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The Face of Marble

The Face of Marble(1946)

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In the basement laboratory of a lone cliffhouse, Professor Charles Randolph, a brain surgeon, is aided by fellow scientist David Cochran in attempting the revivification of a recently drowned sailor, using electric shock. As Charles's young wife Elaine enters the lab, the victim's body stirs, his hair turns white, and his face becomes frozen, like marble, before he again dies. Charles then has the coast guard return the body to the scene of the shipwreck. After Elaine unsuccessfully pleads with David to stop her husband's sinister experiments, Maria, the house maid who is maniacally devoted to Elaine, places a voodoo doll under David's pillow to make him fall in love with Elaine and support her. Her plot fails, however, when David burns the voodoo doll in acid, and Maria places a curse on the house. Meanwhile, after the coroner finds the sailor's death to be caused by electric shock, not drowning, homicide inspector Norton accuses Charles of tampering with the corpse. Charles next kills Elaine's faithful Great Dane, Brutus, and shocks him alive again. Although the dog is now immortal, he becomes extremely dangerous. Then in an effort to keep David at the house, Charles sends for his fiancée, Linda Sinclair. On her first night there, Brutus enters through Linda's closed bedroom window and terrifies her. The next morning, Norton announces that local stock farm animals were found dead with their throats ripped apart and their blood drained. Realizing that Brutus was responsible, Elaine becomes angry at Charles. Linda and David prepare to leave, but that night, still hoping that David will choose Elaine, Maria places a deadly potion in Elaine's room, believing Linda is sleeping there, and Elaine is asphyxiated. David and Charles revivify her, but, in her delirium, she calls only David's name, and Linda is convinced that Elaine is in love with him. When Charles finds an incense burner in Elaine's room, he realizes that Maria killed her with a root used in the voodoo death ritual. Maria then places Elaine in a trance and orders her to stab Charles. Maria accuses David of the murder, and Norton arrests him. David fears Linda will not be safe at the house with Maria and flees the police, while Shadrach, the butler, confesses he saw Elaine stab Charles. At the house, Brutus and Elaine nearly attack Linda, but David's sudden arrival saves her. Later, Maria is found dead from the death root, and two pairs of footprints, human and canine, are seen walking out to sea.