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In the Navy

In the Navy(1941)

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America's singing heartthrob, Russ Raymond, performs his coast-to-coast show at radio station WGAB before a loving throng. His sudden disappearance after the show causes national headlines. Russ travels incognito cross-country to California, with reporter Dorothy Roberts in hot pursuit. At the same time, sailors Smokey Adams and Pomeroy Watson are sent to deliver a letter addressed to Tommy Halstead. Tommy Halstead is Russ's real name, and the letter contains his enlistment papers. Disguised as a maid, Dorothy sneaks into Russ's hotel room and photographs him while he shaves off his mustache. Russ catches Dorothy and tells her that he plans to spend the next six years in the U.S. Navy as "just plain Tommy Halstead." When she tries to run out of the room with her camera, Russ catches her, destorys her negatives, then takes a photo of himself spanking her. Eight weeks later, pretending to be a Navy publicist, Dorothy sneaks onto the United States Naval Training Station with the Andrews Sisters. As the singing sisters perform for the recent naval graduates, Dorothy seeks her prey. The Andrew Sisters themselves are looking for Pomeroy, who they assume from his letters is "tall, dark and handsome." Dorothy sends them over to Russ, whom they immediately recognize, and she photographs the quartet. Russ manages to destroy Dorothy's negatives once again, then points out the real Pomeroy to the sisters. As he tries to impress the Andrews Sisters, Pomeroy is chastised by chief petty officer Dynamite Dugan for "pretending to be a sailor" when he is actually a pastry cook who has never been to sea. Later, Pomeroy, Smokey and Russ go to a San Diego dance hall to see the Andrews Sisters perform. Pomeroy finally gets his chance to dance with Patty Andrews, but starts a brawl which lands him, Smokey and Russ in the brig. The three sailors are then transferred to active duty on the battleship U.S.S. Alabama . Dorothy stows away on the Alabama , where she coerces Pomeroy and Smokey into hiding her. Once they are in the middle of the Pacific, Russ discovers Dorothy, and he warns her of the trouble Pomeroy will get into if she is caught. Once the ship arrives in Hawaii, the sailors go to a nightclub to see the Andrews Sisters. There, Dynamite hits Russ in the face with a pie as Dorothy snaps their picture. After Russ's picture ends up on front pages across the country, women storm the ship on visitors' day in hopes of seeing the idol. Afraid that the Andrews Sisters will discover that he is only a cook, Pomeroy dresses himself as the battleship's captain and greets the singers in "his quarters." While the portly sailor entertains the sisters, the Alabama is ordered to give a demonstration of its maneuverability. When Pomeroy's commands are followed, the ship puts on a brilliant display. In the midst of his triumph, Pomeroy awakens and is be told by Smokey that he mistakenly drugged himself and that it was all a dream. That night, Dorothy apologizes to Russ, then proposes marriage, stating that his fans will not chase after a married man. Russ agrees, then joins with the others to put on a show to celebrate the end of the ship's voyage.