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East Side, West Side

East Side, West Side(1950)

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Alone late one night in the tony Gramercy Park, New York apartment she shares with her husband Brandon, Jessie Bourne receives a mysterious phone call from someone who hangs up when she speaks. While Jessie ponders the meaning of the strange call, her philandering husband is out enjoying himself at the Del Rio night club. There, model Rosa Senta gently admonishes Brandon for going out and leaving his wife home alone. Brandon replies by offering Rosa his playboy creed, explaining that "just because a man has one perfect rose at home, doesn't mean he can't enjoy the flowers of the field." Brandon's philosophizing is cut short by the arrival of Isabel Lorrison, Brandon's beautiful and sharp-tongued former mistress, who forces Rosa to leave. Isabel, back from a long stay in Paris, is intent on rekindling her romance with Brandon, but Brandon warns her to stay away because he is now faithful to his wife. Later, as Brandon is leaving the club, Isabel's date for the night, Alec Dawning, who knows Brandon's playboy reputation, knocks him unconscious. Brandon is rescued by Rosa, who takes him to her home, where he remains until early the next morning. Returning home just before dawn, Brandon tells Jessie that he was attacked by a bum, an excuse that she thinks is just another among the many she has heard before and ignored. Later that day, socialite Helen Lee reminds Jessie about her upcoming party for ex-police officer Mark Dwyer, whose book Helen's husband Owen is trying to get syndicated in his newspaper. During the visit, Jessie confesses to Helen that she is afraid of what will happen to her marriage now that Isabel is back in town. Her suspicions piqued by a newspaper photograph showing Rosa tending to her unconscious husband, Jessie finds Rosa and speaks with her about the incident. Rosa quickly clears up the matter and the two hit it off so well that Jessie offers to take Rosa to the airport to pick up her sweetheart. By coincidence, Rosa's sweetheart is the charming Mark Dwyer, whose wandering gaze is soon cast in Jessie's direction. On the day of Helen's party, Brandon is visited in his office by Isabel, who manages to entice him to her apartment and keep him from attending the party. Jessie goes to the party alone and is taken home by Mark, who comforts her broken heart until Brandon returns. The next day, Isabel summons Jessie to her apartment and tells her that she is determined to win her husband from her. Later, another strain is placed on Jessie's marriage when Mark, while giving her a tour of his West Side neighborhood, professes his love for her. When Jessie returns home, she is greeted with news that Isabel has been murdered. She and Mark immediately rush over to Isabel's apartment, where police Lt. Jacobi is busy interrogating Brandon. Finding a clue that leads him to the Del Rio club, Mark reveals Isabel's killer to be Felice Backett, Alec's jealous girlfriend. Although Brandon is found innocent of the murder, Helen has finally gotten up the courage to tell her husbend that she has fallen out of love with him and will be leaving him once and for all.