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  • He Read the Bible Every G- -D- - - Day

    • H.A.C.
    • 3/2/18

    Hail to the user reviewers of this worthy movie! Too bad the real General Patton was not allowed to live once wind was gotten of his intention to run for President of the U.S. with Charles Lindbergh (the aviator) as his running mate. The victors of WWII knew that such an administration would have obstructed the wide path that had just been freshly cleared.

  • Kudos to George

    • Moose
    • 3/1/18

    I loved this movie so much when I was a 12 years old, I saw it twice. Pretty accurate in its telling of the most controversial and complicated military leader in U.S. history. George C. Scott had the Oscar sewn up after the opening scene. Unlike Patton, Scott didn't live for the glory, it was all about the work. He didn't need a golden doorstop.

  • the mural of the beautiful ..artistic warmonger.

    • a.morris
    • 2/28/18

    movies are not about reality as much as they are about real feeling.. what that feeling is a different matter. this story takes a real event and a real person and does something interesting. it has action take place in one time.. has a type of ethics employed from another and places the mentality of the main character in a third.. more distant has a type of Homeric quality because of the genius of the script and spirit of the music. the director used the setting of war for literate depiction on film. some may that was vulgar.. but it was effective. this project was probably what john huston wanted the red badge of courage to be least in some way. the lead character had aspects of horror monster.. comedic reactionary.. romantic fool for history.. genuine idealist.. and a child all mixed in. it was one of the greatest displays of acting ever. it was the romance of war for one man.. the pain.. death.. joy of victory.. everything. this movie had to be made.. to prove the importance and artistic merit of film.

  • Simply Amazing

    • Judy
    • 1/13/17

    The moment the bugle starts and you see that larger than life American flag, you embark on a larger than life U.S. military general - perhaps one of the greatest in American history. A truly inspiring and unforgettable performance by Mr. Scott; with Mr. Malden, & Mr. Edwards also giving outstanding performances. A film not to be missed.


    • Tammy
    • 7/23/16

    I left a review already, mostly speaking very highly of Patton himself. But I forgot to mention that George C. Scott was amazing, an amazing, and great actor, who I feel, embodied the role of Patton. The supporting actors, screenplay, directing, musical score, everything, was FIVE STARS, top notch, awesome!! I now associate George C. Scott with/as Patton!! Hehe... I looks forward to watching it on TCM whenever it is on tv.

  • My All-Time Favorite Movie!!

    • Tammy
    • 7/23/16

    One of my very top favorite movies!! This amazing General, Patton truly was a pure warrior, who I believe God really did use for such a specific time in our world's history, during WWII. Yes, he was known for being controversial, but who cares, he was one of the very best Generals in our US history. He had the guts, the drive, and genius for war; tactics, strategy, etc. Great, great movie about a great, great man!! I hope TCM will play this again soon, as I look forward to watching it when it comes on TCM.

  • Patton

    • Michael Whitty
    • 1/11/16

    The General who helped us win the war in Europe the most was General George Patton a tank commander who blazed across Africa and later through France and Germany. George C.Scott plays him so emphatically and this movie is a toast to his color and expertise. The Best Picture winner for 1970 this was a landmark war biography detailing Patton's accomplishments. He was controversial in a few ways that almost got him demoted but Eisenhower had the insight to let him loose on the Germans after D-Day. "Patton" was written in stellar form by Francis Ford Coppola starting with an opening speech to his men that is legendary and Coppola won an Oscar for his screenplay.

  • ike vs george

    • kevin sellers
    • 9/29/15

    Regarding Ms Cavendish's review I would agree that Ike was a master politician who was adept, as all good pols must be, at holding coalitions together. The only thing Patton ever held together was a tank. If he had been in overall command of allied forces it is entirely possible that England would have gone over to the Nazis out of sheer frustration with this guy's bullying bombast.

  • Patton - The passion to live

    • Susanne Cavendish
    • 9/3/15

    If there is one thing this movie brought out in me, apart from the history of war, of world war, of command, discipline and honor, it is the importance of passion that comes from love. There might have been more about his marriage and personal life, but there was so much to cover that even that might have altered the focus. I wish General Patton could have lived to see more of the post war, in Europe, Asia and in America. There has never been a great General who was not a son-of-a-bitch. To be both, one has to have passion for life, even it it doesn't extend to post-war eras. People ask about the troops and the casualties sustained as a result of Patton's leadership. I say Ike extended the war far beyond the time necessary to win it, making places like Bastogne, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and Manila and concentration camps the scenes of death. Ike was a politician's leader, who never had a personal, battle command, before he was made Supreme Allied Commander. He did the same thing in Korea, ended the war before it was over, as he would, gladly have done, in World War II, had Patton not spoiled his efforts. Patton spared many soldiers of death by avoiding attrition that comes of holding ground, meekness and wanting to be all things to all people. Yes, Ike was hand-picked by politicians and like every politician does, he extends his glory by denying, or trying to deny others, theirs. Great movie!

  • patton

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/22/15

    I'm disappointed in George C. Scott. Instead of refusing the Oscar by staying away, the guy shoulda bounded up on stage, slapped Goldie Hawn, and calmly walked off. Anyway, the guy is brilliant, as is this film; definitely one of the top 10 Hollywood biopics, right up there with Larry of Arabia, Milk, Guerrillas In The Mist and Frida. Wonderful script by Coppola, which definitely does not neglect the warts along with the greatness. Schaffner's direction is first rate, managing, like "Lawrence," to combine epic scale with psychological intimacy. An A all the way.


    • RedRain
    • 2/21/15

    IMO, this is the single greatest performance ever given by an actor in the war genre - and most other genres as well. I can only think of two others as good but they were in far different films: Peter O'Toole in "Lawrence of Arabia" and Ben Kingsley in "Gandhi." George C. Scott personified General Patton, warts and all. It is a singular performance for the ages. My father-in-law lost his leg to the German attack at the Battle of the Bulge but he would have gone to the ends of the earth for General Patton. The cinematography in this film is extraordinary and the music is perfection. One of the most interesting sidebars of this film is that Francis Ford Coppola won his first Oscar for co-writing the screenplay and this was two years before "The Godfather." "Patton" won SEVEN Academy Awards and each one was more than justified. No film then or now could compete against it! I've viewed this film at least fifty or more times and find something new each time I see it. Everybody should see this film, particularly if you are not of "the greatest generation." It will more than show how horrible war is and how WWII was the worst of wars. While all armies need leaders, few are of the caliber of a General Patton and we are the poorer for it.

  • Dad loved him!

    • Addie Appelbaum
    • 2/21/15

    My father had the honor of serving with General Patton at the Battle of the Bulge...and he cried during the scene where Patton directs light artillery fire..that was what my dad did during the Bulge campaign.The picture is a tour-de-force for George C. Scott..outsize, profane, and was General Patton.Not enough young people today realize that without the courage, guts and determination of Patton, the Second World War would have gone on much longer if the Nazis had broken through. But they didn't, and all those who came after owe a debt to General Patton, and to this motion picture.


    • will
    • 11/10/14

    Gen. Patton, like Gen.McArthur and Gen.Custer (the truth has recently been leaking out about the Little Big Horn Military betrayals in recent years). Washington dictates policies. Right and Wrong, and those who dare to defy and or contradict the powers that be, can find themselves in harms way. Custer found himself and his regiment left to fight to the death, when Gen. Terry and Gen, Crook Failed to show up. Big Bucks being made back east by the Indian ring under the Pres,Grant administration. McArthur was helping to rebuild Japan and a smear campaign to ruin his popularity and credibility failed, so he was simply retired (fired). Patton tried to do the same kind of reconstruction in Europe and Germany. The powers in Washington were furious, but in Pattons case they were dealing with a real tough, out spoken soldier. So he had an accident ? A general who had fought his way through some of the toughest battles in world war 2, gets t boned by a donkey cart? There were others who suffered the same fate ,such as Admiral Kimmel who was made a scape goat for Pearl Harbour.

  • WW II History

    • Maria Ramos
    • 9/27/14

    I found this movie riveting. Scott and Malden were superb. The movie has stoked my interest in reading up on the history of the Great War against fascism.

  • Patton

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 6/29/12

    The Best Picture of 1970 earns that title. Scott gives an Oscar-winning, tour-de-force performance as the poetic title character. Academy Awards also went to Schaffner's direction, original writing, editing & art direction. A few dull moments can't diminish the fact that this is an enjoyable film from the Vietnam-era. An overall powerhouse biography of an American war hero. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Scott's Magnificent Performance

    • David Atkns
    • 8/14/11

    I as an Army Veteran respect those who create films that show thee Valor of the American Fighting Man. Selfless men who give their lives for others freedom. At the height of the Viet Nam war I saw this film in the liberal city of San Francisco and at the end of the film there was a tremendous curtain call for the film with thunderous applause. Enough Said! George Scott gives a monumental performance as the complex, brilliant George Patton, General of the Army, with all the General's. Franklin Schaffner directs brilliantly.

  • Patton

    • Mobile
    • 6/4/11

    Beginning with the outstanding production of The Great Escape through to the superb compilation of the story of Patton, Hollywood studios released nearly a dozen seminal works which captured with honesty the inherent contradictions of the late but necessary entry of the United States into World War II. General Patton was everything and more as represented by the performance of George C. Scott in this movie. With tremendous direction and a talented supporting cast, the flow of this script resonates with genuine raw emotion. My Father served with General Patton in the Third Army as a junior officer and Dad always described General Patton as demanding the best of every soldier in his command and his masterfully providing the best for each of his men! Unlike MacArthur whom my Father served with in the Korean debacle (Dad received two batterfield promotions, from Captain to Lt. Colonel in Korea), Dad remarked many times that General Patton never asked of his troops what he, himself did not already follow. The ending of this movie is beautifully crafted but the actual death of General Patton was never factually published as my Father told. Tragically it was a late night car crash. Nevertheless, a great leader need not be a saint, just, with dedicated service and devotion, take care of those he or she is responsible, be it a unit, an army, a community or a nation.

  • One Hell of a Film

    • Ann Brown
    • 2/26/07

    ... as General Patton might say. George C. Scott was born to play this part and he does it with a complex respectfulness which brings Patton to life. Inspiring and maddening, Patton's patriotism is unquestionable. He trained men to fight in battle and win. Where are our Pattons today?

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