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  • Nuclear Holocaust without bombs

    • Robert Johnson
    • 7/30/18

    GREAT 1950's Sci-Fi thriller about mutated ants. Why were they "mutated?" Because of nuclear radiation or something like that. I ALWAYS watch this movie when it airs because it's imaginative, creative and scary. AND a great cast to boot!So, 4 stars and and extra star from the special effects people...the mutated ants are TOTALLY believable and very scary. THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR YOUNG CHILDREN PLEASE!!

  • i will travel without my ant..thank you very much.

    • a.morris
    • 3/23/18

    santa..davy crockett.. and marshal dillion along with mr. green garden vs. a bunch of jacked up picnic invaders..just like when everyone knew joe montana would guide the 49ers to victory in a super bowl.

  • them damn ants

    • morris campbell
    • 11/28/17

    a killer sci-horror creature feature

  • Thank you YCM and Ben M!

    • BBK Kamaunu
    • 8/6/17

    Like the other reviews, this is a treat to watch every time it airs. Some times I even play it myself!Big Thank you for giving Special effects wizard Ralph Ayres credit for the work he did on this terrific movie!

  • First Class

    • Jim Smith
    • 2/26/17

    Many Sc-Fi movies are unwatchable. Some barely so. Not this one. First class movie. Watch it.

  • THEM ... One of the Best!!

    • Sur
    • 2/29/16

    THEM is one of the best Sci Fi movies ever made! I have the DVD an whenever it's on TCM I try to watch it. All of the characters are played by great actors with some surprise newbies!I'd love to see it promoted by TCM and Fathom Events at our local movie theathers. It would be amazing.Talk about being scared out of your seat! WOW ...

  • Them was one of the best in the fifties.

    • Bobby Thornton
    • 3/10/15

    I worked in a theater at the time of this film release and boy oh boy was it hard to keep people in their seats when the weird noise from the ants started up.That was the good old days when people appreciated good movies and the screams from the children made you know they were really enjoying the film.Of course I was only a kid myself at that time holding down a job as an usher to help people to their seats with a small flashlight.Now I am 74 years old and still love this movie.

  • THEM!

    • Barbara W.
    • 3/2/15

    Good story and good cast. I never get tired of seeing this classic sci-fi movie. Prefer this over the Lord of the Rings trilogy any day!

  • Them!

    • Steven J
    • 11/22/14

    I will remember the first time I every saw this film. I couldn't sleep all night. I was a kid. For the era it was the best Hi tech film of the time. The actors were great. Stars from other films. And a small part from Fess Parker; Daniel Boone. Wow, it's great. Don't watch it at night! Oh yea, Trekies, also Dr. Spock.

  • "THEM"

    • Harry Johnson
    • 11/7/14

    I was only 8 years old when I saw this movie and it scared the crap out of me. It was the definition of some times the fear of something about to happen is worse than when it actually happens. the sounds of these creatures as they closed in on their prey had you (or I should say me) squinting my eyes in anticipation of the attack. That high pitched sound was nerve rattling.

  • The Best!

    • Diane Condiff
    • 10/27/13

    I always loved this movie! Great cast & good special effects for that time period. Never get tired of seeing it!! Need more of these type of movies today!!

  • Classic SCI-Fi and one of my favorites!

    • TonyT
    • 9/21/12

    This is a horror classic and one of my favorites since childhood. We get to see James Whitmore and James Arness early in their careers. Good storyline and good acting. The special effects in this movie were pretty good for the time period.

  • Best Bug Movie

    • Anonymous
    • 9/4/12

    Them! is the best bug movie ever. It's a classic that made giant bugs popular. From beginning to end, almost every scene is memorable. The ants' colony, the trailer, the sewers. These are moments you don't forget. It's a great movie. Why can't TCM show these movies more?


    • Maureen v.V.
    • 7/2/12

    Great 1950's B/W movie. Edmund Gwen was a believable Dr. Medford. The little girl,Sandy Descher,acted like she really did see something horrible. A must see for all horror fans.

  • THEM!

    • Erich Hoefling
    • 5/27/12

    One of the first sci-fi movies I saw when I was a youngion. My grandparents put this on, and I loved it. I'm constantly checking if it's on TV. One of the best sci-fi classics.

  • Them!

    • Bruce Clyne
    • 4/19/12

    The first classic film that delt with Monsters. The greatest I have seen.

  • Violets Reflection

    • violet
    • 3/22/12

    Cool Movie**when I initially saw this film**two decades ago** I was**" terrified!!!!**I would recommend it.

  • Scared me!

    • Irwin
    • 2/24/12

    My older brother and I saw "Them" at a theatre in Brooklyn, I was five and he was seven, and were we ever scared! I have seen the film many times since, and the story line has always held me in it's grip. Starts out as a very well done mystery, and segue's into an excellent science fiction story. One of the early classic sci-fi films of the 50's, don't miss this one.

  • Them

    • Krynn
    • 9/6/11

    awsome movie from a great era of movie making i would recommend it to any classic movie buff

  • THEM

    • 6/12/11


  • They Don't Make "Them ! " Like They Use To !(1954)

    • nshepard
    • 6/11/11

    Intelligent Sci-Fi that introduces the Nuclear Family to the possible side effects of "radioactivity", otherwise known as the "Bomb." Giant ants are created from the first nuclear blast at Trinity Site/Alamogordo , New Mexico. Gordon Douglas confidently directs this atomic age thriller where the benefits of the "atom" are outweighed by the side effects. James Arness, James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Onslow Stevens, Joan Weldon, and Sandy Descher star . 5 stars out of 5 . Teriffic entertainment with a lesson.

  • Stunning 50's Sci-Fi

    • Bruce Reber
    • 6/10/11

    "Them!" (1954) was Warner Bros. first venture into the Sci-Fi genre, and to me it's one of the best (and scariest) Sci-Fiers of the 50's. Unlike many films of the genre from that decade, "Them!" has a very good cast, i.e. Edmund Gwenn, Kris Kringle from "Miracle on 34th Street", James Arness, who would soon play Marshal Matt Dillon on the classic TV Western "Gunsmoke" and who played the alien monster in "The Thing From Another World" (1951), James Whitmore, who appeared in films such as "Battleground", "The Asphalt Jungle" and "The Next Voice You Hear", Fess Parker, who went on TV fame playing Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, and Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock on the classic Sci-Fi TV series "Star Trek" (and also later in the "Star Trek" films), and "Mission Impossible". "Them!" also has a well-scripted story, great B&W photgraphy and pretty awesome special FX for its time. Ants are enough of a pest when regular size, but these atomic-mutated giants can really cause some trouble! You definitely don't want these guys showing up at your next picnic!

  • Them

    • earl
    • 12/10/10

    A great ole scifi movie even by today's standards. This flick will keep you seated with great interest. It's a wonder someone hasn't remade this movie with the special effects that are used today...but then again they'd probably go off script and ruin it.

  • THEM

    • Dodie
    • 5/3/10

    This movie is one of the best old horror films, very good actorsand a good story line,I hope they have it back on TV again soon.If you like these kinds of films you will really enjoy this one, it isa little outhere, but compare how far films have come as far asspecial effects. W O W I really just love the old black and whitefilms, they make me think of the better days of old. Things wereso sweet back them, movies were a nickle , now look how muchwe have to pay to see a good movie. Thanks for TCM

  • THEM!

    • Charles Cook
    • 4/6/10

    I remember seeing this movie from the back seat of our old stationwagonwhen it first came out in the drive in theaters. My parents had me and my brother and sister dressed in our PJ's expecting us to fall asleep. I could not sleep for a week after that, but at the same time I became hooked on Sci-Fi. I've been looking for this particular movie for years and now I can have it on DVD. Thank you TCM.

  • Them! (1954)

    • James Higgins
    • 3/18/10

    78/100. I love these old 1950's sci-fi giant insect movies! This one is certainly among the best. It is tense, exciting and well produced. Edmund Gwenn is excellent, he adds validity to the film. The rest of the cast is very good. The fact it has a cast of some reasonably well know actors is a big plus. The special effects are quite impressive, even by todays standards, and especially for 1954. Director Gordon Douglas does a fine job keeping the film from going over the top and making it convincing with an interesting plot, rather than making it just a movie for the 1950's drive-in teenage crowd. Good cinematography and it moves at a great clip.

  • Them! (1954)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 7/14/09

    I love these old 1950's sci-fi giant insect movies! This one is among the best. It is tense, exciting and well produced. Edmund Gwenn is excellent, and the rest of the cast is surprisingly good. The special effects are quite goodI

  • THEM! and the 1950's Sci-Fi genre

    • Alain
    • 7/12/09

    Hi All,Many of us grew up in that epoch of the real beginnings of sci-fi.THEM! indeed is a great film. For those of you who have the film on disc or tape, if you watch the movie closely, when the little girl is finally picked up in an ambulance and taken to the hospital.Look closely at the ambulance attandant; right it's William Schalleret, Patty Duke's dad from The Patty Duke Show.Alain

  • Them (Giant Ants)

    • bbqvp
    • 10/11/08

    Great movie! I always felt this movie was the best made of it's type for years. The story line was very well written. The performsnces were great! I hope TCM plays this movie again soon!

  • I taped it off TCM & keep watching it!

    • JohnnyV
    • 2/19/08

    So many great things to say about this movie. The sound of "Them," the ants, is so creepy! The beginning is my favorite part with James Whitmore & his soon to be MIA partner coming across the child, the camper & "Gramps" "who could hit anything he could see" right up to that super creepy trip into the Ant's Lair. Very interesting to see Leonard Nimoy acting very "non Spock-like" in a quick cameo talking about "Texans." One of my favorite parts is when that "very insensitive" guy says burn the Ants out the kids are most likely dead. James Whitmore says "Why don't you ask their mother." Great heroic death scene of Whitmore's "Ben" saving the kids! "Their Alive.....Their Alive!"


    • Ben Larson
    • 2/3/08

    Boy, if this doesn't creep you out, then you just don't live in the South or Southwest, where you are constantly battling the monsters in this film.The special effects were superb considering the limitations in 1954.James Whitmore (Oscar nominations for Give 'em Hell, Harry! and Battleground) and James Arness, who played Marshal Matt Dillon in over 600 episodes of "Gunsmoke" in my formative years, were compelling as they chased the monsters.They were ably assisted by Edmund Gwenn, who won ans Oscar for playing Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street, and has a nomination for Mister 880. He won Golden Globes for both roles. He really was great here as "The Professor." Great Southwest locations and chilling excitement for a Sci Fi classic.

  • Tops in its field

    • j.goscienski
    • 2/3/08

    We were in the infancy of the nuclear age and anything was a go on the screen.Godzilla,the crab monsters,the H-Man were all of the cinema's imaginary creations.However THEM was in a class by itself!The location was a no man's land... and radiation could be a Pandora's Box.The scene of going into the nest in the desert was great,but the battle in the L.A.sewers will always be at the pinnacle of Sci-fi.The last lines always left a possibility for a sequel.

  • The Best

    • Johnny Coleman
    • 1/31/08

    Stupendous Beyond words Great!

  • Great Sci-Fi

    • Neal
    • 3/5/07

    I remember my Dad taking me to Radio City Music Hall for this movie.It was great back then and just as great now. I always look forward to when it replays on TCM

  • It's them alright!

    • Steve Pace
    • 1/10/07

    This is my alltime favorite 'monster' movie of the 1950s. It was well-writen, well-acted and as close to state-of-the-art as possible with its black and white low budget fanfare. I highly recommend THEM! for one and all.

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