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Have Rocket--Will Travel

Have Rocket--Will Travel(1959)


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In their cabin on the grounds of the National Space Foundation, maintenance men Moe, Larry and Curley Joe are rudely awakened from a deep sleep when a just-launched rocket plunges back to Earth and crashes into a nearby cliff. The threesome scramble to find the source of the commotion, and are soon joined by foundation head J.P. Morse, scientist Dr. Ingrid Naarveg and psychologist Dr. Ted Benson, members of the rocket development team. After examining the rocket, the scientists return to the lab, leaving Moe, Larry and Curley Joe to guard the craft. Hearing the cries of a monkey trapped inside the rocket, the three open the hatch and climb in. Their movements cause the craft to tip over, trapping them inside. As they ponder how to get out, the monkey points to a red button, which, when pushed, opens the hatch, freeing them. Later, at the lab, Ingrid brews the trio a pot of coffee on a Bunsen burner and tells them that they remind her of her dear, janitor father. Soon after, J.P. comes to inform Ingrid that the board of directors has decided to close down her laboratory because she has failed to develop a workable rocket fuel. When Ingrid starts crying, the trio's fatherly instincts take over and they decide to concoct their own formula for the fuel. After Larry, mistaking a cup of the formula for coffee, pours sugar into it and drinks it, he begins to breathe fire. Realizing that they have developed a viable formula, the trio hooks up a fire hose to the tank containing the formula and begin to pump fuel into the rocket. Meanwhile, Ted tries to comfort Ingrid with romance. In the excitement of their discovery, the Stooges drop the key to the rocket down the lab's sink drain, and when Curley Joe tries to retrieve it, he breaks a pipe, flooding the basement. J.P., irritated by the sound of the pumps, comes to the lab to complain, and when he opens the door, he tumbles into the basement, joining the drowning trio. The pressure of the water finally bursts open the door, sending them all spilling into the street. Pursued by J. P., Moe, Larry and Curley Joe take refuge in the rocket. J.P. follows the hose, and finding a puddle of fuel, lights a match to examine it, igniting the rocket and sending it blasting into space. The rocket has been set on an automatic course to Venus, and when it lands, the trio climb out and are attacked by a giant, fire-breathing spider. After jumping off a cliff to safety, they find a talking unicorn whose horn is stuck in some rocks. Once they free the unicorn, the grateful animal agrees to lead them to the city "housing the highest form of life on the planet." The unicorn leaves them at the outskirts of a city, where a flying, talking car greets them and takes them to a city composed of pure electrical energy. They are transported to a fortress-like room where a giant, box-like robot with multiple arms announces that he is the master of the world. After shrinking the trio, the robot imprisons them in a bird cage and declares that he is lonely and has decided to use them as models to create some robot companions. After building the replicas, the robot restores the trio to their normal size and awards them as playthings to the replicants. When Moe, Larry and Curley Joe flee, the replicant robots chase them in and out of doors along the corridor. Deciding to turn the trio into pure electrical energy, the replicants push a button, which instead of disintegrating them, sends them catapulting back to the rocket. Joined by the unicorn, they blast off and return to earth where they are hailed as heroes. At a ball given in the Stooges' honor, Ted and Ingrid announce that they are married and promise to name their children Moe, Larry and Curley Joe. While Moe dances with a statuesque blonde, Curley Joe dances with a dowager. After the couples collide several times on the dance floor, they begin to argue, and when Larry accidentally falls onto the blonde, she slaps him, causing the dowager to attack the blonde. A brawl then erupts on the dance floor, sending the trio onto the balcony to seek refuge. Suddenly, the replicant robots appear in a cloud of smoke and enter the fracas inside while Moe, Larry and Curley Joe take off in the flying car for the sanctity of space.