six soldiers whose maneuvers he records.
Prince of Darkness (1987) as Foley Mixer
When a group of graduate students and scientists discovers an ancient canister containing an evil-looking liquid in an abandoned church, all hell breaks loose--literally!

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Off the Lip (2004)
Kat, a brand new journalism grad, has landed her first big job. It's in Hawaii and she couldn't be more excited to get away from her father and his expectations. All it requires is an upbeat personality, good instincts and a lot of perseverance. But Kat is finding the work harder than she ever i

Sound (special)

Missing Parents (1991) as Foley Mixer
A rebellious high school student slowly realizes his deep attachment to his parents after returning home and discovering they have run away.

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