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Easy to Take

Easy to Take(1936)

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When wealthy spinster Sara Westlake dies, she leaves the majority of her estate to her spoiled eleven-year-old nephew Wilbur, appointing "Uncle Roddy" Garfield, a famous radio "adventurer," as his guardian. Although Roddy, who actually never leaves the studio, is tired of making up stories of his world-wide adventures and wants to end the sham, his manager, "Doc" Reginald Kraft, insists his association with the Westlakes will be a great publicity ploy. Wilbur's older sister Donna, who attends the Miss Darcey School for Girls, visits the radio station and walks in on Doc and Roddy coldly discussing the Westlake millions. Assuming they are a pair of swindling publicity hounds, Donna tries to get an injuction against Roddy becoming Wilbur's guardian, but is unsuccessful, thanks to Doc, who tells the judge that Roddy is going to be married. When reporters accost Donna outside the courthouse, Roddy whisks her into a parked car, where they hide. The car belongs to a newspaper photographer, however, who snaps a picture of them huddling together in the back seat. Although Roddy takes the film, the next day, the newspapers announce the engagement of Roddy to Donna, and she, believing Roddy was behind the announcement, chastises him at the Westlake home, where he is becoming acquainted with the impudent Wilbur. The family lawyer, Olney, then tells Roddy that the Westlakes are broke, and appeals to him to take advantage of the publicity long enough to support the family until Donna finishes school. At Doc's insistence, Roddy hosts a Children's Radio Hour, with Wilbur as a guest. When Roddy interviews Wilbur on the air and asks him if he considers himself lucky to have a sister like Donna, Wilbur retorts, "You take her, you probably will anyway." Fed up with Wilbur's insolence, Roddy gives him a sound spanking while still on the air. The public is outraged at Roddy's behavior, and to keep a new sponsor, Doc leaks the story that Roddy has been playing Santa Claus to the bankrupt Westlakes. Also printed is the photograph of Roddy and Donna huddled in the car. Believing that Roddy, with whom she is now in love, gave the papers the photo, Donna tells her friend Celia that she is running away. Celia calls Roddy, telling him that Donna is going to commit suicide, and he makes appeals over the radio for her to come back. Donna stubbornly waits in a bar until Doc announces on the air that Wilbur has been in a terrible car accident and is calling for his sister. Speeding back home, Donna is arrested, and Roddy retrieves her. Donna apologizes for her nasty treatment of Roddy, who is about to confess that Wilbur was not in an accident when they see a smashed car in front of the Westlake home. Entering the library, they find Wilbur wrapped in bandages on the couch. Unknown to Donna, Doc promised Wilbur a radio contract if he pretended to be hurt. When reporters arrive, Donna allows them to photograph her and Roddy, who are going to marry after all.