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Married Before Breakfast

Married Before Breakfast(1937)


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After years of failures, fun-loving Tom Wakefield finally sells his revolutionary new hair removing cream to a razor company for $250,000. His fiancée, June Baylin, hopes that the money will make Tom more settled, but he prefers to use it to make people happy. Tom buys the kindly eccentrics who live in his boardinghouse expensive gifts, moves to a swank apartment and hires the valet Tweed, whom he prefers to call "Senior" because he resembles his good luck doll "Junior." Wanting to do something nice for Kitty Brent, the steamship company employee who has helped him make his honeymoon reservations, he learns that she wants to get married but can't because her fiancé Kenneth needs to sell an insurance policy to a milkman named Baglipp to win a promotion. Promising her that she'll be married by noon, Tom accompanies Kenneth and Kitty to the Baglipp house and offers to buy insurance for the grumpy milkman. After mistakenly signing Baglipp's brother-in-law, he then decides to stage an accident to scare Baglipp into buying an accident policy. He rents a taxi to use for the purpose, but some thugs insist on getting in the cab and make Tom and Kitty drive to the site of a robbery. After several escapes in which they narrowly miss being arrested for theft and arson, Kitty and Tom finally find Baglipp, but realize that they can't go through with the accident. Just then, Baglipp stops short to avoid hitting a cat and really does have an accident, enabling Tom to sign him up for the policy. With their mission complete, Tom and Kitty go to meet Kenneth, but police with whom they have had misencounters arrest them. As the sun comes up, Tom and Kitty realize that they have had the best time of their lives, but nervously talk about their respective fiancés. When June arrives at the police station, she breaks off her engagement. Then, after Kenneth takes Kitty home, Tom is jailed, and Tweed decides to accompany him. In the morning, Tweed tells Tom his unfavorable opinion of Kenneth and Tom realizes that he loves Kitty. After paying a heavy fine, Tom goes looking for Kitty, while the thieves go looking for the loot they hid in Junior, prior to Tom's giving it to Kitty. At the steamship, Tom waits, hoping that Kitty will come and the thieves show up just before the police, whom Tweed had summoned. When Kitty arrives to give junior back, the police arrest the thieves and Kitty reveals that she will not be marrying Kenneth very soon. Now free, Tom tells Kitty that he promised she would be married by noon and she will. As the boat leaves, they are hoisted aboard on a luggage rack, accompanied by Tweed.