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Stars in My Crown

Stars in My Crown(1950)


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  • This was my America back then

    • Bert Lambert
    • 5/18/18

    I saw this movie for the very first time...a week ago on a channel called "GRIT". After I watched it..I realized that yes..there was a MAN...a man that I have came to believe that should've been OUR 1ST John Wayne... Joel was absolutely the best actor I've ever seen in ANY of his Westerns...if a Joel McCrea movie is on late at nite...I know I'll call in late the next day!! May he Rest in Peace..

  • Love this

    • Esther
    • 3/5/18

    Love this movie! I love the kitchen gadgets! There was the apple peeler, the wind up fan to keep the flies away from the food and the yarn roller! The story is heartwarming, inspirational and oh so memorable! Wonderful movie!

  • stars in my crown

    • kevin sellers
    • 10/15/17

    Lovely cinematography (although someone should have told the film makers that Tennessee does not have brown, brush covered hills in the background), director Jacques Tourneur keeps things moving at a good clip (i.e. you're rarely bored) and there are some fine performances from a good cast including Joel McRae, Ellen Drew, Juano Hernandez, Alan Hale and the Laurence Olivier of child actors, Dean Stockwell. But oh my god is this film hokey! I mean, not even Disney at its most lugubrious is this treacly. After all, Old Yeller DIED, for cryin out loud. But in this exercise in feel good cinema every goddamn conflict is magically and positively resolved through the power of McRae's piety. Thanks to ol Joel the atheistic doctor softens and ends up in church, the town reprobate stops fishing on Sunday and goes to church, and klansmen stop their lynching and spare the life of a saintly black man (who does NOT end up in the white only church...guess McRae can't work miracles in 1950s America). After awhile, the sheer sentimental inanity of it all causes one to gag, (metaphorically speaking, of course). Let's give it a C plus. P.S. It is most strange to see both Amanda Blake and James Arness in a place not called Dodge City playing characters who are not lawmen and saloon owners.

  • Excellent movie

    • CT
    • 4/2/15

    I had forgotten what a great movie this is. As a fan of classic film, this is one of my favorites. It is a simple film about a small-town preacher who truly lives out his faith by the way he lives and interacts with the people in the town. The acting is excellent and the lessons are timeless. I am so glad it is on DVD.

  • Captivating tear jerker

    • Margaret Eldridge
    • 5/16/14

    This film has so much going on. An orphaned boy growing up and learning about life, illness & death, a love story, sentimentality about small town life, religion, community, race and racism, honor, courage. You hardly notice that it is a Western. Had me balling my eyes out on the eliptical machine, which is where I watch most TCM films.

  • Where has this movie been hiding?

    • Ken
    • 5/15/14

    Excellent film, completely unknown to me until I stumbled on it today on TCM. I missed the beginning, and will look for opportunities to see the whole film. Perhaps it could be part of a Joel McCrea Day on TCM.

  • A hanging by coward bigots

    • MLMarks
    • 5/15/14

    There's never respect for non-whites in movies. Those cowards, WHO KNEW HIM, (uncle Famous) was going to hang him for his land. I always think if I had a 50 caliber machine gun in that scene, I would mow down that Koward Klan..., or ANY group of Kowards that victimize the weak and innocent.

  • A Hidden Gem

    • Judy
    • 3/15/14

    Thanks for re-airing this hidden gem - And Joel McCrea is simply delightful as a country preacher/lawman.

  • Truly Should be a Classic

    • Debbie
    • 11/15/13

    I cannot believe that it has taken me 40 or so years to even know this movie existed! Where has it been? To me this ranks right up there with the best classics. Well acted by all, a great story line, wonderful characters and a good happy ending. A truly fine piece of work and very entertaining.

  • joel the preacher

    • disco
    • 11/6/13

    nice to see a real preacher instead of a money leech

  • Morality In Movies? Say It Aint So!

    • Ralph M.
    • 11/5/13

    Funny how much our values in who we are can be seen, in a matter of just a few years. A moral guidance and guideline to tell us how far we have fallen..and what black and white film use to reveal colorfully, without color.What guidance we use to hold to, what use to be a value of togetherness...not separation, and the value of greed over humanity, equal justice, shame, restitution and discipline bring to a community...mob rules, a democracy that values no law or guidance other than the lustful natures of man, over personal responsibility and commonsense to come together...not divide by color, language or occupation.Some say that one man cannot make a difference...tell that to the one man that made one call that freed two young girls in a child slavery ring, that led to more children found, more evil exposed and a major nationwide child slavery ring shut down.Just a movie? Maybe...but maybe not if you really get the message...that was never written (watch the movie).

  • Where has this movie been?

    • Jill
    • 9/28/13

    WOW! I stumbled upon this one too and was transported by the relevance to today of the story that took place 1865 in a small town in TN and the way in which it was presented in this movie. Once again, for me it all seemed to center around one character, the Parson, played so magnificently by Joel McCrea. The sense of community and everyone still so true to themselves was a refreshing reminder that we are all God's children & must keep trying harder to understand, respect & love our fellow man - no matter how impossible it may seem at times. What a great inspirational movie - STARS IN MY CROWN!

  • stars in my crown

    • lorette
    • 9/27/13

    So awesome,,,I can't believe I have never seen this movie before. What a beautiful feel good movie with so many shades to it, touching on prejudices, and lessons . for all mankind. The best part is when he reads the will to the hooded clan members who are ready to string up the old man and burn down his house. what a great way to bring out the truth and let them see the error of their ways. While James Stewart . and cary grant are my all time favs ,,Joel Mccrea just stepped up there beside themMade my day I can't wait to watch it again.

  • cabin in the sky

    • ann
    • 3/2/12

    very surprised that optimum cable or is it turner that rates films with stars, only gave this 2 and a half stars. who judges these films and how? this is a ground breaking, wonderful film.and, forget the exact title- 'empire of the sun' ?.. about a british boy in japan ww11, who ends up with american troops and goes through hell til he's reunited with his family. that didn't even get three stars (hbo) and was a terrific piece in terms of concept and acting. jeezalso, asked tcm to show lean's 'great expectations' which they did- at two in the morning! a great film to watch with kids-even if they dislike black and white, they're 'in' within 2 minutes..that's all.....

  • Zero Ratings - Why?

    • Dudley M. Cutshaw
    • 3/31/11

    Why did I give this wonderful movie that I saw on Cable TV on Turner Classic Movie channel? This movie was one of my favorites and yet WB continues to sell them that are NOT CC (closed captioned) or SDH (subtitled for deaf and Hard of hearing). This gives WB movies zero ratings for contining to produce remastered classic movies WITHOUT Closed Captioned for Deaf customers who would love to buy their DVD's among the classic collection. Do not buy any of WB classics if they continue spewing remastered at full premium prices. (to majority of us deaf collectors - these movies belong in the Dollar Bins at discount stores).

  • Stars in my crown

    • Leon Rodgers
    • 7/13/10

    The best movie that I have seen in years, a great movie for all the family to enjoy, please put this on DVD to where we can watch this over and over again.

  • Stars in My CrownWhy

    • elizabeth
    • 5/9/10

    Wish they made movies like this today...wish it was on DVD...wish I had 10 copies to give to family and friends!

  • Stars In My Crown

    • Crys
    • 4/14/10

    Excellent movie! I wish it was on dvd. I'm always checking to see if it's available.

  • Stars in My Crown

    • Judy
    • 3/12/10

    EXCELLENT!! Never heard or saw it before but thoroughly enjoyed this movie shown on TCM this week. Would love to have the DVD so we can show it to family and friends. So hard to find movies today with substance and religious content. FIVE STARS for this movie subject

  • Stars in my Crown

    • ebjohns1969
    • 3/9/10

    I loved this movie. It was well written. The acters were all great. I would love to get this movie on DVD so I can put it with my valued collection of classic movies. I want my whole family to see it.

  • Stars in My Crown

    • Linda
    • 3/9/10

    I stubbled across the movie and I loved it. My husband and I both really enjoyed it. Never seen it before. Would like very much to have it on home viedo. Had a very good lesson for everyone. Linda

  • stars in my crown

    • bill c
    • 3/6/10

    I can't believe I've never seen this movie. It was so good. It had some great life lessons and so wholesome.

  • My favorite movie

    • Jenny
    • 1/7/10

    This movie has to be the best. I love all the good lessons it tries to teach. I not only laughed but also cried on the reading of the will of God. I would love to have this on DVD. I hope that will be soon. Thank you

  • A Film of Integrity

    • Susan
    • 11/22/09

    Joel McCrea is one of my favorite actors and I hope this movie will be put out on DVD soon. Since we can't buy a DVD at present, I wish it would run more often on TCM, during evening viewing hours so my family and me can enjoy it. Many great scenes, but the one that stays in my mind was his reading the "will" of a black man the town's men folk are wanting to lynch. We find out later the will was a blank piece of paper. A fabulous film with integrity.

  • A True Western Classic

    • jp
    • 11/5/09

    This is one of my all time favorite Joel McCrea films - From the opening sermon in the saloon to the famous list scene - cuts right to the chase without being heavy handed - A very uplifting film - Hope the film is released in DVD soon.

  • When will it be on again?

    • Steve
    • 7/2/09

    Great old time black and white western. I like the list on the blank piece of paper!

  • when will it be on again??

    • Phyllis
    • 1/28/09

    I Missed part of this movie can you tell me when it will be on again?? would love to see the whole thing

  • Movies

    • ellen
    • 9/25/08

    I would like to watch more of these movies, these are the good days and we need more of them.At least there is not so much bad language in these movies and that is what we all need to be seeing more of this kind.I,m glad that you let me say my comment on this.We need to clean up these T.V programs and have these kinds..Thanks...

  • Great Family Movie

    • Jane Privette
    • 9/25/08

    I saw this last year and tried to buy or rent it and sorry to say that was not available. This movie all should see - it is a true classic .The song Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown was my grandmother's favorite song. I don't know if she lived long enough to see this movie. I held a Mother Daughter Banquet at our church and the theme was Stars in My Crown in memory of her.


    • Glenda
    • 9/24/08

    I can't believe I had never seen this one. It is one of the best movies that I've seen in a long time. Would love to add it to my movie collection.

  • Lasting impression

    • Richard
    • 9/23/08

    When I was a young boy I went to the movies on Saturday afternoons. One Saturday afternoon I saw Stars in my crown,and It left an everlasting impression in my memory. I saw it for the first time tonight on TCM and it brought back the memories again.

  • A must see life-lesson for everyone!

    • tmartin
    • 9/22/08

    I can't believe I have never seen this one. It should be a mandatory movie to show in schools everywhere. My mother would have loved this movie. My family enjoys movies with a heart and a lesson to learn. This one has both and more, it has such a valuable life lesson that is even more prevalent today than ever. The type of lesson that needs to be handed down from generation to generation and never forgotten. Thank you, with movies like this one and "All Mine To Give" my family has learned so much! Thank you for showing these types of movies. We look forward to more! I would love for you to show it again so I can take it in to show our students!

  • Unexpected; wow!

    • B Lowery
    • 9/22/08

    I went looking online for this film on DVD the minute it was over. Like another reviewer, I had tears in my eyes. I'm a fan of recent Janette Oke-type movies, "Faith and Values Media" types; "Stars in My Crown" is very much in that category. As a Christian, it thrills me to see film stories about people with authentic faith because many films either overlook faith matters altogether or depict them irreverently and/or with theology that is not true to what the Bible teaches. Thank you for airing this gem I never knew existed. Can I get it on DVD?

  • Please show it again soon!

    • Marianne
    • 9/22/08

    Only caught the last 1/2 tonight, but what a wonderful movie! Please run it again soon, so I can view it in its entirety. Great screenplay, great performances, great portrayal of what is good and true in life. Thanks for bringing this to the screen.

  • What a lovely movie!

    • Mrs. McC
    • 9/22/08

    An enjoyable, warm movie. I liked the actors and I liked how it portrayed the place and era. It's nice to see a simple, straightforward movie where human kindness and dignity win the day.

  • Show it Again!

    • Lori
    • 4/12/08

    I set my DVR to record and did not get the whole movie. What I saw of it was wonderful! I cannot find it on DVD. So I would love to see the whole movie.

  • show again !!

    • Myron T
    • 3/24/08

    This film touches the human conscience, I was in tears at the end.

  • Show it Again!

    • Betty
    • 3/23/08

    I was getting ready for church this morning(Easter Sunday) and caught the last hour of "Stars in My Crown". What a wonderful movie to show on this special day! I told everyone about and the message it sent. Please show it again! The movie and its message needs to be seen! I also enjoyed seeing some of my favorite actors in their early years of acting!

  • Loved This Movie

    • Delila Reed
    • 4/25/07

    I saw this movie on Turner Classic Movies for the first time over a year ago and have wanted to watch it again ever since. It was a wonderful story of values that seems to be rare in our present time. More people should see it. I became a fan of Joel McCrae from viewing this movie.

  • A movie I could watch every week

    • Bruce Clark
    • 4/13/07

    I saw this movie for the first time, beautiful story that should be shared today. The Lynching scene would make anyone think about how we should remember how people in our lives effect us. This film should get more play.

  • This was a great feel-good movie

    • John Schneider
    • 4/12/07

    I've seen Joel McCrae in many "sophisticated" roles, such as in Sullivan's Travels, and could take him or leave him. I thought he was a bit dull. However today I became a real Joel McCrae fan when I watched him play this savvy parson. He did a wonderful job. Show it more often. I'd sure watch it again.John

  • Great Moral and Social Values

    • Vickie
    • 4/11/07

    This is the kind of movie I would pay money to go see at the movie theater.I would love to own this movie, if that is not possible, at least put it on the schedule more often.

  • Great portrayal

    • Mike
    • 4/11/07

    So seldom and unfortunately is anyone in the ministry ever shown in a favorable light today. Yet, the "parson" of this movie is truer to actually history in the American 19th century, e.g., circuit riders of early KY and Tenn, etc.

  • Nice family values

    • Chris
    • 4/11/07

    Would be a pleasant addition to family movie library.

  • A gem of a film

    • Edward
    • 1/22/07

    A terrific title. Worth the effort to find on VHS. Religious undertones, and story set it apart from most westerns. A genre all it's own. Joel McCrea with a superb cast.

  • classic

    • jim knox
    • 5/1/06

    joel mccrea at his best not your average western good story telling great acting and directing should be on dvd

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