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My Name Is Julia Ross

My Name Is Julia Ross(1945)

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  • waste of time

    • BC
    • 4/27/19

    Tedious, dull, and poorly written/acted.Good exercise with the FF button on Youtube.Do not waste your time on this wanna-be-noir.

  • George Macready Steals The Picture!

    • greatfilm
    • 6/19/17

    This was inspired to add the character of Ralph Hughes,as the book doesn't compare to this film.Macready rightly earned a reputation for being excellent villains,as this film wouldn't have my interest without his inspired performance.Nina Foch also wouldn't have looked as good without him in supporting role,much as she laughed about him as Dame May's son-what's funny about being the only actor who helps lift what was only supposed to be a "B-film" to "A-list" status?Hope it plays again soon and often.Macready deserves praise for his acting prowess,and for his good looks!

  • Hey,Ralphie!

    • creepymaid
    • 6/4/17

    Ralph was an inspired portrayal by Mr Macready.It's nothing without Ralph,as the book was about fifth columnists,no Ralph in sight.The maid is a realb----.That run down the cliff and the beach was something dangerous,and Ralph's homicidal urges when slapped chilling.Nina no match for George in acting dept,even if she starred.And why was George cast as Dame May's son hysterically funny?Because he was American and she British?Nina was Dutch,was that funny opposite an American "husband",or was she secretly desirous of Mac?He had such sad eyes,no doubt due to a divorce he probably didn't desire so his ex could remarry before the ink was dry.

  • Ralph Hughes One Psycho

    • ralphthecat
    • 5/20/17

    Macready the star no doubt about it.Was to be a "B" movie was elevated by a truly inspired Macready performance.Don't know why Nina Foch found it hysterically funny Macready playing May Whitty's son,but they were a great team,and Foch only just adequate!She owes George for the films they co-starred for making her acting so much better than it was,friends or not that they were off-camera.He was handsome,great voice,nice person in life,so get over it,Nina!

  • Great Except For Some Character Actors

    • madralph
    • 3/10/17

    This would've been a perfect 5/5 for me,if all the acting was up to the standard of May Whitty/George Macready.The scummy maid in London was barely adequate,but the real star was Macready!His sinister portrayal of Ralph,as an originally seemingly normal man who becomes a psychotic knife-wielding fiend is chilling.Dead Of Winter doesn't compare to this gem.Foch was lucky to've been paired with Macready,as this was her first starring role,a less adequate "husband" could've demoted her to sub-par films.Glad they realized what they had with this flick!This should show around Hallowe'en for Ralph's creepiness!

  • This Is Positively THE Star Turn For Macready

    • macreadysdashowstar
    • 2/10/17

    Not that his previous film roles weren't good,but Julia Ross is driven by Macready's Ralph character.This was among his many villains,he starts off as the urbane son of Dame May Whitty,seemingly mild mannered only to explode into the psychotic we see revealed.I see no mamma's boy in Ralph,just a cold-blooded killer who'd probably eventually kill even mommy.Nina Foch is only adequate,and I can't see why she found it so amusing having George Macready as Dame May Whitty's son,they were actors after all,so what's unbelieveable about any of the action or characters.

  • Macready As A Pre-Norman Bates,Only Better

    • heyralphie!
    • 1/21/17

    Reviews of this film praise Foch and Whitty,but the real star is Macready without whom there'd be no plot.The Woman In Red by Anthony Gilbert was a good book,but this is such a vast improvement because Ralph (Macready) is such pure evil.Charles Manson probably was just as menacing,but not a big hunk of male like Macready.And please,Ralph's no mama's boy,he's the kid that torn wings off birds,killed cats and dogs with knives,tortured the other kids,including Boo Radley for fun.Julia Ross took a job that was too good to be true,they saw her coming and all the Hughes household moved in for the kill.Highly recommend this to see Macready toward the beginning of his film career,he really delivers.Love his run from the police down the beach,if only he hadn't tried to crush Julia's skull with a rock,he might have made it.Great fall and roll in the surf,better than Rathbone's demise in Captain Blood.But effeminate Macready,not with that voice or hulking body.People can say such cruel things mocking his facial scar,and his booming voice,but he conveyed what the scripts called for remarkably well for an almost 30 year film career,esp in a town that never appreciated its older population and was very choosy in only praising a select few,this man was THE TOPS!The rest of the cast had to be on their toes to match Macready's performance.

  • This Is Top Thriller

    • greatcast
    • 12/28/16

    Glad they improved on the book.The psychotic son intro to this film really makes it a superior film.While some trash everything to do with Macready,this film wouldn't have the punch it does without him.He is pure evil in this film,torments his "substitute" wife after his having murdered his actual wife.Just as the story of how it all happens is revealed,you see how this is easily as good as Psycho,Frenzy,so many Hitchcock movies,and maybe why Macready was in so many Hitchcock TV shows.He really made this film for me,Nina Foch and George went on to star opposite each other in other films,but what's with her comment re"somethig hilarious in Macready as Dame May Whitty's son,because he's American,or what reason-he was perfect in that role!

  • The Woman In Red by Anthony Gilbert

    • betterthanthebook
    • 8/16/16

    Read the book after watching film,and the film so much better with the crazy hubby/bad boy son angle.Outstanding stories,both film and book.This time Foch is Macready's intended victim,unknown to her she is to replace the wife he murdered and dumped her body.The book she is an agent killed trying to get the goods on Fifth Columnists and they almost succeed in both stories.The climax looked like Ralph Hughes started to fall before actually being shot.I really love this film and hope it's on dvd.

  • Based On The Woman In Red by Gilbert

    • lovethisstory
    • 8/10/16

    The movie doesn't hint at 5th columnists,but there are in the book.This is a well done psychological thriller,Ralph Hughes kills his wife and an elaborate scheme is cooked up to lure a non suspecting woman with no ties or family to substitute for a murdered wife,killed during one of her husband's psychotic rages.Great acting from the primary cast,some great supporting roles,some fair actresses in London.Hope it plays soon on TCM,and is available on dvd!

  • Suspense,Thriller,Mystery

    • likecopperbeeches
    • 7/28/16

    And that's just the mother and son and their flunkies.Ralph Hughes is a psychotic who murders his wife,and mommy tries to help him cover it up by getting Sparkes to open a phony employment agency (ala The Copper Beeches by Conan Doyle) to hire a woman with no attachments to be her employee,actually to fill-in for her deceased daughter-in-law because her son got mad cuz his wife accused him of marrying for money.George Macready absolutely rocks as crazy Ralph in Cornwall!Can't wait to watch again!Please put out on DVD!

  • Would Love To See This Again

    • lovedthismovie
    • 7/28/16

    Excellent,suspenseful thriller/mystery.George Macready plays psycho Ralph Hughes,who covers up the murder of his wife with his mother and household idiots.Julia is hired by a fake employment agency to play Ralph's wife,who unfortunately married him,not knowing he was only after her money.Ralph has a nasty habit of playing with knives.A must see!

  • Love Dame May & McCreepy Son

    • aboutperfect
    • 7/28/16

    Well worth chasing down.Julia is hired by an "employment agency",which it clearly isn't.Perfect mystery/thriller with Dame May doing all she can to provide cover for psycho son,played by a brilliant George Macready as the husband who needs another woman to masquerade as his wife he murdered in can guess the rest,but this is an absolutely brilliant version of "The Woman In Red" by Anthony Gilbert,remade as "Dead Of Winter",which was pretty good,but doesn't approach this film,for Macready's performance alone.No wonder he was so menacing in GILDA the next year!

  • Lots of bang for the buck

    • TK
    • 12/6/13

    Robert Osborne said they only spent 10 days and $175,000 making this movie in the 1940's. Goes to show that a good story, script, direction, and cast don't need a lot of trappings. Nina Foch is gorgeous. Her distinctive speaking voice is a delight along with her performance which captures you from the start. You can feel her despair as she realizes her situation, and then her resolve as she gathers herself and starts matching wits with the villains. Fans of suspense won't be disappointed. Thanks TCM for another pleasant surprise.

  • Treasure Lost but Now Found

    • HoneyButta
    • 10/30/08

    Just watched this movie a few days ago after waiting over a year to do so. This, like the other poster, was a movie that haunted me since seeing as a young girl, but all I could remember was "My Name is.....". After searching through the TCM website, I finally found it! It aired 10/23 and I taped it and it's now my treasure!! Just as I remember, haunting and suspenseful, but not quite as scary (I'm not a young girl anymore!)

  • Overlooked Classic

    • alan melzak
    • 4/25/07

    A B-Movie masterpiece from Joseph W. Lewis

  • Very Good Movie

    • Cathy
    • 4/21/07

    I have only seen this movie once before. and I think that I have seen every old movie there is. I was so glad that TCM showed it so I could see it again. I think that it is very well done because it keeps you in suspense until the very end.

  • My Name Is Julia Ross

    • Dee
    • 4/20/07

    I have waited 60 years to again see this movie. I was 11 years old when it came to the theater's and I was entranced with its' mystery.So, last night, 4-19-2007, TCM presented the film and I so looked forward to seeing it again. I slipped my vcr tape into the recorder, set the time for recording, but, when I went to fetch the tape,......sadly I did not notice the tape was almost full and I had forgotten to rewind the tape before recording 'My Name Is Julia Ross'. I have checked Netflix but no DVD for this movie.I can only hope that TCM will again show this film as it is a wonderful production.

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