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Soldier in the Rain

Soldier in the Rain(1963)

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    • 7/13/18

  • Great McQueen comedy

    • Mitch
    • 7/13/18

    I don't see all the fuss about McQueen's lack of comedic skill--I thought this was great! I always pick up on his funny bits, in his TV show, and in most of the movies there is always SOMETHING, whether a sideways glance, a tongue click, a wink, that wide-eyed surprised look, whatever, in addition to the lines, that makes the viewer smile. And in this movie, he gets to shine a lot. For instance, you get to see his athleticism, which was considerable. And it's obvious he was comfortable in a uniform and knew how to drill and sing those cadences; that opening scene was a hoot. The scenes illustrating the heat (with the air conditioner and the fan) were hilarious. I'll have to admit I was surprised that, in spite of the fact that he showed interest in girls (THE GAME), he didn't have a girlfriend in this movie. But in addition to all the comedy, the part about his dog gave the movie balance. The whole ending was full of pathos, when not only did he have to accept the death of his dog but right after that the death of his buddy Gleason. The hospital scene was hard to watch, and he played it masterfully. He had to grow up, from silly nincompoop to replacement for his friend, after that, and he did. What a fit ending.Jackie Gleason was superb in the film. He was so in control, so smart, and so coolly able under pressure that he made a fine foil to McQueen's immature goofball. The way he came to the rescue in the fight scene was just terrific. But the way Tuesday Weld chipped away at his wall of defense was sweet (after all the name-calling). She was mostly eye candy but to my surprise ended up a believable companion for him. There was something real under that blonde mop and mascara after all. I suggest if you judge Steve McQueen as unable to handle anything but fast cars and thrillers, suspend judgment and take another look at this movie. He was good at anything he put on film. That's why he was the King of Cool.

  • This Movie Is All Wet

    • David H.
    • 7/12/18

    I can see why previous reviewers turned off their television sets. Steve McQueen's character is cute for about five minutes, but then it becomes boring and tedious. Director Ralph Nelson has done better than this while poor Jackie Gleason looks like he's waiting for a paycheck. Even the music of the normally reliable Henry Mancini is nauseating. I place most of blame for this mess on Blake Edwards, whose Hollywood career had many more misses than hits.

  • Shockingly Bad Performance by Steve McQueen

    • Natacha
    • 3/24/16

    Like Kevin, I couldn't watch this film for more than a short time, because it was breaking my heart. I don't know what was worse: McQueen's poorly-executed and inconsistent attempts at a southern accent, or the fact that he was playing some version of Gomer Pyle with one stupid idea after another for making money. For example: importing penguins and placing advertisements on their chests. I'm beginning to re-think my admiration for McQueen. Maybe he was just lucky in "Bullitt" and isn't really all that cool after all.

  • soldier in the rain

    • kevin sellers
    • 3/24/16

    My god, McQueen sucks in this film. Guy has absolutely no feel for comedy. Had to turn the goddamn thing off after fifteen minutes of him being completely over the top. (I also blame director Ralph Nelson, 'cause McQueen was wryly humorous in "Magnificent Seven.")

  • Filming of Soldier in the Rain

    • Lawrence M. Brooks
    • 9/5/15

    I was walking back to my barracks while in basic training when I was approached by a person on the filming crew of the movie Soldier In The Rain. He asked me if I wanted to be in the background. I told him that I would. He gave me an arm band which indicated that I was from the stockade pulling weeds in front of a barrack's building in the background of the movie. I recall Steve McQueen driving off the set in his Shelby Cobra. When he took off the trunk lid opened revealing some Millers beer. At he end of the filming I was given two tickets to the opening of the film. I took them but never was able to go because soon after I was sent to the Army base in San Antonio, Texas for training in my MOS as a dental assistant.

  • Great Movie

    • Jim
    • 8/16/13

    This was a great but, there is some missing information about this movie (Soldier In The Rain). From what I can find the movie was released November 27, 1963, however I saw this movie in October or November of 1962 while in boot camp at Ft. Ord.

  • Hackers

    • Bill
    • 8/7/13

    Read the bool and saw the movie back in the early sixties. Enjoyed it very much. I was very disappointed with the TCM version, as it has been cut up pretty bad, and I don't see why. There are some great character development scenes that have disappeared, and I think they show how adept at comedy Steve McQueen was. I am hoping somewhere in the universe the original cut of this movie exists, and that it will find its way to TCM. IT IS A GREAT LITTLE MOVIE.

  • Great soundtrack

    • Gary Darby
    • 7/13/12

    An interesting movie overall... by far the best Jackie Gleeson movie ever.. and an absolutely stunning soundtrack.

  • Sorry editors with scissors.

    • Lyle Backus
    • 5/31/12

    This movie has been clipped, cut and savaged by the nitwits with the scissors. I threw it away and purchased the novel. Much better deal.

  • Military Hi-Jinks

    • Elder Guru
    • 5/20/12

    A very sobering study of hero worship and usery. Jackie and Steve were at their best in this story and TuesdayWeld, Tony Bill rounded out the ensemble. However I believe that Steve McQueen's first film was with JohnBarrymore Jr and Lita Milan in "Never Love A Stranger."

  • Allied Artists: Steve McQueen

    • Adventure
    • 2/7/12

    Allied Artists a fondly remembered mini studio produced this film with Steve McQueen as star. ( McQueen's first film was AA's The Blob and one of his last as a superstar was AA's Papillion so McQueen and AA had a lot of history together). This is a fine film starring McQueen with fine support by Jackie Gleason and comely Tuesday Weld. This film flopped because Soldier In The Rain had the bad luck to premiere on the weekend of President Kennedy's assassination where all were glued to their TV sets and no one went to a movie.Allied Artists films were Love In the Afternoon, Friendly Persuasion, El Cid, 55 Days At Peking, Papillion, The Man Who Would Be King and the classic Cabaret. AA could not compete with the mega studios such as Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Disney which owned studios, and theatres overseas and had profitable TV divisions as well. AA's last film was one of its greatest Billy Wilder's briliant film 'Fedora' starring William Holden which got poor distribution as the studio was about to fold and go out of business.

  • The most overlooked gem of a movie. AND SCORE.

    • Dennis Locantore
    • 10/13/11

    Posted a review of this some time back and didn't see it here, primarily I suppose since I raised a stink about the replacement of HENRY MANCINI'S TRULY INSPIRED MAIN TITLES Theme. For anyone who has no interest in "service comedies" of which NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS is probably the avatar .I would beg to have them SEE THIS MOVIE...IT IS a "service comedy" only on its' surface. Director Ralph Nelson CORRECTLY said his his strongest work was in CHARACTERS and how they relate to each other...Nothing prepared me as a kid for this beautiful film...Only years later have I come to realize how many people love it yet considering the name cast are unfamiliar with it.I just wish that the current WARNER HOME VIDEO DVD (part of their ARCHIVE COLLECTION) corrected the problem with the main titles. They substituted a cue from inside the film that is very "comedic" in nature for the sombre and exquisite main title with its' mournful trumpet melody based around a A minor 9th progression which keeps the upper part of the chord and just descends chromatically in the bass or lowest note of the chord.. This particular treatment of the theme never occurs again in such breathtaking fashion and is reworked by Mancini as a leit motif throughout...BUT WITHOUT THAT SET-UP IT IS weakened...Such a dirty shame...The print has been this way for some 20 years now. ONLY the very first video release on ALLIED ARTISTS (the original releasing company) had Mancini's music intact. Every subsequent issuing on video of this film has had either the LORIMAR LOGO (when Key Video re-issued the title on VHS in the mid 80's) or the WARNER BROS. LOGO. Maybe the original print is lost...Another crime is that this gorgeous score has never been issued as a soundtrack album...Only RE-recordings are available form Mancini's RCA-VICTOR catalog..And they pale in comparison to the original as recorded for the soundtrack.JUST SEE THIS...Everyone is great. It will move you in ways that are very sensitive and poignant.

  • Top 10 of all time

    • tough lugan
    • 3/12/10

    This movie is based on "state side' Army life in the supply corps. Specifically, it is a great film for those who have served in the Army as they can relate to much of the chicanery that takes place. Baby boomers or older can also appreciate this films niche.Gleason always did great film work although sparingly.Steve McQueen's star was just getting lit at this point in his career but you can see why. He was a tremendous talent and person.I own this "film" and if you appreciate acting from a really professional cast with a military storyline then this is a "buy" for you. I too had first seen this film when first run as a H.S. soph in 1963. Quality entertainment. Unforgettable performances.

  • Soldier in the Rain

    • Mickey
    • 3/11/10

    While a lot of people rip on Steve McQueen's comic chops in this film who could have portrayed Eustace better? McQueen is quite believable as Gleason's unknowing batman and comes off well playing against type as the victim of the sadistic MP's (early in the film).Jackie Gleason was at the top of his game in this film. While calling his performance nuanced may seem cliche, what else can you call it after seeing all the sides of Maxwell Slaughter he deftly reveals. Or as Maxwell puts it, "It's not easy being a fat narcissist." Tuesday Weld gives a great performance too. Saying that, I have to point out I just purchased the DVD which gives the running time as 87 minutes. Most sites that address the film, give the running time as 88 minutes. In watching the DVD (first time I've seen the film since the mid 60's - on Chicago's ABC affiliate Channel 7) it seemed there was a scene missing where Weld's character Bobbi Jo Pepperdine, is astounded to find that Maxwell does his crosswords in pen. Has anyone else noticed this in the DVD? Does that account for the run time discrepancy? This is a minor criticism of the DVD not the film.The film holds up for this maturing (euphemism alert) fan. The biggest surprise in viewing it again after all these years was that Blake Edwards produced it. I find it quite understated considering his involvement since it lacks the broad slapstick he usually purveys. This DVD is worth adding to your collection.

  • My Favorite Movie of all time!

    • Matt hanzlik
    • 12/26/08

    I know my taste may be suspect and truthfully there are many movies I have enjoyed as much or more. But this is my sentimental favorite! During the mid 60's it showed regularly on Saturday and Sunday afternoon local TV stations and now it almost doesn't exist. My brother and I knew every line. Much is sophomore humor but hey that's golden for todays Will Ferrell's and others. This is a Blake Edwards/ Henry Mancini collaborative gem. Bring it back in true DVD quality or go soak your feet in sauerkraut juice.

  • Good Acting

    • David Bakken
    • 8/22/08

    When Jackie Gleason wades in it is like the cavalry coming to save the day. So lets vote for this to get on dvd. No one knows about this movie so how can we get more votes? Screen it once and more people will request it.

  • Classic. Provide as DVD immediately

    • Dirl
    • 4/21/08

    One of my favorites.Saved it from previous TCM airing and now have morphed it to IPOD format. I recommend it to all aging Soldiers. Takes you to another time and place with fond memories.Release as DVD

  • A hidden gem

    • steve
    • 8/27/07

    I haven't seen this since it was released - and it's still etched in my mind for the superb acting and screenplay (excellent book, too).This is a true gem...and this is the kind of movie we need to see more of on TCM.

  • THIS 1Needs to be out on DVD.

    • Michael D
    • 3/27/07

    When I was in the army I always thoght of myself as the McQueen persona.

  • I need to own this movie

    • Virginia
    • 2/5/07

    Like Dave, I saw this movie when it was in the theatres. I was just a little girl but I was deeply moved by the frienship between the characters. Because of my young age, I was able to forget that I was watching a movie.There were scenes that took place which conveyed the extreme heat outside,and the relief felt by the fan in Slaughter's office and I felt discomfort from the heat. I left the theatre upset because I had believed that Jackie Gleason had passed away.

  • sadly overlooked

    • dave
    • 10/31/06

    For all fans of JACKIE GLEASON, STEVE MCQUEEN or Tuesday Weld. This Is a long forgotten movie.I have only seen this movie, one time, since 1964.This is one of my all time favorite. I belive anyone who sees this movie would love it. This movie,In my opinion, personifies Jackie,Steve and Tuesday.from the first time I saw it.

  • McQueen, Gleason and Tuesday Weld enough said

    • Dwight
    • 5/13/06

    Great black and white movie about the military in the 60's.Three of the biggest stars of the 60's, McQueen, Gleason and Tuesday Weld. Unheralded but one of my favorite movies.

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