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Van Johnson

Van Johnson



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  • Van Johnson: One of the Best

    • Robert Cumming
    • 2018-03-17

    The long list of movies in which Van Johnson appeared should start with "Miracle in the Rain" which had a highly spiritual climax; it moved me deeply and I truly believe such a thing could happen. There have been unexplainable happenings in my lifetime with which I can compare the ending. Next should be "Thirty Seconds over Tokyo" in which he runs the realistic gamut of emotions and achievements. War is mankind's most unconquerable experience throughout history, but World War II is unique to me. As far as I'm concerned, the rest of his movies can be ranked three and below.

  • Well

    • AJ
    • 2017-08-16

    I think Mr. Johnson had amazing talent. I wish he would have let his natural ability come through more on some movies and not tried so hard. When he did he came across as over acting. In a couple great military movies he was cheesy. His voice and trying to go over the top outweighed his otherwise amazing performance. I wish he would have toned it down. Especially in serious roles. He was extremely gifted. In the comedic and musicals there was no one like him.

  • Van Johnson Fan

    • Sally H
    • 2015-10-12

    I was a very big fan of Van Johnson's as a kid back in the early 1980's when I saw "Miracle in the Rain" on TV when I was 13. I loved his movies - they were fun, clean and glamorous. I was so awestruck when my cousin, a musical theater major, was doing Showboat with Van Johnson in Indiana. This was another job for her, and she had no idea who he was so I did a massive run down of his movies as only a 14 year old could who knew everything about him. She got him to autograph a theater book for me, and I was over the moon! He was older, but I loved his movies and learned a lot about motion pictures because of him. I later got to see snapshots of him and my cousin backstage and he was just a normal guy. Such a thrill. Old movies brought my parents and I closer when I would watch with them (they were a bit older when they had me), and we had lots of fun watching them and talking about their lives as teens during WWII. The movies weren't critical successes most of the time, but they were entertaining, and I applaud performers who make every effort in everything they do like Mr. Johnson did.

  • Lover of Vintage Movies

    • Vintage Movie Lover
    • 2015-10-07

    I've loved vintage movies for well over 40 years! As a child growing up in Michigan, I enjoyed watching Rita Bell's Prize Winning Movies which showcased older movies. I continue to enjoy mainly vintage movies and researching information about the actors/actresses! I had always heard that the scars on Van Johnson's forehead were do to injuries in the war so I was quite shocked to learn today that they were the result of a car accident and he never served in the war! I also read that his wife claimed he was homosexual; it's hard to know if that was true or just the accusations of a bitter ex-wife. He is one of a large number of my favorite actors/actresses!

  • Van Johnson - the consumate actor

    • Fletch
    • 2013-07-18

    Van Johnson was an underrated actor. I always thought he gave great performances. For those of you who have not seen "Battleground", I highly recommend it. It is the best WWII movie ever made. It is more about the men who were in the Battle of the Bulge and how much they disliked the Army life. It is very realistic. The ending of the movie ranks as one of the best that I have ever seen. Based on what you read about Van Johnson, he was a down to earth guy who never took himself to seriously. There will never be another like him.

  • No title - just a fan

    • Tina
    • 2012-08-23

    I'm such a fan of both June Allyson and Van Johnson working together. Would love to see a boxed DVD set of their films. Every time I've watched Van Johnson's films I smile and wish I could have acted with him. He looked like he would have been a joy to work with. I grew up watching TV when there were only 3 main channels. I had to be in bed at a certain time and sometimes I would sneak and watch the old movies, while everyone else was in bed sleeping. I didn't have cable TV for many years, TCM clearly became my number 1 station, when I did start watching cable TV. I looooove romantic/funny stories. Today's movies...too bad they are missing out on good storytelling....very rare that we get a good story like the classics had. I hear this a lot as I'm sure your station does too.

  • The greatest star of all-time

    • Henry Shaffner
    • 2011-04-13

    Hello! Movie Fans, Since Van Johnson has been gone a campaign to keep him remembered has started. See: This website has been formed to get a US Postal Stamp in honor of the one actor my wife and I and millions of movie fans think of as MGM's all-time GREAT STAR. If you haven't seen Van in "The Romance of Rosy Ridge," a Civil War era story, you have missed him in one of his most endearing portrayals. We hope Robert Osborne, host of TCM is listening, and will schedule this marvelous film soon. As this was Janet Leigh's first movie it has added value, and as Miss Lleigh put it, Van Johnson was her "Champion." She said she could not have gotten through this film without his patience and help, as she had never been before the cameras, ever before! They make a wonderful romantic team, and all the actors in this amazing film are truly wonderful. Hope you all get to see it in this 150th years since the Civil War began.

  • One talented actor

    • lynn
    • 2010-02-17

    Van Johnson could, act, sing & dance with the best! I truly love Van's movies. Miracle In The Rain, is one of my all time favorite movies!


    • Jane Biggers
    • 2010-01-28

    Van could play any role given to him and did so with eager enthusiasm. He did romatic comedy with June Allyson to serious romantic roles with Deborah Kerr. Van could dance with Gene Kelly in "BRIGADOON", keeping up every step as good as Gene's. When he did "THE PIED PIPER", his dancing was the best I had ever seen on the screen. Van proved his serious dramatic self in "THE CAINE MUTINY". Van was like a diamond with many facets; Van was a real gem. And he was kind to me at a luncheon we had and I was only a fan. Jane

  • What's there not to like!

    • Steve
    • 2009-08-24

    Van was versatile, amiable and personable - I mean, what's there not to like. An actor who really didn't take himself too seriously nor did he ever take what success he did have for granted. I, like mnay other's, never miss a Van Johnson movie. Thanks for the film's Van!

  • dancer-amiable actor

    • dennis novick
    • 2008-12-19

    Van Johnson had a long and uneventful career playing likeable WW11 air force charactors and pilots.Hecould also dnce and started out as chorus boy on Broadway around time Gene Kelly begab his career on Broadway in Pal joey.

  • Van Great Actor!!

    • Grace
    • 2008-12-15

    I have always enjoyed Van Johnson, he was great in Brigadoon, but I loved him also in the movie Yours, Mine and Ours. They do not make them like that any more. Saddly.

  • I always enjoy a Van Johnson movie

    • judy
    • 2008-12-15

    I remember watching Van Johnson movies when I was very young and I still love watching his movies over and over again. Probably, my favorite is"The Last Time I Saw Paris" with Elizabeth Taylor. But there are many, many more like "30 Seconds over Toyko" or any of his movies with Esther Williams or June Allyson. There are quite a few movies that I have never seen like "23 Paces to Baker Street" and I wish TCM would show them.We'll always have his great movies.

  • More Movies than posted that were tops

    • mhSmith
    • 2008-12-15

    The last time I saw Paris" with Elizebath Taylor. Also played at least another with her as I recall. Van Johnson was one of the rare natural actors with crisma that was very special. Very easy for the females to have a crush on him. I personally never miss a movie with Van Johnson.

  • Van Johnson - One of the Best!

    • Angela
    • 2008-12-15

    Although I am younger fan of Van Johnson, I absolutely love his films. He was one of those actors who is immediately so lovable and endearing. In his films, he projected the every man, but he was more than that. He had that something special that his fans and the silver screen picked up immediately -- charisma, good looks, charm and longevity. Every time I seen one of his movies, I am enthralled. I am sadden by his death, but I know that at 92 years old Van Johnson lived a long, full life and he left a legacy of wonderful films behind for new and old fans to enjoy. I am sorry that there will never be anyone like him. Hollywood today does not have the caliber of stars that the stars of yesteryear did, but I take comfort being able to watch classic movies thanks to TCM and that TCM will continue to pay tribute to these stars from the Golden Era. What a wonderful actor and he will be missed. God bless you Van Johnson.

  • "My Man Van"...we will miss you!

    • Amy
    • 2008-12-14

    What a wonderful actor of your generation! You inspired the "Bobbysoxer" in all generations of women. Van had a magical way of making every young girl that he was playing to them on a personal level, and made every mom feel like he was her son. Such a rare quality you can't find these days in Hollywood. Van, you will be missed greatly...we love you!


    • JEFF
    • 2008-12-13


  • Thank goodness for film

    • Pat
    • 2008-12-13

    Thanks to the motion picture, we can always watch and enjoy the films of Van Johnson. My favorites are: Two Girls and a Sailor, A Guy Named Joe, The Human Comedy, and Easy to Love, which was filmed in my hometown, Winter Haven, Florida. I always thought that what you saw on the screen, was what Van Johnson really was, a great guy. My condolences to his family and friends.

  • Van Johnson will be greatly missed

    • Angela Hendra
    • 2008-12-13

    My husband and I are extremely saddened to read of Van Johnson's death. He brought endless hours of joy and entertainment to us....and he still does, our heartfelt thanks to TCM!!!! Angela and Fred Hendra

  • Private Screenings (20??): VAN JOHNSON

    • Loyal TCM Viewer
    • 2008-04-29

    I would like to see TCM's host Robert Osborne interview one of my favorite actor, Van Johnson. Thank You.

  • Versatile Actor

    • cecil Junior Corum
    • 2007-07-31

    I enjoy All Of Van`s Movies. I Would Like To Meet Him,There Arn`t Many Actors Left from his era.

  • "Favorite Movie Star"

    • Lynn Gonzalez
    • 2007-02-01

    I was a child when my sister and I watched late movies with our mom and every time I saw Van Johnson I would tell my mother that he was my favorite. About 5 years ago I was in Barnes and Noble and came across his book on his life. I bought it and that night read the complete book. I was up all night. It was a great book, the only thing that made me very sad was that he did not establish a relationship with his daughter. I was a single parent for awhile and I was always so thankful to God that my ex-husband had such a good relationship with our sons. It made me very sad and disappointed in a man who was my childhood favorite that he did not reach out to his own child.

  • I'm a fan of Van's

    • Vicky Carroll
    • 2006-09-10

    Van Johnson is one of my most favorite actors of the 40s and 50s. I have watched his movies over and over and love his versatility as an actor. A few of my favorite movies are "Miracle in the Rain," "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo," and "Battle Ground." We need more actors like him today!

  • My favorite actor of the 1940's and 1950's

    • Judy Mallon
    • 2006-08-24

    What a nice tribute to Van Johnson! I grew up watching his movies on television in the afternoons after school. Although I loved to watch a Cary Grant or Clark Gable movie, Van Johnson's were and still are my favorite. "The Last Time I Saw Paris" is one of my favorites, but "Thirty Seconds Over Toyko" is certainly one of his best. For his comedies, I love to watch the movies that he made with Esther Williams, especially "Easy to Wed." There are still several of his movies that I've never seen and I hope TCM will show them soon.

  • great actor

    • jane huffman
    • 2006-08-23

    I grew up watching Van Johnson in the movies. Still love to see him whenever I can catch his work on the movie channel. Was excited to find that TCM was paying a tribute to him today on his upcoming birthday. Can't believe that he is 90yrs. old, but he will forever be that handsome frecklefaced boy in my memory.

  • "The Last time I Saw Paris"-did it for me !!!!

    • KATHY
    • 2006-08-17

    Loved this movie---what a love story...made me cry........What a handsome man-will definitely watch more of his movies in future!!!!!

  • In love!

    • JIN
    • 2006-07-14

    I have had a "crush" on this man for such a long time. I fall madly in love with him over and over again with every movie I watch! What a sweetheart! THE LAST TIME I SAW PARIS and THE CAINE MUTANY reminds me why...along with all the others that I just can't remember the names of. The time Lucy went nuts over him when the Ricardos and Murtzes went to Hollywood makes me laugh...that's exactly how I would have acted! Mr. Johnson, I'm only 45, but I love you! : ) Thanks for the great moments in movies. For the laughter AND tears.


    • Mike
    • 2006-07-11

    I think his best acting and greatest roles came to us in three diverse movies...opposite Judy Garland in "In The Good Old Summertime," opposite Elizabeth Taylor in "The Last Time I Saw Paris," and opposite Jane Wyman in "Miracle in the Rain." Van Johnson had a "light touch" with dramatic parts, which plays very well 50 years later when looking back on some of the hammy, over-played acting of that era.

  • The Last Time I Saw Paris

    • Hannah Maharrey
    • 2006-06-06

    I didn't even know this movie existed until today, when I was waiting for my Mom to come get me (I am in my early twenties) just so you don't think I am kind of pathetic. The long and short of it: it was good, I didn't know Van Johnson had such a good perfomance in him, it made me cry like a baby. Van Johnson has been my favorite actor since I was in my early teens and my admiration grew after watching this movie, for the beautiful Miss Taylor too.

  • The Last Time I Saw Paris

    • j mallon
    • 2006-01-28

    I just watched The Last Time I Saw Paris. What a great love story! A beautiful young Elizabeth Taylor and a handsome Van Johnson portray this young couple which seems to be destined by fate to have a tragic ending to their marriage. I thought the acting was great. I really enjoyed this film based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story "Babylon Revisited."

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