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Desire Me

Desire Me(1947)


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  • Americanised song...

    • don letta
    • 5/19/18

    I Was Only Passing By, was a minor hit for Margaret Whiting in 1947.

  • Song Used in Film

    • Doris
    • 8/23/17

    After quite a bit of Sherlocking, I found that the song Jean plays is Jean Sablon's "Vous, qui passez sans me voir," which was translated in the US as "Passing By" in the 40s. Knew it had to be French. Sablon was a hugely popular chansonnier (crooner) and song writer in his day.

  • Greer Always Shines - no matter the vehicle!

    • Sharon Gallup
    • 3/28/15

    I love Greer Garson. She has qualities you just don't see in others. When I first saw Desire Me I didn't know if I liked it. It was so different from all the other movies Greer has been in. But I've watched it many times since, and know quite a bit about her life. Greer had so much going on in her personal life, with her marriage to Richard Ney breaking up, health issues because she was bashed against the rocks trying to make this film, and who knows what else. That's enough, in and of itself. Greer is very very vulnerable in this picture, which we're not use to seeing. It practically breaks my heart. I think she is fantastic, as she just always is in anything she does. All that was going on in her life had an impact on her performance for sure and brought that vulnerability right to the surface! Greer always gives her all in anything she does and she does that in this movie as well. I have read others saying her mannerisms just didn't work and so on - I strenuously disagree! She always gets the feeling and mood of her roles spot on! And she did in this movie as well. Bravo Greer!

  • The best

    • Irene
    • 8/10/14

    I loved this oldie...the scenery was wonderful. Robert Mitchum was so young and Greer Garson was as great as always. Would love to see it on TV.

  • movies not yet on dvd

    • joan dalton
    • 4/21/14

    another great movie!waiting for it to come out on dvd for me to purchase!

  • Very Interesting.

    • Muriel
    • 3/31/14

    All the actors are fine in this movie. Richard Hart has the most interesting role and he makes the character go from somewhat appealing and sympathetic to cringe worthy very effectively. Too bad he died young, he was mostly a stage actor. I found the end unnecessarily violent - but plenty melodramatic. I think in reality the character would simply run away, but that's the censors at work. Sinners must be punished!All in all, if this was a failure in it's day, a highly skilled team of people managed to pull the pieces together into an intriguing story worth watching at least once.The photography is impressive & moodyu, nice locations and good supporting character actors.

  • Quite A Good Movie,Even If Has No Listed Director

    • noteasilyimpressed
    • 5/28/13

    Was surprised to read many couldn't stand this pic. Found it quite good. Mitchum and Garson A#1 in it.

  • Greer Garson is as usual ...

    • toodaloo
    • 5/28/13

    Greer Garson is wonderful ... as always. What confounds me about this movie is how AWFUL Richard Hart is!Frankly, based on what I saw in this movie, I don't understand how he ever was cast in anything. Sorry about that. However, don't let that stop you from watching.

  • Different film!

    • RedRain
    • 5/28/13

    In all wars ever fought, men have returned and married the widows of their slain friends and families; however, I've never heard of one who knowingly stole another man's wife, aware all the time the husband was not dead. There have been cases where a soldier was declared dead and returned years later to find his wife married again but those cases were rare. This is why this story is so loathsome in so many ways. I honestly believe Robert Mitchum must have been in love with Greer Garson when they made this film, as the way he looks at her throughout is the look of a man in love. Perhaps, that is why Mitchum's performance here is one of his best. Garson is wonderful and I definitely understand how she could fall in love with Jean Renaud once she finds out her husband is dead. She was terribly lonely and Renaud was so much like her beloved Paul. A chance, once more, for happiness is not to be looked down upon. Of course, when Paul does return, the story must take its twist and Marise is devastated at what she has done. Renaud has made her an adulteress in the most despicable way possible. This is actually an very, very good film and leaves you asking yourself what you might have done had you been Marise.


    • 3/25/13

    I found this movie to be quite interesting! I agree with Robert Rutherford that this movie deserved a better rating than it was given by Leonard Maltin. Richard Hart's character was quite despicable, but he certainly played it well, and I found this to be one of Robert Mitchum's best performances! Greer Garson was excellent, as usual, and the supporting cast of George Zucco, Morris Ankrum, and Cecil Humphreys was also excellent! I would certainly recommend watching this movie!

  • Desire Me - song running through movie

    • Harold S. Herman
    • 3/23/13

    Does anyone know the name of the song which runs through this film. The two male stars start humming it and snippets of it are played throughout. I think it might be something like "I was only passing by" but I cannot find any reference to such a song anyplace.

  • Underrated and underestimated

    • Peggy
    • 3/18/13

    This is an amazingly beautiful and gripping film. It is not an epic, but it is deeply engaging. Greer Garson is wonderful, and Robert Mitchum is fabulous! After years of watching him and not being so much of a fan, this time, in this film, he hit it out of the ballpark for me. I have always loved her, and loved her in this.The synopsis I do not agree with, as at no time is there any indication of love between Marise (Garson) and Jean (Hart), which is only one way in which it is brilliant - they display a uniquely wide range of emotions - fear, obsession, passion, confusion, and much more, but not love. I highly recommend this film as a great hidden gem. I cannot get over how great Mitchum is, and how out of the ordinary for him this part (Paul) is. I cannot imagine any director not wanting their name on it. It is very sensuous, revolting, horrifying, lovely, romantic, obsessive, glorious, inspiring, and more, often all at the same time. See it, you will be glad!

  • Desire Me

    • I_Fortuna
    • 3/18/13

    I loved this film. It is unfortunate that LM is not a romantic nor is there any empathy with differing viewpoints of many women and even some men. I saw a similar film recently and do not recall the name but thiis film is far and away better. Greer Garson is not just beautiful but lucious. She has screen presence that is so captivating and seems to just draw me in regardless of the character she is playing. Richard Hart's character evoked a lot of empathy from me. He was a former soldier looking for love and a place to fit in. Hubby is a vet of two wars and I know something about how difficult it is to reenter civilian life after twenty one years in the Army and two wars. Robert Mitchum's character was an equally sympathetic character in his high hopes and expectations. I can see how Garson's character was so vulnerable as many women must have been in those times of war when communication was sparse and full of misinformation.

  • Desire Me

    • Robert Ru therford
    • 3/18/13

    The movie is better than its rating by film critics such as Leonard Maltin. It's spooky thinking someone would do what Richard Hart did to a vulnerable woman, which in a sense is preying on the innocence of someone like a Greer Garson. The picture could have been disturbing for that reason and that's why it wasn't well received, much like FREAKS wasn't well received. Too much reality can't be handled by the public; it unnerves us. Sometimes movie themes can be so unnerving that even a great movie is bypassed because it opens dark corners of our minds we think should be better left unopened. I would rate the film a 5 of 5 -- and I'd like to scratch the eyes out of the character Richard Hart plays! As a post script, I understand from the TCM host that Robert Montgomery backed out of the film because he didn't like the part he was playing or the way he was playing it. That could only be Richard Hart's part. I think that says volumes to how unsettling the film's theme is; but, an important one -- men preying on the innocence of beautiful women who are trusting and unbeguiled. In a society far more innocent then than now, this film must have unnerved a lot of people when they saw it.

  • Desire Me

    • deborah moss
    • 9/18/12

    Love this

  • great movie

    • goose
    • 5/2/11

    Like the movie, beginning AND ending! It could not have had better actors!

  • Desire Me(1947)

    • nshepard
    • 9/29/10

    Marise(Greer Grason) and Paul Aubert(Robert Mitchum) are married and living the happy life in Kergat. But Marise is unhappy that her husband went off to war and was allegely killed during a prisoner of war break. Enter Jean Renaud(Richard Hart) . fellow prisoner with Paul who succeded in escaping and left Paul to die, get it ? His philosophy in life is just to be happy, even at the expense of other people, he is real deep. Well, Paul is alive and returns only to find that Jean and Marise have been doing the horizontal mambo.But, there is a showdown, who is the real winner, well, if you like melodramatic soaps, then you are , because that is basically what this film is. Co-directed by Mervyn Leroy and George Cukor , they team up and deliver a not very believable story of a tragic triangle love story with some veri immature people. I say, just kill Jean and move on..3 stars for a fair film, but , not likely to happen...

  • desire to see the movie

    • kim
    • 8/24/09

    play the movie! play the movie! instead of all the junk you've been playing!!!!

  • Premeditated LIFE Stealer!

    • Jordan
    • 8/17/09

    I strongly dislike the premise of this movie! Jean Renaud is NOT a friend of his war buddy Paul! To study his every word and story, then come home and literally STEAL everything that is Paul and Marise's life. It might have been different IF he had arrived to give Marise the sad death news and then, over time - fell for her. It is understandable how she gave in to him - as she had been waiting years for her beloved husband's return. The real question - did Jean know all along of Paul's fate? Enjoyed Greer Garson and Robert Mitchum's performances. The cottage and ocean cliff scenery is beautiful.

  • Desire Garson!

    • Steve S.
    • 7/8/09

    Enough said.FYI: No director is given on-screen credit - I wonder if Robert Osborne knows why not!

  • Edge of your seat thriller

    • Matt
    • 8/20/07

    This movie kept me glued to the edge of my seat! I really loved it!

  • Beautiful movie!

    • Helen
    • 8/9/07

    A beautiful and yet very suspenseful movie as well. TCM please bring this to DVD!

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