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Chicken Wagon Family

Chicken Wagon Family(1939)

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Chicken Wagon Family An traveling merchant... MORE > $12.95
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In the back roads of the South, the Fippanys travel in their mule-drawn wagon, trading wares for produce. While Jean Paul Batiste Fippany and his younger daughter Addie enjoy life on the road, his wife Josephine and older daughter Cecile dream of living in the city, and Josephine has saved $217 to make that dream a reality. While she and Cecile are at the movies, Addie finds her mother's purse with the money and a picture of Henri Fippany inside. Jean Paul then takes the money and loses it at poker. When Josephine discovers that the purse is missing, Addie starts to tell where she found it, but realizing that her father took the money, she sides with her mother and sister, and the family makes the journey to New York City. Unprepared for city life, the Fippanys are forced to spend their first rainy evening in New York parked on the street. Addie goes into Joe's Cafe where the proprietor, Mrs. Buzzi, compliments her jacket. When Mrs. Buzzi briefly leaves the cafe, Addie decides to leave the jacket in trade for coffee and doughnuts. As she is about to leave, however, policeman Matt Hibbard arrives and orders her to put her jacket back on. Thinking she has stolen the food, Matt traces Addie to the wagon and finds the cold and wet Fippanys, minus the hiding Addie. Knowing of a nearby empty fire station, he has the family made "caretakers" until the building is auctioned off. Matt is instantly infatuated with Cecile, who also feels the attraction, much to Addie's chagrin. Finally finding Addie, Matt takes her back to Mrs. Buzzi, where they learn the truth after discovering Addie's "I.O.U." Nearby, at Honest Henri's Furniture Store, Henri Fippany opens his store just as a family next door is being evicted. Addie helps the family out by selling some of their furniture to passersby. When Addie accidentally sells Henri some of his own furniture, the relatives meet, and Henri tells her how her father stole his fiancée and lost their business in a poker game, leaving him penniless in Boloxi, Mississippi. Despite his hatred for Jean Paul, Henri, still enamored with Josephine, furnishes the fire house. When Jean Paul, unable to find work, tries to make the family go back on the road, Addie tells the family about Jean Paul taking the money. Josephine leaves, forcing Jean Paul to sell his prized mules at auction to pay back her money. Addie takes Henri to the auction, convincing him to buy the mules for Josephine, but realizing he has been taken a second time, Henri leaves. Matt arrives with the auction money and a note from Jean Paul telling the family he is leaving. Addie searches New York for her father and finally finds him at a junk yard. The two come up with the idea of buying bathtubs at two dollars each, then selling them for twenty dollars. To buy the tubs, Jean Paul forges Henri's name on a check, and as the auction of the fire house begins, Henri arrives with the police, demanding the family's arrest. Addie sells bathtubs while the auctioneer sells the fire house, and in the confusion, Addie gets Henri to buy the fire house for $12,000. At dinner that night, the whole family gathers, celebrating the $3,400 they made selling bathtubs, the furniture store's new warehouse, and the new partnership of Fippany, Fippany and Fippany.