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Mauritz Hugo

Mauritz Hugo



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Cast (feature film)

Marooned (1969) as Hardy
Three U.S. astronauts face a slow death when their rockets fail during a space voyage.
Alvarez Kelly (1966) as Ely Harrison
A suave Mexican cattleman inadvertently gets involved in the Civil War.
The Purple Gang (1960) as Licovetti
The story of the infamous gang of bootleggers, hijackers, and killers in 1920''''s Detroit.
13 Fighting Men (1960) as [Walter] Ives
The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959) as Purley
Bat Masterson fights to clean up Dodge City.
Al Capone (1959) as Hood
Chicago's most notorious gangster rules the city ruthlessly.
Seven Guns to Mesa (1958) as Lt. Franklin
The Old Man and the Sea (1958) as Gambler
A Cuban fisherman believes his long dry spell will end when he catches a legendary fish.
The Tall Stranger (1957) as Purcell
When rustlers leave him for dead, a Westerner throws in his lot with the wagon train whose inhabitants have rescued him.
War Drums (1957) as Clay Staub
A white trader and an Apache chief fall for the same woman.
Gun Battle at Monterey (1957) as Charley
An outlaw saved by a Mexican girl hunts the holdup partner who shot him in the back.
The Vampire (1957) as Waiter
An experimental treatment turns a small-town doctor into a vampire.
The First Traveling Saleslady (1956) as Buyer
A corset designer takes a job selling barbed wire in the wild West.
Glory (1956) as Policeman
A young woman's devotion to her racehorse creates romantic problems.
Crime Against Joe (1956) as Dr. Tatreau
An artist must find the real killer when he''''s accused of murdering a nightclub singer.
Scandal Incorporated (1956) as Lewis Adams
Love Me or Leave Me (1955) as Irate customer
True story of torch singer Ruth Etting's struggle to escape the gangster who made her a star.
Dragnet (1954) as Jailer
Two homicide detectives try to find just the facts behind a mobster''''s brutal murder.
Run for the Hills (1953) as [Carl] Hudson
Dragon's Gold (1953) as Eustace Crosby
John Archer, Hillary Brooke, Noel Cravat, Dayton Lummis, Merrill Stone. In Hong Kong, Chinese general Wong Kai Hai (Noel Cravat) uses deceptive methods to sidetrack a bonding company investigator searching for seven million in missing gold.
Cruisin' Down the River (1953) as
Beaurefard Clemment (Dick Haymes), a New York night club crooner, inherits a broken-down Georgia showboat. He decides to turn it into a nightclub. He falls in love with Sally Jane (Audrey Totter), the granddaughter of Thadeus Jackson (Cecil Kellaway), arch enemy of Beau's late grandfather. Many, many songs (see Soundtrack) and a parody of "Ten Nights in a Barroom" (a Blake Edwards touch), with music featuring the Bell Sisters.
Captive of Billy the Kid (1952) as Randy Brown
Five people have a part of the map to the treasure of Billy the Kid. Stanley kills Howard to get his piece. Marshal Rocky Lane poses as a crook and takes the other four pieces figuring the killer will contact him. But Stanley knows he is a Marshal and sets a trap to nab him.
Road Agent (1952) as Milo Brand
Cowboys fight bandits trying to take over the trails.
Blue Canadian Rockies (1952) as Ed Mitchell
Montana ranch owner Cyrus Bigbee (Don Beddoe) sents his foreman, Gene Autry (Gene Autry), and Rawhide Buttram (Pat Buttram) to his Canadian timber land to stop the marriage of his daughter Sandy (Gail Davis) to Todd Markey (Ross Ford), whom he dislikes. Sandy wants to turn the property into a dude ranch, with Carolina Cotton (Carolina Cotton) and the Cass County Boys (Fred S. Martin, Jerry Scoggins and Bert Dodson) among the entertainers, and runs up against local timbermen who want it for cutting timber. When a Mountie is murdered, with suspicion pointing to Todd, Gene finds the real culprit and brings peace to the area.
The Kid from Broken Gun (1952) as Sheriff
A postal inspector pretends to be an outlaw to smoke out lawbreakers.
Saddle Legion (1951) as Ace Kelso
A cattle inspector runs a rustling ring on the side.
Gunplay (1951) as Curt Landry, previously known as Matt Potter
Two cowboys hunt down the killers of a young boy''''s parents.
The Dakota Kid (1951) as Squire Mason
Pistol Harvest (1951) as Elias Norton
A shipping magnate uses murder to escape an old debt.
No Questions Asked (1951) as Marty Callbert
A young lawyer''''s primrose path to success gets him framed for murder.
Women from Headquarters (1950) as Arnold
Frisco Tornado (1950) as Brod
U.S. marshal sets out to end an insurance scam: salesmen provide cowtown folk with insurance against outlaw activity, outlaws who work for the insurance salesmen.
The Second Face (1950) as Plastic surgeon
A homely woman injured in a car crash awakes to find the plastic surgery has transformed her into a first class beauty.
A Ticket to Tomahawk (1950) as Dawson
In 1876 Dawson wants to prevent a train from getting to Tomahawk CO on time, to keep it from competing with his stage coach line. Kit, who must get the train to its goal, forces Johnny aboard as the needed passenger. Madame Adelaide's showgirls (including Marilyn as Clara) ride along and, en route to Tomahawk, join Johnny in "Oh, What a Forward Young Man You Are."
Love That Brute (1950) as Purser
In 1928, Big Ed Hanley (Paul Douglas), boss of a gang of Chicago racketeers, has money and power, but he is bored. Watching some kids play in the park, he sees Ruth Manning (Jean Peters) and is interested at once. He tells her he has a couple of kids and gives her the job of taking care of them. He moves Mamie (Joan Davis) in as a housekeeper, but the best he can scrape up as a son is Harry, a pint-sized monster. A couple of henchmen sent by to rub Big Ed out by his rival, Pretty Willie (Cesar Romero), are relieved of their hardware by Quentin (Arthur Treacher), Ed's butler, and Bugs, his right-hand man. They march them downstairs, supposedly to drop in the river, but actually leave them in a very nice jail maintained by Ed for gangsters who drop by to rub him out. Ed's problems include keeping Ruth, who has begun to like him, from finding out about his activities, increasing his family and keeping uninvited guests from dropping by.
Susanna Pass (1949) as Lawyer
The bad guys dynamite a fish hatchery. They're trying to put the hatchery out of business so they can get possession of oil underneath the lake. Roy is a game warden investigating the dynamiting. Songs include the title, "A Good, Good Mornin',"Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes," and "Two-Gun Rita."
Death Valley Gunfighter (1949) as Tony Richards
Rocky Lane (Allan Lane) hits the trail when he gets word that one of two brothers in a partner-ship mining project has been killed by outlaws trying to gain possession of the mine. The other brother, Nugget Clark (Eddy Waller), a testy old sourdough, wants no part of the law, and is particularly set against the young sheriff, Keith Ames (William Henry), courting his niece Trudy (Gail Davis). Playing to the old man's ego, Rocky takes charge of the situation.
Whirlpool (1949) as Hotel clerk
The wife of a psycho-analyst falls prey to a devious quack hypnotist when he discovers she is an habitual shoplifter. Then one of his previous patients now being treated by the real doctor is found murdered, with her still at the scene, and suspicion points only one way.
The Golden Stallion (1949) as Holiday
Bandits use a specially designed horseshoe to smuggle diamonds.
Search for Danger (1949) as Larry Andrews
Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948) as Young man
A woman's lifelong love for a callous concert pianist leads to tragedy.
Are You with It? (1948) as Doctor Mento
Renegades of Sonora (1948) as Pete Lasker
As a valuable Indian tribal belt is being brought to the Indian Agent, Rocky Lane breaks up an attack on the courier. When the courier dies, Rocky delivers the belt to the Agent. But he quickly finds himself arrested for murder and learns not only is the belt missing, but the murdered Agent is not the man he gave the belt to.
The Iron Curtain (1948) as Leonard Leitz
This film, based on real events, focuses on the defection of Soviet Embassy code specialist Igor Gouzenko.
When My Baby Smiles at Me (1948) as Stage manager
Fury at Furnace Creek (1948) as Defense counsel
Gentleman's Agreement (1948) as Columnist
A reporter pretends to be Jewish in order to cover a story on anti-Semitism.
The Saxon Charm (1948) as Designer
Daisy Kenyon (1947) as Mr. Ames
On the rebound from a married man, a woman marries a veteran, just as her lover becomes available.
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley (1947) as Rufe Hume
Red Ryder convinces homesteaders to settle in Paradise Valley. Business men in nearby Central City want control of the valley and water supply and propose to build a dam for half interest in the land. They use Red to generate interest in the dam but when the dam is completed, they rig the stockholder's meeting so Central City will get the water. The homesteaders then go after Red whom they think is responsilble
The Dark Horse (1946) as J. B. Norton
The Return of Monte Cristo (1946) as Police sergeant
Louis Hayward, Barbara Britton, George Macready, Una O''Connor, Henry Stephenson, Steven Geray. After escaping from Devil''s Island, the grandson of the Count of Monte Cristo returns to France to reclaim his family fortune and his title.
Black Angel (1946) as Gambler
Kirk Bennett is falsely sentenced to death for killing blackmailer Mavis Marlowe, ex-wife of nice-guy drunk Martin Blair. Bennett's stand-up wife Catherine tries to prove him innocent, enlisting the aid of Blair, who falls in love with her. Bennett's execution draws near as the two pose as piano player and singer, trying to get the goods on sleazy nightclub owner Marko, a prime suspect. Failing to nail Marko, Catherine goes off to meet with her husband, scheduled to die the next morning, and Blair slips into an alcoholic stupor before the real killer is revealed.
Her Kind of Man (1946) as Salesman
A singer can''''t choose between a charismatic gangster and an honest newspaperman.
The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (1946) as Man-at-arms
Robins Hood''''s son reunites the Merry Men to battle royal corruption.
Blonde for a Day (1946) as Hank Brenner
The Mask of Diijon (1946) as Danton
Rustler's Roundup (1946) as Jefferson "Faro" King
While using the same title as a 1933 Universal film starring Tom Mix, this one combines elements of two Johnny Mack Brown Universal westerns, "Law and Order-1940" and "The Silver Bullet-1942", with the story stress on "Law and Order." The "Vote For Cal Dixon" song is the same as "The Vote For Emily Morgan" song in "The Silver Bullet". while the Cal Dixon name comes from a character in "Law and Order." In this one, Bob Bryan (Kirby Grant) has a marshal's badge pinned to his chest, and with the aid of his pal, Pinkerton J. "Pinky" Pratt (Fuzzy Knight),proceeds to clean up the murder-and-rustling operations in a town ran by a trio of outlaw brothers (Frank Marlo, Edmund Cobb and Ethan Laidlaw), who are basically the same as the Northup brothers from the 1932 "Law and Order" and the Daggett brothers from the 1940 "Law and Order", only they are now known as the Todds.
Secrets of a Sorority Girl (1946) as Charles Stevens
Linda Hamilton (Mary Ware), president of Alpha Beta Sorority and Conover College campus queen, faints while at a sorority party in the company of ex-reporter Paul Reynolds (Rick Vallin), who is taking a post-graduate course. Linda learns from doctors that she has only one year to live but hesitates in telling her father, District Attorney Hamilton (Addison Richards), who is devoting his energies to wiping out illegal gambling. Linda goes with Paul to the Blue Parrot Cabaret, a notorious gambling den. Bail bondsman Justin Farley (Frank Ferguson) telephones casino owner Nick Vegas (Anthony Warde) that the police are about to make a raid and Vegas, knowing Linda is the district attorney's daughter, takes pictures of her. Several nights later, Paul takes Linda to another gambling house and more pictures are taken showing her at the roulette table and drinking. Realizing that she has hurt her father by going to the places he is trying to exterminate, she still goes to a plave ran by Whitey King (Ray Walker.) Reynolds arrives and he and Whitey get into a fight which is interrupted by a raid. Paul rescues Linda, who has been knocked unconscious. A motorcycle cop chases Paul's car and is killed when he runs into the car after Paul brakes sharply. Paul revives Linda and tells her she had been driving the car (quickly justifying the belief of audience members that no Rick Vallin character could stay heroic through a whole film.) Paul then goes to Linda with the pictures and reveals he is the secret leader of the gambling rackets, and tells her to ask her father to resign or he will give the newspapers the pictures. She refuses and Paul goes to civic committee meeting, where Mr. Hamilton is being proposed to run for governor, and shows him and other officials the pictures, plus Linda's stolen diary in which she has written about the wreck with the motorcycle policeman. Hamilton arrest his daughter and she is put on trial for the killing. Probably not a big deal to one who has only a few more months to live...
Jealousy (1945) as Bob
The wife of an alcoholic writer must take a job as a taxi driver to make ends meet. A young man she picks up as a fare befriends her, but when her husband is found murdered, the police suspect she and her new "friend" committed the murder.
Blazing the Western Trail (1945) as Jim McMasters
The Durango Kid tries to save a beautiful young woman''''s stagecoach line from an unscrupulous rival.
Penthouse Rhythm (1945) as Shakespearean actor
The Utah Kid (1944) as Barton
Two cowboys investigate a string of murders at the rodeo.
End of the Road (1944) as Tony, the florist
Marked Trails (1944) as Slade
Following completion of the "Trail Blazers" series, Bob Steele and Hoot Gibson were paired in three other Monogram westerns, with the only connection to the "Trail Blazers" series being Steele and Gibson in the cast and production and distribution by Monogram, with various Monogram people serving as production supervisors i.e., William Strobach on this entry and Victor Hammond on the other two. This one finds Jack Slade (Mauritz Hugo) and Mary Conway,alias Blanche (Veda Ann Borg), being recognized as known and wanted crooks by deputy marshal Harry Stevens (Steve Clark) and, when he orders them out of town, Slade kills him. His son, Bob Stevens (Bob Steele) and friend Parkford (Hoot Gibson) become U.S. Marshals and proceed to rid the town of the cut-throat gang that has been terrorizing the citizens. Bob goes undercover as an outlaw and works his way into the gang, while Hoot poses as a Dude who goes about making fiery speeches on behalf of law and order. The Gibson role here is limited in the action scenes to none, as he and his Monogram stunt double, Ben Corbett, were both getting a bit long in the tooth for such, and the nominal second lead was played by a relative newcomer to the screen, Ralph Lewis (II) as a good guy/bad guy outlaw, who is not the same as the older Ralph Lewis (I) who was making films in the 30's. Rule of thumb here for those who don't know what either one looks like is that any Ralph Lewis credit in the 1930's belongs to (I) and any occurring circa 1943-47 belongs to (II).
Santa Fe Scouts (1943) as Passenger
Revenge of the Zombies (1943) as Scott Warrington
A Nazi scientist tries to raise an army of the dead to fight for Hitler.
Crime Smasher (1943) as
You Can't Beat the Law (1943) as Harry
Mission to Moscow (1943) as Heckler
True story of U.S. Ambassador Joseph E. Davies' attempts to forge a wartime alliance with the Soviet Union.
Destroyer (1943) as Survivor
The crew of a torpedoed ship fights to take out an enemy sub.
Outlaws of Stampede Pass (1943) as Slick

Cast (short)

Shoe Shine Boy (1943)
In this short film, a young shoeshine boy tries to raise money to purchase a second-hand bugle.

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