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Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise(1951)

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  • Bird of Paradise, Jeff Chandler

    • Annne
    • 11/2/18

    I absolutely love this movie from when I was younger. Now Fox movie channel has been televising it. I now own it.

  • Bird of Paradise

    • Mary
    • 5/18/18

    I saw this wonderful movie, when I was a child, and I loved it!! Please show this movie again! It has always stayed with me because it was so beautiful to watch!!

  • Gad, so many spoilers in these reviews!

    • el debbo
    • 4/18/17

    None in this one...feel safe and read on. This takes place on one of the Hawaiian islands in the 19th century and it is one heck of a beautiful movie...the scenery, the music, the beauty of the story, the give and take of Nature. And spending an hour and a half looking at Jeff Chandler and Louis Jourdan in those designer! They are 2 different types of manly beauty, no doubt, and Chandler was made for his part. Jourdan is wonderful as the open-hearted visitor, and he has never looked better! In 1951 he was fully filled-out, by the time he did 'Can Can' he looked thin and pinched. The movie also interested me because it was true to Polynesian ways just over a century ago and I'm an armchair anthropologist. I give it 5 sparkling stars over the lagoon.

  • Made me cry when I was little

    • Mary
    • 9/24/15

    The only part I remember is the walk into the volcano. I cried for hours. Until this moment I didn't know the name of the movie. My family still teases me. I was a little bitty girl when I saw this. I love the internet. Google knows everything.

  • Play more often

    • Donna Slomiany
    • 11/8/14

    I love this movie. It reveals the customs of the Polynesian people and has such pretty music.

  • bird of paradise

    • LInda
    • 8/1/13

    I loved this movie the the south sea island the dancing and of course Jeff Chandler.I wish tcm would play it and i would love to know were i could by the dvd

  • Bird of Paradise 1951

    • Barbara
    • 9/14/12

    I saw this in 1956 and I was so in impressed I saw it 5 more times. I even knew the words to the song and remembered the name Kalulah (Kalula) the volcanno schene was awesome. My fav. of all times I am now 72 and still remember it.

  • Bird of Paradise

    • Pat McAdam
    • 7/3/12

    Oh my gosh, this movie is really a girl flick. I saw this movie when it came out...1951. I bought a copy on VHS and lent it to a friend, only the friend taped over it. Now going to view DVD.

  • bird of paradise

    • georgetta b.
    • 6/24/12

    my first movie viewed in America. a little hokey now, but evokes great memories of my mom and dad and our first year in this country.

  • Bird of Paradiese

    • Helga Roth
    • 6/19/12

    Watched the Movie a long time ago.Never forgat about it.When will you play it on TCM.Or where can I buy it?

  • Bird of Paradise

    • Chrissy Carter
    • 6/24/11

    Please play this movie in the Philadlephia area again . It has been over 30 years and we love this movie. Please e-mail me when you do.

  • Bird of Paradise - 1951

    • Gail G Gouveia
    • 5/20/11

    Like others in their reviews I saw the movie when I was a child. I was born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and was very impressed with the beauty of this film. I have also looked for quite awhile for a copy of this film. There is a beautiful sequence in the film where Debra Paget and Louis Jordan are swimming in a warm spring on the big island of Hawaii. I was told by a resident that it was a natural warm springs in the town of Kapoho that was eventually covered over by a lava flow in the early 60's. She also explained that the land was sold to someone who started charging to visit the springs and some of the native Hawaiian people were angered because they felt the springs should have been something all people should enjoy and not just a few. The story goes that an older Hawaiian woman made a prophesy that Pele would not be happy and that one day it would be covered over. No one at the time took her seriously but I guess eventually they had to. It no longer exists. I cannot validate this story. It was told to me by a local native of the island back in the middle 60's. I have told my children about this warm springs and would like to share the beauty with them. Bird of Paradise is the only film I know of that features the warm springs of Kapoho. I would like to request that this film be considered to be released again.Aloha

  • The Bird of Paradise Movie

    • J.E. Porter
    • 4/17/11

    This movie had memorable moments for a movie of its time. Complete with the wide eyed naive native girl, the handsome white outsider, the scary, scary shaman stalking both in a beautiful and lush island setting It was beautiful Technicolor that make it magical. Our island visitor thrives amid the uninhibited native people and discovers Kalua just ripe for the plucking. Too bad Kalua saw fit to honor her culture by jumping into a fire pit instead of enjoying a life time of jumping into the sack with her new squeeze. oh, well such is island life. A little hula, some poi, and someone has to apease the gods. What's an island girl to do?

  • No, don't jump Kalua!

    • Greg
    • 1/22/11

    I first saw this movie on Ed Murphy's Afternoon Matinee on TV in the mid-50's. Instantly fell in love with Debra Paget. Never saw the movie again even though I have been looking for it all these years. I would love to own a restored version of Bird of Paradise, 1951 on Blu-ray or DVD.

  • Bird of Paradise

    • Kaloa
    • 6/11/10

    I have been looking for this movie. It played at the theatre where my mother worked when she was in High School. She fell in love with the name Kalua (as not sure how to spell it). As you can see she gave me the name. I would love to see the movie. Please release it so it can be enjoyed by a new generation of Hawaii lovers.

  • Bird of Paradise w Debra Paget

    • Pamela
    • 5/2/10

    The reason I moved to Hawaii.

  • Bird of Paradise (1951)

    • Richard M.
    • 4/6/10

    I saw Bird of Paradise (1951) when I was only 7 years old at the old Waikiki Theater in Hawaii with my grandmother who was 100% pure Hawaiian. We both enjoyed it. Watching the movie in color back in those days was a big thing, especially this one because along with the sweet Hawaiian music playing in the background, it captured all the natural beauty of islands i.e., colorful blue sea, white sands, and lush green vegatation throughout etc. The special effects where Kalua had to walk over the hot coals and when she jumped into the volcano seemed very real to me back then. Despite being part Hawaiian myself, I grew up hating that Kahuna who was responsible for causing all that trouble for the two lovers resulting in Kalua having to sacrifice herself. Auwe!!! I've been looking for this movie over the years and have been unable to locate it anywhere. Knowing that I've been unable to find this movie, a few years ago my daughter gave me a DVD of the Bird of Paradise as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the 1937? version with Delores Del Rio...AUWE!!! I was pleasantly surprised however, to view scenes of this movie on You Tube. Look under Debra Paget. Aloha.

  • Bird of Paradise 1951

    • Karen
    • 2/13/10

    This played on Saturday night at the movies when I was a child. I fell in love with Debra Paget an Louis Jourdan. I hope they release this film soon on DVD. It was a breathtaking beautiful movie. I would love to see it again.

  • Great movie !

    • Alberto Fernandez
    • 10/22/09

    I was a kid when I saw it and it is still haunting me. Ill never forget the beauty of the actress Debra Paget.

  • I'd love to see this one again

    • Toni
    • 10/20/09

    I first saw this movie on tv when I was a young girl. I fell in love with Louie Jordan! OK, so it's a chick flick, but I'd love to see it on TCM.

  • Unforgetable

    • Grace
    • 8/17/09

    I was very young girl growing up in Hawaii when I went to see this movie with my 2 brothers. We each paid 10 cents at the local theater. We had no idea what this movie was about. We heard stories of Madame Peli all the time and then to see this on film. A tragic love story so beatifully done. I would love to own this movie on DVD.

  • Great Movie

    • Diana Brunson
    • 8/11/09

    I was Young when I frist saw this movie and it was a beautifully done film in my opinion, I loved it.

  • Bird of Paradise (1951)

    • Carmela
    • 7/31/09

    I was a little girl growing up in the 1960's when I first saw this movie on television. There is one scene in the movie that remains ingrained in my memory many years later. The scene is where Debra Padget turns from the mournful look of her lover, Louis Jourdan,and towards the raging volcano and finally jumps in. I will never forget that scene as long as I live even though I never saw the movie again. I'm hoping to find this wonderful film on DVD (and perhaps Blu-ray)one day.


    • 5/3/09

    .....The color and cinamatography are sensational with spectacular shots of an erupting volcano ...the star crossed lovers (Paget & Jordan)caught in a culture clash between primitive customs and taboos against Western civilization are starkly drawn out ...this is a picture that sticks in your mind for years after you have seen it ...


    • Tina Kieliszewski
    • 3/6/09

    I have tried to find this film on dvd or vhs but have not been able to find it. I remember it from 1951 when it first came out. We did not have vhs or dvd at that time. I am hoping that many people will vote to have it put on dvd so that we can purchase it and have it in our own film libraries. It would get alot of use from me as it is one of my favorite films.

  • My Wifes' Favorite Movie

    • Robert Buchholz
    • 8/3/08

    My wife, (deceased in 2006)loved this movie. We were married for over 58 years.I would love to have this movie on DVD orVHS and to re-live the times we spentwatching it.

  • Birds of Paradise

    • Faye
    • 5/1/08

    I was only 9 years old when this movie came out and I will never forget it. I can't believe that I still remember Kalua was the name of the chief's eldest daughter and that she had to sacrifice herself to the gods by jumping into the volcano. I would love to see this again as I have tried for several years to find it at the video stores. Hopefully they will put it on a Disc for people to buy or rent. It is a great movie if it ever comes out you will truly enjoy it.

  • Please release it!

    • Rose King
    • 4/2/08

    I saw the movie when I was 12 yrs old, I am 57, and would really like to see it againg, I have been looking for it for years, the 1951 version


    • BOB
    • 3/22/08


  • A movie for all time

    • don tarlton
    • 3/18/08

    When I first saw this movie, I was reminded af the time I spent in the south seas while serving in the U.S.Navy. I taped it on VHS and have watched it numerous times. The actors, in my opinion were perfectly cast for their roles. This tape has been lost and I would like to replace it asap

  • Bird of Paradise

    • Joan Browne
    • 8/20/07

    I have wanted to purchase this movie forever. I think it is one of the great movies of all time. The scenery and special effects are outstanding. I truly hope that it will be released on DVD in the near future.

  • Excellent Movie

    • Barbara A. Murphy
    • 8/11/07

    I would like to purchase this film of DVD.

  • bird of paradise

    • shirley
    • 6/23/07

    I would like to buy the movie (Bird of Paradise) Please let me know if its ever release. Staring Jeff Chandler, Debra Paget. Thanks, Shirley

  • Bird of Paradise, 1951

    • Lonie Birch
    • 6/14/07

    I would like to have this movie on VHS or DVD. We just came back from where the movie was made and I would like to have it in my movie files. It was released in 1951,filmed in color. Jouis Jourdan as Andre and Debora Pagent as Kalua. Has anyone seen it for sale?

  • Searching for DVD of Film

    • Ron Fonock
    • 6/7/07

    I also would like to obtain a DVD od the movie Bird od Paradise.Can you help?

  • I like to buy bird of paradise

    • monicagrampton
    • 3/31/07

    Please tell me where i can purchase bird of paradise with Debra Paget on dvd.I have been searching for this move for a very long time.thank you monica grampton

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